Dynamics of the amino acid and protein metabolism of laying hens after the application of nitrogen 15 labelled wheat protein 8. nitrogen 15 labeling of the nitrogen and the nitrogen 15 incorporation into the amino acids of the liver

Gruhn, K.; Kirchner, E.; Zander, R.

Archives of Animal Nutrition 38(5): 387-398


ISSN/ISBN: 1745-039X
Accession: 005202403

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Over 4 days 12 colostomized laying hens received, together with the ration, 36 g wheat with 14.37 atom-% 15N excess (15N'). The basic amino acids were nearly equally labelled. Three animals each were butchered after 12 h, 36 h, 60 h, and 108 h after the last 15N' application. Emission spectrometric determination of 15N' in the liver and in the amino acids was carried out. In addition, atom-% 15N' was determined in the free amino acids and the peptides. The labelling in the liver 12 h after the last 15N' application amounted to 1.75 atom% 15N' and decreased after 108 h to 0.81 atom-% 15N'. The average TCA precipitable 15N' quota in the total 15N' amounted to 81.4% and was nearly identical at all four measuring times. The arginine 15N' amount in the liver was twice as high as that of lysine 15N'. In dependence on the period of time after the last 15N' application the decrease in the labelling of the free arginine is considerable in comparison to free lysine. At the first measuring time (12 h) it was 1.69 atom-% 15N' and at the last one (108 h) 0.57 atom-% 15N'. Based on the results of 15N' labelling of the peptides in the liver further, more detailed series of experiments for studies of the peptide metabolism in the liver should be carried out.