Early devonian salopina brachiopoda orthida from maryland and west virginia usa

Isaacson, P.E.; Devries, T.J.

Journal of Paleontology 54(6): 1252-1254


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-3360
Accession: 005204732

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Collections from the earliest Devonian portion of the Keyser Limestone near Hancock, Maryland, have yielded large numbers of S. clarki which are reported as Dalmanella clarki from a locality 70 km west of Hancock by Maynard (1913). Apparently this is the 1st documentation of Salopina from the central or southern Appalachians during the Early Devonian. S. clarki occurs in low-diversity assemblages with a moderate to high degree of disarticulation but with a broad size range being preserved. The Keyser environment in which Salopina lived apparently was very shallow marine.