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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5206

Chapter 5206 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Talha S.; Harel L., 1983:
Early effect of growth factors epidermal growth factor plus insulin upon atp turnover in 3t3 cells

Talha S.; Harel L., 1986:
Early effect of growth factors epidermal growth factor plus insulin upon atp turnover in 3t3 cells inhibition by cytochalasin b and d

Maller J.L.; Butcher F.R.; Krebs E.G., 1979:
Early effect of progesterone on levels of cyclic amp in xenopus oocytes

Popkova N.I.; Kernitskii B.S.; Sorochinskaya E.P.; Yurkiv V.A.; Kucherenko N.E.; Gerasimov A.M., 1984:
Early effect of salmonellosis endotoxin on rat liver and intestinal antioxidant enzymatic system

Homo F.; Simon J., 1981:
Early effect of steroids on calcium 45 uptake by mouse thymocytes

Hiremath S.T.; Mpanias O.D.; Wang T.Y., 1981:
Early effect of testosterone on prostatic poly adenylated rna and its translation

Jullien M.; Blat C.; Harel L., 1982:
Early effect of the expression of src gene on phosphate metabolism in mammalian cells

Nakamura, H.; Yokota, T.; Imura, H.; DeGroot, L.J., 1985:
Early effect of thyroid hormone on cytosolic protein phosphorylation in rat anterior pituitary

Avissar S.; Shanitzki B.; Stenzel K.H.; Novogrodsky A., 1986:
Early effects of 12 o tetradecanoylphorbol 13 acetate on protein kinase activity in murine thymocytes reduction of protein kinase c activity in the cytosol and increase of calcium and phospholipid independent kinase activity in the particulate fractions

Friedmann, N.; Park, C.R., 1968:
Early effects of 3 5 amp on the fluxes of calcium and potassium in the perfused liver of normal and adrenalectomized rats

Caro, C.G.; Foley, T.H.; Sudlow, M.F., 1968:
Early effects of abrupt reduction of local pressure on the fore arm and its circulation human inst plethysmograph

Sagström, S.; Scarlett, S.M.; Sagulin, G.B.; Roomans, G.M., 1987:
Early effects of alloxan on rat submandibular gland

Sondheimer, J.M.; Arnold, G.L., 1986:
Early effects of bethanechol on the esophageal motor function of infants with gastroesophageal reflux

Bohnsack, C.W.; Albert, L.S., 1977:
Early effects of boron deficiency on iaa oxidase levels in squash root tips

Hesse, V.; Klinger, W., 1969:
Early effects of carbon tetra chloride on ascorbic acid concentration in liver and ascorbic acid excretion in urine of rats

Ambadkar P.M.; Gangaramani N.F., 1982:
Early effects of castration and hormone replacement on some aspects of hepatic carbohydrate metabolism

Seed T.M.; Rubenstein M.; Anderson K.M., 1982:
Early effects of castration and replacement of androgen on the expression of retrovirus like particles in rat ventral prostate epithelial cells

Lowing, R.K.; Fry, J.R.; King, L.J.; Bridges, J.W., 1979:
Early effects of chemical carcinogens on adult rat hepatocytes in primary culture 2. effects on unscheduled dna synthesis cell division and alpha feto protein production

Kaskel D.; Becker H.; Rudolf H., 1980:
Early effects of clonidine epinephrine and pilocarpine on the intra ocular pressure and epi scleral venous pressure in normal volunteers

Giovannini, E.; Principato, G.B.; Ambrosini, M.V.; Grassi, G.; Dell'Agata, M., 1978:
Early effects of cobalt chloride treatment on certain blood parameters and on urine composition

Dimova R.N.; Gajdardjieva K.C.; Dabeva M.D.; Hadjiolov A.A., 1979:
Early effects of d galactosamine on rat liver nucleolar structures

Tachikawa T.; Clementi F., 1979:
Early effects of de nervation on the morphology of junctional and extrajunctional sarcolemma

Catalanotto F.A.; Leffingwell C., 1979:
Early effects of de salivation upon fluid consumption and taste acuity in the rat

Sossountzov L.; Habricot Y.; Garrec J.P.; Lamant A., 1985:
Early effects of decapitation on the magnesium potassium atpase and cation contents in lateral buds of the aquatic fern marsilea drummondii

Crabtree, H.C.; Rose, M.S., 1976:
Early effects of diquat on plasma cortico steroid concentrations in rats

Ekstrom Jodal B.; Elfverson J.; Larsson L.E., 1982:
Early effects of escherichia coli endo toxin on superior sagittal sinus blood flow an experimental study in dogs

Glasser, S.R.; Chytil, F.; Spelsberg, T.C., 1972:
Early effects of estradiol 17 beta on the chromatin and activity of the dna dependent rna polymerase i and polymerase ii of the rat uterus

Horn, K.L.; Langley, L.R.; Gates, G.A., 1978:
Early effects of ethacrynic acid on cochlear histochemistry

Selby P.L.; Peacock M.; Barkworth S.A.; Brown W.B.; Taylor G.A., 1985:
Early effects of ethinylestradiol and norethisterone treatment in postmenopausal women on bone resorption and calcium regulating hormones

Yun K., 1980:
Early effects of ethyl nitroso urea on the lactate dehydrogenase isozyme of rat fetal central nervous system

Lovatt C.J.; Bates L.M., 1984:
Early effects of excess boron on photosynthesis and growth of cucurbita pepo cultivar early prolific straightneck

Fuhrer J., 1982:
Early effects of excess cadmium uptake in phaseolus vulgaris

Trojanowski, T., 1984:
Early effects of experimental arterial subarachnoid hemorrhage on the cerebral circulation 1. experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage in the cat and its patho physiological effects methods of regional cerebral blood flow measurement and evaluation of micro circulation

Trojanowski, T., 1984:
Early effects of experimental arterial subarachnoid hemorrhage on the cerebral circulation 1. regional cerebral blood flow and cerebral microcirculation after experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage

Larson R.E.; Martins H.R., 1981:
Early effects of glucose and oxygen deprivation on the spontaneous acetyl choline release from the myenteric plexus of the guinea pig ileum

Petersson F.; Andersson R.G.G.; Berg A.A.S.; Hammar M., 1988:
Early effects of hcg on human testicular cyclic amp content protein kinase activity in vitro progesterone conversion and the serum concentrations of testosterone and estradiol

Giorgi, J.V.; Fahey, J.L.; Smith, D.C.; Hultin, L.E.; Cheng, H.L.; Mitsuyasu, R.T.; Detels, R., 1987:
Early effects of HIV on CD4 lymphocytes in vivo

Smith V.H.; Dagle G.E.; Gelman R.A.; Ragan H.A., 1980:
Early effects of inhaled calcium tri sodium di ethylenetriamine penta acetate on the rat lung

Subutay B.; Saygin R.; Corapcioglu M.; Okkan S.; Cakmakoglu S., 1981:
Early effects of irradiation on the lung function in carcinoma of the lung

Dimino, M.J.; Snitzer, J.; Noland, T.A., 1987:
Early effects of luteinizing hormone on mitochondrial phosphoinositides in ovarian follicles

Lage, A.; Rodríguez, R.; Valdés, D.; Lombardero, J., 1983:
Early effects of medium change in cultured cells: evidences for the existence of negative modulators of cell proliferation

Watanabe T.; Ito A.; Ito T., 1982:
Early effects of near uv radiation on yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cells changes in cell size

Storch V.; Juario J.V.; Pascual F.P., 1984:
Early effects of nutritional stress on the liver of milkfish chanos chanos and on the hepato pancreas of the tiger prawn penaeus monodon

Lundkvist, O.; Ljungkvist, I.; Nilsson, O., 1977:
Early effects of oil on rat uterine epithelium sensitized for decidual induction

Ashutosh, K.; Mead, G.; Dunsky, M., 1983:
Early effects of oxygen administration and prognosis in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cor pulmonale

McPartlin, J.; Skrabanek, P.; Powell, D., 1978:
Early effects of parathyroid hormone on rat calvarian bone alkaline phosphatase

Rauser, W.E., 1978:
Early effects of phyto toxic burdens of cadmium cobalt nickel and zinc in white beans

Plotka E.D.; Seal U.S.; Letellier M.A.; Verme L.J.; Ozoga J.J., 1984:
Early effects of pinealectomy on luteinizing hormone and testosterone secretion in white tailed deer

Ollivier-Bousquet, M., 1978:
Early effects of prolactin on lactating rabbit mammary gland. Ultrastructural changes and stimulation of casein secretion

Frydecka I.; Blok K.; Kornafel J.; Kuliczkowaski K.; Polakowska A., 1986:
Early effects of radium therapy on natural killer activity in patients with gynecological malignancies

Barneoud P.; Neveu P.J.; Vitiello S.; M., 1988:
Early effects of right to left cerebral cortex ablation on mitogen induced spleen lymphocyte dna synthesis

Aslam M.; Huffaker R.C.; Rains D.W., 1984:
Early effects of salinity on nitrate assimilation in barley hordeum vulgare cultivar numar seedlings

Ciechanover, A.; Hershko, A., 1976:
Early effects of serum on phospho lipid metabolism in untransformed and oncogenic virus transformed cultured fibroblasts

Textorius O.; Welinder E., 1981 :
Early effects of sodium iodate on the directly recorded standing potential of the eye and on the c wave of the direct current registered electro retinogram in albino rabbits

Welinder E.; Textorius O., 1982:
Early effects of sodium iodate on the slow off effects particularly the h wave and on the c wave of the dc recorded electro retinogram in the rabbit

Ericson, L.E.; Johansson, B.R., 1977:
Early effects of thyroid stimulating hormone on exocytosis and endocytosis in the thyroid

Kleiman D.P.sarev D.; Pisarev M.A.; Spaulding S.W., 1979:
Early effects of thyrotropin on rna transcription in the thyroid

Chang, L.W.; Dyer, R.S., 1985:
Early effects of trimethyltin on the dentate gyrus basket cells: a morphological study

Koskimies, A.I.; Reijonen, K., 1976:
Early effects of vasectomy on the protein composition of fluid from the rete testis and epididymis of the rat

Parvinen, L.M.; Soderstrom, K.O.; Parvinen, M., 1978:
Early effects of vinblastine and vincristine on rat spermatogenesis analyses by a new trans illumination phase contrast microscopic method

Karsenty, G.; Lacour, B.; Ulmann, A.; Pierandréi, E.; Drüeke, T., 1985:
Early effects of vitamin D metabolites on phosphate fluxes in isolated rat enterocytes

Nicander L.; Osman D.I.; Ploen L.; Bugge H.P.; Kvisgaard K.N., 1983:
Early effects on efferent ductule ligation on the proximal segment of the rat epididymis

Miyamoto D.M.; Van Der Meer J.M., 1982:
Early egg contractions and patterned parasynchronous cleavage in a living insect callosobruchus maculatus egg

Ali A.; Cheng K.M., 1985:
Early egg production in genetically blind rc rc chickens in comparison with sighted rc plus rc controls

Arbus L.; Tiberge M.; Samso J.P.; Montoya R., 1983:
Early electro physiologic diagnosis of alcoholic poly neuritis

Kaye S.B.; Harding S.P., 1988:
Early electroretinography in unilateral central retinal vein occlusion as a predictor rubeosis iridis

Aijdagba P.; Pitts C.W.; Bay D.E., 1983:
Early embryogenesis in the stable fly stomoxys calcitrans diptera muscidae

Nagl, W., 1976:
Early embryogenesis in tropaeolum majus ultrastructure of the embryo suspensor

Miya K., 1985:
Early embryogenesis of kidney shaped egg in the silkmoth bombyx mori

Sluka B.A., 1984:
Early embryogenesis of the lung in some toothed whales

Solntseva G.N., 1986:
Early embryogenesis of the peripheral part of the auditory analyzer in the walrus odobenus rosmarus divergens

Chen Z K.; Wang F X., 1984:
Early embryogeny and its starch distribution in amentotaxus

Lyne, A.G.; Hollis, D.E., 1976:
Early embryology of the marsupials isoodon macrourus and perameles nasuta

Kaiser J.; Went D.F., 1987:
Early embryonic development of the dipteran insect heteropeza pygmaea in the presence of cytoskeleton affecting drugs

Ando H.; Tanaka M., 1980:
Early embryonic development of the primitive moths endoclyta signifer and endoclyta excrescens lepidoptera hepialidae

Edmonds, D.K.; Lindsay, K.S.; Miller, J.F.; Williamson, E.; Wood, P.J., 1982:
Early embryonic mortality in women

Anderson, I.W.; Black, R.J.; Ledingham, I.M.; Little, K.; Robertson, C.E.; Urquhart, J.D., 1987:
Early emergency care study: the potential and benefits of advanced prehospital care

Demedts, M.; Aumann, J., 1988:
Early emphysema. Ten years' evolution

Betsill, W.L.; Clark, A.H., 1986:
Early endocervical glandular neoplasia. I. Histomorphology and cytomorphology

Clark, A.H.; Betsill, W.L., 1986:
Early endocervical glandular neoplasia. II. Morphometric analysis of the cells

Lima Montero A.; Rodriguez S.; Carbo J.; Mate J.; Pajares J.M., 1986:
Early endoscopic diagnosis of ischemia colitis

Hisamichi, S.; Shirane, A.; Sugawara, N.; Asaki, S.; Yanbe, T.; Ito, S.; Funada, K.; Hatori, S.; Ikeda, T.; Ito, Y.; Masuda, Y.; Ooshiba, S., 1978:
Early endoscopic features of stomach cancer and its mode of growth

Ghazi, A.; Beaton, H.L., 1984:
Early endoscopic sphincterotomy for extraction of residual stones of the common bile duct

Strauss, N., 1970:
Early energy dependent step in the entry of transforming dna

Tabei, K.; Levenson, D.J.; Brenner, B.M., 1983:
Early enhancement of fluid transport in rabbit proximal straight tubules after loss of contralateral renal excretory function

Haber R.S.; Loeb J.N., 1984:
Early enhancement of passive potassium efflux from rat liver by thyroid hormone relation to induction of sodium potassium atpase

Trakhtengerts M.I.; Golikov P.P., 1981:
Early enzymatic diagnosis of toxic damage to the liver in acute poisonings

Gingerich, P.D., 1987:
Early eocene bats mammalia chiroptera and other vertebrates in freshwater limestones of the willwood formation clark's fork basin wyoming usa

Russell D.E.; Dashzeveg D., 1986:
Early eocene insectivores mammalia from mongolia

Krishtalka L., 1984:
Early eocene multituberculates mammalia allotheria from the bighorn basin wyoming usa

Chowdhary, L.R.; Singh, L., 1978:
Early eocene subaerial erosional valleys in cambay basin india

Flynn J.J.; Novacek M.J., 1984:
Early eocene vertebrates from baja california mexico evidence for intra continental age correlations

Thomsen, H.K.; Danielsen, L.; Nielsen, O.; Aalund, O.; Nielsen, K.G.; Genefke, I.K., 1981 :
Early epidermal changes in heat injured and electrically injured pig skin 1. light microscopic study

Thomsen, H.K.; Danielsen, L.; Nielsen, O.; Aalund, O.; Nielsen, K.G.; Karlsmark, T.; Genefke, I.K., 1981:
Early epidermal changes in heat injured and electrically injured pig skin 2. electron microscopic study

Edelman G.M.; Gallin W.J.; Delouvee A.; Cunningham B.A.; Thiery J P., 1983:
Early epochal maps of 2 different cell adhesion molecules

Pálossy, B.; Badacsonyi, K., 1987:
Early ergometry in acute myocardial infarct

Nagel M.; Nagel J.; Jacquot R., 1981:
Early erythropoiesis in fetal rat bone marrow evidence for a liver to bone marrow relay

Katsushima S.; Honda T.; Kawaguchi Y.; Terashima G.; Naito Y.; Aoki E., 1984:
Early esophageal carcinoma associated with dermato myositis a case

Hishikawa, Y.; Tanaka, S.; Miura, T., 1985:
Early esophageal carcinoma treated with intracavitary irradiation

Rizzo, A.; Mirabella, A.; Ferrara, G.; Mangiacavallo, A.; Bonanno, A.; Bonsignore, G., 1986:
Early estimate of theophylline clearance during intravenous infusion

Hamilton, T.H.; Teng, C.S.; Means, A.R., 1968:
Early estrogen action nuclear synthesis and accumulation of protein correlated with enhancement of 2 dna dependent enz rna polymerase activities rat

Schelske C.L.; Stoermer E.F.; Conley D.J.; Robbins J.A.; Glover R.M., 1983:
Early eutrophication in the lower great lakes usa canada new evidence from biogenic silica in sediments

Shapira I.; Miller H.J.; Ostrzega E.; Roth A.; Iakirevitch V.; Vidne B.; Laniado S., 1982:
Early evaluation of aorto coronary bypass

Yamamoto T., 1980:
Early evaluation of the mixed lymphocyte culture test

Tennekoon, K.H.; Lenton, E.A., 1985:
Early evening prolactin rise in women with regular cycles

Merki, H.; Witzel, L.; Hüttemann, W.; Ansari, A.; Panijel, M.; Harre, K.; Heim, J.; Wolbergs, E.; Neumann, H.J.; Röhmel, J., 1988:
Early evening ranitidine administration promotes faster duodenal ulcer healing

Warner, H.R.; Drong, R.F.; Berget, S.M., 1975:
Early events after infection of escherichia coli by bacterio phage t 5 part 1 induction of a 5 nucleotidase activity and excretion of free bases

Berget, S.M.; Mozer, T.J.; Warner, H.R., 1976:
Early events after infection of escherichia coli by bacterio phage t 5 part 2 control of the bacterio phage induced 5 nucleotidase activity

Nagao, M.A.; Rubinstein, B., 1976:
Early events associated with lateral bud growth of pisum sativum

Blackburn G.R.; Andrews J.P.; Custer R.P.; Sorof S., 1981:
Early events during liver carcinogenesis involving 2 carcinogen protein complexes

Mendoza, S.A.; Schneider, J.A.; Lopez-Rivas, A.; Sinnett-Smith, J.W.; Rozengurt, E., 1986:
Early events elicited by bombesin and structurally related peptides in quiescent swiss 3t3 cells ii. changes in sodium and calcium fluxes sodium potassium pump activity and intracellular ph

Wertz R.L.; Donaldson D.J., 1980:
Early events following amputation of adult newt notophthalmus viridescens limbs given regeneration inhibitory doses of x irradiation

Hopkins, C.R.; Boothroyd, B.; Gregory, H., 1981:
Early events following the binding of epidermal growth factor to surface receptors on ovarian granulosa cells

Charbonneau M.; Picheral B., 1983:
Early events in anuran amphibian fertilization an ultrastructural study of changes occurring in the course of mono spermic fertilization and artificial activation

Hirota, A.; Kamino, K.; Komuro, H.; Sakai, T.; Yada, T., 1985:
Early events in development of electrical activity and contraction in embryonic rat heart assessed by optical recording

Leonard, C.G., 1973:
Early events in development of streptococcal competence

Tagawa M.; Omata M.; Yokosuka O.; Uchiumi K.; Imazeki F.; Okuda K., 1985:
Early events in duck hepatitis b virus infection sequential appearance of viral dna in the liver pancreas kidney and spleen

Mori, M.; Kirizuka, K.; Sadahira, Y.; Nakamoto, S.; Awai, M.; Seno, S., 1987:
Early events in extramedullary hemopoiesis in the liver: lymphoid cell migration into the liver

Hummeler, K.; Tomassini, N.; Zajac, B., 1969:
Early events in herpes simplex virus infection a inst radio autographic study neopl baby hamster kidney cells

Hudson, J.B.; Flawith, J.; Dimmock, N.J., 1978:
Early events in influenza virus infection part 3 the formation of a nucleoplasmic ribo nucleo protein complex from the input virion

Stephenson, J.R.; Hudson, J.B.; Dimmock, N.J., 1978:
Early events in influenza virus multiplication part 2 penetration of virus into cells at 4 celsius

Doe, C.Q.; Goodman, C.S., 1985:
Early events in insect neurogenesis 1. development and segmental differences in the pattern of neuronal precursor cells

Doe, C.Q.; Goodman, C.S., 1985:
Early events in insect neurogenesis 2. the role of cell interactions and cell lineage in the determination of neuronal precursor cells

Newman, W.; Fanning, V.A.; Rao, P.E.; Westberg, E.F.; Patten, E., 1986:
Early events in lymphocyte activation as defined by three new monoclonal antibodies

Fong F.; Smith J.D.; Koehler D.E., 1983:
Early events in maize zea mays seed development 1 methyl 3 phenyl 5 3 trifluoromethylphenyl 4 1h pyridinone induction of vivipary

Carlson, G.A.; Marshall, S.T.; Kiesche, A., 1986:
Early events in natural resistance to bone marrow transplantation. Use of radiolabeled bone marrow cells

Richards, R.G.; Armentrout, R.W., 1979:
Early events in parvovirus replication: lack of integration by minute virus of mice into host cell DNA

Mackay, R.L.; Consigli, R.A., 1976:
Early events in polyoma virus infection: attachment, penetration, and nuclear entry

Dhouailly D., 1983:
Early events in retinoic acid induced ptilopody in the chick embryo

Scott, T.M.; Foote, J., 1980 :
Early events in stricture formation in the guinea pig urethra

Erickson, A.H.; Blobel, G., 1979:
Early events in the biosynthesis of the lysosomal enzyme cathepsin D

Kaul V.; Rouse J.L.; Williams E.G., 1986:
Early events in the embryo sac after intraspecific and interspecific pollinations in rhododendron kawakamii and rhododendron retusum

Schaub, R.G.; Simmons, C.A.; Koets, M.H.; Romano, P.J.; Stewart, G.J., 1984:
Early events in the formation of a venous thrombus following local trauma and stasis

Granados, R.R., 1978:
Early events in the infection of heliothis zea mid gut cells by a baculovirus

Chlumecka V.; D'obrenan P.; Colter J.S., 1979:
Early events in the infection of permissive cells with polyoma virus comparison of chymotrypsin treated and untreated virus

Barbanti-Brodano, G.; Swetly, P.; Koprowski, H., 1970:
Early events in the infection of permissive cells with sv 40 adsorption penetration and uncoating

Bhuvaneswari T.V.; Turgeon B.G.; Bauer W.D., 1980:
Early events in the infection of soybean glycine max by rhizobium japonicum localization of infectable root cells

Turgeon B.G.; Bauer W.D., 1982:
Early events in the infection of soybean glycine max cultivar beeson by rhizobium japonicum time course and cytology of the initial infection process

Bogusky, R.T.; Aoki, T.T., 1983:
Early events in the initiation of ammonia formation in kidney

Chardonnet, Y.; Dales, S., 1970:
Early events in the interaction of adenoviruses with hela cells part 1 penetration of type 5 and intra cellular release of the dna genome

Chardonnet, Y.; Dales, S., 1970:
Early events in the interaction of adenoviruses with hela cells part 2 comparative observations on the penetration of types 1 5 7 and 12

Lyon, M.; Chardonnet, Y.; Dales, S., 1978:
Early events in the interaction of adenoviruses with hela cells part 5 poly peptides associated with the penetrating inoculum

Shen, L.L.; McDonagh, R.P.; McDonagh, J.; Hermans, J., 1977:
Early events in the plasmin digestion of fibrinogen and fibrin. Effects of plasmin on fibrin polymerization

Walker E.D.; Romoser W.S., 1982:
Early events in the pupal adult molt of aedes triseriatus diptera culicidae spatial and temporal considerations

Campos, R.; Rossetti, O.L.; De-Torres, R.A., 1977:
Early events in the replication of foot and mouth disease virus

Roy, A.K., 1977:
Early events in the steroidal regulation of alpha 2 micro globulin in rat liver evidence for both androgenic and estrogenic induction

Facchini, A.; Astaldi, G.C.B.; Cocco, L.; Wijermans, P.; Manzoli, F.A.; Astaldi, A., 1979:
Early events in thymocyte activation 2. changes in nonhistone chromatin proteins induced by a thymus dependent human serum factor

Wijermans P.; Astaldi G.C.B.; Facchini A.; Schellekens P.T.A.; Astaldi A., 1979:
Early events in thymocyte activation part 1 stimulation of protein synthesis by a thymus dependent human serum factor

Kaneko, T.; Nomura, S.; Oishi, M., 1984:
Early events leading to erythroid differentiation in mouse Friend cells revealed by cell fusion experiments

Kooi, C.; Mizzen, L.; Alderson, C.; Daya, M.; Anderson, R., 1988:
Early events of importance in determining host cell permissiveness to mouse hepatitis virus infection

D.A.gelis E.; Giordano G.G.; Orengo A., 1980:
Early events of the host tumor interaction local tissue reactions in tumor take growth and metastasis

Mcleod M.J.; Guttman S.I.; Eshbaugh W.H., 1982:
Early evolution of chili peppers capsicum

Rasnitsyn, A.P., 1976:
Early evolution of insects and the origin of pterygota

Vislobokova I.A., 1981:
Early evolution of megacerini

Macalpin R.N., 1988:
Early evolution of symptoms and long term prognosis in variant angina importance of the functional component of coronary arterial disease

Evans M.E.G., 1982:
Early evolution of the adephaga some loco motor speculations

Abdelnour, R.; Chassagne, J.F.; Brice, M.; Rahme, J., 1986:
Early excision and grafting in facial burns

Engrav, L.H.; Heimbach, D.M.; Reus, J.L.; Harnar, T.J.; Marvin, J.A., 1983:
Early excision and grafting vs. nonoperative treatment of burns of indeterminant depth: a randomized prospective study

Akhras, F.; Upward, J.; Keates, J.; Jackson, G., 1984:
Early exercise testing and elective coronary artery bypass surgery after uncomplicated myocardial infarction. Effect on morbidity and mortality

Niset G.; Moulard K.; Debouck C.; Piret A.; Desmet J.M.; Joris M.; Leclerc J.L.; Degre S., 1986:
Early exercise tests after revascularization and rehabilitation

Bluzhas, I.N.; Bloznyalene, K.P., 1987:
Early exercise tests in patients with myocardial infarction

Swinburn C.R.; Pozniak A.L.; Sutherland S.; Banks R.A.; Teall A.J.; Johnson N.M., 1985:
Early experience and difficulties with bronchoalveolar lavage and transbronchial biopsy in the diagnosis of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome associated pneumonia in britain uk

Capitanio, J.P., 1984:
Early experience and social processes in rhesus macaques macaca mulatta 1. dyadic social interaction

Capitanio, J.P., 1985:
Early experience and social processes in rhesus macaques macaca mulatta 2. complex social interaction

Malakhovskaya, D.B., 1977:
Early experience and the development of reflex mechanisms of behavior in rabbits and infants

Schulman P., 1987:
Early experience in the usa with intravenous metoprolol in acute myocardial infarction patients an open trial

Angelini P.; Leatherman L.; Springer A.; Krajcer Z.; Lufschanowski R.; Stamatiou E.; Wagner E.; Armbrust C.; Leachman R., 1981:
Early experience of trans luminal coronary angio plasty by the brachial artery the sones technique in trans luminal angio plasty

Duncan, J.M.; Reul, G.J.; Aronski, W.; Hallman, G.L.; Cooley, D.A., 1987:
Early experience with a new PTFE graft below the inguinal ligament

Hayes, D.L.; Holmes, D.R.; Vlietstra, R.E., 1983:
Early experience with a universal (DDD) pacing device

Malem H.; Henry D.; Ward M.; Roderick Smith W.H.; Gonda I., 1981:
Early experience with a vertical spinning disc nebulizer

Zipes, D.P.; Heger, J.J.; Miles, W.M.; Mahomed, Y.; Brown, J.W.; Spielman, S.R.; Prystowsky, E.N., 1984:
Early experience with an implantable cardioverter

Delini Stula A.; Fischbach R.; Gnirss F.; Bures E.; Poldinger W., 1985:
Early experience with cgp 4718a sercloremine a new selective and reversible monoamine oxidase a and 5 hydroxytryptamine uptake inhibitor in the treatment of depressive patients

Emerson, D.S.; Gordon, R.L., 1984:
Early experience with clinical magnetic resonance imaging using a 0.5 Tesla magnet

Green, D.F.; Lytton, B., 1985:
Early experience with direct vision electrohydraulic lithotripsy of ureteral calculi

Buchbinder, D.; Rolins, D.L.; Verta, M.J.; LaRosa, M.P.; Ryan, T.J.; Meyer, J.P.; Flanigan, D.P., 1986:
Early experience with in situ saphenous vein bypass for distal arterial reconstruction

Dunton, R.F.; Donovan, T.J.; Drezner, A.D.; Sigman, R.; Bucknam, C.A.; McArthur, A.; Donaldson, M., 1984:
Early experience with in situ saphenous vein grafts for severe ischemia of the lower extremity

Percival, S.P., 1987:
Early experience with soft hydrogel lens implants

Aleksi Meskhishvili V.V.; Sharykin A.S.; Blinova E.I., 1982:
Early experience with surgical treatment of congenital heart diseases in infants up to 3 months of age

Migliau, G.; Bertazzoni, G.; D.C.stro, S.; Pantani, E.; Tassoni, G., 1987:
Early experience with Telehealth during sport activities

Burakovskii V.I.; Lishchuk V.A.; Storozhenko I.N., 1982:
Early experience with the application of mathematical models and identification methods for the treatment of patients with acute circulatory failure

Corson S.L.; Batzer F.; Eisenberg E.; English M.E.; White S.M.; Laberge Y.; G.K.J., 1986:
Early experience with the gamete intrafallopian transfer procedure

Harell, G.S.; Marshall, W.H.J. ; Breiman, R.S.; Seppi, E.J., 1977:
Early experience with the varian 6 second body scanner in the diagnosis of hepato biliary tract disease

Tietjens, B.R.; Cullen, J.C., 1975:
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Early explorative laparotomy for stab wounds of the abdomen

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Early extubation vs. prophylactic ventilation in the high risk patient a comparison of post operative management in the prevention of respiratory complications

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Early eye removal produces excessive bilateral branching in the rat: application of cobalt filling method

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Early failure of the famous

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Early failures of chemo therapy in pulmonary tuberculosis of the adult

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Early failures of permanently implanted trans venous pacemaker systems spontaneous recovery of sensing function in 3 of 12 cases

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Early feed restriction in chicks: effect of age, duration, and sex

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Early feeding problems in an affluent society. IV. Impact on growth up to two years of age

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Early fetal growth delay detected by ultrasound marks increased risk of congenital malformation in diabetic pregnancy

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Early fine structural changes in human epidermis following application of croton oil

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Early flandrian and mid flandrian environmental history of the brecon beacons south wales uk

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Early floral development in digitalis purpurea

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Early flowering ornamental japanese chinese trees and shrubs and the prospect for their use in the landscaping of alma ata oblast kazakh ssr ussr

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Early flowering taxa of euphrasia scrophulariaceae on gotland sweden

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Early follicular development and atretic changes in the ovary of the lamb-- fine structure and histochemistry

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Early follicular phase lhrh agonist administration effects on follicular maturation and corpus luteum function in women

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Early forcing of spiraea cantoniensis rour. grown in a highland after shoot development i. effect of descending date of the plant from a highland on flowering

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Early forecasting of the time course of grape juice fermentation effects of initial nitrogen concentration and temperature

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Early forest succession in the virginia coastal plain usa

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Early formation of the system of photosynthetic oxygen evolution during the greening of etiolated sprouts

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Early forms of porphyria cutanea tarda report of 2 cases with studies of the enzymatic defect in relatives and precision of genetic inheritance

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Early fouling bio film formation in a turbulent flow system overall kinetics

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Early foveal involvement and generalized depression of the visual field in glaucoma

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Early frasnian bioherms in the holy cross mountains poland

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Early function as the principal correlate of graft survival. A multivariate analysis of 200 cadaveric renal transplants treated with a protocol incorporating antilymphocyte globulin and cyclosporine

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Early function concepts: their development and relation to certain mathematical and logical abilities

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Early functional closure of the ductus arteriosus associated with decreased severity of respiratory distress syndrome in preterm infants

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Early functional evaluation and physical rehabilitation in patients with wide myo cardial infarction

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Early functional treatment in the postoperative period of lateral ligament lesions of the tibiotarsus

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Early functional treatment of stable fractures of the thoracic and lumbar spine

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Early fundus changes caused by repeated small crises in posner schlossman syndrome as a model for investigating glaucoma simplex

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Early furosemide therapy in premature infants equal to or less than 2000 grams with respiratory distress syndrome a randomized controlled trial

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Early gallbladder cancer which was found by ultrasonic mass screening for a single occupational group report of a case

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Early gallbladder carcinoma which combined elevated type type i and iia with broad flat type type iib lesions report of a case including the utility and the limit of endoscopic ultrasonography in its diagnosis

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Early gametogenesis and sex differentiation in the perch perca fluviatilis

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Early gametogenesis in coregonus peled

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Early gametophyte ontogeny of gleichenia bifida phylogenetic and ecological implications

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Early gastric cancer

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Early gastric cancer: a morphologic study of 41 cases

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Early gastric cancer and diseases preceding it

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Early gastric cancer concomitant with extensive urinary bladder and prostatic cancer

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Early gastric cancer considerations on cases observed at the service of pathological anatomy and histology of the pistoia italy hospital during the years 1979 1984

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Early gastric cancer diagnosed by well demonstrated x ray films almost compatible with macroscopic findings of the resected specimen

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Early gastric cancer in which pre operative estimation of submucosal invasion was difficult

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Early gastric cancer massively invading the submucosal layer a case

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Early gastric cancer morphological study of 24 cases

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Early gastric cancer: radiographic experience

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Early gastric cancer. Recent experience

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Early gastric cancer submucosal with multiple ulcers and scars in the iic erosion with marked fibrosis submucosa on the greater curvature

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Early gastric cancer superimposed on infestation of an anisakis like larva a case

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Early gastric cancer: the case for long term surveillance

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Early gastric cancer type i difficulty in diagnosing its correct depth of cancerous infiltration pre operatively

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Early gastric cancer type i plus iic mis diagnosed for the depth of infiltration pre operatively

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Early gastric cancer type iia plus iic difficulty in differentiating from borrmann type 2 advanced cancer

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Early gastric cancer type iia plus type iic difficulty in diagnosing the depth of invasion from a retrospective study

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Early gastric cancer type iia plus type iic perplexing estimation of depth invasion at the central depressed portion

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Early gastric cancer type iia plus type iic with submucosal involvement

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Early gastric cancer type iia plus type iic with submucosal involvement pre operatively diagnosed as intra mucosal cancer

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Early gastric cancer type iia which was clinically diagnosed as mucosal involvement but histo pathologically confirmed as submucosal involvement

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Early gastric cancer type iic difficulty in confirming the site of submucosal involvement a case

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Early gastric cancer type iic plus iia submucosal mis diagnosed for the depth of infiltration pre operatively a case

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Early gastric cancer type iic pre operatively estimated as submucosal in its depth invasion and histologically proved as such

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Early gastric cancer type iic with submucosal involvement pre operatively diagnosed as advanced cancer simulating early cancer

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Early gastric cancer with submucosal involvement estimated correctly by an irregularity of fine granular appearances within type iic lesion a case

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Early gastric cancer with submucosal involvement simulating borrmann type 2 advanced cancer

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Early gastric cancer with submucosal involvement whose pre operative diagnosis of the cancerous invasion depth coincident with the post operative findings a case

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Early gastric carcinoma superficial cancer of the stomach the problem of its early recognition

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Early generation selection in 2 wheat crosses 2. f 3 line selection

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Early glottic cancer: surgery or radiation therapy?

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Early grain development of the seg2 maternal effect shrunken endosperm mutant of barley

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Early gray crescent formation experimentally induced by cyclo heximide in the axolotl ambystoma mexicanum oocyte

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Early ground application of acephate for control of the western spruce budworm lepidoptera tortricidae on douglas fir

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Early growth of makarikari grass and rhodes grass in different nitrogen and water regimes

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Early growth of new shoots of mulberry after spring bud opening

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Early growth of planted western hemlock in relation to stock type and controlled release fertilizer application

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Early growth of salix matsudana x salix alba hybrids

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Early growth patterns of red alder alnus rubra and black cottonwood populus trichocarpa in mixed species plantations

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Early growth stages of some paleozoic phylloporinid bryozoans

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Early handling effects on the intake of novel substances differential behavioral and adreno cortical responses

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Early handling electric shock and environmental complexity effects on exploratory behavior emotionality and body weight

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Early heart failure as a cause of growth and tissue disorders in children with congenital heart disease

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Early hematopoietic events during tumor growth in mice

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Early hemo dialysis in the treatment of intoxication caused by the repellents n n di ethyl m toluamide benphthalate di methyl phthalate

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Early hemodynamic effects of mitral valve prosthesis in patients with acquired heart disease

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Early hemodynamic mechanisms of compensation in acute blood deficiency under hyperbaric oxygenation

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Early hemopoietic microenvironment in the mouse fetal liver

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Early hemopoietic responses to salmonella typhimurium infection in resistant and susceptible mice

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Early hemostatic disorders in patients with gynecologic tumors

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Early high dose oral corticosteroids and avascular hip necrosis in renal transplants

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Early histochemical aging of arteries subjected to constant physical stress

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Early histochemical changes in the cerebral cortex of the dogs exposed to high doses of gamma radiation

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Early histochemical changes in the myo cardium with cyto toxic injury of the heart

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Early histogenesis of transplanted mouse mammary glands part 3 parenchymal stromal interactions

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Early histological changes in experimental hepatitis type b

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Early histological findings in perthes disease

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Early history and development of the synthetic theory of evolution and the role of ornithological systematics

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Early history of bolivinita pliozea foraminiferida neogene new zealand

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Early holocene and late pleistocene amphibians and reptiles in sonoran desert pack rat middens

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Early holocene glacier advance in the austfjorden region northern spitsbergen norway

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Early home oral rehydration therapy (ORT) in primary health care

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Early hominid brain evolution and heat stress a hypothesis

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Early hormonal effects of head down tilt negative 10 degrees in humans

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Early hospital admissions and later disturbances of behavior an attempted replication of douglas findings

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Early hospital admissions and subsequent behavior problems in 6 year olds

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Early hospital discharge for male patients with uncomplicated myocardial infarction

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Early host cell molluscum contagiosum virus interactions part 2 viral interactions with the basal epidermal cells

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Early host damage in the infection cycle of Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus

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Early human chorionic gonadotropin induced de sensitization in leydig cells

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Early human pregnancy in vitro utilizing an artificially perfused uterus

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Early hypomethylation of 2' o ribose moieties in hepatocyte cytoplasmic ribosomal rna underlies the protein synthetic defect produced by carbon tetrachloride

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Early hypospadias repair

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Early identification of aids resistant and pre aids individuals among arc patients by immuno balascopy

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Early identification of candidates for corrective maxillary osteotomy in a cleft lip and palate group

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Early identification of frequent relapsers among children with minimal change nephrotic syndrome

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Early identification of inflammatory rheumatic bone diseases via mammography technique

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Early identification of learning problems in neonatal intensive care graduates

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Early identification of renal problems in patients receiving chronic lithium treatment

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Early identification of retinal angiomas in a large kindred with von hippel lindau disease

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Early identification of sepsis in infants with respiratory distress

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Early identification of superior barley crosses a comparison of methods

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Early identification of superior barley crosses by the doubled ha ploid technique

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Early identification of tuberculosis among out patient children

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Early imaging of experimental intestinal infarction with technetium 99m labeled pyro phosphate

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Early imaging of experimental myo cardial infarction by intra coronary administration of iodine 131 labeled anti cardiac myosin fab prime 2 fragments

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Early immune responses in visna, a slow viral disease of sheep

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Early immunization against platelet glycoprotein IIIa in a newborn Glanzmann type I patient

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Early immuno globulin therapy for ocular herpes simplex infection

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Early immuno histochemical detection of somatostatin like and methionine enkephalin like neuro peptides in the brain of the migratory locust locusta migratoria embryo

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Early immuno pathologic events in experimental diabetic nephropathy a study in db db mice

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Early immunological aspects in rats infected by trypanosoma cruzi part 2 soluble antigen circulation and the modifications of serum complement from animals in successive days of the infection

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Early immunological diagnosis of crohn's disease

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Early immunological diagnosis of pregnancy trials of the duoclon reagent

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Early immunological prediction of renal allograft rejection

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Early impairment of the ventricular diastolic function in coronary artery patient at rest

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Early imprinting in wild and game farm mallards anas platyrhynchos genotype and arousal

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Early in vitro division of phyto hem agglutinin stimulated cord blood lymphocytes implications for study of chromosome breakage

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Early in vitro induction of rat pituitary growth hormone messenger rna by tri iodo thyronine

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Early in vitro stimulation of endometrial sodium potassium atpase by estradiol

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Early increase in graft vs. host reactivity during pregnancy in the mouse

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Early increase of cyclic amp level induced by erythropoietin on rabbit bone marrow cell suspensions

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Early increased pancreatic secretory capacity during alcohol adaptation in the dog

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Early increases in coronary vascular reserve in exercised rats are independent of cardiac hypertrophy

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Early increases in phospho lipid methylation are not necessary for the mitogenic stimulation of lymphocytes

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Early increases in rna polymerase activities of di methyl benz anthracene induced mammary tumor nuclei in response to estradiol 17 beta and tamoxifen

L.G.ellec R.; Mercier L.; G.; Duval J.; Valotaire Y., 1983:
Early increases in rna polymerase i activity and 18s ribosomal rna and 28s ribosomal rna synthesis in the male rat pituitary after estradiol treatment

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Early indicators for the risk of atherogenesis a field test of a new methodology on kindergarten children in duesseldorf west germany

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Early indicators of nephrotoxicity: comparison of two antibiotics

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Early indices of warm ischemic damage in autotransplanted canine kidneys preserved by simple hypothermia storage

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Early induction of flowering in sugar beets beta vulgaris

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Early induction of mouse urinary bladder ornithine decarboxylase ec activity by rodent vesical carcinogens

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Early induction of rat colonic epithelial ornithine decarboxylase ec and s adenosyl l methionine decarboxylase ec activities by n methyl n' nitro n nitroso guanidine or bile salts

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Early induction of secretory immunity in infancy: specific antibody in neonatal breast milk

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Early infantile form of neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis. Four Dutch cases and review of the literature

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Early infantile variant of krabbe globoid cell leuko dystrophy with lung involvement

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Early Infection and Competition for Nodulation of Soybean by Bradyrhizobium japonicum 123 and 138

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Early infection events in the nodulation of the non legume parasponia andersonii by bradyrhizobium

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Early infections in kidney, heart, and liver transplant recipients on cyclosporine

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Early inflammatory response to carrageenan in the pleural cavity and paw of rats with altered body temperature

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Early inflorescence and floral development in zea diploperennis diploperennial teosinte

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Early influence of androgens on ascorbic acid content of hepatic tissue of the male albino rat Rattus norvegicus albinus (Linn.)

Ambadkar P.M.; Gangaramani N.F., 1981:
Early influence of testosterone propionate administration on hepatic recovery in castrated male albino rats

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Early influences of prematurity illness and prolonged hospitalization on infant behavior

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Early influences on the school social adjustment of twins

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Early information processing deficit in schizophrenia. New findings using schizophrenic subgroups and manic control subjects

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Early inhibition of human cytomegalovirus replication by novobiocin

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Early inhibition of phospho lipid synthesis in di methyl sulfoxide treated friend erythro leukemia cells

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Early inhibition of photosynthesis during development of manganese toxicity in tobacco

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Early inhibition of the sodium potassium atpase ion pump during acetaminophen induced hepatotoxicity in rat

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Early initiation of dna replication and shortening of generation time associated with inhibition of lateral wall formation by mecillinam

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Early instruction of object complements to hearing impaired college students

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Early insulin and glucagon response to subsequent pulses of arginine, glucose, and tolbutamide in normal man

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Early insults to the injured brain

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Early intellectual dysfunction following coronary bypass surgery

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Early interaction between mouse hepatitis virus 3 and cells

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Early interaction consequences for social and mental development at 3 years

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Early interaction of rhinoviruses with host cells

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Early interactions of herpes simplex virus with mouse peritoneal macrophages

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Early interference between cotton gossypium hirsutum and 4 weed species

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Early interferon production in human diploid cells induced by Newcastle disease virus in the presence of protein synthesis inhibitors

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Early intermediate state of transforming dna during uptake by bacillus subtilis

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Early intermediates in bacterio phage lambda pro head assembly

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Early intermediates in bacterio phage lambda pro head assembly 2. identification of biologically active intermediates

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Early intermediates in the biosynthesis of ansamycins 2. isolation and identification of pro ansamycin b m 1 and proto rifamycin im 1

Ghisalba, O.; Traxler, P.; Fuhrer, H.; Richter, W.J., 1980:
Early intermediates in the biosynthesis of ansamycins 3. isolation and identification of further 8 deoxy ansamycins of the rifamycin type

Ghisalba, O.; Traxler, P.; Nueesch, J., 1978:
Early intermediates in the biosynthesis of ansamycins part 1 isolation and identification of proto rifamycin i

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Early internal shell microstructure of some mesozoic ammonoidea implications for higher taxonomy

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Early internal vascularization of rat brain morphological studies on fetuses of normal and protein deprived mothers

Persson G., 1984:
Early interpersonal relations experience of 4 treatment methods in phobic women

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Early intervention care in the acute stroke patient

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Early intervention for disabled infants and their families: a quantitative analysis

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Early intervention for infants with downs syndrome a controlled trial

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Early intervention in infected osteosyntheses using gentamicin poly methyl methacrylate chains

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Early intervention using simultaneous communication with deaf infants effect on communication development

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Early intimal lesions in the common carotid artery

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Early intra cellular events in the replication of t 4 phage dna iv host mediated single stranded breaks and repair in uv mutagen damaged t 4 dna escherichia coli

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Early intra uterine development part 2 the rate of growth in black american and central american populations between 10 and 20 weeks gestation

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Early intra venous atenolol treatment in suspected acute myo cardial infarction preliminary report of a randomized trial

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Early intraocular pressure response following laser trabeculoplasty

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Early intrathecal production of specific immunoglobulin m and immunoglobulin g antibodies and alpha interferon in herpes simplex virus encephalitis

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Early intravenous indomethacin prolongs respiratory support in very low birth weight infants

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Early introduction of economic plants into new england usa

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Early invasion of overdrilled red clover trifolium pratense seedlings by nematodes

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Early invasion of squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue: pathology of 31 cases

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Early invasive and in situ warty carcinoma of the vulva: clinical, histologic, and electron microscopic study with particular reference to viral association

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Early invasive cancer in adenomatous colonic polyps ("malignant polyps"). Evaluation of the therapeutic options by decision analysis

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Early invasive carcinoma of the tongue clinico pathology of 4 cases

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Early invasive carcinoma of the vulva

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Early invasive forms of uterocervical cancer classification and biological characteristics

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Early invasive squamous cell carcinoma of hilar lung cancer 3 surgical cases

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Early involution of strawberry marks and with argon laser

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Early involutionary vector cardiographic signs of right ventricular hypertrophy

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Early involvement of cyclic nucleotides in the artificially stimulated decidual cell reaction in the mouse uterus

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Early involvement of the nervous system by human immune deficiency virus (HIV). A study of 79 patients

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Early iron age sites in the muden area of natal

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Early iron overload in beta thalassemia major when to start chelation therapy?

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Early ischemia after complete coronary ligation in the rabbit, dog, pig, and monkey

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Early ischemic ultrastructural and histochemical alterations in the myo cardium of the rat following coronary artery occlusion

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Early judgment on results in radiation therapy of colo rectal cancer determination of carcino embryonic antigen in blood serum at daily intervals from the beginning of irradiation

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Early jurassic bivalvia of argentina part 1 stratigraphical introduction and superfamilies nuculanacea arcacea mytilacea and pinnacea

Damborenea S.E., 1987:
Early jurassic bivalvia of argentina part 2 superfamilies pteriacea buchiacea and part of pectinacea

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Early jurassic calcareous nanno fossils from portugal and their bio stratigraphic use

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Early jurassic calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphic events

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Early jurassic foraminifera from the exmouth plateau western australia

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Early jurassic plants in japan 2

Kimura T.; Tsujii M., 1981:
Early jurassic plants in japan 3

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Early jurassic plants in japan 4

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Early jurassic plants in japan 6

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Early jurassic plants in japan part 7. fossil plants from the nishinakayama formation toyora group yamaguchi prefecture southwest japan

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Early jurassic true bugs of the genus olgamartynovia hemiptera heteroptera progonocimicidae from ussr central asia

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Early juvenile battens disease a recognizable subgroup distinct from other forms of battens disease analysis of 5 patients

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Early kinetics of bone marrow derived cell memory and the influence of thymus derived cells on the expression in vitro

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Early kinetics of calcium fluxes and histamine release in rat mast cells stimulated with compound 48 80 4 methoxy n methylbenzeneethanamine formaldehyde product

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Early kinetics of large molecule transport between plasma and lymph in dogs

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Early labeled heme synthesis from 4 carbon 14 delta amino levulinic acid in rats comparison with 2 carbon 14 glycine

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Early labor initiation with oral prostaglandin e 2 after premature rupture of the membranes at term

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Early labor symphysis fundus height as a predictor of birthweight

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Early land use especially the slash and burn cultivation in the commune of lammi southern finland interpreted mainly using pollen and charcoal analyses

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Early language screening in city and hackney uk work in progress

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Early laparoscopy after pelvic operations to prevent adhesions: safety and efficacy

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Early larvae of the diamond turbot hypsopsetta guttulata

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Early larval development of the sea bass lates calcarifer with emphasis on the transition of energy sources

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Early larval stages of antarctic euphausiids crustacea euphausiacea

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Early larval stages of pontocaris lacazei decapoda macrura crangonidae reared in the laboratory

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Early leaf ontogeny and the shoot apex of colophospermum mopane leguminosae

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Early leaf organogenesis in heterophyllous dicotyledons the case of cabomba aquatica nymphaeaceae F.; Mori A., 1982:
Early learning and cocoon nursing behavior in the red wood ant formica lugubris hymenoptera formicidae

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Early leprosy of the nose and throat

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Early lesion in pancreatic parenchyma and its repair

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Early lesion of choroidal neovascularization. 1. Senile disciform macular degeneration

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Early lesions during pancreatic carcinogenesis induced in syrian hamster by di hydroxydi n propyl nitrosamine or di oxo di n propyl nitrosamine 1. histologic histochemical and radioautographic findings

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Early lesions during pancreatic carcinogenesis induced in the syrian hamster by di hydroxydi n propyl nitrosamine or di oxodi n propyl nitrosamine 2. ultrastructural findings

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Early lesions of pancreatic ductal carcinoma in the hamster model

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Early lesions of the human kidney in para proteinemia an electron microscopic study

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Early lessons from commercial thinning in a 30 year old sitka spruce picea sitchensis and western hemlock tsuga heterophylla forest

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Early levamisole effect on plasma immuno globulin in rheumatoid arthritis

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Early liberation for palmar flaps in fingertip injury

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Early life events and affective disorder revisited

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Early life experiences and psychiatric disorders: an adoptee study

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Early life history and biology of the common fish parasite lironeca ovalis isopoda cymothoidae

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Early life history and growth of nephelopsis obscura pharyngobdellida erpobdellidae

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Early life history and spawning of merluccius capensis castelnau in the northern benguela current south west africa atlantic ocean

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Early life history and winter mortality of gizzard shad in lake sharpe south dakota usa

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Early life history descriptions of the deepbody and slough anchovies with comparisons to the northern anchovy family engraulidae

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Early life history of barramundi lates calcarifer in northeastern queensland australia

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Early life history of giant clams tridacna crocea tridacna maxima and hippopus hippopus

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Early life history of lutjanus vitta lutjanidae in yuya bay the sea of japan

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Early life history of pacific mackerel scomber japonicus

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Early life history of pleuragramma antarcticum pisces nototheniidae in the weddell sea

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Early life history of sand lance ammodytes with evidence for spawning of ammodytes dubius in fortune bay newfoundland canada

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Early life history of symbolophorus boops osteichthyes myctophidae in the southeastern atlantic

Castle P.H.J., 1979:
Early life history of the eel moringua edwardsi pisces moringuidae in the western north atlantic

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Early life history of the gonostomatid fish pollichthys mauli in the oceanic region off southern japan

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Early life history of the red drum sciaenops ocellatus pisces sciaenidae in tampa bay florida usa

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Early life history of the sea raven hemitripterus villosus hemitripterinae cottidae in the japan sea

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Early life history of the silverside allanetta bleekeri

Kobayashi T.; Iwamoto T., 1984:
Early life history of the three banded sweetlip plectorhynchus cinctus

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Early life history of triploid rainbow trout salmo gairdneri richardson

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Early life history stages of krill euphausia superba in bransfield strait and weddell sea

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Early life stage toxicity test with tide water silversides menidia peninsulae and chlorine produced oxidants

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Early life stage toxicity tests with a salt water fish effects of 8 chemicals on survival growth and development of sheepshead minnows cyprinodon variegatus

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Early life under nutrition in rat 2. some contractile properties of skeletal muscles from adult animals

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Early light adaptation in young middle aged and older observers

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Early light microscopic changes of chronic progressive nephrosis in several strains of aging laboratory rats

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Early lithification and hardgrounds in upper albian and cenomanian calcarenites southwest england uk

Presta M.; Mazzocchi C.; Ziliani S.; Zavanella T.; Ragnotti G., 1984:
Early liver alterations induced by the sex dependent hepatocarcinogen beta blocker zami 1305 d l 1 2 nitro 3 methylphenoxy 3 tert butylamin propan 2 ol

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Early llandovery brachiopods of wales uk

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Early load limited vs. symptom limited exercise testing prognostic value in 200 myo cardial infarction patients

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Early loss of postextrasystolic potentiation in acutely ischemic myocardium evaluation by contrast 2 dimensional echocardiography

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Early loss of precursors of cyto toxic t lymphocytes and interleukin 2 producing cells in the development of neo natal tolerance to allo antigens

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Early lung disease in asbestos product workers

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Early lung dysfunction after major burns: role of edema and vasoactive mediators

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Early lung events following low dose asbestos exposure

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Early luteal function following danazol therapy for endometriosis

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Early luteal serum progesterone concentrations are higher in pregnancy cycles

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Early lymphatic system response to experimental infection induced by potentially pathogenic mycobacteria

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Early lymphocyte trapping in malaria infections: a particulate antigen mediated phenomenon

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Early mal function of trans venous pacemaker electrodes a 3 center study

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Early male production in a subtropical paper wasp ropalidia fasciata hymenoptera vespidae

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Early malignant syphilis and hodgkin's disease

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Early management of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. A report of the Cooperative Aneurysm Study

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