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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5207

Chapter 5207 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mcauliffe, T.B.; Hilliar, K.M.; Coates, C.J.; Grange, W.J., 1987:
Early mobilization of colles' fractures a prospective trial

Mueller G., 1979:
Early mobilization of patients after apoplectic stroke

Bruck J.C.; Buettemeyer R.; Hendricks M., 1988:
Early mobilization of the myocutaneous gluteus maximus flap for covering sacral pressure sores

Greco, R.; Musto, B.; Boccalatte, A.; Marsico, F., 1976:
Early mobilization with myo cardial infarction

Linde F.; Hvass I.; Jurgensen U.; Madsen F., 1986:
Early mobilizing treatment of ankle sprains a clinical trial comparing three types of treatment

Danieli, D.; Velussi, C., 1975:
Early modification of contractile properties of skeletal muscles after de nervation

Astoin, M.; Altman, J., 1976:
Early modifications in renal hemodynamics after exclusion of contralateral kidney

Pizzolato T.D.; Regehr D.L., 1979:
Early modifications of the internodal anatomy of glycine max sprayed with 4 2 4 di chlorophenoxy butyric acid

Bonnel, A.M.; Possamaï, C.A.; Schmitt, M., 1987:
Early modulation of visual input: a study of attentional strategies

Agren, H.; Oreland, L., 1982:
Early morning awakening in uni polar depressives with higher levels of platelet mono amine oxidase ec activity

Melamed E., 1979:
Early morning dystonia a late side effect of long term l dopa therapy in parkinsons disease

Kales, A.; Soldatos, C.R.; Bixler, E.O.; Kales, J.D., 1983:
Early morning insomnia with rapidly eliminated benzodiazepines

Hsu, L.K.; Crisp, A.H.; Kalucy, R.S.; Koval, J.; Chen, C.N.; Carruthers, M.; Zilkha, K.J., 1977:
Early morning migraine. Nocturnal plasma levels of catecholamines, tryptophan, glucose, and free fatty acids and sleep encephalographs

Merchant Larios H.; Popova L.; Reyss Brion M., 1984:
Early morphogenesis of chick gonad in the absence of mesonephros

Weidner E., 1985:
Early morphogenesis of glugea stephani induced xenomas in laboratory reared flounder pseudopleuronectes americanus

Boevé, M.H.; van der Linde-Sipman, T.; Stades, F.C., 1988:
Early morphogenesis of persistent hyperplastic tunica vasculosa lentis and primary vitreous. The dog as an ontogenetic model

Slaby O., 1984:
Early morphogenesis of the nasal apparatus in the little grebe podiceps ruficollis aves

Campelo-Barcia, E.; Barbosa-Ayucar, E.; Valdecasas-Huelin, J.G.; Barbosa-Ayucar, L., 1978:
Early morphogenesis of the olfactory placode

Zilberstein, A.; Arzee, T.; Gressel, J., 1984:
Early morphogenetic changes during phytochrome induced fern spore germination 1. the existence of a pre photo induction phase and the accumulation of chlorophyll

Zilberstein, A.; Gressel, J.; Arzee, T.; Edelman, M., 1984:
Early morphogenetic changes during phytochrome induced fern spore germination 2. transcriptional and translational events

Shefer S.; Zaki F.G.; Salen G., 1983:
Early morphologic and enzymatic changes in livers of rats treated with cheno deoxy cholic acid and ursodeoxy cholic acid

Shin, C.S.; Chaudhry, A.G.; Khaddam, M.H.; Penha, P.D.; Dooner, R., 1980:
Early morphologic changes in the intestine following massive resection of the small intestine and parenteral nutrition therapy

Vasil'ev Z.K.; Faustov L.A., 1986:
Early morphologic changes in the myocardium after cardiac injury complicated with hemopericardium experimental study

Dempsey E.E.; Trasler D.G., 1983:
Early morphological abnormalities in splotch mouse embryos and predisposition to gene induced and retinoic acid induced neural tube defects

Grimes P.A.; Laties A.M., 1980:
Early morphological alteration of the pigment epithelium in streptozotocin induced diabetes increased surface area of the basal cell membrane

Schaefer, U.; Huecker, H.; Meinen, K., 1975:
Early morphological alterations of the rat lung with increased intra cranial pressure part 2 a scanning electron microscopic study using different fixation procedures

Anniko M., 1981:
Early morphological changes following gamma irradiation a comparison of human pituitary tumors and human acoustic neurinomas schwannomas

Carpentier P.; Lambrinidis M.; Blanchet G., 1987:
Early morphological changes in shape of dendrites in hippocampal pyramidal cells of rats poisoned by soman

Ishimoto S., 1985:
Early morphological changes in the developments of the striated muscles of normal and dystrophic chickens quantitative histological and histochemical studies

Redl, H.; Schlag, G.; Grisold, W.; Stachelberger, H., 1978:
Early morphological changes of the lung in shock demonstrated in the light microscope transmission electron microscope and scanning electron microscopes

Taubert, B.D., 1977:
Early morphological development of the green sunfish lepomis cyanellus and its separation from other larval lepomis spp

Quesada A.; Prada F.; Armengol J.A.; Genis Galvez J.M., 1981:
Early morphological differentiation of bi polar neurons in the chick retina a golgi analysis

Silver, F.L.; Norris, J.W.; Lewis, A.J.; Hachinski, V.C., 1984:
Early mortality following stroke: a prospective review

Wennerblom B., 1982:
Early mortality from ischemic heart disease and the effect of mobile coronary care

Lietz W.; Okolski A., 1987:
Early mortality of embryos in mares

Wilson, R.T.; Traore, A.; Peacock, C.P.; Mack, S.; Agyemang, K., 1985:
Early mortality of lambs in African traditional livestock production systems

Bulow V.V.; Fuchs B.; Vielitz E.; Landgraf H., 1983 :
Early mortality syndrome of chickens after dual infection with mareks disease virus and chicken anemia agent

Pollitt E.; Gilmore M.; Valcarcel M., 1979:
Early mother infant interaction and somatic growth

Narayanan I., 1987:
Early mother infant interaction global perspectives and developing country concerns

Shackleton D.M.; Haywood J., 1985:
Early mother young interactions in california bighorn sheep ovis canadensis californiana

Norton, S.; Terranova, P.; Na, J.Y.; Sancho-Tello, M., 1988:
Early motor development and cerebral cortical morphology in rats exposed perinatally to alcohol

Zlotogora J.; Costeff H.; Elian E., 1981:
Early motor development in meta chromatic leuko dystrophy

Yotsuyanagi Y.; Szollosi D., 1981:
Early mouse embryo intra cisternal particle 4th type of retrovirus like particle associated with the mouse

Bernardina B.D.; Dulac O.; Fejerman N.; Dravet C.; Capovilla G.; Bondavalli S.; Colamaria V.; Roger J., 1983:
Early myo clonic epileptic encephalopathy

Sisto Daneo, L.; Cameron-Curry, P.; Corvetti, G.; Filogamo, G., 1987:
Early myoblast differentiation in fast and slow types

Milei, J.; Storino, R., 1986:
Early myocardial infarction. A feasible histologic diagnostic procedure

Zeng Y.; Shen S J.; Deng H.; M.J.L.; Zhang Q.; Zhu J S.; Cheng J R., 1984:
Early naso pharyngeal carcinoma among immuno globulin a viral capsid antigen antibody positive individuals detected by anti complement immuno enzymatic method

Moller H.; Schroder U., 1986:
Early natural subsurface caries a scanning electron microscope study of the enamel surface before and after remineralization

Beric A.; Prevec T.S., 1981:
Early negative potential evoked by stimulation of the tibial nerve in man

Jeffery, H.; Mitchison, R.; Wigglesworth, J.S.; Davies, P.A., 1977:
Early neo natal bacteremia comparison of group b streptococcal other gram positive and gram negative infections

Siripoonya P.; Tejavej A.; Boonpasat Y., 1981:
Early neo natal mortality at ramathibodi hospital bangkok thailand 1969 1978

Ibaraki M.; Tsuchi R.; Takayanagi T., 1983:
Early neogene planktonic foraminiferal bio stratigraphy in the kakegawa area the pacific coast of central japan

Kislev M.E.; Bar Yosef O.; Gopher A., 1986:
Early neolithic domesticated and wild barley from the netive hagdud region in the jordan valley israel

Kislev, M., 1985:
Early neolithic horsebean vicia faba from yiftah'el israel

Eksmyr, R.; Eklund, G., 1985:
Early neonatal deaths in geographically defined populations with different organization of medical care

Ital Collab Group Preterm Deliv, 1988:
Early neonatal drug utilization in preterm newborns in neonatal intensive care units

Venkataraman, P.S.; Tsang, R.C.; Steichen, J.J.; Grey, I.; Neylan, M.; Fleischman, A.R., 1986:
Early neonatal hypocalcemia in extremely preterm infants. High incidence, early onset, and refractoriness to supraphysiologic doses of calcitriol

Costa C.F.F.; Costa H.D.L.F.F.; Albuquerque P.C.D., 1985:
Early neonatal mortality in the encruzilhada maternity department from 1977 1984 brazil

Hals, J.; Lindemann, R., 1987:
Early neonatal septicemia

Peterson B.E.; Chissov V.I.; Lavnikova G.A.; Agamova K.A.; Babayan L.A.; Savinkin Y.N., 1982:
Early neoplastic pathology of the stomach

Williamson W.D.; Desmond M.M.; Wilson G.S.; Andrew L.; Garcia Prats J.A., 1982:
Early neuro developmental outcome of low birth weight infants surviving neo natal intra ventricular hemorrhage

Orgill A.A.; Astbury J.; Bajuk B.; Y.V.Y.H., 1982:
Early neuro developmental outcome of very low birth weight infants

Wen C Y., 1983:
Early neuro glial responses to de afferentation observed in the monkey macaca fascicularis cuneate nucleus

Hartenstein V.; Campos Ortega J.A., 1984:
Early neurogenesis in wild type drosophila melanogaster

Bowers, M.B.; Swigar, M.E.; Jatlow, P.I.; Hoffman, F.J.; Goicoechea, N., 1987:
Early neuroleptic response: clinical profiles and plasma catecholamine metabolites

Bowers M.B.Jr; Swigar M.E.; Jatlow P.I.; Hoffman F.; Giocoechea N., 1986 :
Early neuroleptic response in psychotic men and women correlation with plasma homovanillic acid and methoxyhydroxyphenylethyleneglycol

Shaw, P.J.; Bates, D.; Cartlidge, N.E.; Heaviside, D.; Julian, D.G.; Shaw, D.A., 1985:
Early neurological complications of coronary artery bypass surgery

Harris S.R., 1987:
Early neuromotor predictors of cerebral palsy in low birthweight infants

Vazquez-Nin, G.H.; Zipitria, D.; Echeverria, O.M.; Bermudez-Rattoni, F.; Cruz-Morales, S.E.; Prado-Alcala, R.A., 1980:
Early neuronal alterations caused by experimental thinner inhalation in young rats

Fournier, E.; Tonnel, A.B.; Gosset, P.; Wallaert, B.; Ameisen, J.C.; Voisin, C., 1985:
Early neutrophil alveolitis after antigen inhalation in hypersensitivity pneumonitis

Salmeron, S.; Brochard, L.; Rain, B.; Herve, P.; Brenot, F.; Simonneau, G.; Duroux, P., 1988:
Early neutrophil alveolitis after rechallenge in drug induced alveolitis

Reddy, S.; Saxena, V.S.; Pellettiere, E.V.; Hendrickson, F.R., 1977:
Early nodal and extranodal non hodgkins lymphomas

Asaka T.; Yoshikawa J.; Inanami H.; Suzuki K.; Shiratori K.; Yoshida K.; Koizumi K.; Okumachi F.; Kato H.; Yanagihara K., 1985:
Early non invasive diagnosis of ventricular septal rupture following acute myocardial infarction role of 2 dimensional and pulsed doppler echocardiography

Rognoni J B.; Simon C., 1980:
Early nonhormonal iodine secretion during the involution of the rat goiter

Stevenaert, A.; Beckers, A.; Vandalem, J.L.; Hennen, G., 1986:
Early normalization of luteinizing hormone pulsatility after successful transsphenoidal surgery in women with microprolactinomas

Johnson, E.M.; Karn, J.; Allfrey, V.G., 1974:
Early nuclear events in the induction of lymphocyte proliferation by mitogens. Effects of concanavalin A on the phosphorylation and distribution of non-histone chromatin proteins

Gerfaux, J.; Macé, B.; Chany-Fournier, F.; Pompidou, A., 1984:
Early nuclear structural changes of transformed human amniotic cells (WISH) in presence of type IV collagen detected by the nuclear refringency assay

Hammuda, M.A.; Bakr, Z.Y., 1970:
Early nutrition of echinops spinosissimus d on white dune and desert soils

Wade, S.; Lemonnier, D.; Bleiberg, F.; Delorme, J., 1983:
Early nutritional experiments: effects on the humoral and cellular immune responses in mice

Burn, J.H., 1978:
Early observations and their importance today part 1 diabetes in childhood part 2 theophylline in myasthenia gravis part 3 properties of cod liver oil

Hagen-Cook, K.; Althausen, A.F., 1979:
Early observations on 31 adults with non-refluxing colon conduits

Grobbelaar J.U., 1979:
Early observations on some limnological characteristics of 3 orange free state south africa impoundments

Ramulu K.S.; Dijkhuis P.; Roest S.; Bokelmann G.S.; D.G.oot B., 1984:
Early occurrence of genetic instability in protoplast cultures of potato solanum tuberosum

Cifelli R., 1982:
Early occurrences and some phylogenetic implications of spiny honeycomb textured planktonic foraminifera

Hartt A.C.; Dell M.B., 1986:
Early oceanic migrations and growth of juvenile pacific salmon and steelhead trout

Cornwell Jones C.A.; Stephens S.E.; Dunston G.A., 1982:
Early odor preferences of rats are preserved by neo natal 6 hydroxy dopamine

Hennessy, D.F., 1980:
Early olfactory determinants of adult responsiveness to social status odors in Mus musculus

Gol'bert Z.V.; Ostrovtsev L.D.; Sorkin E.E., 1981:
Early onset and clinically occult breast cancer

Taylor M.A.; Abrams R., 1981:
Early onset and late onset bi polar illness

Lam S.K.; Koo J.; Sircus W., 1983:
Early onset and late onset duodenal ulcers in chinese and scots

Cole T.O.; Mbanefo C.O., 1981:
Early onset and significance of incomplete left posterior hemi block in nigerians

Lindsey, J.D.; Landfield, P.W.; Lynch, G., 1979:
Early onset and topographical distribution of hypertrophied astrocytes in hippocampus of aging rats: a quantitative study

Leslie G.I.; Scurr R.D.; Barr P.A., 1981:
Early onset bacterial pneumonia a comparison with severe hyaline membrane disease

Harding, A.E., 1981:
Early onset cerebellar ataxia with retained tendon reflexes: a clinical and genetic study of a disorder distinct from Friedreich's ataxia

Louis S.L.; Varnedoe V.; Agoha E.; Laster T., 1979:
Early onset dietary obesity adipose tissue response to high or low energy intake

Lannering B.; Larsson L.E.; Rojas J.; Stahlman M.T., 1983:
Early onset group b streptococcal disease 7 year experience and clinical scoring system

Lilien, L.D.; Yeh, T.F.; Novak, G.M.; Jacobs, N.M., 1978:
Early onset haemophilus influenzae sepsis in new born infants clinical roentgenographic and pathologic features

Agnelli G.; D.C.nto M.; Gresele P.; Del Favero A., 1982:
Early onset life threatening myelo suppression after low dose of intra vesical thiotepa

Mucke J.; Hoepffner W.; Scheerschmidt G.; Gornig H.; Beyreiss K., 1986:
Early onset lymphedema recessive form a new form of genetic lymphedema syndrome

Izquierdo, G.; Lyon-Caen, O.; Marteau, R.; Martinez-Parra; Lhermitte, F.; Castaigne, P.; Hauw, J.J., 1986:
Early onset multiple sclerosis. Clinical study of 12 pathologically proven cases

Van Riet W.; D.M.irsman J.; D.S.edeleer J.; Dom R.; Carton H.; Van Den Heede J.; Bulcke J.A., 1985:
Early onset myophosphorylase deficiency mcardles disease with absence of myophosphorylase protein on sodium dodecyl sulfate electrophoresis the role of the ischemic forearm test

Kishore K.; Deorari A.K.; Singh M.; Bhujwala R.A., 1987:
Early onset neonatal sepsis vertical transmission from maternal genital tract

Callen J C.; Dennebouy N.; Mounolou J C., 1986:
Early onset of a large pool of previtellogenic oocytes and cyclic escape by vitellogenesis the pattern of ovarian activity of xenopus laevis females and its physiological consequences

Motoyama, E.K.; Fort, M.D.; Klesh, K.W.; Mutich, R.L.; Guthrie, R.D., 1987:
Early onset of airway reactivity in premature infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Furbetta, M.; Cossu, P.; Angius, A.; Congiu, G.; Ximenes, A.; Cao, A., 1978:
Early onset of homo zygous beta thalassemia associated with neo natal jaundice

Scelsi, R.; Besana, D.; Poggi, P.; Lanzi, G., 1977:
Early onset of myotonic muscular dystrophy histo enzymatic and ultrastructural findings of muscular biopsies

Bross, I.D.; Coombs, J., 1976:
Early onset of oral cancer among women who drink and smoke

Jain, I.S.; Ram, J.; Gupta, A., 1982:
Early onset of presbyopia

Barranco, S.F.; Thrash, M.L.; Hackett, E.; Frey, J.; Ward, J.; Norris, E., 1979:
Early onset of response to doxepin treatment

Bhettay, E.; Kipps, A.; Mcdonald, R., 1976:
Early onset of subacute sclerosing pan encephalitis

Scanlon E.F.; Sener S.F.; Murphy E.D., 1985:
Early onset of tetany following thyroidectomy report of 2 cases

Rajput, A.H.; Uitti, R.J.; Stern, W.; Laverty, W., 1986:
Early onset parkinson's disease in saskatchewan canada environmental considerations for etiology

Glass D.; Litvin D.; Wallace K.; Chylack L.; Garovoy M.; Carpenter C.B.; Schur P.H., 1980:
Early onset pauci articular juvenile rheumatoid arthritis associated with hla drw 5 iritis and anti nuclear antibody

Jacob J.; Edwards D.; Gluck L., 1980:
Early onset sepsis and pneumonia observed as respiratory distress syndrome assessment of lung maturity

Grau E.; Fontcuberta J.; Martinez R.; Latorre J.; Felez J.; Rutllant M.L., 1985:
Early onset severe thrombocytopenia induced by unfractionated heparin tentative therapy with low molecular weight heparin

Kobayashi M.; Morishita H.; Sugiyama N.; Yokochi K.; Wada Y.; Okada M.; Hotta Y., 1986:
Early onset type of nadh coenzyme reductase deficiency

Price, R.A.; Kidd, K.K.; Weissman, M.M., 1987:
Early onset (under age 30 years) and panic disorder as markers for etiologic homogeneity in major depression

Bogoslovskii, B.I., 1976:
Early ontogenesis and origin of clymenids

Kalinina, E.M., 1976:
Early ontogenesis of 2 species of black sea clingfishes lepadogaster decandollei and lepadogaster lepadogaster lepadogaster

Podosinnikov, A.Yu, 1977:
Early ontogenesis of the striped grunt parapristipoma humile pomadasyidae pisces

Cunningham, J.E.R.; Balon, E.K., 1986:
Early ontogeny of adinia xenica pisces cyprinodontiformes 3. comparison and evolutionary significance of some patterns in epigenesis of egg scattering hiding and bearing cyprinodontiforms

Tillet, Y.; Thibault, J., 1987:
Early ontogeny of catecholaminergic structures in the sheep brain. Immunohistochemical study

Landman N.H.; Rye D.M.; Shelton K.L., 1983:
Early ontogeny of eutrephoceras dekayi compared to recent nautilus and mesozoic ammonites evidence from shell morphology and light stable isotopes

Cambray J.A., 1985:
Early ontogeny of labeo capensis pisces cyprinidae

Balon, E.K., 1977:
Early ontogeny of labeotropheus mbuna cichlidae lake malawi with a discussion on advanced protective styles in fish reproduction and development

Penaz, M.; Wohlgemuth, E.; Hamackova, J.; Kouril, J., 1982:
Early ontogeny of the tench tinca tinca 2. larval period

Mcelman J.F.; Balon E.K., 1979:
Early ontogeny of walleye stizostedion vitreum with steps of saltatory development

Mcelman J.F.; Balon E.K., 1980:
Early ontogeny of white sucker catostomus commersoni with steps of saltatory development

Goldstein, A.; Phillips, T.; Sclafani, S.J.; Scalea, T.; Duncan, A.; Goldstein, J.; Panetta, T.; Shaftan, G., 1986:
Early open reduction and internal fixation of the disrupted pelvic ring

Tamir, O.; Mansor, B.; Kasis, E.; Zisman, I.; Mazor, A., 1988:
Early operation in acute prolapse of thrombosed internal hemorrhoids

Krebs W.; Schenk M., 1982:
Early operation in concomitant convergent strabismus

Lukasiewicz S.; Zaik A.; Wielgo E.; Stasik A., 1986:
Early operation in hemorrhagic necrotic pancreatitis

Suzuki, J.; Yoshimoto, T.; Onuma, T., 1978:
Early operations for ruptured intra cranial aneurysms study of 31 cases operated on within the 1st 4 days after ruptured aneurysm

Prager R.L.; Maples M.D.; Hammon J.W.Jr; Friesinger G.C.; Bender H.W.Jr, 1981:
Early operative intervention in aortic bacterial endo carditis

Arnold W., 1985:
Early operative treatment of traumatic paraplegia with the external skeletal fixation system

Arnold W., 1985:
Early operative treatment of traumatic paraplegic with the external skeletal fixation system

Gomez Ferrer F.; Ortega J.; Cortes F.; Ruiz F.; Arnal C., 1988:
Early or deferred operation of acute cholecystitis

Rosseland A.R.; Solhaug J.H., 1984:
Early or delayed endoscopic papillotomy in gall stone pancreatitis

Von-Kummer, R.; Schneevoigt, K., 1986:
Early or late start of l dopa therapy in parkinson's disease

McPherson, K.; Coope, P.A.; Vessey, M.P., 1986:
Early oral contraceptive use and breast cancer: theoretical effects of latency

Olsson, H.; Möller, T.R.; Ranstam, J.; Borg, A.; Fernö, M., 1988:
Early oral contraceptive use as a prognostic factor in breast cancer

Martin F.; Leiming Y., 1988:
Early ordovician acritarchs from southern jilin province northeast china

Landing, E., 1976:
Early ordovician arenigian conodont and graptolite bio stratigraphy of the taconic allochthon eastern new york usa

Cooper B.J., 1981:
Early ordovician conodonts from the horn valley siltstone central australia

Ingham K.; Curry G.B.; Williams A., 1985:
Early ordovician dounans limestone fauna highland border complex scotland uk

Fortey R.A.; Shergold J.H., 1984:
Early ordovician trilobites from the nora formation central australia

Lacroix, B.; Kedinger, M.; Simon-Assmann, P.; Haffen, K., 1984:
Early organogenesis of human small intestine: scanning electron microscopy and brush border enzymology

Hotz M.; Perko M.; Gnoinski W., 1987:
Early orthopedic stabilization of the premaxilla in complete bilateral cleft lip and palate in combination with the celesnik lip repair

Beller U.; Beckman E.M.; Bigelow B.; Noumoff J., 1982:
Early osseous metastasis of stage i endometrial carcinoma a case

Gray J.C.; Elves M.W., 1979:
Early osteogenesis in compact bone iso grafts a quantitative study of the contributions of the different graft cells

Fritzsche R.A.; Johnson G.D., 1980:
Early osteological development of white perch morone americana and striped bass morone saxatilis with emphasis on identification of their larvae

Riffel B.; Stoehr M.; Trost E.; Ullrich A.; Graser W., 1987 :
Early outcome prediction by evoked potentials in patients with severe head injury

Josephson, I.R.; Sanchez-Chapula, J.; Brown, A.M., 1984:
Early outward current in rat single ventricular cells

Smith B.B.; Johnson L.K., 1980:
Early ovule development mega sporogenesis and mega gametogenesis in solidago graminifolia var nuttallii and solidago canadensis var canadensis asterales asteraceae tubuliflorae astereae

Klimova, R.S., 1977:
Early paleocene representatives of the families menispermaceae rhamnaceae and cornaceae of primorye ussr

Ling H.Y., 1985:
Early paleogene silicoflagellates and ebridians from the arctic ocean

Copeland, M.J., 1977:
Early paleozoic ostracoda from southwestern district of mackenzie and yukon territory canada

Sido, M., 1976:
Early paleozoic tintinninae from central asia

Gariot P.; Zbinden G.; Fluckiger B.; Foliguet B., 1983:
Early pancreatic lesions induced by n nitrosobis 2 hydroxy propylamine in syrian golden hamster

Schimpff, R.M.; Gourmelen, M.; Donnadieu, M.; Binoux, M.; Girard, F., 1978:
Early paradoxical decrease in serum somatomedin activity following injection of growth hormone

Wiebes Rijks A.A., 1982:
Early parasitization of oak apple galls cynips quercusfolii hymenoptera

Stastny, P.; Perlick, D.; Zeavin, L.; Empfield, M.; Mayer, M., 1984:
Early parental absence as an indicator of course and outcome in chronic schizophrenia

Roy, A., 1985:
Early parental separation and adult depression

Spadaro A.; Rotondo M.; Albanese V.; Salpietro F.; Tomasello F., 1986:
Early partial reperfusion in a new rat model of focal cerebral ischemia

Hertzer N.R.; Beven E.G.; Modic M.T.; O'hara P.J.; Vogt D.P.; Weinstein M.A., 1982:
Early patency of the carotid artery after end arterectomy digital subtraction angiography after 262 operations

Spruance S.L.; Crumpacker C.S.; Schnipper L.E.; Kern E.R.; Marlowe S.; Arndt K.A.; Overall J.C.Jr, 1984:
Early patient initiated treatment of herpes labialis with topical 10 percent acyclovir

Schuster, R.; Erkelenz, I.; von Romatowski, H.J., 1981:
Early pattern of pulmonary fibrosis following administration of cytostatics and intoxication by paraquat

Roth L.F.; Shaw C.G.IIi; Mackenzie M.; Crockett F., 1979:
Early patterns of armillaria root rot in new zealand pine plantations converted from indigenous forest an alternative interpretation

Hall V.C.; Kaye D.B., 1980:
Early patterns of cognitive development

Townsend A.M.; Wright J.W.; Beineke W.F.; Gureis R.P.; Mohn C.A., 1982:
Early patterns of flowering winter injury and flushing of red maple acer rubrum progenies grown in 5 locations

Yew, D.T.; Li, W.W., 1986:
Early patterns of neuronal degeneration in the retina of the goldfish after optic nerve sectioning

Chen, C.; Sathananthan, A.H., 1986:
Early penetration of human sperm through the vestments of human eggs in vitro

Jeune B.; Lander F., 1987:
Early pensioning of semiskilled workers after previous refusal

Salem, B.I.; Gowda, S.; Haikal, M.; Leidenfrost, R.; Cox, J.L.; Ferguson, T., 1987:
Early percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty or coronary bypass surgery following thrombolytic treatment of acute myocardial infarction

Faulkner, J.S., 1976:
Early perennial rye grass cultivars for upland conditions

Ferree D.C.; Rhodus W.T., 1987:
Early performance and economic value of feathered apple trees on semi standard rootstocks

Cleland M., 1985:
Early performance of first generation seed orchard stock at omataroa forest new zealand

Timmer L.W., 1979:
Early performance of star ruby grapefruit on 9 rootstocks in a fine textured calcareous soil

Ananich V.A.; Karasev A.V.; Kalinkina O.M.; Vladimirov S.S., 1986:
Early period of angina pectoris diagnostic value of bicycle ergometry and holter ecg monitoring

Leonova T.B., 1981:
Early permian ammonoidea of the genus cardiella in the pamirs tadzhik ssr ussr

Yanagida J.; Nishikawa I., 1984:
Early permian brachiopods from the kawai limestone hiroshima prefecture southwest japan

Niko S.; Nishida T., 1987:
Early permian cephalopods from the mizuyagadani formation fukuji district central japan

Waterhouse J.B.; Gupta V.J., 1979:
Early permian fossils from southern tibet similar to faunas from peninsular india and lesser himalayas of garhwal

Leonova T.B., 1982:
Early permian marathonitidae ammonoidea in the pamirs ussr

Stapleton, R.P., 1977:
Early permian mio spores from a bore hole in southwest africa

Bruhn, J.G.; Holmstedt, B., 1974:
Early peyote research an interdisciplinary study

Pfennig-Yeh, M.L.; Ponta, H.; Hirsch-Kauffmann, M.; Rahmsdorf, H.J.; Herrlich, P.; Schweiger, M., 1978:
Early phage t 7 gene expression rates of rna synthesis and degradation protein kinase dependent termination of transcription and efficiency of translation

Cozzi E.M.; Bermudez A.J.; Hansen L.G., 1988:
Early pharmacokinetics of leptophos and desbromoleptophos following intravenous administration in the hen

Seung, W.P.; Feldman, B.F., 1985:
Early phase components of the kallikrein kinin system in hemorrhagic ascitic fluid and plasma in the rat with induced acute pancreatitis

Chouinard, G., 1987:
Early phase II clinical trial of remoxipride in treatment of schizophrenia with measurements of prolactin and neuroleptic activity

Linden M.; Helmchen H.; Mueller Oerlinghausen B., 1988:
Early phase ii semi double blind study of the new alkaline propanolamine derivative enciprazine

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Early placentation in the African green monkey (Cercopithecus aethiops)

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Early plant succession on a dredging spoils island in the seneca river of upstate new york usa

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Early plaster treatment for fractures of the femoral shaft in childhood

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Early pliocene radiolarian taxonomy and bio stratigraphy in the antarctic region

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Early porcine pregnancy detection with a newly developed ultrasonic a scan device

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Early post burn edema in leukocyte free rats

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Early post embryonic development and morphology of a new intergeneric hybrid of cyprinids female rutilus frisii x vimba vimba vimba sexual hybrid male

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Early post metamorphic growth budding and spicule formation in the compound ascidian cystodytes lobatus

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Early post mortal course of washer womans skin at the finger tips

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Early post mortem change of the crista ampullaris a light microscopic and electron microscopic study of the guinea pig

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Early post natal development and long term prognosis of experimentally induced microcephalic mice

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Early post natal development of ependyma in the 3rd ventricle of male and female rats

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Early post natal over feeding as an etio pathogenetic factor of adult obesity

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Early post operative changes in left ventricular dimension and mass following valve replacement in adults with aortic stenosis

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Early post operative development of aortic regurgitation related to pannus ingrowth causing incomplete disc seating of a bjork shiley prosthesis

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Early post operative growth hormone levels predict the result of trans sphenoidal tumor removal in acromegaly

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Early post operative jaundice 29 observations

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Early post partum insertion of copper intra uterine device

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Early post radiation changes in rat thymus chromatin the increase in the content of magnesium and activation of deoxy nucleo protein degradation under the effect of endogenous nucleases

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Early postanoxic changes in the ultrastructure of the neurons and neuropil of the cat cerebral cortex

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Early postimplantation embryo lethality due to DNA rearrangements in a transgenic mouse strain

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Early postischemic renal fibrin deposition and reduction of glomerular filtration rate in the rat effect of the defibrinating agent arwin

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Early postnatal development of electroencephalogram and sleep waking cycle in two inbred mouse strains

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Early postnatal development of the rat lens

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Early postnatal growth of the spotted dolphin stenella attenuata in the offshore eastern tropical pacific

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Early postnatal weight gain in very low birthweight preterm infants

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Early postoperative changes in left ventricular chamber size architecture and function in aortic stenosis and aortic regurgitation and their relation to intraoperative changes in afterload a prospective two dimensional echocardiographic study

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Early postoperative changes in the hemodynamics and phase pattern of cardiac cycle in patients with lung stomach esophageal and rectal cancer

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Early postoperative enteral alimentation following esophageal resection

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Early postoperative evaluation of the carotid endarterectomy by high resolution real time sonography and spectral analysis of the doppler signal

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Early postoperative ileus following appendectomy

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Early postoperative morbidity after surgical treatment of thyroid carcinoma

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Early postoperative thrombosis: a risk factor in lower limb revascularization?

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Early postoperative treatment of pain with buprenorphine

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Early postresuscitation centralization of circulation

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Early potentials evoked by acoustic stimuli: further results

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Early pre natal variability in the order of permanent tooth development

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Early pre plant herbicide applications for no till soybean glycine max cultivar williams weed control

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Early precursors of b lymphocytes 1. rabbit mouse species difference in the physical properties and surface phenotype of pre b cells and the maturation sequence of early b cells

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Early precursors of granulocytopoiesis in the peripheral blood and bone marrow in blast transformation of chronic myeloleukemia

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Early precursors of urogenital cancers in former college men

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Early prediction of acute rejection after inbred rat kidney transplantation using macrophage migration inhibition test

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Early prediction of attachment security a multi variate approach

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Early prediction of individual serum total estriol curves in pregnancy

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Early prediction of performance in broilers: relationship between length of tarsometatarsus and weight gain

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Early prediction of post hospitalization relapse

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Early prediction of skin flap viability from measurements of blood flow blood gas and hematocrit in dogs

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Early prediction of the magnitude of seasonal variations in testis diameter and percentage of abnormal spermatozoa in the ile de france ram 1. lambs born in february

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Early prediction on carcass traits of beef bulls

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Early predictors of age at 1st use of alcohol marihuana and cigarettes

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Early pregnancy decidual development and changes in serum progesterone and 17 beta estradiol levels and progesterone receptors

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Early pregnancy diagnosis in korean native cattle

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Early pregnancy diagnosis in the ewe, based on milk progesterone levels

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Early pregnancy diagnosis in the squirrel monkey

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Early pregnancy factor is an immuno suppressive contaminant of commercial preparations of human chorionic gonadotropin

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Early pregnancy factor tissues involved in its production in the mouse

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Early pregnancy failure: study by ultrasonic and hormonal methods

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Early pregnancy hemorrhages and their management

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Early pregnancy interruption with 2 15 methyl prostaglandin f 2 alpha suppositories

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Early pregnancy on the diaphragm with endometriosis

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Early pregnancy test in cattle

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Early pregnancy wastage: relationship between chorionic vascularization and embryonic development

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Early prehistoric killing of bighorn sheep ovis canadensis in the southeastern canadian rockies

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Early prenatal diagnosis of amniotic band syndrome

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Early prenatal ultrasound diagnosis of fetal hydrocephalus

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Early problems encountered with the Mentor inflatable penile prosthesis

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Early prognosis of epilepsy

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Early prognosis of low birth weight infants treated for progressive post hemorrhagic hydrocephalus

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Early prognosis of the course of hepatitis b by radioimmunoassay of hepatitis b surface antigen immunoglobulin m complexes

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Early proliferative response in the human autologous mixed lymphocyte reaction in scleroderma

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Early prophylaxis and treatment of traumatic shock in an experiment

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Early prostaglandin e synthesis is an obligatory event in the induction of cell proliferation in mouse epidermis in vivo by the phorbol ester 12 o tetra decanoyl phorbol 13 acetate

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Early protein nutrition compensatory growth and carcass quality of broiler type tom turkeys

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Early proximo distal development in the mothers contact behavior during nursing

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Early psychological manifestations of the war of attrition

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Early radiation induced impairment of cholesterol squalene and ubi quinone metabolism in the rat liver

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Early radiation related pericardial changes in hodgkin's disease usefulness of computerized tomography

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Early radical operation for trigonocephaly in infancy pathophysiological concepts for and operative procedure of premature closure of metopic suture

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Early radiographic manifestations of carcinoma of the esophagus

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Early radiographic signs of burkitt's lymphoma

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Early radiographic signs of tracheal rupture

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Early re polarization an electro cardiographic syndrome or a distinct nosologic entity

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Early re vascularization after coronary occlusion

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Early re vegetation and nutrient dynamics following the 1971 little sioux forest fire in northwestern minnesota usa

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Early re vegetation of clear cut and burned jack pine pinus banksiana sites in northern lower michigan usa

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Early reaction of the blood system to injection of agents changing the activity of the rat parasympathetic nervous system

Deshevoi Y.B., 1982:
Early reaction of the hemopoietic organs to stress depending on the condition of the peripheral m cholino reactive systems

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Early reactions in photosynthetic energy conservation the photo oxidation at liquid nitrogen temperatures of 2 cytochromes in chromatophores of rhodopseudomonas gelatinosa

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Early reactivity of liver erythropoietic tissue of the rat fetus towards gluco corticoids

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Early rearing of infrahuman primates with reduced conspecific contacts a selected bibliography part 2

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Early rearing of infrahuman primates with reduced conspecific contacts a selected bibliography part 3

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Early receptor potential evidence for the existence of 2 thermally stable states in the barnacle visual pigment

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Early receptor potentials and comparison of the electrical properties of median and lateral photo receptors of the barnacle

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Early receptor potentials and electro retinogram in rats after extreme light effect

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Early reciprocal interactions between ectoderm and chordamesoderm statistical evaluation of classical embryological experiments

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Early recognition of a 27 kda membrane protein mp27 in guinea pigs infected with coxiella burnetii and following vaccination

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Early recognition of cardiac tamponade

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Early recognition of children at developmental risks by psycho motor developmental diagnostics

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Early recognition of deep thrombo phlebitis in the lower leg studies with radio iodine labeled fibrinogen

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Early recognition of deep venous thrombosis in the lower foot by a noninvasive technique

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Early recognition of ectopic pregnancy in an infertility population

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Early recognition of heart transplant rejection by backscatter analysis from serial 2D ECHOs in a heterotopic transplant model

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Early recognition of infants at high risk for cerebral palsy examination at age 4 months

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Early recognition of metabolic disturbances in trout salmo gairdneri stocks

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Early recognition of ovarian cancer

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Early recognition of renal insufficiency in post anesthetic trauma victims

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Early recognition of transplantation antigens by t lymphocytes 1. test system and cellular parameters

Ramseier, H., 1985:
Early recognition of transplantation antigens by t lymphocytes 2. specificity and characterization of the recognition process

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Early recognition of tumor cells in various organs of mice after implantation of ehrlichs ascites cancer cells

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Early recognizability of hypoxic lesions in the cerebellum by use of the lie staining method hematoxylin basic fuchsin picric acid staining

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Early recollections and expected leisure activities

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Early recollections of 1st borns

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Early records of mimosa pigra in the northern territory australia

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Early recovery from hypoxic pulmonary hypertension: a structural and functional study

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Early recurrent embolism associated with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation: a retrospective study

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Early reentry procedure 2. a 5 year histologic evaluation

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Early referral to limb deficiency clinics

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Early regeneration of a clear cut southern appalachian forest usa

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Early regeneration of calluna vulgaris heathland under various fertilization treatments

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Early region 1b of adenovirus 2 encodes 2 co terminal proteins of 495 and 155 amino acid residues

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Early rehabilitation and its implementation at the work place

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Early rehabilitation following osteosynthesis with the sliding hip screw for trochanteric fractures

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Early rehabilitation for stroke patients: a new look

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Early rehabilitation of patients in the convalescence phase after myocardial infarction results of a multicenter study in east german health resorts

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Early rejection episodes and prognosis of kidney graft

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Early released lipid soluble cardiodepressant factor and elevated estrogenic substances in human septic shock

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Early removal of 1 eye reduces normally occurring cell death in the remaining eye

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Early removal of pigmented nevi from the skin of children and adolescents for prevention of malignant metaplasia

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Early renal brush border membrane adaptation to dietary phosphorus

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Early renal pathophysiology in an acute model of cyclosporine nephrotoxicity in rats

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Early repair for lung and intestine in mice after neutron and gamma irradiation

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Early repair of accidental injury to the ureter or bladder following gynecological surgery

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Early repair of an external sphincter ani muscle and rectal mucosal dehiscence

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Early repair of blast ruptures of the tympanic membrane

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Early repair of mechanical complications after acute myocardial infarction

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Early repair of myelomeningocele and simultaneous insertion of ventriculoperitoneal shunt: technique and results

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Early repair processes in lymph nodes of mice after total body and partial irradiation

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Early repeated abortions and karyotypes a cyto genetic study of 80 consecutive couples

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Early replication and expression of oocyte type 5s rna genes in a xenopus laevis somatic cell line carrying a translocation

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Early replication bands in two scorpion fishes scorpaena porcus and scorpaena notata order scorpaeniformes

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Early replication dna patterns in a derivative chromosome in a syrian hamster mesocricetus auratus with only 42 chromosomes

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Early replication of highly repeated dna sequences during dedifferentiation of carrot daucus carota

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Early replicative block prevents the efficient growth of fastidious diarrhea- associated adenoviruses in cell culture

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Early replicative intermediates of Escherichia coli chromosome isolated from a membrane complex

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Early reproductive characteristics of leghorn pullets reared on least cost diets formulated to protein and or amino acid specifications

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Early research on the fibrous microstructure of meat

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Early respiratory disorders in severely burned

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Early respiratory experience and subsequent cough and peak expiratory flow rate in 36 year old men and women

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Early response of hypothalamic neurons after testosterone in the male rat

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Early response of mouse skin to single effect of accelerated boron ions

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Early response of plasma contents on exposure of working men to heat

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Early response of rat brain tryptophan hydroxylase activity to cyclo heximide puromycin and cortico sterone

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Early response of the visceral pleura following asbestos exposure: an ultrastructural study

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Early responses of the dopaminergic tuberoinfundibular neurons to anterior pituitary homo grafts

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Early responses to tumor necrosis factor of human promyelocytic leukemia cell lines sensitive and resistant to the factor

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Early restriction of the human antibody repertoire

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Early results after mitral valvuloplasty for pure mitral regurgitation

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Early results after percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty in 400 patients

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Early results and complications of coronary artery bypass surgery. A consecutive series of 441 patients

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Early results and complications of surface replacement of the hip

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Early results from the northland new zealand immunization register

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Early results from the use of carbon 11 recoil labeled amino acids in experimentation on animals

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Early results in elective coronary bypass patients in a newly established cardiac surgery program

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Early results of 2 year old provenances of pinus kesiya in zambia

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Early results of a slash pine pinus elliottii var elliottii variety trial

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Early results of a white ash fraxinus americana provenance test in central alabama usa

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Early results of arthroscopic partial meniscectomy

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Early results of arthroscopic partial meniscectomy in Singapore General Hospital

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Early results of cement free alloarthroplastic acetabuloplasty in inflammatory rheumatic diseases

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Early results of combined chemo therapy followed by cobalt 60 radio therapy in patients with undifferentiated pulmonary carcinoma

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Early results of discectomy by fenestration technique in lumbar disc prolapse

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Early results of medial approach open reduction in congenital dislocation of the hip: use before walking age

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Early results of operative treatment of scoliosis using the anterior derotation spondylodesis technique zielke

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Early results of provenance studies on pinus muricata in new zealand

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Early results of radiotherapy for advanced laryngeal cancer using three small fractions per day

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Early results of spinal fusion using variable spine plating system

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Early results of surgically treated proximal femur fractures

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Early results of the finnish multicenter study of prostatic cancer finnprostate

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Early results of the treatment of atherosclerotic ischemia of the lower extremities with lumbar sympathectomy

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Early results of the treatment of the aortoiliac impatency with the implantation of y shaped prosthesis

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Early results on modification of combined modality treatment (chemotherapy and surgery) for testicular cancer

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Early retention of plutonium 237 plus plutonium 239 in mature beagles

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Early retinal fluorescein angiography in candida infection in drug addicts

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Early retirement in an international perspective

Olson-Frick, H., 1985:
Early retirement in an international perspective II: The international study

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Early return to work after uncomplicated myocardial infarction. Results of a randomized trial

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Early reversal of neuromuscular blocking effects of vecuronium norcuron and atracurium tracrium

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Early rheumatoid arthritis in the ussr and finland

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Early rheumatoid like joint lesions in rabbits injected with foreign serum 4. influence of delayed type hyper sensitivity

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Early rheumatoid like joint lesions in rabbits injected with foreign serum or milk proteins 3. influence of concomitant immuno globulin e like antibodies and of the breed of rabbit

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Early rheumatoid like lesions in rabbits injected with foreign serum 5. attempted superimposition of allergization to cartilage collagen

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Early right atrial pacing after myo cardial infarction 1. comparison with early treadmill testing

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Early right atrial pacing after myo cardial infarction 2. results in 77 patients with pre discharge angina pectoris congestive heart failure or age older than 70 years

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Early rigor detection in pork carcasses by fore leg position

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Early rise in pitted red cell count as a guide to susceptibility to infection in childhood sickle cell anemia

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Early risk stratification using clinical findings in patients with acute myocardial infarction

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Early RNA of adenovirus type 3 in permissive and abortive infections

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Early rna species in phage sp 82 infected and phage sp 01 infected bacillus subtilis may be processed

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Early rna synthesis during the germination of rye secale cereale embryos and the relationship to early protein synthesis

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Early rna synthesis of bacterio phage t 4 relation to dna replication and the gene 55 product

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Early roentgeno endoscopic diagnosis of colonic cancer arising from polyps and pillous tumors

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Early role of the esc plus gene product in the determination of segments in drosophila

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Early root and shoot growth of populus clones

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Early ruscinian rodents and lagomorphs mammalia from the lignites near ptolemais macedonia greece parts 1 2 and 3

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Early samotherium and early oioceros from an uppermost vindobonian fossiliferous pocket at mordaq near maragheh in northwest iran

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Early samples of oil in water and some analyses of zoo plankton

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Early scale development in the danube salmon hucho hucho pisces salmonidae

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Early scale propagation results in forcible bulbs of easter lily lilium longiflorum

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Early scintigraphic diagnosis of bone stress and fractures in athletic adolescents

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Early scintigraphic diagnosis of femoral head necrosis following femoral neck fractures

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Early scintigraphic findings of occult femoral and tibial fractures in infants

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Early screening of elms for resistance to ceratocystis ulmi

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Early screening of high pigment lines of tomato at the cotyledon stage using yellow film

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Early season apple rest management control of two species of scales homoptera diaspididae and bruce spanworm lepidoptera geometridae with methidathion

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Early season chemical control trials against the european red mite panonychus ulmi and the apple rust mite aculus schlechtendali in an apple orchard

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Early season cold tolerance in soybean glycine max

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Early season movements of pink bollworm male moths pectinophora gossypiella between selected habitats

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Early season parasitic gastroenteritis in calves and its prevention with ivermectin

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Early season production and microclimate associated with topography in a 4 carbon photosynthetic pathway dominated grassland

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Early season root and shoot growth of apple malus domestica cultivar golden delicious on 4 rootstocks as affected by pruning at planting

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Early season yield responses of selected strawberry cultivars to photoperiod and chilling in a florida usa winter production system

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Early secondary succession in an elfin woodland in the luquillo mountains of puerto rico

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Early secondary succession of a pinyon juniper juniperus monosperma and pinus edulis woodland in a northern arizona usa powerline corridor

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Early secondary succession on abandoned shifting cultivator's plots in the miombo of south central africa

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Early secondary suture versus healing by second intention of incisional abscesses

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Early sedentary economy in the basin of Mexico

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Early seed development after crossing of trifolium ambiguum and trifolium repens

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Early seed development after crossing of trifolium semipilosum and trifolium repens

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Early seed development in the annual and perennial secale taxa

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Early seed development in triticum and secale amphiploids

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Early seedling growth in normal and opaque 2 zea mays cultivar maya 1. composition and mobilization of the endosperm protein reserve

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Early seizures following intracerebral hemorrhage: implications for therapy

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Early seizures indicate quality of perinatal care

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Early selection for the grain quality in the selection of interspecific hybrids

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Early selection in hybrid tea rose seedlings for cut stem length

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Early selection is effective in 20 year old genetic tests of loblolly pine pinus taeda

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Early selective visual experience and pattern discrimination in hooded rats

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Early semiclosed intramedullary stabilization in osteogenesis imperfecta

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Early senescence of rice and drechslera oryzae in the wageningen polder surinam

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Early senescence of the root cortex of agricultural grasses and of wheat following root amputation or infection by the take all fungus

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Early sensitivity to colchicine in developing anthers of rye secale cereale cultivar ailes

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Early sequelae of gunshot wounds to the spine: radiologic diagnosis

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Early sequential development in avian gonads. An ultrastructural study using selective glycogen labeling in the germ cells

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Early seral communities in a limestone quarry an experimental study of treatment effects on cover and richness of vegetation

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Early seral development following partial clear cutting in east texas usa

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Early serodiagnosis of leprosy 1. the use of counterimmunoelectrophoresis and enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa

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Early shell growth in some upper cretaceous ammonites and its implications to major taxonomy

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Early shell morphology in some upper cretaceous heteromorph ammonites

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Early shell morphology of karsteniceras ancyloceratid from the lower cretaceous choshi group japan and its significance to the phylogeny of cretaceous heteromorph ammonites

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Early shoot and root quality effects on nursery and field development of tissue cultured loblolly pine pinus taeda

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Early shunting of 9 micron and 15 micron tracer microspheres from the acutely ischemic canine myo cardium

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Early signal transduction by the antigen receptor without commitment to T cell activation

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Early signs of alcoholic cardiomyopathy

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Early signs of diabetes mellitus in oto rhino laryngologic practice

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Early signs of peripheral athero sclerosis of the lower limbs in asymptomatic primary hyper lipo proteinemia

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Early signs of right ventricular insufficiency in miners with chronic unspecific pulmonary diseases

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Early signs of Sertoli and Leydig cell dysfunction in the abdominal testes of immature unilaterally cryptorchid rats

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Early silurian biofacies and lithofacies in relation to appalachian basins in north new brunswick canada

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Early silurian brachiopods of the genus tuvaella from mongolia

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Early silurian camerate crinoids of eastern iowa usa

Ausich W.I., 1986:
Early silurian inadunate crinoids brassfield formation ohio usa

Johnson N.G., 1985:
Early silurian palynomorphs from the tuscarora formation in central pennsylvania usa and their paleobotanical and geological significance

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Early silurian rhodocrinitacean crinoids brassfield formation ohio usa

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Early silurian to early devonian conodont bio stratigraphy and depositional environments of the hidden valley dolomite southeastern california usa

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Early sinemurian hardgrounds in the ligurian alps northwestern italy prepiemontese domain arnasco castelbianco unit

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Early skeletal changes of the hand phalanges in patients with chronic renal failure

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Early skin reaction and recovery following multifractionated gamma irradiation in the preliminarily shaved mouse skin

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Early skin reaction following 250 MeV proton peak irradiation

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Early skin responses of hibernating and nonhibernating ground squirrels spermophilus tridecemlineatus to topical applications of 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene

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Early skin shrinkage in mice after single and multi fractionated gamma ray exposures

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Early social and working capacity rehabilitation of disabled persons with lower extremity amputation stump

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Early social deprivation and body growth in male mice

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Early social development among african elephant loxodonta africana calves

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Early social development and emancipation of macaca nemestrina and papio spp

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Early social experience and responses to visual social stimuli in young monkeys macaca arctoides

Anderson J.R.; Chamove A.S., 1985:
Early social experience and the development of self aggression in monkeys

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Early social games and the acquisition of language

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Early social interactions of juvenile pigtail macaques macaca nemestrina

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Early social isolation of the domestic cat felis domesticus responses to separation from social and nonsocial rearing stimuli

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Early somato sympathetic reflexes in upper thoracic white rami during stimulation of segmental nerves

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Early somatostatinoma of the papilla of the duct of Santorini

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Early splenectomy and poly chemo therapy vs. poly chemo therapy alone in chronic myeloid leukemia

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Early splenectomy and survival in agnogenic myeloid metaplasia analysis of 338 cases published since 1940

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Early splenectomy in chronic granulocytic leukemia a fifteen year follow up

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Early splenectomy in chronic myelogenous leukemia: surgical aspects

Wilman, D., 1980 :
Early spring and late autumn response to applied nitrogen in 4 grasses 1. yield number of tillers and chemical composition

Wilman, D.; Mohamed, A.A., 1980:
Early spring and late autumn response to applied nitrogen in 4 grasses 2. leaf development

Brueggeman J.J., 1982:
Early spring distribution of bowhead whales balaena mysticetus in the bering sea

Evans R.M.; Cash K.J., 1985:
Early spring flights of american white pelicans pelecanus erythrorhynchos timing and functional role in attracting others to the breeding colony

Rogers R.S., 1982:
Early spring herb communities in mesophytic forests of the great lakes region north america

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Early squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix part 1 definition and histology

Lohe, K.J.; Burghardt, E.; Hillemanns, H.G.; Kaufmann, C.; Ober, K.G.; Zander, J., 1978:
Early squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix part 2 clinical results of a cooperative study in the management of 419 patients with early stromal invasion and micro carcinoma

Lohe, K.J., 1978:
Early squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix part 3 frequency of lymph node metastases

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Early stage a prostatic cancer 4. methodological criteria for histo pathological diagnosis

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Early stage a prostatic cancer 5. stereo topography

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Early stage a prostatic cancer 6. a critical look at the follow up

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