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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5208

Chapter 5208 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Voronkina, N.V., 1978:
Early stages of ontogenetic development of the lateral root and their significance in understanding the evolution of root histogenesis

Gruzova M.N., 1982:
Early stages of oocyte and trophocyte differentiation in the ovarioles of insects

Scott, J., 1975:
Early stages of phyciodes pallida phyciodes orseis and phyciodes mylitta nymphalidae

Purdie, R.W., 1977:
Early stages of regeneration after burning in dry sclerophyll vegetation part 1 regeneration of the understory by vegetative means

Purdie, R.W., 1977:
Early stages of regeneration after burning in dry sclerophyll vegetation part 2 regeneration by seed germination

Anderson, D.W., 1977:
Early stages of soil formation on glacial till mine spoils in a semi arid climate

Pegov L.A., 1985:
Early stages of structure formation of young forests in clear cut areas of the taiga zone

Purvis M.D., 1979:
Early stages of tail regeneration in lampropholis guichenoti

Lapikova, V.P.; Dzhavakhiya, V.G., 1987 :
Early stages of the development of pyricularia oryzae cav. on rice leaves

Servadio, C.; Abramovici, A.; Sandbank, U.; Savion, M.; Rosen, M., 1986:
Early stages of the pathogenesis of rat ventral prostate hyperplasia induced by citral

Svoboda, J.; Machala, O., 1968:
Early step in sendai virus mediated rescue of rous sarcoma virus from virogenic mammalian cells chinese hamster cells chicken fibroblasts phyto hem agglutinin

Carrillo E.C.; Giachetti C.; Campos R., 1985:
Early steps in foot and mouth disease virus replication further analysis on the effects of chloroquine

Antonelli G.; Ruggiero V.; Cefaro A.; D.M.rco P.; Amicucci P.; Colizzi V.; Dianzani F., 1988:
Early steps in interferon gamma production possible involvement of calcium calmodulin dependent enzymes

Bases, R.; Mendez, F.; Elequin, F.; Liebeskind, D.; Kozin, A.; Neubort, S., 1978:
Early steps in mutagenesis by hycanthone

Esmon, B.; Esmon, P.C.; Schekman, R., 1984:
Early steps in processing of yeast glycoproteins

Jarabak, J., 1980:
Early steps in prostaglandin metabolism in the human placenta

Gately, M.K.; Wechter, W.J.; Martz, E., 1980:
Early steps in specific tumor cell lysis by sensitized mouse t lymphocytes 4. inhibition of programming for lysis by pharmacologic agents

Gately, M.K.; Martz, E., 1981:
Early steps in specific tumor cell lysis by sensitized mouse t lymphocytes 5. evidence that manganese inhibits a calcium dependent step in programming for lysis

Martz, E., 1976:
Early steps in specific tumor cell lysis by sensitized mouse thymus derived lymphocytes part 2 electrolyte permeability increase in the target cell membrane concomitant with programming for lysis

Gately M.K.; Martz E., 1979:
Early steps in specific tumor cell lysis by sensitized mouse thymus derived lymphocytes part 3 resolution of 2 distinct roles for calcium in the cytolytic process

Tateson, J.E., 1970:
Early steps in the biosynthesis of mycobactins P and S

Deriemer L.H.; Meares C.F., 1981:
Early steps in the path of nascent rna across the surface of rna polymerase determined by photo affinity labeling

Garel, J.R., 1978:
Early steps in the re folding reaction of reduced rnase a

Wang, S.S.; Fried, V.A., 1987:
Early steps initiating a degradation pathway in Escherichia coli. Characterization of the first intermediate

Gordon L.K.; Haseltine W.A., 1981:
Early steps of excision repair of cyclo butane pyrimidine dimers by the micrococcus luteus endo nuclease a 3 step incision model

Rebillard M.; Leibovitch S.; Jullien M.; Talha S.; Harel L., 1987:
Early stimulation by egf plus insulin of ribosomal rna c fos and actin messenger rna expression inhibition by cytochalasin d

Bachelet, M.; Ulmann, A.; Lacour, B., 1979:
Early stimulation of alkaline phosphatase ec activity in response to 1 alpha 25 di hydroxy cholecalciferol

Talha S.; Harel L., 1985 :
Early stimulation of atp turnover induced by growth factors synergistic effect of epidermal growth factor and insulin and correlation with dna synthesis

Pattillo, R.A.; Hussa, R.O., 1975:
Early stimulation of human chorionic gonadotropin secretion by di butyryl cyclic amp and theophylline in human malignant tropho blast cells in vitro inhibition by actinomycin d alpha amanitin and cordycepin

Godeau F.; Ishizaka T.; Koide S.S., 1985:
Early stimulation of phospholipid methylation in xenopus laevis oocytes by progesterone

Feo F.; Garcea R.; Daino L.; Pascale R.; Pirisi L.; Frassetto S.; Ruggiu M.E., 1985:
Early stimulation of polyamine biosynthesis during promotion by phenobarbital of diethylnitrosamine induced rat liver carcinogenesis the effects of variations of the s adenosyl l methionine cellular pool

Tanimoto, E., 1978:
Early stimulation of tenaciously binding rna synthesis by auxin in epidermis of pea stem and inhibition of auxin induced growth by cordycepin 3' deoxy adenosine

Talha S.; Harel L., 1985:
Early stimulation on atp turnover by epidermal growth factor plus insulin relation to external ph and sodium proton exchange system

Demets D.L.; Halperin M., 1982:
Early stopping in the 2 sample problem for bounded random variables

Cieslik K.; Pieniazek M.; Kaczmarczyk D.; Korzynski A.; Trybus M.; Modelska B., 1986:
Early strength of flexor tendon repair

Pare W.P.; Vincent G.P., 1984:
Early stress experience and activity stress ulcer in the rat

Milaire J., 1987:
Early structural changes associated with the onset of forelimb development in the mouse

Bloodstein, O.; Grossman, M., 1981:
Early stutterings: some aspects of their form and distribution

Priebe, S., 1987:
Early subjective reactions predicting the outcome of hospital treatment in depressive patients

Polit, D.F.; Kahn, J.R., 1986:
Early subsequent pregnancy among economically disadvantaged teenage mothers

O'Herlihy, C., 1979:
Early successful pregnancy following tuberculous endometritis

Nagase Y.; Tanaka H.; Maruyama T.; Maemura T.; Gotoh K.; Konno S., 1986:
Early successful repair of rupture of ventricular septum due to blunt trauma

Bartos D.L.; Mueggler W.F., 1982:
Early succession following clear cutting of aspen populus tremuloides communities in northern utah usa

Bartos D.L.; Mueggler W.F., 1981:
Early succession in aspen populus tremuloides communities following fire in western wyoming usa

Chaghtai S.M.; Sadiq A.; Shah S.H., 1985:
Early succession on an abandoned field in peshawar pakistan

Swaine M.D.; Hall J.B., 1983:
Early succession on cleared forest land in ghana

Van Tamelen P.G., 1987:
Early successional mechanisms in the rocky intertidal the role of direct and indirect interactions

Parmenter R.R.; Macmahon J.A., 1987:
Early successional patterns of arthropod recolonization on reclaimed strip mines in southwestern wyoming usa the ground dwelling beetle fauna coleoptera

More N.S.; Rao N.A.; Preuss H.G., 1986:
Early sucrose induced retinal vascular lesions in spontaneously hypertensive rats and wistar kyoto rats

Basham, J.T., 1978:
Early sugar stem dis coloration and microorganism invasion in simulated wounds of felling and fire scars

Louskas C.; Liaropoulos C.; Canard M.; Laudeho Y., 1980:
Early summer infestation of olive fruits by dacus oleae diptera trypetidae and its control by the parasite eupelmus urozonus hymenoptera eupelmidae in a greek olive grove

Csernansky J.G.; Friedhoff A.J.; Bonnet K.A., 1982:
Early super sensitive changes in tritium labeled spiroperidol binding in the isolated striatum

Acosta, J.M.; Rossi, R.; Galli, O.M.R.; Pellegrini, C.A.; Skinner, D.B., 1978:
Early surgery for acute gall stone pancreatitis evaluation of a systematic approach

Medhkour A.; Leblanc G.; Francoeur J.; Copty M.; Bouchard J M.; Turcotte J F.; Picard C., 1986:
Early surgery for intracranial aneurysms

Creissard P.; Freger P.; Houtteville J.P.; Toumi K.; Baumgartner J.; Plas J Y.; Guy G.; Mercier P.; Massini B.; Fischer G., 1985:
Early surgery for ruptured aneurysms prevents cerebral ischemia

Louagie, Y.; Brohet, C.; Lopez, E.; Jaumin, P.; Schoevaerdts, J.C.; Ponlot, R.; Chalant, C.H., 1984:
Early surgery for severe aortic regurgitation

Wang, X.W.; Wei, J.N.; Lu, J.Z.; Wang, N.Z.; Lu, C.S.; Yin, D.Q.; Jia, S.L., 1982:
Early surgery in severe electrical burns involving upper limbs

Jakse, G.; Putz, A.; Gassner, I.; Zechmann, W., 1984:
Early surgery in the management of pediatric blunt renal trauma

Tsubokawa, T.; Satoh, K., 1983:
Early surgery vs. intentionally delayed surgery for ruptured aneurysm

D.F.anco, P.E.; Chiu, T.; Kantor, N.M.; Garrison, R.D.; Miller, R.H., 1981:
Early surgical closure of patent ductus arteriosus

Saylam, A.; Melo, J.Q.; Ahmad, A.; Chapman, R.D.; Wood, J.A.; Starr, A., 1980:
Early surgical repair in traumatic rupture of the thoracic aorta (report of 9 cases and review of the current concepts)

Balas, P.; Bonatsos, G.; Xeromeritis, N.; Karamanakos, P.; Kambilafkas, J., 1985:
Early surgical results on acute arterial occlusion of the extremities

Murray M.D.; Miller R.E., 1986:
Early survival and growth of planted douglas fir with red alder in four mixed regimes

Gibo, D.L.; Metcalf, R.A., 1978:
Early survival of polistes apachus hymenoptera vespidae colonies in california usa a field study of an introduced species

Sutterlin A.M.; Holdern J.; Benfey T.J., 1987:
Early survival rates and subsequent morphological abnormalities in landlocked anadromous and hybrid landlocked x anadromous diploid and triploid atlantic salmon

Corcoran, G.B.; Wong, B.K.; Neese, B.L., 1987 :
Early sustained rise in total liver calcium during acetaminophen hepatotoxicity in mice

Milokhin, A.A., 1983:
Early synaptogenesis in the spinal cord of human embryos

Irgens, K.; Pinelli, C.; Guillemain, B.; Levy, D.; Parodi, A.L., 1977:
Early syncytium formation induced by bovine leukemia virus in mixed cultures

Glew R.H.; Pavuk R.A., 1984:
Early synergistic interactions between amikacin and 6 beta lactam antibiotics against multiply resistant members of the family enterobacteriaceae

Lambert Zechovsky N.; Bingen E.; Guihaire E.; Mancy C.; Mercier J.C.; Beaufils F., 1986:
Early synergistic killing of beta lactam and aminoglycoside combinations as optimal therapy of pseudomonas aeruginosa infections in pediatric intensive care unit

Markenson J.; Zehavi Willner T.; Chai J.; Evenchik Z.; Pinto M., 1987:
Early synergistic protection against fatal pseudomonas aeruginosa burn infection in mice by a combined whole cell toxoid alum vaccine

Denari, J.H.; Germino, N.I.; Rosner, J.M., 1976:
Early synthesis of uterine proteins after a decidual stimulus in the pseudopregnant rat

Martens U.; Lange Braun P.; Langer R.; Hochrein H., 1987:
Early systemic thrombolysis of acute myocardial infarction comparison between the clinical and the prehospital phase

Gramatzki, M.; Bartram, C.R.; Müller, D.; Walter, M.; Tittelbach, H.; Kalden, J.R., 1987:
Early T cell differentiated chronic myeloid leukemia blast crisis with rearrangement of the breakpoint cluster region but not of the T cell receptor beta chain genes

Cervantes F.; Anegon I.; Rozman C.; Gallart T.; Pereira A.; Vives Corrons J.L.; Casademont J.; Urbano Marquez A., 1985:
Early t cell features in blast crisis of ph 1 positive chronic myeloid leukemia

Fowlkes, B.J.; Edison, L.; Mathieson, B.J.; Chused, T.M., 1985:
Early T lymphocytes. Differentiation in vivo of adult intrathymic precursor cells

Steinberg L., 1985:
Early temperamental antecedents of adult type a behaviors

Desclin, J.C., 1976:
Early terminal degeneration of cerebellar climbing fibers after destruction of the inferior olive in the rat. Synaptic relationships in the molecular layer

Krishtalka, L., 1976:
Early tertiary adapisoricidae and erinaceidae mammalia insectivora of north america

Krause D.W., 1980:
Early tertiary amphibians from the bighorn basin wyoming usa

Kogbe, C.A., 1975:
Early tertiary bio stratigraphy of the southern nigeria sedimentary basin

Ludbrook, N.H., 1977:
Early tertiary cyclammina and haplophragmoides foraminiferida lituolidae in southern australia

Velitzelos, E.; Schneider, H.E., 1977:
Early tertiary plant discoveries from the vegora basin in western macedonia greece

Greenwood D.R., 1987:
Early tertiary podocarpaceae megafossils from the eocene anglesea locality victoria australia

Kemp, E.M., 1976:
Early tertiary pollen from napperby central australia

Truswell E.M.; Marchant N.G., 1986:
Early tertiary pollen of probable droseracean affinity from central australia

Christophel D.C., 1984:
Early tertiary proteaceae the 1st floral evidence for the musgraveinae

Hansen T.A., 1988:
Early tertiary radiation of marine molluscs and the long term effects of the cretaceous tertiary extinction

Sweet, A.R.; Hills, L.V., 1976:
Early tertiary species of azolla subgenus azolla section kremastospora from western and arctic canada

Wilson, J.A., 1977:
Early tertiary vertebrate faunas big bend area trans pecos texas brontotheriidae

Gustafuson E.P., 1979:
Early tertiary vertebrate faunas from big bend area trans pecos texas usa simidectes mammalia insectivora

Wilson J.A.; Schiebout J.A., 1981:
Early tertiary vertebrate faunas trans pecos texas usa amynodontidae

Wilson J.A.; Schiebout J.A., 1984:
Early tertiary vertebrate faunas trans pecos texas usa ceratomorpha less amynodontidae

Novacek, M.J., 1976:
Early tertiary vertebrate faunas vieja group trans pecos texas insectivora

Minnich, L.L.; Ray, C.G., 1987:
Early testing of cell cultures for detection of hemadsorbing viruses

Magnussen, S.; Yeatman, C.W., 1987:
Early testing of jack pine i. phenotypic response to spacing

Magnussen, S.; Yeatman, C.W., 1987:
Early testing of jack pine ii. variance and repeatability of stem and branch characters

Belghiti J.; Kleinman P.; Cherqui D.; Perniceni T.; Bernades P.; Fekete F., 1987:
Early therapeutic approach in gallstone pancreatitis

Ayers, J.W.; Peterson, E.P.; Ansbacher, R., 1982:
Early therapy for the incompetent cervix in patients with habitual abortion

Inoue T., 1987:
Early thrombogenesis and aortic anastomosis by microvascular technique in rats

Droege, W., 1976:
Early thymus derived cells and late thymus derived cells suggestive evidence for 2 thymus derived cell lineages with separate developmental pathways

Gol'bert, Z.V.; Demidov, V.P.; Voronetskiĭ, I.B., 1981:
Early thyroid cancer

Colley, C.M.; Fleck, A.; Goode, A.W.; Muller, B.R.; Myers, M.A., 1983:
Early time course of the acute phase protein response in man

Weusten, J.J.; Smals, A.G.; Hofman, J.A.; Kloppenborg, P.W.; Benraad, T.J., 1987:
Early time sequence in pregnenolone metabolism to testosterone in homogenates of human and rat testis

Vachal E.; Wegst A.; Preston D.; Tomita T., 1979 :
Early tissue distribution of therapeutic iodine 131 in a patient with thyro toxicosis

Granström, G.; Nilsson, P.; Röckert, H.O., 1982:
Early tissue reactions after circulatory and skeletal damage to the mandible of the rat

Flint H.M.; Curtice N.J.; Siddiqui Q U H., 1987:
Early to mid season distribution of male pink bollworms as determined with pheromone traps in host and non host crops

Mehrotra N.C.; Sarjeant W.A.S., 1986:
Early to middle cretaceous dinoflagellate cysts from the periyavadavadi shallow well 1 cauvery basin india

Savage N.M.; Barkeley S.J., 1985:
Early to middle pennsylvanian conodonts from the klawak formation and the ladrones limestone southeastern alaska usa

Tomiyasu, S., 1985:
Early tooth wear in modern Japanese molars

Saling E., 1981:
Early total occlusion of os uteri to prevent habitual abortion and premature deliveries

Thomas B., 1984:
Early toy preferences of 4 year old readers and nonreaders

Veninga, T.S.; Dankert, J.; Ebels, E.J.; Fidler, V.J., 1984:
Early transient accumulation of methotrexate in the cerebrospinal fluid of rabbits after treatment with methotrexate and roentgen rays

Cucciniello B.; Martellotta N., 1981:
Early traumatic epilepsy case history

Murphy, G.; Hulse, J.A.; Jackson, D.; Tyrer, P.; Glossop, J.; Smith, I.; Grant, D., 1986:
Early treated hypothyroidism: development at 3 years

Kalla, A.A.; Learmonth, I.D.; Klemp, P., 1986:
Early treatment of avascular necrosis in systemic lupus erythematosus

Sun, Y.H.; Wang, S.H.; Cao, D.X.; Wang, N.Z.; Ma, R.L., 1984:
Early treatment of burned scalp and skull

Kinoshita, H., 1980:
Early treatment of cervical spinal cord injuries based on post mortem pathological studies

Landier F.; Chaussain J.L.; Job J.C., 1984:
Early treatment of congenital hypoplasia of the penis with intramuscular sustained action testosterone

Zhong, X.L.; Zheng, B.D.; Hu, G.X.; Zhu, X.X.; Hu, Z.M., 1981:
Early treatment of diabetic neuropathy

Umeda Y.; Kimura M., 1985:
Early treatment of ear bleeding and hemotympanum due to head trauma

Ariizumi M.; Baba K.; Ogawa K.; Hibio S.; Suzuki H.; Shiihara H.; Ryo S.; Momoki T.; Ogawa T.; Fujita Y., 1984:
Early treatment of intractable childhood epilepsy with intravenous immunoglobulin

Kahana, M.; Ronnen, M.; Schewach-Millet, M., 1984:
Early treatment of loxoscelism with corticosteroids

Schroder U.; Schroder I., 1984:
Early treatment of unilateral posterior cross bite in children with bilaterally contracted maxillae

Holland Interuniv Nifedipine Metoprolol Trial Res Group, 1986:
Early treatment of unstable angina in the coronary care unit a randomized double blind placebo controlled comparison of recurrent ischemia in patients treated with nifedipine or metoprolol or both

Béland, G., 1977:
Early treatment of ureteral injuries found after gynecological surgery

Bessho T.; Shiga S.; Nishiyama S.; Oshima T., 1987:
Early treatment of vitreous hemorrhage in diabetic retinopathy

Lapolt P.S.; Y.S.M.; L.J.K.H., 1988:
Early treatment of young female rats with progesterone delays the aging associated reproductive decline a counteraction by estradiol

Downing, R.W.; Rickels, K., 1985:
Early treatment response in anxious outpatients treated with diazepam

Geyer, W.A., 1978:
Early tree growth on strike off graded coal mined spoils in southeastern kansas usa

Kaiser K.L.E., 1982:
Early trend determination of organo chlorine contamination from residue ratios in the sea lamprey petromyzon marinus and its lake whitefish coregonus clupeaformis host

Matsuda, T., 1982:
Early triassic conodonts from kashmir india 2. neospathodus 1

Matsuda, T., 1984:
Early triassic conodonts from kashmir india 4. gondolella and platyvillosus

Batten R.L.; Stokes W.L., 1986:
Early triassic gastropods from the sinbad member of the moenkopi formation san rafael swell utah usa

Leandri M.; Parodi C.I.; Favale E., 1988:
Early trigeminal evoked potentials in tumors of the base of the skull and trigeminal neuralgia

Zaks A.S.; Bykova A.A., 1981:
Early triggering of the immune mechanism of chemical homeostasis in response to the action of exogenous and endogenous chemical compounds

Peterson R.L.; Barker W.G., 1979:
Early tuber development from explanted stolon nodes of solanum tuberosum cultivar kennebec

Iwashita A.; E.A., 1982:
Early type i gastric carcinoma occurring in stomal polypoid hypertrophic gastritis

Fukuchi S.; E.A., 1982:
Early type iia gastric carcinoma located at the anastomotic portion of the gastric remnant diagnosed 19 years after gastrectomy for duodenal ulcer a case

Sato H.; E.A., 1982:
Early type iic gastric cancer recognized as a mass formation by cancer invasion and lymphoid hyperplasia to the submucosal layer

Ikeguchi S.; Tani T.; Muto K.; Yokota K.; Shida S., 1982:
Early type iic gastric cancer with submucosal invasion diagnosed as infiltration of the mucosa before surgery report of a case

Maruyama T.; E.A., 1982:
Early type iic plus iii gastric cancer with submucosal involvement pre operatively diagnosed as advanced cancer

Kalimo H.; Paljarvi L.; Vapalahti M., 1979:
Early ultrastructural alterations in rabbit cerebral cortex and cerebellar cortex after compression ischemia

Matsusaka, T.; Takemura, K.; Takada, T.; Tanaka, K.; Okada, M., 1984:
Early ultrastructural changes in choroidal arterioles of spontaneously hypertensive rats

Nystrom, S.H.M., 1967:
Early ultrastructural changes in experimental neopl glioma following inst neutron capture irradiation mouse neopl ependymo blastoma

Marquart, K.H., 1977:
Early ultrastructural changes in osteocytes from the proximal tibial metaphysis of mice after the incorporation of radium 224

Hall Craggs E.C.B., 1980:
Early ultrastructural changes in skeletal muscle exposed to local anesthesia bupivacaine marcaine

Mihaly A., 1981:
Early ultrastructural changes in the cerebral cortex of albino rats subjected to 3 amino pyridine seizures

Anton, E., 1979:
Early ultrastructural changes in the rat testis after ductuli efferentes ligation

Yoo B.Y.; Kim H D.; Rah B J., 1985:
Early ultrastructural changes of isoproterenol induced myocardial necrosis in the mice

Fazzolari A.; Valentino B.; Zummo G.; Damiani S., 1981:
Early ultrastructural study of chorial villous in the feto maternal rh and abo incompatibilities

Finger, S.; Green, L., 1983:
Early under nutrition and later hippocampal damage 1. differential reinforcement of low rates of responding performance in rats

Laughlin N.K.; Finger S.; Bell J., 1983:
Early under nutrition and later hippocampal damage effects on spontaneous behaviors and reversal learning

Telang S.; Fuller G.; Wiggins R.; Enna S.J., 1984:
Early under nutrition and tritium labeled gamma amino butyric acid binding in rat brain

Whatson, T.S.; Moore, W.J.; Smart, J.L.; Dobbing, J., 1978:
Early under nutrition subsequent growth of male and female rats

Soto Moyano R.; Ruiz S.; Perez H.; Hernandez A.; Belmar J., 1987:
Early undernutrition and long lasting functional derangement of the noradrenergic system projecting to the neocortex

Wellman, H.M.; Estes, D., 1986:
Early understanding of mental entities: a reexamination of childhood realism

Löbermann, H.; Dostal, G.; Schreiber, B.; Eigler, F.W., 1979:
Early ureteral complications after renal transplantation

Hugosson, C.O.; Olsen, P., 1986:
Early ureteric changes in Schistosoma haematobium infection

Pusane A.; Goksoy E.; Gecioglu I.A.; Perek S., 1980:
Early urgent re laparotomy in abdominal surgery

Braga M.; Tonini G.; Terraroli C.; Missale G.; Lojacono L., 1986:
Early urgent relaparotomy personal experience

Corson S.L.; Batzer F.R., 1982:
Early urinary pregnancy testing correlation with serum beta human chorionic gonadotropin radio immunoassay

Ahnefeld F.W.; Dick W.; Lotz P.; Spilker E.D.; Milewski P.; Traub E.; Lindner K.H.; Bowdler I., 1984:
Early use of positive end expiratory pressure ventilation in emergency medicine and some experiments on pigs

Gravitz, M.A., 1988:
Early uses of hypnosis as surgical anesthesia

Gravitz, M.A., 1983:
Early uses of the telephone and recordings in hypnosis

Samberg I.; Gonen R.; Levitan Z.; Sharf M., 1982:
Early vaginal delivery of hydrocephalus after trans abdominal encephalo centesis

Cheema I.U.; Sen S.; Flynn L.J., 1983:
Early vallesian small mammals from the siwaliks of northern pakistan

Braun, J.P.; Tainturier, D.; Laugier, C.; Benard, P.; Thouvenot, J.P.; Rico, A.G., 1982:
Early variations of blood plasma gamma glutamyl transferase ec in new born calves a test of colostrum intake

Lejman K.; Starzycki Z., 1981:
Early varioliform syphilis a case

Rösen, R.; Beck, E.; Rösen, P., 1988:
Early vascular alterations in the diabetic rat heart

Flisser D.E., 1983:
Early vascular flora of a drained mountain lake in north carolina usa

Wang X.; Sun Y.; Wei J.; Wang N.; L.Y.; Liu J.; L.S., 1981:
Early vascular grafting to prevent upper extremity necrosis after electrical burns

Hayes, P.; Mccollum, I.N., 1976 :
Early vegetative growth in barley plants hordeum sativum with special reference to early and late cultivars

Ibrahim M.E.; Buxton D.R., 1981:
Early vegetative growth of cotton gossypium hirsutum cultivar stoneville 7a as influenced by leaf type

Frank R.; Apel P., 1985:
Early vegetative growth shoot apex development and yield of spring barley hordeum vulgare under controlled environment and field conditions

Day, T.K.; Cowper, S.V.; Kakkar, V.V.; Clark, K.G., 1977:
Early venous thrombosis: A scanning electron microscopic study

Akhmedov N.A., 1986:
Early ventricular repolarization syndrome and cardiac function in residents of asia africa and latin america

Dudognon P.; Labrousse C.; Lubeau M.; Carne P.; Rabiller M.; Boulesteix J.M., 1986:
Early vesico ureteral reflux following conus medullaris injury case report

May, E.; May, P.; Weil, R., 1973:
Early virus specific rna may contain information necessary for chromosome replication and mitosis induced by sv 40

Afanador A.J.; Adams A.J., 1982:
Early visual adaptation in color opponent goldfish carassius auratus ganglion cells

Hyvarinen J.; Carlson S.; Hyvarinen L., 1981:
Early visual deprivation alters modality of neuronal responses in area 19 of monkey macaca speciosa cortex

Werner, E.B.; Drance, S.M., 1977:
Early visual field disturbances in glaucoma

D'elia G.; Frederiksen S.O.; Bengtsson B O., 1985:
Early visual information processing in depressive patients treated with org 2766 an acth 4 9 analog

Shaw, S.R., 1984:
Early visual processing in insects

Diabetic Retinopathy Vitrectomy Study Res Group (Usa), 1985:
Early vitrectomy for severe vitreous hemorrhage in diabetic retinopathy two year results of a randomized trial diabetic retinopathy vitrectomy study report 2

Shea, M., 1983:
Early vitrectomy in proliferative diabetic retinopathy

Miglior, S.; Kain, H.L.; Libondi, T.; González, R.G.; Barnett, P.; Krauss, J.M.; Cheng, H.M., 1986:
Early vitreous changes in experimental proliferative vitreoretinopathy

Cardoso-Martins, C.; Mervis, C.B.; Mervis, C.A., 1985:
Early vocabulary acquisition by children with Down syndrome

Broughton K.E.; Middleton A.L.A.; Bailey E.D., 1987:
Early vocalizations of the brown headed cowbird and three host species

Warren, D.H.; Anooshian, L.J.; Bollinger, J.G., 1973:
Early vs late blindness the role of early vision in spatial behavior

Berman, N.; Cynader, M., 1976:
Early vs late visual cortex lesions effects on receptive fields in cat superior colliculus

Demarest, J., 1976:
Early vs later test trials in the transfer of acquired information by brain extract

Lotze, M.T.; Duncan, M.A.; Gerber, L.H.; Woltering, E.A.; Rosenberg, S.A., 1981:
Early vs. delayed shoulder motion following axillary dissection a randomized prospective study

Meyers, C.A.; Levin, H.S.; Eisenberg, H.M.; Guinto, F.C., 1983:
Early vs. late lateral ventricular enlargement following closed head injury

Atkinson, R.M.; Turner, J.A.; Kofoed, L.L.; Tolson, R.L., 1985:
Early vs. late onset alcoholism in older persons preliminary findings

Yassa, R.; Nair, V.; Schwartz, G., 1986:
Early vs. late onset psychosis and tardive dyskinesia

Gately, T.F., 1984:
Early vs. late perennial ryegrass lolium perenne for milk production

Kunschner, A.; Kanbour, A.I.; David, B., 1978:
Early vulvar carcinoma

Muhlemann M.F.; Anderson M.G.; Paradinas F.J.; Key P.R.; Dawson S.G.; Evans B.A.; Murray Lyon I.M.; Cream J.J., 1986:
Early warning skin signs in acquired immune deficiency syndrome and persistent generalized lymphadenopathy

Trottier R., 1980:
Early warning system for apple pest management in canada

Stevenson A.B., 1985:
Early warning system for the carrot weevil listronotus oregonensis coleoptera curculionidae and its evaluation in commercial carrots in ontario canada

Fowler M.L., 1987:
Early water management at amalucan state of puebla mexico

Siegfried J.B.; Lukas J., 1981:
Early wavelets in the visual evoked cortical potential

Herbel C.H.; Wallace J.D.; Finkner M.D.; Yarbrough C.C., 1984:
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Early wet season fertilization of para grass for use as saved fodder in the northern territory australia

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Early x ray detection of colonic and rectal tumors in european hamsters

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Earmuffs, exploratory head movements, and horizontal and vertical sound localization

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Earomyia impossibile new record and earomyia grusia new record diptera lonchaeidae fir pests attacking cones and seeds of abies alba in romania

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Earomyia viridana diptera lonchaeidae injurious to seeds and cones of larches

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Earplug transition phase as an indicator of sexual maturity in female antarctic minke whales balaenoptera acutorostrata

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Earring aspiration and other jewelry hazards

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Earth flows in the yankalilla area of south australia significance of rainfall soil properties and mans activities

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Earth hummocks inhabited by ants as the principal micro structures of lake coastal bio geocenoses

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Earth hummocks of the canadian arctic and subarctic

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Earthquake prediction and public response

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Earthworm activity as a cause of splash erosion in a luxembourg forest

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Earthworm burrows as oviposition sites for western and northern corn rootworms diabrotica spp coleoptera

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Earthworm fauna of bulgaria oligochaeta lumbricidae

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Earthworm lumbricus rubellus response to asbestos rich serpentinitic sediments

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Earthworm oligochaeta distribution in low engadin the swiss national park and val mustair grisons switzerland

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Earthworm population of a pasture spray irrigated with dairy shed effluent

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Earthworm populations of swiss national park alpine grasslands

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Earthworms and the factors governing their distribution in an english beechwood

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Earthworms annelida oligochaeta of vanua tu new hebrides islands

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Earthworms from south america 4. new glossodrilus spp from ecuador oligochaeta glossoscolecidae

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Earthworms in glass tubing for the study of blood pulsation rate

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Earthworms in meadow soils as an index of type of meadow utilization

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Earthworms in the tambre valley galicia spain ii. multivariate analysis

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Earthworms influence on soil water permeability

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Earthworms lumbricidae

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Earthworms lumbricidae in meadow associations of 3 regions of the west carpathians

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Earthworms lumbricus rubellus as a factor in the reduction of soil crusting

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Earthworms of galicia spain relationship with the soil factors

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Earthworms oligochaeta from islands of the southwestern pacific and a note on 2 species from papua new guinea

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Earthworms oligochaeta lumbricidae from the mountainous mass of pella province southwest region and imathia province greece northwest region a systematical and ecological study

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Earthworms produce a collagen like substance detected by the garter snake thamnophis sirtalis vomeronasal system

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Earwigs dermaptera

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Earwigs dermaptera of south carolina usa with a key to the eastern north american species and a checklist of the north american fauna

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Ease of calving growth and carcass characteristics of cross bred calves in the lower southeast of south australia

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Ease of extraction of calcium from ash of cucurbita maxima and cucurbita andreana embryos following dry ashing at different temperatures

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Ease of identifying words degraded by visual noise

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Ease of solubilization of 5 marker enzymes in 3 preparations of rat renal brush border membranes

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Easements as a development control in the usa

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Easier pollination of half diallel crosses by ranking flower phenology

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Easily constructed individual mounting blocks for macro lepidoptera and micro lepidoptera

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Easily decomposable organic matter in paddy soil vi. kinetics of nitrogen mineralization in submerged soils

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Easily decomposable organic matter in paddy soils vii. effect of various pretreatments on nitrogen mineralization in submerged soils

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Easily inducible mono clonal component like immuno globulin g 3 antibody to lipo poly saccharide in mice

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Easily polarizable proton transfer hydrogen bonds between the side chains of histidine and the carboxylic acid groups of glutamic acid and aspartic acid residues in proteins

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Easily rooted woody cuttings study of the sclerenchyma

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East african bryophytes 3

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East african bryophytes vii. the hepaticae of the usambara rain forest tanzania project expedition 1982

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East african bryophytes viii. the musci of the usambara rain forest tanzania project expedition 1982

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East african bryophytes x. k. norikoshi's collection from mahale mountains national park western tanzania

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East african early and middle miocene faunal change

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East african prepodesmid millipedes chelodesmidae

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East african rusts uredinales mainly from uganda 1. on poaceae

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East african rusts uredinales mainly from uganda 2. on cyperaceae

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East african rusts uredinales mainly from uganda 3. on amaryllidaceae commelinaceae iridaceae juncaceae liliaceae orchidaceae and xyridaceae

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East african rusts uredinales mainly from uganda 4. on families belonging to apetalae and polypetalae

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East african rusts uredinales mainly from uganda 5. on families belonging to gamopetalae

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East african species of the genus ctenus araneae ctenidae

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East asiatic bryo flora 3. hylocomium himalayanum and hylocomium umbratum

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East asiatic derivatives in the flora of central asia

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East australian current adjacent to the great barrier reef australia

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Eastern north american pleistocene ochotona lagomorpha mammalia

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Eastern pacific macrourids of the genus coelorinchus giorna pisces gadiformes with description of a new species from chile

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Eastern pacific rypticus pisces grammistidae

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Eastern rhodope mountain race of trichogramma embryophagum on rhyacionia buoliana and possibilities of its utilization in biological control

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Eastern screech owl home range and use of suburban habitats in southern connecticut usa

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Eastern shore of the caspian sea as a recreation zone in the turkmen ssr ussr deserts

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Eastern x disease of peach symptom remission and yield response following yearly injections of tetracyclines

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Eastward extension of the distribution of the marine cladoceran penilia avirostris in the northwest atlantic a case of ecesis

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Eastwood congo red method for demonstrating amyloid

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Easy alkylation of purine bases by solid liquid phase transfer catalysis without solvent structural analysis by 2d heteronuclear proton carbon 13 correlated nmr spectroscopy

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Easy and proper device for the supraclavicular brachial plexus block

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Easy cleavage of carboxyl terminal imino acids from peptide acids through acidic hydrolysis

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Easy identification of complementary dna clones

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Easy method for measurement of opening angle of bjork shiley valve with 2 computers proof of floating phenomenon of bjork shiley valve

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Easy method of vegetative propagation of teak tectona grandis by grafting on stump

Stephens D.L.; Miller T.J.; Silver L.; Zipser D.; Mertz J.E., 1981:
Easy to use equipment for the accurate micro injection of nanoliter volumes into the nuclei of amphibian oocytes

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Easy transfer of selected mitoses from light to electron microscopy

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Eating activity of basic aphidophages associated with green peach aphids on tobacco

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Eating and drinking: An economic analysis

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Eating and electro encephalographic activity following orbital frontal stimulation in rats

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Eating and rumination behavior in sheep fed only forage diet in dried form

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Eating as the means activity in a contingency effects on young childrens food preference

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Eating attitudes and behaviors of a sample of university students

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Eating attitudes and neurotic symptoms in university students

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Eating attitudes in an adolescent schoolgirl population

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Eating behavior and control of body weight results of a study in the local health center of imola italy

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Eating behavior patterns in middle distance runners qualitative and quantitative aspects relation to energy expenditure during training

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Eating behavior reveals rats' preference for morphine

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Eating caused by neuropeptide y injection in the paraventricular hypothalamus response to dextro fenfluramine and dextro amphetamine in rats

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Eating disorder and socioeconomic class. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia in nine communities

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Eating disordered patients remember their parents a study using the parental bonding instrument

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Eating Disorders Among Female Athletes

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Eating disorders and the mother daughter relationship

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Eating, drinking, and smoking and their relationship in adult women

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Eating epilepsy electroencephalographic and clinical study

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Eating habits of macaca fuscata fuscata

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Eating in the laboratory: is it representative?

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Eating in the pigeon columba livia movement patterns stereotypy and stimulus control

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Eating of small animals by meles meles anakuma

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Eating pattern of morphine dependent rats

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Eating preferences of adolescents participating in central feeding and their relationship with sensory sensitivity

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Eating quality and composition of spent hens processed with or without immersion chilling

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Eating quality of beef from young hereford bulls as influenced by slaughter weight

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Eating quality of ground chicken soy patties

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Eating quality of pork from lean pigs

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Eating rate of lactating cows fed 4 physical forms of the same grain ration

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Eating seizures

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Eating style a validation study of the dutch eating behavior questionnaire in normal subjects and women with eating disorders

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Eaton lambert myasthenic syndrome report of a case with clinical electro physiological histological and ultrastructural studies

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Eaton lambert myasthenic syndrome serial electro myographic studies during prednisone treatment

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Eaton lambert syndrome a report of 2 observations

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"Ebb phenomenon" -- diagnosis of submucosal diffuse invasion of esophageal cancer

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Ebb tidal jets a model of suspended sediment and mass transport at tidal inlets

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Ebenaceae extractives 8. the structure of dios quinone and reactions of related quinone epoxides

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