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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5209

Chapter 5209 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kassis, A.I.; Tanner, C.E., 1977:
Echinococcus multilocularis: complement's role in vivo in hydatid disease

Ali Khan A.; Siboo R., 1981:
Echinococcus multilocularis distribution and persistence of specific host immuno globulins on cyst membranes

Rau, M.E.; Tanner, C.E., 1976:
Echinococcus multilocularis in the cotton rat: the in vitro protoscolicidal activity of peritoneal cells

Baron, R.W.; Tanner, C.E., 1977:
Echinococcus multilocularis in the mouse: the in vitro protoscolicidal activity of peritoneal macrophages

Yarotskii L.S.; Martynenko B.V.; Kovalenko F.P., 1987:
Echinococcus strains and their impact on the epidemiology and epizootiology of echinococcoses

Kolakovskii A.A., 1986:
Echinocodon new genus a new mediterranean genus of the family campanulaceae

Hindak F.; Horecka M., 1987:
Echinocoleum polymammilatum new combination hortobagyi chlorophyceae chlorococcales

Mackay W.P.; Mackay E.E., 1983:
Echinocoleus setiger coleoptera leiodidae an inquiline in the nest of pogonomyrmex spp hymenoptera formicidae

Czaplinski B.; Pojmanska T., 1980:
Echinocotyle multiglandularis new record cestoda hymenolepididae from a new host larus ridibundus in poland

Kornyushin V.V., 1984:
Echinocotyle rostratum new species of hymenolepidids from waders cestoda hymenolepididae

Koubek P., 1982:
Echinocotyle vojteki new species cestoda hymenolepididae a parasite of the black headed gull larus ridibundus

Soltan, H.C., 1977:
Echinocytes in families with Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Caldara, R., 1978:
Echinodera tyrrhenica new species echinodera anatolica new species and comments on echinodera graeca and echinodera bellieri new record coleoptera curculionidae

Higgins, R.P., 1978:
Echinoderes gerardi new species and echinoderes riedli new record kinorhyncha from the gulf of tunis

Emlet R.B., 1982:
Echinoderm calcite a mechanical analysis from larval spicules

Alam M.S.; Hafizuddin A.K.M., 1982:
Echinoderm fauna of bangladesh 2 astropectinids from the southeastern coast of bangladesh

Price A.R.G., 1981:
Echinoderm fauna of the western arabian gulf

Sprinkle J., 1982:
Echinoderm faunas from the bromide formation middle ordovician of oklahoma usa

Telford M., 1982:
Echinoderm spine structure feeding and host relationships of 4 species of dissodactylus brachyura pinnotheridae

Zeidler, W., 1978:
Echinoderm type specimens in the south australian museum

Chauvel, J.; Nion, J., 1977:
Echinodermata homalozoa cornutta and mitrata new forms for the ordovician of the armorican massif and paleo geographical inferences

Tortonese E., 1979:
Echinoderms collected along the eastern shore of the red sea saudi arabia

Anadon, R., 1977:
Echinoderms collected during the cruise atlor vii in the northwest coast of africa november 1975

Tommasi, L.R.; De-Oliveira, E., 1976:
Echinoderms from brazil part 5 on some species collected during voyages of the research vessel professor w besnard

Regnell G.; Paul C.R.C., 1981:
Echinoderms from the ordovician of the girvan district scotland uk with description of 2 new species

Applegate A.L., 1984:
Echinoderms of southern taiwan

Intini, M., 1978:
Echinodontium tinctorium a fungus of the northwestern usa

Van Dover C.L.; Gore R.H.; Castro P., 1986:
Echinoecus pentagonus larval development and systematic position crustacea brachyura xanthoidea nec parthenopoidae

Atyeo W.T.; Perez T.M., 1984:
Echinofemur new genus of pterolichid feather mites from new world parrots

Stock, J.H., 1974:
Echinogammarus afer new species a new amphipod gammarid of north africa

Fernandez Lop A., 1987:
Echinogammarus navaensis new species crustacea amphipoda of the berilloni group from asturias northern spain

Mateus A.; Mateus E.; Afonso O., 1979:
Echinogammarus paxjuliensis new species amphipoda gammaridae of southern portugal

Platvoet, D.; Pinkster, S., 1980:
Echinogammarus pseudoaquilifer new species from northern spain crustacea amphipoda

Strathmann R.R., 1979:
Echinoid larvae from the northeast pacific with a key and comment on an unusual type of planktotrophic development

Serafy D.K., 1979:
Echinoids echinodermata echinoidea

Jesionek Szymanska W., 1987:
Echinoids from the cape melville formation lower miocene of king george island west antarctica

Maczynska, S., 1977:
Echinoids from the korytnica basin middle miocene holy cross mountains poland

Mcknight, D.G., 1976:
Echinoids from the ross sea and the balleny islands

Kier P.M., 1984:
Echinoids from the triassic st cassian of italy their lantern supports and a revised phylogeny of triassic echinoids

Mckinney M.L.; Zachos L.G., 1986:
Echinoids in biostratigraphy and paleoenvironmental reconstruction a cluster analysis from the eocene gulf coast usa ocala limestone

Mariotti, N.; Nicosia, U.; Pallini, G., 1978:
Echinoids in the jurassic sediments of umbria and marche italy cyclic variations in the presence of echinoderms as evidence of variations in sea level

Tenorio J.M., 1981:
Echinonyssus eileenae new species acari laelapidae hirstionyssinae from japan belonging to the sciurinyssus group

Buscher, H.N., 1978:
Echinoparyphium speotyto new species trematoda echinostomatidae from the burrowing owl in oklahoma usa with a discussion of the genus echinoparyphium

Huffman, D.G.; Kliever, R.G., 1977:
Echinorhynchus canyonensis new species acanthocephala from maynea californica osteichthyes zoarcidae from the monterey submarine canyon california usa

Nagasawa K.; Egusa S., 1981:
Echinorhynchus cotti new record acanthocephala echinorhynchidae in fish of the kanita river japan with a note on the life cycle

Kritscher, E., 1976:
Echinorhynchus variabilis equals octospinifer variabilis new combination acanthocephala neoechinorhynchidae 2nd contribution to the knowledge of south american fish parasites

Amoji S.D.; Devdhar M.J., 1979:
Echinospora phalangii new genus new species an actinocephaid gregarine found in the intestine of phalangid host opalnia sp

Schuster R., 1986:
Echinostoma echinatum notocotylus noyeri and quinqueserialis quinquesterialis some rare parasites of rattus norvegicus

Ahn, Y.Kyum.; Ryang, Y.Suk.; Chung, P.Rim.; Lee, K.Tae., 1985:
Echinostoma hortense metacercariae naturally encysted in Odontobutis obscura interrupta (a freshwater fish) and experimental infection to rats

Radomyos P.; Bunnag D.; Harinasuta T., 1982:
Echinostoma ilocanum infection in man in thailand

Smales L.R.; Blankespoor H.D., 1984:
Echinostoma revolutum and isthmiophora melis echinostomatinae digenea scanning electron microscopy of the tegumental surfaces

Simonsen, P.E.; Andersen, B.J., 1986:
Echinostoma revolutum in mice; dynamics of the antibody attack to the surface of an intestinal trematode

Christensen N.O., 1980:
Echinostoma revolutum labeling of miracidia with radio selenium in vivo and assay for host finding

Christensen, N.O.; Knudsen, J.; Andreassen, J., 1986:
Echinostoma revolutum: resistance to secondary and superimposed infections in mice

Gorchilova, L.; Kanev, I., 1983:
Echinostomatids trematoda in bulgaria 7. the ultrastructure of the tegument of echinostoma audyi

Kuris A.M.; Warren J., 1980:
Echinostome cercarial penetration and metacercarial encystment as mortality factors for a 2nd intermediate host biomphalaria glabrata

Gabrys G., 1986:
Echinothrombium spinosum new record for the fauna of poland canestrini 1885 acari actinedida trombidiidae

Blaszak, C., 1977:
Echinozercon nipponicus new species acari zerconidae a new mite from japan

Clark W.C., 1979:
Echinuria australis new species and echinuria uncinata nematoda spirurida parasites of ducks in new zealand

Lloris, D.; Rubies, P., 1978:
Echiodon dentatus new record osteichthyes carapidae 1st record for the iberian coast

Schulchynska-Castel, H.; Dvilansky, A.; Keynan, A., 1986:
Echis colorata bites: clinical evaluation of 42 patients. A retrospective study

Jones, D.; Thompson, I., 1977:
Echiura from the pennsylvanian essex fauna of northern illinois usa

Edmonds S.J., 1987:
Echiurans from australia echiura

Kajiwara T.; Kobayashi T.; Inaba T.; Sudjadi M.; Otjim S., 1979:
Echlomezole control of java corn downy mildew caused by sclerospora maydis

Berkhout A.J., 1985:
Echo acoustics or exploration by sound

Lesbre J.P.; Schurtz C.; Kalisa A.; Courbet Andrejak M.T., 1981:
Echo bi dimensional and acquired valvulopathies

Yuste, P.; Asin, E.; Cerdan, F.J.; De-La-Fuente, A., 1976:
Echo cardiogram in right atrial myxoma

Dumesnil, J.G.; Laurenceau, J.L., 1977:
Echo cardiographic analysis of left ventricular wall thickness

Graevskaya, N.D.; Goncharova, G.A.; Kalugina, G.E., 1978:
Echo cardiographic analysis of the heart in athletes

Perrenoud J.J.; Bloch A., 1980:
Echo cardiographic analysis of the inter ventricular septum in arrhythmia

De-Luca, I.; Fino, E.; Palma, B.; Castellaneta, G., 1976:
Echo cardiographic analysis of the inter ventricular septum movements with left branch block

Fujii J.; Watanabe H.; Watanabe T.; Takahashi N.; Ohta A.; Kato K., 1979:
Echo cardiographic and cross sectional echo cardiographic study of the left ventricular wall motions in complete left bundle branch block

Honda M., 1980:
Echo cardiographic and electro cardiographic study on the left atrial load in essential hypertension

Vardan S.; Warner R.; Mookherjee S.; Mead M.; Obeid A.I., 1979:
Echo cardiographic and phono cardiographic studies in patients with lillehei kaster aortic valve prostheses

Bourdon J.L.; Godenir J.P.; Faivre G., 1980:
Echo cardiographic aspects of fluid peri carditis in carcinologic environment

Modena M.G.; Mattioli G., 1982:
Echo cardiographic aspects of hypertensive myo cardiopathy

D.G.egorio D.; Rasetti G.; Nanni M.R., 1980:
Echo cardiographic aspects of obstructive hypertrophic cardio myopathy

Popp, R.L., 1976:
Echo cardiographic assessment of cardiac disease

Macdonald, W.J.J. ; Crawford, M.H.; Klippel, J.H.; Zvaifler, N.J.; O'rourke, R.A., 1977:
Echo cardiographic assessment of cardiac structure and function in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Leitl G.P.; Mcdonald I.G., 1981:
Echo cardiographic assessment of cardio myopathy diagnosis classification and problems

Haertel J.C.; Castro I., 1980:
Echo cardiographic assessment of endo myo cardial fibrosis

Murokawa S., 1979:
Echo cardiographic assessment of hemodynamics in patients with chronic renal failure

Drobinski G.; Kelessides C.; Thomas D.; Evans J.I.; Lebuisson A.B.; Laurenceau J.L.; Grosgogeat Y., 1980:
Echo cardiographic assessment of left ventricular function after aortic valve replacement comparison with pre operative hemodynamic and angiographic data

Koehler E.; Voelz G.; Haerten K.; Horstkotte D.; Koerfer R.; Loogen F., 1981:
Echo cardiographic assessment of left ventricular size and function in patients before and after aortic valve replacement

Ueda T.; Uesaka K.; Sono K.; Fujiwara T.; Nishioka K.; Hayashidera T.; Minami K.; Konishi Y.; Tatsuta N.; Hikasa Y., 1981:
Echo cardiographic assessment of pulmonary to systemic blood flow ratio in children with atrial septal defect or partial anomalous pulmonary venous connection

L.R.; Chen S., 1982:
Echo cardiographic assessment of the left ventricular diastolic function

Rathod, R.; Jacobs, H.K.; Kramer, N.E.; Rao, T.L.K.; Salem, M.R.; Towne, W.D., 1978:
Echo cardiographic assessment of ventricular performance following induction with 2 anesthetics

Di-Giovambattista, R.; Candiani, A.; Mastrodicasa, M.; Palma, G., 1979:
Echo cardiographic calculation of the left ventricular ejection volume 1. preliminary note comparison between different formulas

Palma, G.; Di-Giovambattista, R., 1979:
Echo cardiographic calculation of the left ventricular ejection volume 2. proposed new equation

Nussbaum, E.; Hirschfeld, S.S.; Wood, R.E.; Boat, T.F.; Doershuk, C.F., 1978:
Echo cardiographic changes in children with pulmonary hypertension secondary to upper airway obstruction

Oberhaensli I.; Brandon G.; Friedli B., 1981:
Echo cardiographic changes of cardiac structures and left ventricular function in new borns a comparative study between normally delivered babies and babies born by cesarean section with regional anesthesia

Gullace G., 1982:
Echo cardiographic contrast patterns of the right side of the heart clinical significance

Gussenhoven W.J.; Spitaels S.E.C.; Bom N.; Becker A.E., 1980:
Echo cardiographic criteria for ebsteins anomaly of the tricuspid valve

Story, W.E.; Felner, J.M.; Schlant, R.C., 1977:
Echo cardiographic criteria for the diagnosis of mitral semilunar valve continuity

Fomina, G.A.; Yurenev, A.P.; Belenkov-Yu, N.; Chashchina, Z.V.; At'kov, O.Y., 1978:
Echo cardiographic data on changes in central and general hemodynamics in submaximum physical stress in healthy persons of different age groups

Meerson F.Z.; Orlov L.L.; Ipatov A.I.; Chashchina Z.V.; Kirilina Y.E., 1979:
Echo cardiographic data on the effect of emotional stress on contractile function of the human heart

Fitterer, J.D.; Spicer, M.J.; Nelson, W.P., 1976:
Echo cardiographic demonstration of bilateral atrial myxomas

Alter, B.R.; Treasure, R.L.; Martin, H.A.; Humphrey, S.H.; Murgo, J.P.; Mcgranahan, G.M.Jr, 1978:
Echo cardiographic detection of a subannular aortic aneurysm

Pipers F.S.; Hamlin R.L.; Reef V., 1979:
Echo cardiographic detection of cardio vascular lesions in the horse

Garcia Gallego F.; Maria Oliver J.; Francisco Sotillo J., 1982:
Echo cardiographic detection of free mitral chordae tendineae after mitral valve replacement

Stamm R.B.; Gibson R.S.; Bishop H.L.; Carabello B.A.; Beller G.A.; Martin R.P., 1983:
Echo cardiographic detection of infarct localized asynergy and remote asynergy during acute myo cardial infarction correlation with the extent of angiographic coronary disease

Quinones, M.A.; Gaasch, W.H.; Cole, J.S.; Alexander, J.K., 1975:
Echo cardiographic determination of left ventricular stress velocity relations in man with reference to the effects of loading and contractility

Morcerf, F.; Salcedo, E.E.; Siegel, W., 1976:
Echo cardiographic determination of the etiology of severe mitral regurgitation

Matsumoto J.; Murata T.; Sato S.; Ichihara T.; Haruyama T.; Uruga K.; Kaneda H., 1980:
Echo cardiographic diagnosis classification and dialysis treatment of uremic peri cardial effusion

Koch F.; Lascano G.G.; Riarte J.E.; Herrera R.N.; Corvalan F.M., 1981:
Echo cardiographic diagnosis in chronic cardio myopathy in chagas disease

Drobinski G.; Lebuisson A.B.; Evans J.I.; Thomas D.; Kelessides C.; Grosgogeat Y., 1980:
Echo cardiographic diagnosis of ebsteins anomaly a study of 10 cases

Kerin N.Z.; O'donnell L.; Rubenfire M.; Schairer J.; Wajszczuk W.J.; Goldberg M.J.; Willens H.J., 1982:
Echo cardiographic diagnosis of flail aortic valve leaflet in bacterial endo carditis

Lyakishev, A.A.; Gasilin, V.S.; Shevchenko, O.P., 1978:
Echo cardiographic diagnosis of idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis

Dander B.; Righetti B.; Poppi A., 1982:
Echo cardiographic diagnosis of isolated pulmonary valve endo carditis

Kramer, N.E.; Rathod, R.; Chawla, K.K.; Patel, R.; Towne, W.D., 1978:
Echo cardiographic diagnosis of left ventricular mural thrombi occurring in cardio myopathy

Liu H.; Liu Y., 1981:
Echo cardiographic diagnosis of partial endo cardial cushion defect

Fast J.H., 1981:
Echo cardiographic diagnosis of post infarction ventricular septal rupture

Wright J.S., 1977:
Echo cardiographic diagnosis of primitive ventricle with 2 atrio ventricular valves

Apetrei E.; Jovin G.; Marculescu M.; Fotiade B., 1981:
Echo cardiographic diagnosis of prolapse of the mitral valve 162 cases I.; Castellaneta G.; Caruso G.; Colonna L., 1981:
Echo cardiographic diagnosis of pulmonary valve bacterial endo carditis

Prakash R., 1981:
Echo cardiographic diagnosis of right ventricular hypertrophy correlation with electro cardiographic and necropsy findings in 248 patients

Ganau, A.; Cassisa, L.; Piga, G.; Malavasi, A.; Campus, S., 1978:
Echo cardiographic diagnosis of the common atrio ventricular canal

Storozhakov G.I.; Vereshchagina G.S.; Galkina N.I., 1981:
Echo cardiographic diagnosis of the flotation syndrome of the mitral valve cusps

Chandraratna, P.A.N.; Imaizumi, T., 1978:
Echo cardiographic diagnosis of thickened peri cardium

Alvarez-Del-Puerto, H.; Sassa, L.; Stein, A.; Ruskin, J., 1975:
Echo cardiographic diagnosis of valvular vegetations presentation of a case

Zubkova G.A., 1980:
Echo cardiographic diagnosis of varying forms of mitral insufficiency

Fisher E.A.; Sepehri B.; Barron S.; Hastreiter A.R., 1982:
Echo cardiographic diastolic flutter of the pulmonary valve in isolated patent ductus arteriosus

Castellanos S.; Toutouzas P.; Velimezis A.; Karas S.; Avgoustakis D., 1982:
Echo cardiographic estimation of left ventricular systolic and diastolic pressure in aortic stenosis

Soeda T.; Mori C.; Miura Y.; Tamura T., 1979 :
Echo cardiographic estimation of the left atrial to aortic root ratio in children with ventricular septal defect and atrial septal defect

Leblanc H., 1980:
Echo cardiographic estimation of the left ventricular function

Yokochi, K.; Kato, H.; Koike, S.; Tanaka, C.; Ito, Y.; Yoshioka, F.; Kamoi, M., 1975:
Echo cardiographic evaluation of critical heart disease in neo nate

Chandraratna, P.A.N.; Littman, B.B.; Serafini, A.; Whayne, T.; Robinson, H., 1978:
Echo cardiographic evaluation of extracardiac masses

Johnson, G.L.; Meyer, R.A.; Schwartz, D.C.; Korfhagen, J.; Kaplan, S., 1977:
Echo cardiographic evaluation of fixed left ventricular outlet obstruction in children pre operative and post operative assessment of ventricular systolic pressures

Yoshimura F.; Sasaki O.; Hashimoto M.; Nihei T.; Poh T.D.; Kaneko Y., 1982:
Echo cardiographic evaluation of hypertensive heart disease echo cardiogram electro cardiogram and chest x ray comparison

Reeves, W.C.; Nanda, N.C.; Barold, S.S., 1978:
Echo cardiographic evaluation of intra cardiac pacing catheters m mode and 2 dimensional studies

Crawford M.H.; White D.H.; Amon K.W., 1979:
Echo cardiographic evaluation of left ventricular size and performance during hand grip and supine and upright bicycle exercise

Zahavi I.; Lobel H.; Levi J.; Zevin D., 1982:
Echo cardiographic evaluation of peri cardial effusion in chronic hemo dialysis

Adamus J., 1980:
Echo cardiographic evaluation of post infarction left ventricular damage

Pennestri F.; Tanzi P.; Boccardi L.; Ghilardi P.; Minardi G.; Bianconi L.; Rulli V., 1981:
Echo cardiographic evaluation of results of rehabilitation in patients with myo cardial infarction

Sano S., 1983:
Echo cardiographic evaluation of the serial changes in cardiac functions before and after surgery of valvular heart diseases and left ventricular reserve by dynamic exercise

Furukawa K., 1981:
Echo cardiographic evaluation of the severity of mitral stenosis

Gaasch, W.H.; Cleveland, R.J., 1976:
Echo cardiographic examination in aortic regurgitation subaortic aneurysm and flail aortic leaflet

Takeuchi K., 1980:
Echo cardiographic examination of aortic root abnormality

Feigenbaum, H., 1975:
Echo cardiographic examination of the left ventricle

Samukawa M.; Sawayama T.; Nezuo S.; Yoshida N.; Matsushima T.; Seojima R., 1983:
Echo cardiographic features and cardiac motion in electrical alternans

Mitina I.N., 1983:
Echo cardiographic features and differential diagnosis of infravalvular form of oblique atrio ventricular canal

Ciociola G.; Cafaro L.; Campanale G.; Scarcia A.; Scattaglia V.F.; Saliani R., 1980:
Echo cardiographic features in 2 cases of extracardiac masses

Neri G.; Sandri R., 1981:
Echo cardiographic features in an adult patient with marfans syndrome

D'cruz, I.A.; Prabhu, R.; Cohen, H.C.; Glick, G., 1977:
Echo cardiographic features of 2nd degree atrio ventricular block

Smith J.W.; Clements P.J.; Levisman J.; Furst D.; Ross M., 1979:
Echo cardiographic features of progressive systemic sclerosis correlation with hemodynamic and post mortem studies

Raizada, V.; Benchimol, A.; Desser, K.B.; Sheasby, C., 1977:
Echo cardiographic features of pulsus alternans during right ventricular pacing in man

Gibson D.G.; Traill T.A.; Hall R.J.C.; Brown D.J., 1979:
Echo cardiographic features of secondary left ventricular hypertrophy

Chandraratna, P.A.N.; San-Pedro, S.B., 1978:
Echo cardiographic features of the normal and mal functioning porcine xeno graft valve

Ando H.; Yamamoto T.; Tanimoto M.; Ogami T.; Yorifuji S., 1979:
Echo cardiographic features of uhls anomaly a case

Vargas Barron J.; Castro G.M.C.; Guadalajara J.F.; Moreno Granado F.; Perez Martinez V., 1980:
Echo cardiographic findings and angiographic correlations in a case of aorto pulmonary window

Carminati M.; Balduzzi A.; Valsecchi O.; Invernizzi G.; Villani M.; Parenzan L., 1981:
Echo cardiographic findings in endo cardial cushion defects before and after surgical correction

Wake Y., 1980:
Echo cardiographic findings in essential hypertension

Morcerf, F.P.; Duarte, E.P.; Salcedo, E.E.; Siegel, W., 1976:
Echo cardiographic findings in false aneurysm of the left ventricle

Dabrowska B.; Malanowska S.; Pawlowski W.; Torbicki A.; Walczak E., 1980:
Echo cardiographic findings in malignant peri cardial infiltration

Fonzo, R.; Meloni, L.; De-Virgilis, S.; Turco, M.; Raffo, M.; Cherchi, A., 1978:
Echo cardiographic findings in thalassemia major in childhood

Wilson R.L.; Shaub M.S., 1979:
Echo cardiographic findings in total anomalous pulmonary venous return to the coronary sinus

Coppola E.; Schiavoni G.; Lucente M.; Marino B.; Biasucci L.; Santarelli P., 1980:
Echo cardiographic findings of correct transposition of great arteries with situs solitus and dextro cardia

Asayama, J.; Matsuura, T.; Endo, N.; Watanabe, T.; Matsukubo, H.; Furukawa, K.; Ijichi, H., 1977:
Echo cardiographic findings of idiopathic dilatation of the pulmonary artery

Oberhaensli I.; Brandon G.; Friedli B., 1981:
Echo cardiographic growth patterns of intra cardiac dimensions and determination of function indices during the 1st year of life

Chahine, R.A.; Raizner, A.E.; Ishimori, T.; Montero, A.C., 1977:
Echo cardiographic hemodynamic and angiographic correlations in hypertrophic cardio myopathy

Gottdiener J.S.; Moutsopoulos H.M.; Decker J.L., 1979:
Echo cardiographic identification of cardiac abnormality in scleroderma and related disorders

Belenkov-Yu, N.; At'kov, O.Y., 1976:
Echo cardiographic indices of pulmonary hypertension

Bienmueller H.; Ebner H.; Hilpert P., 1982:
Echo cardiographic investigations before and during the intensive training period in cross country skiers

Lewis B.S.; Ehrenfeld E.N.; Lewis N.; Gotsman M.S., 1979:
Echo cardiographic left ventricular function in thyro toxicosis

Shiina A.; Kondo K.; Kawai N.; Hosoda S., 1981:
Echo cardiographic manifestation of acute pulmonary thrombo embolism a case

Kleiner, J.P.; Brundage, B.H.; Ports, T.A.; Thomas, H.M., 1978:
Echo cardiographic manifestation of flail right and noncoronary aortic valve leaflets studies in patients with bacterial endo carditis

Atsuchi, Y.; Nagai, Y.; Komatsu, Y.; Nakamura, K.; Shibuya, M.; Hirosawa, K., 1977:
Echo cardiographic manifestations of annulo aortic ectasia its paradoxical motion of the aorta and premature systolic closure of the aortic valve

Jiang L.; E.A., 1981:
Echo cardiographic manifestations of dextro transposition of the great vessels

Child, J.S.; Levisman, J.A.; Abbasi, A.S.; Macalpin, R.N., 1976:
Echo cardiographic manifestations of infiltrative cardio myopathy a report of 7 cases due to amyloid

Tsuda T.; Sawayama T.; Kawai N.; Katoh T.; Nezuo S.; Kikawa K., 1980:
Echo cardiographic measurement of right ventricular wall thickness in adults by anterior approach

Messina D.; Sarcina G., 1981:
Echo cardiographic modifications in m mode during acute nonspecific peri carditis

Fonzo, R.; Meloni, L.; Pintus, A.; Carcassi, U.; Cherchi, A., 1978:
Echo cardiographic observations in adults suffering from thalassemia

Pierli C.; Fantozzi G.; Buti A.; Gaddi R.; Tuveri A., 1981:
Echo cardiographic observations in infective endo carditis

Woolridge J.D.; Healey J., 1981:
Echo cardiographic observations in myo cardial wall motion abnormalities

Lemke R.; Hopf R.; Kober G.; Kaltenbach M., 1980:
Echo cardiographic parameters in hypertrophic cardio myopathy during verapamil treatment

Colombo E.; Peluchetti G., 1980:
Echo cardiographic patterns of discrete subaortic stenosis report of 2 cases

Ganau, A.; Cassisa, L.; Piga, G.; Malavasi, A.; Campus, S., 1978:
Echo cardiographic pictures of tricuspid anomalies in the course of congenital cardiopathies discussion of 2 cases

Volynskii Y.D.; Zatikyan E.P., 1983:
Echo cardiographic potentials of assessing hemodynamic disorders in patients with an inter atrial septum defect

Komosuoglu B.; Mehta B.R.; Ireland M.A.; Littler W.A., 1982:
Echo cardiographic right ventricular systolic time intervals and pulmonary valve motion in patients on maintenance hemo dialysis

Farooki, Z.Q.; Henry, J.G.; Green, E.W., 1976:
Echo cardiographic spectrum of ebsteins anomaly of the tricuspid valve

D'cruz I.A., 1984:
Echo cardiographic stimulation of peri cardial effusion by ascites

Bjorkhem G.; Lundstrom N R., 1980:
Echo cardiographic studies of children operated on for congenital heart disease evaluation during the 1st post operative year

Schlant, R.C.; Felner, J.M.; Heymsfield, S.B.; Gilbert, C.A.; Shulman, N.B.; Tuttle, E.P.Jr ; Blumenstein, B.A., 1977:
Echo cardiographic studies of left ventricular anatomy and function in essential hypertension

Friedman, N.J., 1970:
Echo cardiographic studies of mitral valve motion genesis of the opening snap in mitral stenosis

Kitazawa S., 1981:
Echo cardiographic studies on essential hypertension

Matsukubo H., 1980:
Echo cardiographic studies on right ventricular hypertrophy

Yamashita Y., 1979:
Echo cardiographic studies on the hemodynamics of the starr edwards mitral and tricuspid valve prosthesis

Oki T., 1981:
Echo cardiographic studies on the motion of the inter ventricular septum in valvular heart diseases

Kim S.K.; Tockgo Y.C.; Choe P.H., 1980:
Echo cardiographic study in normal infants and children

Popov V.G.; Gruzdev A.K., 1979:
Echo cardiographic study of contractile function of affected and intact zones in acute period of macro focal myo cardial infarction

Kawahara K.; Oki T., 1980:
Echo cardiographic study of essential hypertension

Antonelli, G.; Biasco, G.; Brindicci, G.; Calabrese, P., 1976:
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