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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5210

Chapter 5210 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Eichler C.; Hertel A.; Lommatzsch P.K.; Fuhrmann P., 1987:
Echographic findings before and after beta radiation ruthenium 106 rhodium 106 of choroidal melanomas

Hasenfratz G.; Riedel K.G.; Markl A.; Stefani F.H., 1987:
Echographic findings in a case of metastasization in an extraocular muscle

Arrizabalaga Gerenu R.; Echeverria Albeniz E.; Azpiazu Alonso Urquijo A.; Hurtado Urionabarrenetxea L., 1984:
Echographic findings in budd chiari syndrome

Echeverria F.; Azpiazu A.; Arrizabalaga R.; Quilez J.; Lopez Barbarin J.M., 1984:
Echographic findings in portal cavernomatous transformation

Bergmann, H.; Sutter, A.; Bergmann, M., 1980:
Echographic investigation of normal and pathological voiding

Freeman, W.R.; Green, R.L.; Smith, R.E., 1987:
Echographic localization of corticosteroids after periocular injection

Ker, C.G.; Tabata, M.; Sheen, P.C.; Jan, C.M.; Chen, C.Y., 1984:
Echographic measurement of normal Chinese pancreas

Cornier, E.; Mensch, B.; Sarrot, G., 1978:
Echographic measurement of the lower segment in the course of threats of premature delivery preliminary study

Grose Brown M.; Mitchell M.A.; Hagen Ansert S.L., 1979:
Echographic noninvasive clinical assessment of the upper abdomen using various contrast media in the stomach

Gordillo Gutierrez M.I.; Iribar D.M.rcos M.; Vilarrasa Andres A.; Diaz Romero F.J., 1986:
Echographic patterns of breast carcinoma histopathologic correlations in 76 cases

Frider B.; Larrieu E.; Vargas F.; Odriozzola M.; Lester R., 1985:
Echographic serological and radiological assessment in human hydatidosis contribution of a control program

Vucicevic, Z.M.; Tark, E.; Ahmad, S., 1979:
Echographic studies of osmotic agents

Jorge H.; Laura V., 1982:
Echographic study of 16 patients with renal tumors

Candussi G.; Guastalla P., 1986:
Echographic study of a case of fetal ascites associated with intraabdominal cysts

Renaud, R.L.; Macler, J.; Dervain, I.; Ehret, M.C.; Aron, C.; Plas-Roser, S.; Spira, A.; Pollack, H., 1980:
Echographic study of follicular maturation and ovulation during the normal menstrual cycle

Ros Mendoza L.; Perez Lorenz J.B.; Morlan M.A.; Martinez Comin L., 1984:
Echographic study of hydatidosis of the liver 300 cases

Camargo A.; D.P.ado Isla L.H.; Diez J.; Wainstein R., 1981:
Echographic study of the gallbladder radiologically excluded

Palacio A.; Llauger J.; Alexander C.; Gomez A., 1988:
Echographic study of the shoulder joint

Vakamudi, A.K.; Hongo, T.; Kaku, K.; Akutsu, T.; Elchuri, V., 1978:
Echographic technique in performance analysis of the total artificial heart

Hagen-Ansert, S.L.; Manich, B., 1977:
Echographic visualization of normal pancreatic tissue patterns

Salvetti A.; Macaleese J., 1981:
Echographic visualization of the umbilical vesicle and the amniotic membrane

Acalovschi, M.; Badea, R.; Badea, G., 1987:
Echographic volumetry of the gallbladder in biliary dyskinesia

Rini G.B.; Scardavi M.; Renda G., 1987:
Echography and clinic for differential diagnosis of liver cysts

Belvedere M.; Scardavi M.; Peralta S.; Pisciotta G.; Rini G.B., 1987:
Echography and computed tomography in patients with a palpable abdominal mass

Freyler, H.; Egerer, I., 1977:
Echography and histological studies in various eye conditions

Naoun A.; Robert J.; Mathieu P.; Leclere J.; Hartemann P., 1986:
Echography and scintigraphic detection of parathyroids in the case of primary hyperparathyroidism

Dragoni S.; Colombo G.F., 1988:
Echography in acute sport induced muscular injuries

Zykin B.I., 1981:
Echography in diagnosing genital endometriosis

Fazylov A.A.; Dusmuratov A.M.; Karabaev I.I., 1985:
Echography in lymphogranulomatosis

Rochels R., 1987:
Echography in orbital complications of inflammatory paranasal sinus diseases

Rochels, R.; Reis, G., 1980:
Echography in posterior scleritis

Rochels, R.; Geyer, G., 1981:
Echography in rhinogenic orbital complications

Martysh N.S., 1982:
Echography in the diagnosis of anomalies of genitalia development in children and adolescents

Vasiliu D.; Meclea G.; Cratofil O., 1984:
Echography in the diagnosis of certain parotid tumors

Litvyakov A.M., 1986:
Echography in the diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver

Gragnani S.G.; Bertei A., 1986:
Echography in the diagnosis of exudative pericarditis

Gragnani S.G.; Bertei A., 1986:
Echography in the diagnosis of hypertrophic pyloristenosis

Perin B.; Celi D.; Gardellin G.; Cocuzza G.; Giacometti F.; Colangelo A.; Foti A., 1987:
Echography in the diagnosis of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms with clinical diagnostic problems

Siani A.; Midulla S.; Cuomo O.; Cataldo B.; Giliberti R.C.; Barra R.; Boncompagni S., 1984:
Echography in the drainage of hepatic abscesses

Cioccarelli M.G., 1981:
Echography in the study of the velo pharyngeal sphincter

Dal Bianco, M.; Breda, G.; Artibani, W.; Bassi, P.; Ricciardi, G.; Marcon, M.; D.F.veri, D.; Pagano, F., 1985:
Echography in vena cava invasion from renal tumors

Lucardi C.; Morra C.; Mazzucco P.; Rocchi G.; Perelli G.; Mondavio M.; Cali M.V., 1985:
Echography of aneurysms in the abdominal aorta

Molino Trinidad C., 1985:
Echography of intracardiac nodules

Frider, B.; Corti, O.L., 1984:
Echography of non-lithiasic pathology of the gallbladder. Personal experience

Harkányi, Z.; Járay, J.; Alföldy, F.; Perner, F.; Török, I., 1981:
Echography of renal transplant patients

Dvoriakovskiĭ, I.V.; Kurbatov, V.S.; Ivanov, A.P.; Mirimova, T.D., 1980:
Echography of the kidneys in children with arterial hypertension

Harkányi, Z.; Török, I., 1981:
Echography of the kidneys in infancy and childhood

Clemens S.; Kroll P.; Busse H., 1987:
Echography of the posterior lens capsule prior to implantation of an intraocular lens

Bobkov, V.V.; Zaretskii, V.V.; Sadovnikov, V.I.; Lukushkina, E.F., 1978 :
Echography of the right parts of the heart methodological aspects of ultrasonic location

Ozerova O.E.; Bazarova E.N.; Deidov V.N.; Avdeeva T.F.; Lazarevich I.B., 1986:
Echography of the thyroid in various diseases of the gland

Cowan, N.; Suomi, K.; Morse, P.A., 1982:
Echoic storage in infant perception

Cambier, J.; Elghozi, D.; Khoury, M.; Strube, A., 1980:
Echolalic repetition and severe comprehension disorders. Left hemisphere deactivation syndrome?

Belwood J.J.; Fullard J.H., 1984:
Echolocation and foraging behavior in the hawaiian hoary bat lasiurus cinereus semotus

Herbert H., 1985:
Echolocation behavior in the megachiropteran bat rousettus aegyptiacus

Schnitzler H U.; Hackbarth H.; Heilmann U.; Herbert H., 1985:
Echolocation behavior of rufous horseshoe bats rhinolophus rouxi hunting for insects in the flycatcher style

Wenstrup J.J.; Suthers R.A., 1984:
Echolocation of moving targets by the fish catching bat noctilio leporinus

Joermann G., 1984:
Echolocation of the common vampire bat desmodus rotundus in the field

Roverud R.C.; Grinnell A.D., 1985:
Echolocation sound features processed to provide distance information in the constant frequency frequency modulation bat noctilio albiventris evidence for a gated time window utilizing constant frequency and frequency modulation components

Huml, D.; Buksa, M.; Numić, N., 1986:
Echophonocardiographic criteria of significant coronary artery disease in patients with fixed systemic hypertension and without heart failure

Gourassas, J.; Bennett, J.M.; Konstantinides, S., 1988:
Echophonocardiographic estimation of pulmonary capillary pressure in acute myocardial infarction

Perel'man V.M.; Teodorovich O.V., 1987:
Echoscanning of the kidneys in chronic renal insufficiency

Benz, U.F.; Schulze, K.; Meudt, R., 1976:
Echoscopic and echographic differential diagnosis of pancreatic lesions

Fedorov N.M.; Shain A.A., 1979:
Echoscopy in diagnosis of focal hepatic lesions

Vukcevich, W.M.; Goldstein, J.H.; Wolintz, A.H., 1974:
Echothiophate and flat anterior chambers

Kaufman P.L.; Erickson K.A.; Neider M.W., 1983:
Echothiophate iodide cataracts in monkeys macaca fascicularis occurrence despite loss of accommodation induced by retrodisplacement of ciliary muscle

Mlika, N.; Larouzé, B.; Gaudebout, C.; Braham, B.; Allegue, M.; Dazza, M.C.; Dridi, M.; Gharbi, S.; Gaumer, B.; Bchir, A., 1986:
Echotomographic and serologic screening for hydatidosis in a Tunisian village

Litvyakov A.M.; Kozlovskii I.V., 1985:
Echotomographic diagnosis of pericholedochal nonspecific lymphadenitis

Litvyakov A.M.; Kozlovskii I.V., 1984:
Echotomographic diagnosis of the pancreatic diseases in patients with chronic noncalculous cholecystitis

Piani P.; Bassini D.; Del Frate G., 1986:
Echotomographic evaluation of fetal growth in a friuli italy population

Sianesi M.; Rossi A.; Baratta V.; Farinon A.M., 1987:
Echotomographic features of parietal microformations of the gallbladder

Nardelli G.B.; Onnis C.L.; Lamaina V.; Petrillo M.R., 1987:
Echotomographic follow up in ovarian tumors clinical experience

Leonardi M.; Ulivi M.; Balconi G.; Teruzzi P.L., 1986:
Echotomography in the diagnosis of acute capsuloligamentous lesions of the tarsotibial joint

Spalton D.J.; Palmer S.; Logan L.C., 1980:
Echovirus 11 conjunctivitis

Cova-Baczko, L.; Aymard, M., 1982:
Echovirus 11 dense particles: isolation and preliminary characterization

Barbi Guidotti M.; Cappellini D.; Pedretti C.C.; Ferrante P., 1982:
Echovirus 23 circulation in a special care baby unit

Peters A.C.B.; Vielvoye G.J.; Versteeg J.; Bots G.T.A.M.; Lindeman J., 1979:
Echovirus 25 focal encephalitis and subacute hemi chorea

Bueltmann B.D.; Haferkamp O.; Eggers H.J.; Gruler H., 1984:
Echovirus 9 induced order disorder transition of chemotactic response of human polymorphonuclear leukocytes phenomenology and molecular biology

Hadfield, M.G.; Seidlin, M.; Houff, S.A.; Adair, C.F.; Markowitz, S.M.; Straus, S.E., 1985:
Echovirus meningomyeloencephalitis with administration of intrathecal immunoglobulin

Steinmann J.; Albrecht K., 1985:
Echovirus type 11 epidemic among premature newborns in a neonatal intensive care unit

Kennett M.L.; Donaldson A.; Marshall J.A.; Williamson H.G., 1981:
Echovirus type 11 infection in melbourne australia 1953 1980

Yin-Murphy, M.; Phoon, M.C.; Baharuddin-Ishak, 1984:
Echovirus type 11 infection in Singapore

Schiff G.M.; Stefanovic G.M.; Young E.C.; Sander D.S.; Pennekamp J.K.; Ward R.L., 1984:
Echovirus type 12 in volunteers determination of minimal infectious dose and the effect of previous infection on infectious dose

Galko N.V.; Vashukova S.S., 1980:
Echovirus type 14 antigenic variant as the causative agent of acute aseptic meningitis

Todd W.T.A.; Macmillan M.J.; Gray J.A., 1983:
Echovirus type 30 meningitis in edinburgh scotland uk

Sharp, J.C.M.; Bell, E.J., 1975:
Echovirus type 4 infections in scotland 1971 1972

Sandelin, K.; Tuomioja, M.; Erkkilä, H., 1977:
Echovirus type 7 isolated from conjunctival scrapings

Jarvis, W.R.; Tucker, G., 1981:
Echovirus type 7 meningitis in young children

Weinberg, M., 1975 :
Echthistus cognatus new record diptera asilidae from romania and new data concerning the genus echthistus

Benz G.W.; Deets G.B., 1987:
Echthrogaleus disciarai new species siphonostomatoida pandaridae a parasitic copepod of the devil ray mobula lucasana beebe and tee van 1938 from the sea of cortez mexico

Sibai, B.M.; Mccubbin, J.H.; Anderson, G.D.; Lipshitz, J.; Dilts, P.V.Jr, 1981:
Eclampsia 1. observations from 67 recent cases

Sibai, B.; Anderson, G.D.; Mccubbin, J.H., 1982:
Eclampsia 2. clinical significance of laboratory findings

Sibai, B.M.; Anderson, G.D.; Abdella, T.N.; Mccubbin, J.H.; Dilts, P.V.Jr, 1983:
Eclampsia 3. neo natal outcome growth and development

Vengadassalam D., 1983:
Eclampsia a review of 25 cases

Crowther C.A., 1985:
Eclampsia at harare maternity hospital zimbabwe an epidemiological study

Bata M.; Issa A.; Hassan A.; Sumrein I.; A.M.khi A., 1988:
Eclampsia epidemiologic observations

Fiorino S.; D.S.efano S.; Castellano G.; Pulvirenti L.; Iatrino C.; Fiorino F.; Martorana A., 1987:
Eclampsia extreme complication of eph gestosis fetal outcome

Olsen N.J.; Obling N.J., 1981:
Eclampsia in hydatidiform mole

Sibai B.M.; Abdella T.H.; Taylor H.A., 1982 :
Eclampsia in the 1st half of pregnancy a report of 3 cases and review of the literature

Moore P.J.; Munoz W.P., 1985:
Eclampsia in the black population of the natal south africa midlands

Klingler D.; Necek S., 1980:
Eclampsia monitoring of intra ventricular cerebro spinal fluid pressure

Sibai, B.M.; Abdella, T.N.; Spinnato, J.A.; Anderson, G.D., 1986:
Eclampsia. V. The incidence of nonpreventable eclampsia

Serrano, A.; Dahl, E.P.; Rubin, R.H.; Ferrucci, J.T.; Mueller, P.R.; Malt, R.A., 1984:
Eclectic drainage of subphrenic abscesses

Berman, E., 1985:
Eclecticism and its discontents

Sokolskaja, N.L., 1977:
Eclipidrilus levanidovi new species oligochaeta lumbriculidae from the chukotski peninsula ussr

Schultz, M.; Crowell, R.L., 1983:
Eclipse of coxsackievirus infectivity: the restrictive event for a non-fusing myogenic cell line

Ritter K.S.; Tanada Y.; Hess R.T.; Omi E.M., 1982:
Eclipse period of baculovirus infection in larvae of the armyworm pseudaletia unipuncta

Morita, J.; Komano, T., 1977:
Eclipsed particles produced by infection of starved escherichia coli cells with bacterio phage phi x 174

Hunter, D.M., 1977:
Eclosion and oviposition rhythms in simulium ornatipes diptera simuliidae

Reynold S.E.; Taghert P.H.; Truman J.W., 1979:
Eclosion hormone and bursicon titers and the onset of hormonal responsiveness during the last day of adult development in manduca sexta

Nagasawa H.; Kamito T.; Takahashi S.; Isogai A.; Fugo H.; Suzuki A., 1985:
Eclosion hormone of the silkworm bombyx mori purification and determination of the amino terminal amino acid sequence

Gopakumar B.; Prabhu V.K.K., 1981:
Eclosion rhythm and its entrainment by photoperiodism in pyrausta machaeralis lepidoptera pyralidae

Cherchi, A.; Schroeder, R., 1975:
Eclusia decastroi new species lituolidae foraminifera from the neritic barremian of nurra region northwestern sardinia

Medvedev A.V., 1982:
Ecmnesia in the late stages of an unfavorable course of schizophrenia

Mason W.R.M., 1979:
Ecnomios papuensis new genus new species of orgilini hymenoptera braconidae from new guinea

Suri B.; Bickle T.A., 1985:
Eco a the first member of a new family of type i restriction modification systems

Zimmermann R.; Boelter M.; Wolter K., 1980:
Eco bacteriological investigations in the northwest african coastal upwelling area

Brandmayr, P.; Seriani, M., 1980:
Eco bio geographical profiles of ground beetles 1. clivina platynidius platynus coleoptera carabidae

Murthy, M.S.; Radia, P., 1978:
Eco biochemical studies on some economically important inter tidal algae from port okha india

Skjoldal, H.R.; Bamstedt, U., 1977:
Eco biochemical studies on the deep water pelagic community of korsfjorden western norway adenine nucleotides in zoo plankton

Parihar D.R., 1984:
Eco biogeography of grasshoppers in indian desert

Golubev V.N.; Vakhrusheva L.P., 1982:
Eco biomorph composition and classification of certain halophytic communities in the crimean oblast ukrainian ssr ussr

Bakhramiya D.A., 1980:
Eco biomorph salsola dendroides in winter pastures in agdzhabedi raion azerbaijan ssr ussr

Movchan Y.I.; Osychnyuk V.V., 1983:
Eco biomorphic aspect of stability of steppe phytocenoses

Mazurenko M.T., 1979:
Eco biomorphs of rhododendron aureum in the magadan oblast russian sfsr ussr

Ulrich B., 1988:
Eco chemical parameters of soils

Harsh, L.N.; Sen, D.N., 1977:
Eco climate and the primary production of the ephemerals in the desert ecosystem

Nair, P.K.R.; Balakrishnan, T.K., 1977:
Eco climate of a coconut plus cacao crop combination on the west coast of india

Cernusca, A., 1975:
Eco climatic measurements in the framework of the man and biosphere project hohe tauern

Bhat K.G., 1985:
Eco development of western ghats role of wood processing

Tokumasu, S., 1976:
Eco diagrams of common vascular plants in the pieniny mountains polish west carpathians part 1 eco diagrams of selected woodland species

Zarzycki, K., 1976:
Eco diagrams of common vascular plants in the pieniny mountains the polish west carpathians part 2 eco diagrams of selected grassland species

Adis, J., 1983:
Eco entomological observations from the amazon 4. occurrence and feeding habits of the aquatic caterpillar palustra laboulbeni arctiidae lepidoptera in the vicinity of manaus brazil

Brunel C., 1986:
Eco entomological study of the wet areas of the somme valley france

Dowsett Lemaire F., 1981:
Eco ethological aspects of breeding in the marsh warbler acrocephalus palustris

Baron, G., 1977:
Eco ethological significance of allometric development of the 2 visual systems in chiroptera

Sonntag G., 1981:
Eco ethological studies on the sexual biology of agapetes galathea

Dejean, A., 1982:
Eco ethological study of predation by ants of the genus smithistruma formicidae myrmicinae tribe dacetini 1. effects of the habitat on the prey choice by smithistruma truncatidens

Dejean, A., 1985:
Eco ethological study of predation by the ant genus smithistruma iii. prey capture by smithistruma emarginata

Taillard C.; Baudoin C., 1983:
Eco ethology of feeding in the garden dormouse eliomys quercinus

Mauersberger, G., 1979:
Eco faunistic and biologic contributions to the mongolian avi fauna 1. general section and podicipediformes to galliformes

Samedov N.G.; Mirzoeva N.B., 1982:
Eco faunistic and zoo geographic groups of leaf beetles coleoptera chrysomelidae in the lesser caucasus azerbaijan ssr ussr

Nagy S., 1983:
Eco faunistic data on the macro lepidoptera of the plain of bereg hungary

Geiger W., 1982:
Eco faunistic observations on lepidoptera of the peat bog of cachot jura of neuchatel western switzerland activity of adults and climatic factors

Geiger, W., 1980:
Eco faunistic observations on the lepidoptera of the peat bog of cachot jura of neuchatel switzerland 1. methods fauna and characteristics of the population

Geiger, W., 1981:
Eco faunistic observations on the lepidoptera of the peat marsh of the cachot jura of neuchatel switzerland 3. phenology and the relationships between faunal and floral chronology

Keil H., 1983:
Eco faunistic studies of dust mites in hamburg west germany with special reference to dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and dermatophagoides farinae acari pyroglyphidae

Baehrmann, R., 1978:
Eco faunistic studies of ephydrids of different meadow biotopes in thuringia east germany diptera

Chun, Y.W.; Park, Y.G., 1980:
Eco genetic studies in man made populations of cryptomeria japonica in korea 1. needle and growth variation in 18 populations

Verkleij J.A.C.; A.M.; Lugtenborg T.F., 1980:
Eco genetics of stellaria media and stellaria pallida from abandoned arable field

Olsen P.D., 1982:
Eco geographic and temporal variation in the eggs and nests of the peregrine falco peregrinus aves falconidae in australia

Grisenko, G.V.; Dudka, E.L., 1976:
Eco geographic populations of sorosporium reilianum and their pathogenicity for corn

Meusel, H.; Moerchen, G., 1977:
Eco geographical and morphological differentiation of some scrophularia spp

Gottlieb O.R.; Kubitzki K., 1983:
Eco geographical phytochemistry a novel approach to the study of plant evolution and dispersion

Engelskjon T., 1987:
Eco geographical relations of the bjornoya vascular flora svalbard norway

Pip E., 1984:
Eco geographical tolerance range variation in aquatic macrophytes

Viviani C.A., 1979:
Eco geography of the chilean littoral

Singh H.R.; Bahuguna S.N., 1984:
Eco morphological adaptation of the gill rakers in relation to the food and feeding habits of some hill stream fishes of garhwal himalaya india

Soin S.G.; Kasumyan A.O.; Pashchenko N.I., 1981:
Eco morphological analysis of minnow phoxinus phoxinus cyprinidae development

Guttekova A.; Zmoray I., 1982:
Eco morphological aspects of the intestinal cells ultrastructure of thelazia gulosa

Pircova E., 1983:
Eco morphological examination of compound eyes of the species phausis splendidula insecta coleoptera and lymantria dispar insecta lepidoptera

Avilova, K.V., 1977:
Eco morphological features of the terminal organ of the bill in 4 species of anseriformes

Penaz M., 1983:
Eco morphological laws and saltation in the early ontogeny of salmonoidei

Goldschmid A., 1982:
Eco morphological separation of 2 mediterranean blenniid species blennius incognitus and blennius zvonimiri blenniidae teleostei pisces

Jouffroy, F.K.; Lessertisseur, J., 1978:
Eco morphological study of limb proportions among primates and especially among prosimians

Pircova E., 1982:
Eco morphological study of the compound eyes of libellula depressa insecta odonata and pieris brassicae insecta lepidoptera

Jurko A., 1983:
Eco morphological survey of the leaf characteristics in selected central european plant communities

Thomasson, M., 1977:
Eco morphology and habit of plants example of some woody formations from madagascar

Yeaton R.I., 1982:
Eco morphology and habitat utilization of echinocereus engelmannii and echinocereus triglochidiatus cactaceae in southeastern california usa

Mall, L.P.; Tugnawat, R.K., 1977:
Eco pathological investigation part 2 the influence of plant pathogenic fungus on calorific value and protein contents of dichanthium annulatum

Barnouin, J.; Karaman, Z., 1986:
Eco pathological survey 9. clinical pathology as a consequence of the milk yield level in the dairy cow

Harper C.W.Jr; Tipper J.C.; Walmsley V.G., 1982:
Eco phenotypic strategies of dalmanellid brachiopods

Hadji, M., 1978:
Eco physiologic behavior of the oleander nerium oleander in a salty soil

Von-Willert, D.J.; Thomas, D.A.; Lobin, W.; Curdts, E., 1977:
Eco physiologic investigations in the family of the mesembryanthemaceae occurrence of a crassulacean acid metabolism and ion content

Delepine, R.; Asensi, A., 1978:
Eco physiologic reactions and morphogenetic variations in adenocystis and utriculidium phaeophyceae

Charmantier G., 1980:
Eco physiologic study of the isopod crustaceans gnathiidae osmo regulation and resistance to desiccation of males of paragnathia formica

Tiwari, D.K.; Tiwari, J.P., 1975 :
Eco physiological adaptability of new potato varieties at jabalpur madhya pradesh

Ralin D.B., 1981:
Eco physiological adaptation in a di ploid tetra ploid complex of tree frogs hylidae

Bridges C.R.; Taylor A.C.; Morris S.J.; Grieshaber M.K., 1984:
Eco physiological adaptations in blennius pholis blood to inter tidal rock pool environments

Schmidt K., 1980:
Eco physiological analysis of a bacillus megaterium population in a brown forest soil

Heckman C.W., 1982:
Eco physiological and phylogenetic characterization of a wintertime biotic community in shallow fresh water habitats near hamburg

Conceicao, P.N.D., 1977:
Eco physiological aspects of a tropical rain forest on solid ground

Osborne B.A.; Whittington W.J., 1981:
Eco physiological aspects of interspecific and seasonal variation in nitrate utilization in the genus agrostis

Ichijo N.; Kimura M.T.; Minami N., 1980:
Eco physiological aspects of reproduction diapause in drosophila sordidula and drosophila lacertosa diptera drosophilidae

Garcia-Novo, F., 1976:
Eco physiological aspects of the distribution of elymus arenarius and cakile maritima on the dunes of tents muir point scotland

Steubing, L.; Jaeger, H.J., 1978:
Eco physiological biochemical effect of hydrogen sulfide on pisum sativum

Vannier G.; Verdier B., 1981:
Eco physiological criteria transpiration respiration for separating a subterranean species from a surface dwelling species in collembolan insects

Eickmeier W.G., 1979:
Eco physiological differences between high and low elevation crassulacean acid metabolism species in big bend national park texas usa

Belova, N.V., 1983:
Eco physiological features of sperm in pond cyprinidae 4. physiological biochemical features of the testes

Belova, N.V., 1981:
Eco physiological features of sperm in pond cyprinids 2. changes in spermatozoan physiological indices of some cyprinids due to environmental factors

Belova, N.V., 1982:
Eco physiological features of sperm in pond cyprinids 3. physio biochemical indices of sperm in certain cyprinids

Mirzoyan S.A.; Kireeva I.M.; Esayan A.G., 1982:
Eco physiological features of the armenian lymantria dispar population

Von Willert D.J.; Brinckmann E.; Scheitler B.; Thomas D.A.; Treichel S.; Schulze E.D., 1980:
Eco physiological investigations in plants of namib desert south west africa

Lassoie J.P.; Dougherty P.M.; Reich P.B.; Hinckley T.M.; Metcalf C.M.; Dina S.J., 1983:
Eco physiological investigations of understory eastern red cedar juniperus virginiana in central missouri usa

Lange, O.L.; Geiger, I.L.; Schulze, E.D., 1977:
Eco physiological investigations on lichens of the negev desert israel part 5 a model to simulate net photosynthesis and respiration of ramalina maciformis

Kappen, L.; Lange, O.L.; Schulze, E.D.; Buschbom, U.; Evenari, M., 1980:
Eco physiological investigations on lichens of the negev desert southern israel 7. the influence of the habitat exposure on dew imbibition and photosynthetic productivity

Evenari, M.; Kadouri, A.; Gutterman, Y., 1977:
Eco physiological investigations on the amphicarpy of emex spinosa

Koch, W.; Lange, O.L.; Schulze, E.D., 1971:
Eco physiological investigations on wild and cultivated plants in the negev desert part 1 methods a mobile laboratory for measuring carbon di oxide and water vapor exchange

Schulze, E.D.; Lange, O.L.; Koch, W., 1972:
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Ecological analogies and forecasting

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Ecological and biochemical prerequisites of the use of nucleic acid rich protein products of microbiosynthesis in the feeding of fish

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Ecological and biological characteristics of fungi found in suctorial insects

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Ecological and biological characteristics of microbiota decussata cupressaceae

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Ecological and biological features ways of protection and regeneration of the natural area of narcissus angustifolius in the basin of the tissa river hungary

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Ecological and biological phenomena influencing coral species composition on the reef tables at eilat gulf of aqaba red sea

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Ecological and chorological contribution to the knowledge of erigeron karvinskianus dc. in france

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Ecological and community relationships of eriogonum corymbosum polygonaceae in the uinta basin utah usa

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Ecological and distributional characteristics of hiatella arctica mollusca bivalvia heterodonta in the white sea

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Ecological and distributional notes on mammals from vietnam including nyctalus noctula new record

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Ecological and distributional remarks on unpigmented and anophthalmous turbellaria tricladida in romania

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Ecological and economic basis for protecting winter wheat from damage of the cereal loaf beetle zabrus tenebrioides coleoptera carabidae

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Ecological and economic evaluation of the damage to agriculture caused by soil erosion

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Ecological and economic importance of prosopis juliflora in the indian thar desert

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Ecological and economic importance of ziziphus nummularia in the indian desert

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Ecological and environmental aspects of animal husbandry

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Ecological and ethological observations on 2 species of bat dominant in the hot caves of cuba

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Ecological and ethological parameters in anolis bahorucoensis a species having rudimentary development of the dewlap

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Ecological and evolutionary divergence in 5 species of drosophila

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Ecological and evolutionary relationships among di ploid and tri ploid uni sexual fishes associated with the bi sexual species poeciliopsis lucida cyprinodontiformes poeciliidae

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Ecological and evolutionary significance of nutritional flexibility in planktotrophic larvae of the deep sea red crab geryon quinquedens and the stone crab menippe mercenaria

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Ecological and experimental data on the entomopathogenic potentialities of conidiobolus coronatus entomophthorales

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Ecological and faunistic characteristics of nesting ornitho fauna of the onega lake region ussr

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Ecological and faunistic characteristics of the ants hymenoptera formicidae of the black sea reserve ukrainian ssr ussr and adjoining territories

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Ecological and faunistic complexes of mosquitoes culicidae from middle sikhote alin russian sfsr ussr

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Ecological and faunistical characteristics of turbellaria in the eutrophic lake zbechy poland

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Ecological and floristic characteristics of the steep southern slopes of the mountains of the southeast of chita oblast russian sfsr ussr

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Ecological and floristic classification of meadow vegetation of the jewish autonomous oblast russian sfsr ussr

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Ecological and floristic notes on the crater of the san martin tuxtla volcano veracruz mexico

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Ecological and floristic spectra of ruderal vegetation syntaxa in the left bank forest steppe of the ukrainian ssr ussr

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Ecological and genetic analysis of the linear increase of the scotch pine in the region of tunguska russian sfsr ussr catastrophe of 1908

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Ecological and genetic aspects of the metameric organization of the shoot system in plants

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Ecological and genetic evaluations of the productivity of prospective sugar beet selection numbers

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Ecological and genetic separation of 3 sympatric species of aedes diptera culicidae from the kenya coast

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Ecological and genetic study of festuca woronowi in dagestan russian sfsr ussr/

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Ecological and genetic variability of quercus robur populations in the shipov forest russian sfsr ussr

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Ecological and genetical survey on 2 deep sea holothurians benthogone rosea and benthodytes typica

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Ecological and geographic characteristics of alchemilla l. species in the ukrainian carpathians ussr

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Ecological and historical aspects of aspen succession in northern wisconsin usa

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Ecological and hydrological features of automorphic and hydromorphic soils on the eluvium of permian deposits

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Ecological and hydrophysical fundamentals of the optimization of soil regimen

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Ecological and hygienic protection aspects of the environment in built up areas and homes

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Ecological and in vitro studies on the soil myco flora of mango orchards

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Ecological and kinetic aspects of amylolysis and proteolysis in activated sludge

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Ecological and life history aspects of the cooter chrysemys floridana

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Ecological and maricultural studies on laminaria japonica growing on the shores of date city hokkaido japan 1. ecology of laminaria japonica

Funano, T., 1981:
Ecological and maricultural studies on laminaria japonica growing on the shores of date city hokkaido japan 2. technical approaches to create laminarian forests by concrete blocks and cut stones

Hozumi, K., 1980:
Ecological and mathematical considerations on self thinning in even aged pure stands 2. growth analysis of self thinning

Hozumi, K., 1983:
Ecological and mathematical considerations on self thinning in even aged pure stands 3. effect of the linear growth factor on self thinning and its model

Hozumi, K., 1977:
Ecological and mathematical considerations on self thinning in even aged pure stands part 1 mean plant weight density trajectory during the course of self thinning

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Ecological and metabolic studies on free living nematodes from an estuarine mud flat

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Ecological and methodological observations in connection with the elemental composition of the soil of sand steppe puszta and its vegetation

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Ecological and micromorphological aspects of the interactions in the parasitic systems myxosporidians fishes

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Ecological and morphological characteristics of coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch salmonidae of the continental coast of the sea of okhotsk russian sfsr ussr

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Ecological and morphological characteristics of the sclerotia of rhizoctonia solani produced in soil

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Ecological and morphological characterization of the siberian sturgeon acipenser baeri from the aldan river russian sfsr ussr

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Ecological and morphological divergence of the fresh water sculpin cottus nozawae part 1 spawning behavior and process of the development in the post hatching stage

Goto, A., 1975:
Ecological and morphological divergence of the fresh water sculpin cottus nozawae part 2 morphological comparison of adult fishes of small egg and large egg types and their distribution

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Ecological and morphological features of aconitum volubile pall. ex koelle in mountainous altai russian sfsr ussr

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Ecological and morphological features of soil micromycetes from various natural zones

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Ecological and morphological features of underground organs of the representatives of the genus fritillaria liliaceae

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Ecological and morphological observations on hydrobius niger and hydrobius fuscipes coleoptera hydrophilidae

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Ecological and morphological similarities between an adiantum and a thalictrum

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Ecological and morphological studies on the japanese fresh water crab geothelphusa dehaani

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Ecological and morphological study on fish fauna from the waters around taiwan and its adjacent islands part 16 study on the labrid fishes labridae

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Ecological and mycological characteristics of caches in the mounds of dipodomys spectabilis

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Ecological and nosological study of tick borne arbovirus in senegal 3. potential vectors of the cchf virus in senegal and mauritania

Camicas, J.L.; Robin, Y.; Calvo, M.A.; Heme, G., 1978:
Ecological and nosological study of tick borne arbovirus in senegal part 1 negative role of ornithodoros alectorobius sonrai in chikungunya virus ecology

Lehman, J.T., 1976:
Ecological and nutritional studies on dinobryon seasonal periodicity and the phosphate toxicity problem

Smiryaev A.V., 1985:
Ecological and ontogenetic variability of a quantitative character in a series of comparative field experiments

Kahn M.I., 1981:
Ecological and paleo ecological implications of the phenotypic variation in 3 species of living planktonic foraminifera from the northeastern pacific ocean 50 degrees north 145 degrees west

Shevchenko, L.S., 1978:
Ecological and pathological anatomical study of the european hare as the focus of tularemia

Svarc, R., 1977:
Ecological and pathological features in the bionomy of cystocaulus ocreatus the larval stage in the intermediate hosts

Friedrich S., 1985:
Ecological and phenological characteristics of macromycetes of the goleniowska woods poland

Smirnov, P.K., 1977:
Ecological and physiological analysis of the adaptation of ochotona roylei and ochotona pusilla to ambient temperature

Airapetyan A.G., 1983:
Ecological and physiological analysis of the photoperiodic reaction in black cutworm agrotis ypsilon lepidoptera noctuidae

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Ecological and physiological aspects of hatchery breeding of caspian inconnu

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Ecological and physiological aspects of myoglobin distribution in tissues of the baikal seal phoca sibirica

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Ecological and physiological aspects of propagation in marine herbivorous copepods a preliminary report

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Ecological and physiological aspects of reproductive strategies in 2 lizards

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Ecological and physiological characteristics of cyprinus carpio growth with high stocking density

Belova, N.V., 1981:
Ecological and physiological characteristics of pond carp sperm 1. reproduction and ecological physiological characteristics of some carp sperm

Usmanov I.Yu, 1986:
Ecological and physiological characteristics of some plant species with different types of strategies from communities exposed to anthropogenic effects

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Ecological and physiological characteristics of thyroid gland function and its interrelationship with body weight in rodents

Zabuga V.F.; Zabuga G.A., 1987:
Ecological and physiological characteristics of trunk respiration in pinus sylvestris l

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Ecological and physiological differentiation among low arctic clones of daphnia pulex

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Ecological and physiological foundation of the processes of root formation of cuttings in the electro root stimulator

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Ecological and physiological investigations on eichhornia crassipes mart. solms 1. the effect of different environmental conditions on the development of root color

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Ecological and production evaluation of black pine pinus nigra in forest stands of little carpathian mountains czechoslovakia

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Ecological and production relations of woody plants and phytocenological conditions in the area where the mochovce nuclear power plant czechoslovakia is constructed

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Ecological and public health aspects of the use of antimicrobial drugs in animal husbandry

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Ecological and sensory aspects of prey capture by the whirligig beetle dineutes discolor coleoptera gyrinidae

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Ecological and simulation studies of the responses of miconia albicans and clidemia sericea populations to prescribed burning

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Ecological and statistical analysis of herb layer in the contact zone of associations peucedano pinetum and querco piceetum

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Ecological and stratigraphical considerations on 3 soundings in the gulf of calgiari italy

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Ecological and sylvan behavior of common oak quercus robur and sessile oak quercus petraea in the canton of geneva switzerland consequences on the choice of tree species for the improvement of the geneva oak grove

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Ecological and systematic analysis as a method of phylogenetic research as exemplified by birds the problem of integrality in evolution

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Ecological and systematic relationships in grass rust fungi

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Ecological and systematic studies of the neuston of alpine pools with special regard to ciliated protozoa

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Ecological and systematic studies on the genus alcirona with special reference to alcirona krebsii in brazilian waters isopoda cirolanidae

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Ecological and taxonomic evaluation of diatoms bacillariophyceae epiphytic on multi cellular algae and obtained in littorals of the states of parana santa catarina and sao paulo brazil

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Ecological and taxonomic status of the yeast candida podzolica in forest soils

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Ecological and taxonomic studies of trichopterous larvae in northern taiwan

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Ecological and taxonomical aspects of the longevity of seeds

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Ecological and taxonomical studies on phytoplanktons in arab gulf

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Ecological and technical aspects of bio acoustic scaring away the black headed gulls

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Ecological and toxicological monitoring of the condition of the environment using the methods of physicochemical biology

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Ecological and trophic analysis of arboricole coleoptera in an oak hornbeam forest at bab czechoslovakia

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Ecological and ultrastructural preliminary study of an endolithic blue green algae chroococcales

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Ecological and zoo geographical data on flies developing in excrement droppings diptera

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Ecological and zoo sociological research on the cerambycidae of mesola forest po delta italy coleoptera

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Ecological and zoogeographical analysis of the tanama river ichthyofauna gydanskii peninsula russian sfsr ussr

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Ecological application of antibiotics as respiratory inhibitors of bacterial populations

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Ecological applications of pulse fluorescence

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Ecological approach to a population of nesting birds of alsatian hay meadows france

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Ecological approach to the evaluation of the state of spawning grounds of cottidae in lake baikal russian sfsr ussr that takes into consideration abiotic factors

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Ecological approach to the patients with digestive diseases in kitakyushu city japan and its suburbs

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Ecological aspect of syn urbanization of the striped field mouse apodemus agrarius

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Ecological aspect of the breeding of the polychaete lumbrineris latreilli at asamushi northern japan

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Ecological aspect of the problem of pre adaptation

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Ecological aspects and growth of pleurobrachia pileus ctenophora in the valparaiso region chile

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Ecological aspects of acclimatization of the raccoon dog in the european part of the ussr

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Ecological aspects of atta ants in cerrado ants annual burnings and their possible relation to the mineral cycling

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Ecological aspects of ciliates of the river mesta bulgaria

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Ecological aspects of colliery spoil heap micro climate weathering and water relations of the spoil

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Ecological aspects of common goldeneyes bucephala clangula wintering on the upper mississippi river usa

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Ecological aspects of cooling water discharges

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Ecological aspects of fire in the cerrado 3. the atmospheric precipitation of mineral nutrients

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Ecological aspects of fire in the cerrado note on the age of charcoal pieces found in cerrado soil

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Ecological aspects of forest regeneration in modern logging

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Ecological aspects of lime tilia sp girdling by the great spotted woodpecker dendrocopos major in the ecosystem of a floodplain forest

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Ecological aspects of multicalyx cristata aspidocotylea infections in northwest atlantic elasmobranchs

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Ecological aspects of pollution of bodies of water and principal ways of its control subsystems of corrosion and decomposition

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Ecological aspects of seasonal changes in nitrogen content of plant leaves

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Ecological aspects of spreading of bidens frondosa l. in central europe is it displacing bidens tripartita l

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Ecological aspects of the global pollution of the marine environment

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Ecological assessment of forest landscape

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Ecological bases of biological planning of protected sites on large areas

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Ecological characteristics of some algal populations along environmental gradients of zinc

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Ecological characteristics of the dormouse glis glis under conditions of the forest steppe zone of the ukrainian ssr ussr

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Ecological characteristics of the estuary period in the life of the azov roach

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Ecological characteristics of the eu littoral of 4 water bodies in warsaw poland

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Ecological characteristics of the helminth faunistic complex of the badger in the lesser and greater caucasus within the azerbaijan ssr ussr and pathways of its formation

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Ecological characteristics of the isolation mechanism in populations of forest voles

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Ecological characteristics of the lentil strain of pea seed borne mosaic virus

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Ecological characteristics of the nutrition of magpie pica pica nestlings under conditions of western podolia ukrainian ssr ussr

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