Ecologic study of the orophilic complex carex sempervirens cyperaceae experimental study of germination of pyrenean populations

Georges, F.; Lazare J J.

Canadian Journal of Botany 61(1): 135-141


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4026
Accession: 005209454

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Within the framework of the ecological study of the orophilous complex C. sempervirens Vill., the germination of achenes of 2 Pyrenean populations are compared as references: C. s. ssp. sempervirens (2n = 30) and C. s. ssp. granitica (Br.-Bl.) C. Vicioso (2n = 34). Experimental treatments (29) including various pretreatments (stratification, scarification) and temperature and light conditions were examined. The achenes did not exhibit any dormancy. The behavior of the 2 populations was different; the population of the C. s. ssp. granitica showed a very important positive photosensibility and, in general, a lower speed and percentage of germination than the population of C. s. ssp. sempervirens. The optimum experimental conditions for germination seem to be realized with stratification of achenes, followed by 16 h photoperiods and a constant temperature of C.