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Ecological analysis of mosquito larval populations diptera culicidae of riverine zones of the st lawrence river quebec canada

Maire, A.; Tessier, C.; Picard, L.

Naturaliste Canadien (Quebec) 105(4): 225-242


Accession: 005209497

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Groups of islands are distributed along the St. Lawrence River between Montreal and Trois-Rivieres [Quebec, Canada]. There are about 100 islands of various sizes and ages. In the spring, the banks of the river and the islands are completely flooded because of snow melting and ice-packs. These conditions cause the formation of mosquito larval breeding sites. Fifteen ecological units were analyzed, identified and classified during the wet season of 1976 and the dry season of 1977. These ecological units were characterized both by vegetation and associated mosquito species: Aedes aurifer, A. cinereus, A. excrucians in the springtime, A. vexans and 4 Anopheles spp. during the summer. An ecological map of the breeding sites of one island is presented. Semi-quantitative data on the productivity of larval mosquito populations of 1 archipelago are discussed.

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