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Ecological inventory and classification of mosquito larvae biotopes culicidae in the radisson region james bay quebec canada

Maire, A.; Aubin, A.

Canadian Journal of Zoology 54(11): 1979-1991


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4301
Accession: 005210270

Through the 1975 season, an inventory was drawn up of species of mosquitoes [Aedes (Ochlerotatus) abserratus (Felt et Young), A. (O.) canadensis (Theobald), A. (O.) communis (De Geer), A. (O.) decticus (Howard, Dyar et Knab), A. (O.) diantarus (Howard, Dyar et Knab), A. (O.) excrucians (Walker), A. (O.) fitchii (Felt et Young), A. (O.) hexodontus Dyar, A. (O.) impiger (Walker), A. (O.) pionips (Dyar), A. (O.) punctor (Kirby), A. (Aedes) cinereus (Meigen), A. (Aedimorphus) vexans (Meigen), A. (Finlaya) atropalpus (Coquillett), Culex (Culex) restuans (Theobald), C. (Neoculex) territans (Walker), Culiseta (Culiseta) alaskaensis (Ludlow), C. (C.) impatiens (Walker), C. (Culicella) morsitans (Theobald) and Wyeomyia (Wyeomyia) smithii (Coquillett)] in the Radisson area, located in middle-north Quebec [Canada], the purpose of which was to set up larval mosquito control. With this inventory is an ecological analysis of the temporary water environment propitious to larval development. Starting with semiquantitative samples from these habitats, an attempt was made to demonstrate associations between the mosquito larvae and the vegetation. The conclusions are discussed.

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