Effect of 3 3 hydroxyphenyl n n propyl piperidine a putative dopamine auto receptor agonist on rat serum prolactin levels

Meltzer, H.Y.; Simonovic, M.

Life Sciences 29(1): 99-106


ISSN/ISBN: 0024-3205
Accession: 005214516

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3-(3-Hydroxyphenyl)-N,N-propylpiperidine (3-PPP) was reported to be a relatively selective agonist for dopamine (DA) autoreceptors in the striatal and limbic region. The effect of 3-PPP on rat plasma or serum prolactin levels was studied. 3-PPP produced a non-significant decrease in baseline plasma prolactin levels. It produced a dose-dependent inhibition of the increase in serum prolactin levels produced by .gamma.-butyrolactone. Both doses of 3-PPP tested completely reversed the increase in serum prolactin levels produced by reserpine and .alpha.-methyl-p-tyrosine. These results strongly indicate that 3-PPP directly stimulated DA receptors on pituitary lactotrophes. 3-PPP only weakly inhibited the ability of 3H-spiroperidol to bind to pituitary or striatal membranes, suggesting that it may act at a different DA receptor than classical DA receptor blocking drugs. This DA receptor could have properties in common with the autoreceptors of the mesolimbic and nigrostriatal DA neurons.