Section 6
Chapter 5,220

Effect of alternate drying and wetting of the soil fertilizer amendment and ph on the survival of micro sclerotia of verticillium dahliae

Baard, S.W.; Pauer, G.D.C.

Phytophylactica 13(4): 165-168


Accession: 005219254

Drying and remoistening of the soil had no effect on V. dahliae Kleb. propagule numbers or on the infection of cotton and Datura stramonium by the pathogen. N and P as fertilizer amendments were equally ineffective in reducing disease incidence; in air-dried soil, propagule numbers were reduced after amendment with N and P. Acidification of the soil with aluminium sulfate reduced infection of both cotton and D. stramonium and propagule numbers were also drastically reduced.

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