Section 6
Chapter 5,224

Effect of bruising on flavonosides of paeonia suffruticosa rosa rugosa and rosa lutea

Tronchet, J.

Annales Scientifiques de l'Universite de Besancon Botanique 3(15): 53-58


Accession: 005223910

After experimental bruising, extracts from bruised tissue were analyzed using bidimensional paper chromatography. In stem and limb epidermis of all 3 spp. a series of flavonosides labeled the potential Sc series (Scp) increased or decreased after bruising. The Sc series is that group of flavonosides common to all light exposed aerial parts. The V series [those flavonosides common to vegetative organs] did not react to bruising. The petals, which are enclosed in a thick green calyx and protected from light, contain only flavonoid glycosides of the P series [those flavonosides found in the corolla]. The latter were insensitive to bruising.

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