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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5227

Chapter 5227 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kannaiyan S.; Prasad N.N., 1980:
Effect of certain phenolic compounds on the growth and sclerotial production of rhizoctonia solani

Lazo V.V.; Moskalik K.G., 1983:
Effect of certain physical parameters of pulse laser irradiation on the cell proliferation kinetics of the ehrlich ascites tumor

Mendzhul M.I.; Averkiev A.A., 1986:
Effect of certain physicochemical factors on infectivity of cyanophages as 1l and s 8k

Nadkernichnaya E.V., 1986:
Effect of certain phytotoxins of fungal origin on nitrogen fixing activity of lupine nodules

Mahmood I.; Saxena S.K.; Zakiuddin, 1982:
Effect of certain plant extracts on the mortality of rotylenchulus reniformis and meloidogyne incognita

Mork H.M.; Wallace A.; Romney E.M., 1980:
Effect of certain plant parameters on photosynthesis transpiration and efficiency of water use

Khavkina L.V.; Delevskii Y.P., 1982:
Effect of certain plasma substitutes on the reactivity of t lymphocytes and b lymphocytes in experiment

Chaikovskaya T.L.; Buzhievskaya T.I.; Frolov A.K.; Chudnaya L.M., 1981:
Effect of certain preventive vaccinations on the chromosomes of human peripheral blood lymphocytes

Baraboi V.A.; Bin L.E., 1982:
Effect of certain pro oxidants and anti oxidants on the spontaneous chemi luminescence of rat blood serum

Petrovskaya, V.G.; Nevskaya, N.A., 1975:
Effect of certain pro phages on the genetic behavior of shigella flexneri

Rao S.S.R.; Rao K.V.N., 1984:
Effect of certain proanthocyanidins and catechins on the nucleic acid and nitrogen contents of lemna paucicostata

Janiszewski M., 1979:
Effect of certain protective colors on the degree of effort tolerance in patients with myo cardial infarction

Lozovaya V.V.; Marapov I.B.; Tarchevskii I.A.; Okhotnik S.G.; Rezvanova E.A., 1984:
Effect of certain retardants on cotton cellulose synthesis intensity

Saxena, P.K.; Chihabra, H.K.; Jasial, K., 1977:
Effect of certain soil amendments and nematocides on the population of nematodes infesting grapevines

Ehlers J.G.; Reinhardt C.F.; Nel P.C., 1988:
Effect of certain soil factors on the activity of atrazine

Rotenberg M., 1987:
Effect of certain stochastic parameters on extinction and harvested populations

Serpinskaya A.S.; Kopnin B.P.; Gel'fand V.I.; Rozenblat V.A.; Stavrovskaya A.A., 1979:
Effect of certain substances on colchicine uptake by colchicine sensitive and colchicine resistant cells

Bernheim, F., 1977:
Effect of certain sulfhydryl compounds and di methyl sulfoxide on potassium release by certain amines and proteins from pseudomonas aeruginosa

Radadia, N.S.; Sastry, N.S.R.; Pal, R.N.; Juneja, I.J., 1980:
Effect of certain summer management practices on lactating murrah buffaloes 3. physiological reactions and some attributes of blood

Radadia, N.S.; Pal, R.N.; Juneja, I.J.; Sastry, N.S.R., 1980:
Effect of certain summer managemental practices on lactating murrah buffaloes 1. feed and water intake

Radadia, N.S.; Pal, R.N.; Sastry, N.S.R.; Juneja, I.J., 1980:
Effect of certain summer managemental practices on lactating murrah buffaloes 2. milk production and composition

Ganitkevich Y.V.; Khrolinskaya R.E., 1979:
Effect of certain surface active agents on water transport in the frog urinary bladder wall

Singh S.; Sewak R.; Bhati D.P.S., 1986:
Effect of certain systemic insecticides on an agramyzid pest chromatomyia horticola gour

Nasr, A.H.; Bekheet, I.A., 1970:
Effect of certain trace elements and soil extract on some marine algae

Kalinichenko V.A., 1979:
Effect of certain trace elements on the growth of fomitopsis annosa fungus in culture

E.G.mal M.S.; Alaa E.D.n M.N., 1984:
Effect of certain vitamins on growth nodulation and nitrogen fixation in sesbania sesban plants

Zhekova M.; Markova M., 1980:
Effect of certain water soluble vitamins on the initial phases of phagocytic processes

Ashraf N.; Bhatia R.K.; Sen D.N., 1979:
Effect of certain weedicides on weeds and cultivated crops of indian arid zone

Andren Sandberg A.; Dawiskiba S.; Ihse I., 1984:
Effect of cerulean administration on experimental pancreatic carcinogenesis

Fujii, Y.; Takahashi, T.; Fujii, G., 1986:
Effect of cerulenin, an inhibitor of fatty acid synthesis, on the immune cytolysis of tumor cells

Braun, P.C.; Hector, R.F.; Kamark, M.E.; Hart, J.T.; Cihlar, R.L., 1987:
Effect of cerulenin and sodium butyrate on chitin synthesis in Candida albicans

Carson, D.D.; Pieringer, R.A.; Daneo-Moore, L., 1981:
Effect of cerulenin on cellular autolytic activity and lipid metabolism during inhibition of protein synthesis in Streptococcus faecalis

Chance, K.; Hemmingsen, S.; Weeks, G., 1976:
Effect of cerulenin on the growth and differentiation of Dictyostelium discoideum

Hagino Y.; Moroji T., 1987:
Effect of ceruletide on discriminated avoidance behavior in rats

Basso N.; Pona V.; Dintinosante V.; Fiocca F.; Desantis C.; Bagarani M.; Gizzonio D.; Ponzielli F., 1982:
Effect of ceruletide on rest pain in patients with arterial insufficiency of the lower extremity

Nishikawa T.; Tanaka M.; Tsuda A.; Kuwahara H.; Koga I.; Uchida Y., 1986:
Effect of ceruletide on tardive dyskinesia a pilot study of quantitative computer analyses on electromyogram and microvibration

Zinner, M.J.; Jaffe, B.M.; DeMagistris, L.; Dahlstrom, A.; Ahlman, H., 1982:
Effect of cervical and thoracic vagal stimulation on luminal serotonin release and regional blood flow in cats

Day, N.E., 1984:
Effect of cervical cancer screening in Scandinavia

Barnes M.P.; Saunders M., 1984:
Effect of cervical mobility on the natural history of cervical spondylotic myelopathy

Osman M.; E.H.bashy M.; Gawish S.; E.S.hwi S.; Medhat I.A., 1980:
Effect of cervical mucus scoring on sperm density and motility

Emerson, R.G.; Pedley, T.A., 1986:
Effect of cervical spinal cord lesions on early components of the median nerve somatosensory evoked potential

Lepekhina, L.M., 1978:
Effect of cervical sympathetic ganglia extirpation on the post natal development of rat hypothalamic paraventricular nuclei

Bolter, C.P.; Ledsome, J.R., 1976:
Effect of cervical sympathetic nerve stimulation on canine carotid sinus reflex

Masaoka, F., 1986:
Effect of cervical sympathetic nerve upon choroidal circulation 1. effect upon choroidal blood flow of sectioning or stimulation of cervical sympathetic nerve via the hydrogen clearance method

Qu, L.; Ho, S.Y., 1985:
Effect of cervical sympathetic stimulation on the carotid sinus reflex in rabbits

Goldberg J.M.; Johnson M.H.; Whitelaw K.D., 1983:
Effect of cervical vagal stimulation on chicken gallus gallus domesticus heart rate and atrio ventricular conduction

Jindal, S.K.; Lakshminarayan, S.; Kirk, W.; Butler, J., 1985:
Effect of cervical vagotomy on anastomotic bronchial blood flow after pulmonary artery obstruction in dogs

Pensabene J.W.; Gates R.A.; Jenkins R.K.; Fiddler W., 1987:
Effect of cesium 137 radiation on the formation of n nitrosopyrrolidine in bacon

Messiha F.S., 1984:
Effect of cesium and ethanol on tumor bearing rats

Tarasenko, N.Iu.; Lemeshevskaia, E.P., 1978:
Effect of cesium compounds on the body

Bulaev, V.M.; Ostrovskaya, R.U., 1978:
Effect of cesium lithium and rubidium on some effects of morphine

Binah O.; Mager S.; Palti Y., 1988:
Effect of cesium lithium and sodium on the potassium conductance and gating kinetics in the frog node of ranvier

Haskell W.L.; Camargo C.Jr; Williams P.T.; Vranizan K.M.; Krauss R.M.; Lindgren F.T.; Wood P.D., 1984:
Effect of cessation and resumption of moderate alcohol intake on serum high density lipo protein subfractions a controlled study

Israel, M.; Manaranche, R.; Morot Gaudry-Talarmain, Y.; Lesbats, B.; Gulik-Krzywicki, T.; Dedieu, J.C., 1987:
Effect of cetiedil on acetylcholine release and intramembrane particles in cholinergic synaptosomes

Schmidt, W.F.; Asakura, T.; Schwartz, E., 1982:
Effect of cetiedil on cation and water movements in erythrocytes

Yamaguchi A.; Asakura T.; Tanoue K.; Yamazaki H., 1985:
Effect of cetiedil on platelet aggregation and thromboxane synthesis

Kella, N.K.D.; Rao, M.S.N., 1985:
Effect of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide on the heat induced denaturation and protein protein interactions of arachin at ph 3.6

Abu-Elamayem, M.M.; Shehata, M.R.A.; Tantawy, G.A.; Ibrahim, I.K.; Schuman, M.A., 1978:
Effect of cga 12223 and benomyl on meloidogyne javanica and rhizoctonia solani

Christ R.A., 1985:
Effect of cga 123407 4 6 dichloro 2 phenylpyrimidine as a safener for pretilachlor in rice oryza sativa recordings of elongation rates of single rice leaves

Crassweller R.M., 1982:
Effect of cga 15281 an ethylene generating material on maturity of apple malus domestica cultivar delicious

Ecsedi G.G.; Virag S.; Hidvegi E.J., 1981:
Effect of ch 123 a pyrido 1 2 a pyrimidine derivative on the elevated activity of lysosomal enzymes of rabbit aorta and liver in experimental athero sclerosis

Tsuchiya, T.; Sekita, S.; Koyama, K.; Natori, S.; Takahashi, A., 1987:
Effect of chaetochromin a chaetochromin d and ustilaginoidin a bisnaphtho gamma pyrone derivatives on the mouse embryo limb bud and midbrain cells in culture

Yeh C.C.; Sinclair J.B., 1980:
Effect of chaetomium cupreum on seed germination and antagonism to other seed borne fungi of soybean glycine max

Palmero, H.A.; Caeiro, T.F.; Iosa, D.J., 1979:
Effect of Chagas' disease on arterial blood pressure

Sterin-Borda, L.; Cossio, P.M.; Gimeno, M.F.; Gimeno, A.L.; Diez, C.; Laguens, R.P.; Cabeza-Meckert, P.; Arana, R.M., 1976:
Effect of chagasic sera on the rat isolated atrial preparation immunological morphological and functional aspects

Trout G.R.; Schmidt G.R., 1986:
Effect of chain length and concentration on the degree of dissociation of phosphates used in food products

Lien, E.J.; Perrin, J.H., 1976:
Effect of chain length on critical micelle formation and protein binding of quaternary ammonium compounds

Bettelheim, F.A.; Siew, E.L., 1983:
Effect of change in concentration upon lens turbidity as predicted by the random fluctuation theory

Tsuchiya K.; Ohwatari N.; Kosaka M., 1981:
Effect of change in environmental air temperature on heart rate in thermally acclimated rats

Katalymov L.L., 1980:
Effect of change in external concentration of sodium chloride and potassium ions on the trace de polarization in ranviers isthmus of isolated nerve fibers

Reddy L.P.; Thombre D.P.; Kela A.K.; Rai U.C., 1984:
Effect of change in limb position of mean electrical axis and amplitudes of qrs complex of rat electrocardiogram

Tanaka, S.; Matsuka, M.; Sakai, T., 1976:
Effect of change in photoperiod on wing form in pteronemobius taprobanensis orthoptera gryllidae

Chakraborti R.K.; Bhowmik M.L.; Halder D.D., 1986:
Effect of change in salinity on the survival of penaeus monodon fabricius postlarvae

Cheng, H.H., 1976:
Effect of change in soil moisture on the toxicity of chlorpyrifos and leptophos to the dark sided cutworm euxoa messoria lepidoptera noctuidae

Allison J.C.S.; Daynard T.B., 1979:
Effect of change in time of flowering induced by altering photoperiod or temperature on attributes related to yield in maize

Bieliauskas V.J.; Farragher J., 1983:
Effect of change of the size of the drawing sheet on the house tree person test iq scores

Chung S.J.; Hong S.K.; Nahm S H., 1985:
Effect of change somato cardiac reflex on the blood pressure and impulse discharge of cardiac vagal afferents

Aro E.M.; Karunen P., 1979:
Effect of changed environmental conditions on glyco lipids of the mosses pleurozium schreberi and ceratodon purpureus

Feller U., 1979:
Effect of changed source sink relations on proteolytic activities and on nitrogen mobilization in field grown wheat triticum aestivum

Davies, A.; Nadal, J.A.; Weinmann, G., 1984:
Effect of changes in airway pressure on breathing pattern in conscious dogs

Bogush, N.L.; Gushchin, I.S., 1976:
Effect of changes in alpha adrenergic and beta adrenergic sensitivity to the anaphylactic reaction of guinea pig bronchi

Abe K.; Matsuura N.; Endo M.; Fujita H.; Fukushima N.; Nohara Y., 1982:
Effect of changes in basal metabolic rate on the circadian rhythm of human body temperature

Bevegård, S.; Castenfors, J.; Lindblad, L.E., 1977:
Effect of changes in blood volume distribution on circulatory variables and plasma renin activity in man

Tsvetkov V.I., 1979 :
Effect of changes in buoyancy of physoclistic fishes on the efficiency of their defense food interrelations

Hvidberg S.V.K.; Fernandes A., 1981:
Effect of changes in carbon di oxide tension and body positions on intra ocular pressure during general anesthesia

Smith M.L.; Graitzer H.M.; Hudson D.L.; Raven P.B., 1988:
Effect of changes in cardiac autonomic balance on blood pressure regulation in man

Ternova T.I.; Vul'fson I.N., 1982:
Effect of changes in cardiac rhythm frequency on the hemodynamics of the greater circulation in children

Tskitishvili O.V.; Novikova E.B., 1981:
Effect of changes in cardiac rhythm on the blood supply of the dog intact myo cardium in short term local ischemia

Gilmartin, A.J., 1976:
Effect of changes in character sets upon within group phenetic distance

Grendell, J.H.; Rothman, S.S., 1982:
Effect of changes in circulating amylase levels on amylase output in bile

Felsher, B.F., 1976:
Effect of changes in dietary components on the serum bilirubin in Gilbert's syndrome

Beukes G.J.; D.B.uiyn H.; Vermaak W.J.H., 1987:
Effect of changes in epidemiological factors on the composition and racial distribution of renal calculi

Drewnowska K.; Biber T.U.L., 1988:
Effect of changes in extracellular chloride on intracellular chloride activity in frog skin

McNeilly, A.S., 1985:
Effect of changes in FSH induced by bovine follicular fluid and FSH infusion in the preovulatory phase on subsequent ovulation rate and corpus luteum function in the ewe

Schuster D.P.; Marklin G.F., 1986:
Effect of changes in inflation and blood volume on regional lung density positron emission tomographic study 2

Fomovskii B.I., 1980:
Effect of changes in infraorbital nerve stimulation intensity and frequency on neuronal activity in the 1st somato sensory area of cat cerebral cortex

Rhee K.S.; Dutson T.R.; Smith G.C., 1982:
Effect of changes in inter muscular and sub cutaneous fat levels on cholesterol content of raw and cooked beef steaks

Bader C.R.; Bertrand D., 1984:
Effect of changes in intra cellular and extracellular sodium on the inward anomalous rectification in salamander photo receptors

Paterson S.; Morgan E.H., 1980:
Effect of changes in ionic environment of reticulocytes on the uptake of transferrin bound iron

Pilarski, J., 1977:
Effect of changes in light intensity on net photosynthesis in nuphar luteum leaves

Hassan, A.A.; Tooke, J.E., 1988:
Effect of changes in local skin temperature on postural vasoconstriction in man

Seelig, J.M.; Wei, E.P.; Kontos, H.A.; Choi, S.C.; Becker, D.P., 1983:
Effect of changes in magnesium ion concentration on cat cerebral arterioles

Monos, E.; Szucs, B., 1978 :
Effect of changes in mean arterial pressure on the structure of short term blood pressure waves

Magazanik L.G.; Giniatullin R.A., 1986:
Effect of changes in membrane potential and temperature on postsynaptic potentiation in the neuromuscular junction of the frog

Jayawardane N.S.; Blackwell J.; Stapper M., 1987:
Effect of changes in moisture profiles of a transitional red brown earth with surface and slotted gypsum applications on the development and yield of a wheat crop

Kuttumuratova A.T.; Tret'yakov Y.Y., 1987:
Effect of changes in osmolarity on the blood and lymph microvessels of the rat mesentery

Morozova I.Yu; Morozov A.V.; Dushkin M.I.; Dolgov A.V.; Medvedeva I.N., 1985:
Effect of changes in oxygen regimen on the activity of liver cholesterol esterases in intact rats and rats subjected to chronic hypoxia

Kielar, R.A.; Teraslinna, P.; Kearney, J.T.; Barker, D., 1977:
Effect of changes in partial pressure on carbon di oxide on intra ocular tension

Bönner, G.; Schwertschlag, U.; Marin-Grez, M.; Gross, F., 1983:
Effect of changes in perfusion pressure on renal and urinary kallikrein in the isolated perfused rat kidney

Zagnoiko V.I.; Nardid O.A.; Lugovoi V.I., 1985:
Effect of changes in permeability of lysosomal and mitochondrial membranes on ability of their cryoextracts to inhibit protein synthesizing activity of the cell free system

Plekhanov S.E.; Maksimova I.V., 1981:
Effect of changes in physicochemical parameters of the medium on scenedesmus quadricauda development

Hicks, B.H.; Taylor, C.I.; Vij, S.K.; Pek, S.; Knopf, R.F.; Floyd, J.C.; Fajans, S.S., 1977 :
Effect of changes in plasma levels of free fatty acids on plasma glucagon, insulin, and growth hormone in man

Del Guercio R.; Gentile S.; Saponara A.; D.B.ono A.F.G., 1980:
Effect of changes in posture beta blocking agents and cold pressure test on plasma renin activity levels in low renin essential hypertension

Geers A.B.; Koomans H.A.; Mees E.J.D., 1986:
Effect of changes in posture on circulatory homeostasis in patients with the nephrotic syndrome

Askins R.A.; Philbrick M.J., 1987:
Effect of changes in regional forest abundance on the decline and recovery of a forest bird community

Williams L.E.; Dejong T.M.; Phillips D.A., 1982:
Effect of changes in shoot carbon exchange rate on soybean glycine max cultivar clark root nodule activity

Coutin Churchman P., 1983:
Effect of changes in stimulus intensity and sensory acuity on auditory brain stem response

Revin V.V.; Liyas'kin Y.K.; Kadimaliev D.A.; Avakyan E.A.; Kol's O.R., 1987:
Effect of changes in temperature on the cholesterol phospholipid ratio in frog and squid nerve conductors

Hovell F.D.D.; Orskov E.R.; Macleod N.A.; Mcdonald I., 1983:
Effect of changes in the amount of energy infused as volatile fatty acids on the nitrogen retention and creatinine excretion of lambs wholly nourished by intra gastric infusion

Klimova, V.L.; Ivankova, Z.G., 1977:
Effect of changes in the bottom population in peter the great bay on feeding and growth rates of some flounder species

Vornovitskii, E.G.; Galfayan, A.A.; Kaidash, A.N.; Khodorov, B.I., 1978:
Effect of changes in the concentration of sodium potassium and calcium in the medium on rhythm inotropic relationships in the pathologically altered myo cardium

Boesby, S., 1977:
Effect of changes in the intra gastric milieu on competence of the gastro esophageal region a study in normal subjects

Lohia, A.; Majumdar, S.; Chatterjee, A.N.; Das, J., 1985:
Effect of changes in the osmolarity of the growth medium on Vibrio cholerae cells

Sagalovich B.M.; Mazo I.L., 1983:
Effect of changes in the perilymph electrolyte composition on endo cochlear potentials

Vinogradova, E.B., 1976:
Effect of changes in the photoperiodic regime in the imaginal period of the bluebottle fly calliphora vicina diptera calliphoridae on the induction of larval diapause in the progeny

Elstner, E.F.; Suhadolnik, R.J.; Allerhand, A., 1973:
Effect of changes in the pool of acetate on the incorporation and distribution of carbon 13 and carbon 14 labeled acetate into showdomycin by streptomyces showdoensis

Suzuki, M.; Yoshida, K.; Sakurada, T.; Kaise, N.; Kaise, K.; Fukazawa, H.; Nomura, T.; Itagaki, Y.; Yonemitsu, K.; Yamamoto, M., 1986:
Effect of changes in thyroid state on metabolism of thyroxine by rat placenta

Domalik-Wawrzynski, L.J.; Powell, W.J.; Guerrero, L.; Palacios, I., 1987:
Effect of changes in ventricular relaxation on early diastolic coronary blood flow in canine hearts

Mccauley E.; Kalff J., 1987:
Effect of changes in zooplankton on orthophosphate dynamics of natural phytoplankton communities

Katkov-Yu, A., 1978:
Effect of changes of brain mono amine level on elaborated escape reaction in rats

Ohnishi T.; Kiyama S., 1987:
Effect of changes of the temperature ph and calcium ion concentration of the solutions used for protoplast fusion on the improvement of the fusion ability of mulberry protoplasts

Lamping K.; Gofman J.; Duzman E.; Leopold I.H.; Novack G.D., 1987:
Effect of changing beta blocker treatment in six patients allergic to timolol

Jones, J.E.; Hughes, B.L.; Barnett, B.D., 1976:
Effect of changing dietary energy levels and environmental temperatures on feed consumption and egg production of single comb white leghorns

Small W.C.; Goldstein J.H., 1981:
Effect of changing extracellular osmolality on water transport in the human red blood cell as measured by the cell water residence time and the activation energy of water transport

Oba T.; Hotta K., 1983:
Effect of changing free calcium on light diffraction intensity and correlation with tension development in skinned fibers of frog rana catesbeiana skeletal muscle

Umezawa S I.; Taneda K.; Yamasaki M.; Fujisawa K.; Ohara M., 1988:
Effect of changing illumination on oxygen consumption of fishes in relation to behavioral habits

Dohn, M.N.; Baughman, R.P., 1985:
Effect of changing instilled volume for bronchoalveolar lavage in patients with interstitial lung disease

Nelson L.; Esler M.D.; Jennings G.L.; Korner P.I., 1986:
Effect of changing levels of physical activity on blood pressure and hemodynamics in essential hypertension

Walker, A.M.; Ritchie, B.C.; Adamson, T.M.; Maloney, J.E., 1988:
Effect of changing lung liquid volume on the pulmonary circulation of fetal lambs

Novack, G.D.; David, R.; Lee, P.F.; Freeman, M.I.; Duzman, E.; Batoosingh, A.L., 1988:
Effect of changing medication regimens in glaucoma patients

Selenkov, N.A.; Kozlov, L.G., 1976:
Effect of changing moisture air system of heavy soils during their drainage on the level of acid soluble forms of iron and on the productivity of grassland phytocenosis

Krasinski, K.; LaCouture, R.; Holzman, R.S., 1987:
Effect of changing needle disposal systems on needle puncture injuries

Hinds, L.A.; den Ottolander, R.C., 1983:
Effect of changing photoperiod on peripheral plasma prolactin and progesterone concentrations in the tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii)

W.J C., 1985:
Effect of changing photoperiod temperature and food quality on the migration of rice leaf roller cnaphalocrocis medinalis

Grisar T.; Franck G., 1981:
Effect of changing potassium ion concentrations on rat cerebral slices in vitro a study during development

Towner, K.J.; Slack, R.C., 1986:
Effect of changing selection pressures on trimethoprim resistance in Enterobacteriaceae

Ashley, C.C.; Moisescu, D.G., 1977:
Effect of changing the composition of the bathing solutions upon the isometric tension calcium partial pressure relationship in bundles of crustacean myo fibrils

Lupa, K.; Wójcik, G.; Niechaj, A., 1978:
Effect of changing the frequency of conditioning tetanus on depressor responses evoked by stimulation of the aortic nerve

Ganesan, R.; Pearce, J.M., 1988:
Effect of changing the unconditioned stimulus on appetitive blocking

G.P.K.; Wang B Y.; Chen Y I.; Shang M.; Liu X J.; Jin Z J., 1983:
Effect of changrolin on electro physiological properties of canine purkinje fibers

Takahashi G.; Higashi S., 1984:
Effect of channel alteration on fish habitat

Castle, N.A.; Haylett, D.G., 1987:
Effect of channel blockers on potassium efflux from metabolically exhausted frog skeletal muscle

Yamagata Y., 1984:
Effect of channel slope and stream discharge on the distribution of blackfly larvae in guatemala

Rastogi R.; Baijal M.; Kidwai A.M., 1988:
Effect of chaotropes on frog skeletal muscle sarcolemma

Kumar, S.A.; Beach, T.; Dickerman, H.W., 1978:
Effect of chaotropic anions on the rate of dissociation of estradiol receptor protein complexes of mouse uterine cytosol

Jariwalla, R.J.; Grossberg, S.E.; Sedmak, J.J., 1977:
Effect of chaotropic salts and protein denaturants on the thermal stability of mouse fibroblast interferon

Khon Y.V.; Ilyukhina V.A., 1981:
Effect of characteristics of chronically implanted intra cerebral gold electrodes on recording of the brain physiological parameters

Shi, Z.Q.; Chang, T.M., 1984:
Effect of charcoal hemoperfusion on amino acid disturbance in experimental hepatic coma

Olkkola K.T., 1985:
Effect of charcoal to drug ratio on antidotal efficacy of oral activated charcoal in man

Blanquet P.R., 1979:
Effect of charge changes in ligand triggered membrane cooperative transitions

Akhrem A.A.; Kiseleva S.N.; Kisel M.A.; Kiselev P.A., 1985:
Effect of charge of the model phospholipid membrane and its phase state on interaction of dimethylcyclohexylamine with methemoglobin

Spangler, R.S.; Triebwasser, K.C.; Wilson, M.L., 1986:
Effect of charge on hepatic specific nature of vesicle encapsulated insulin in conscious dogs

Hupe D.J.; W.D., 1980:
Effect of charged substituents on rates of the thiol di sulfide interchange reaction

Mullan W.M.A.; Daly C.; Fox P.F., 1981:
Effect of cheese making temperatures on the interactions of lactic streptococci and their phages

Dolezalek J.; Satna Z., 1985:
Effect of cheese pressing and forming in the perforated pressing vat perfora on the variability of the edam block

Dunham, D.W., 1978:
Effect of chela white on agonistic success in a diogenid hermit crab calcinus laevimanus

Singh B.; Bollu R.P., 1986:
Effect of chelated and inorganic zinc and manganese on the content of nitrogen and potassium in paddy plants and grains

Satomi K.; Sasaki A.; Yokoyama M., 1988:
Effect of chelating agents and antioxidants on the lipid oxidation in fish sausage

Bhatla S.C.; Chopra R.N., 1983:
Effect of chelating agents and metal ions on gametangial formation in the moss bryum argenteum

Sharma P.; Chopra R.N., 1985:
Effect of chelating agents and metal ions on growth and fertility in the male clones of the moss microdus brasiliensis

Rahbar K.; Chopra R.N., 1983:
Effect of chelating agents on bud induction and accumulation of iron and copper by the moss bartramidula bartramioides

Ikeda, S.; Kegoya, Y.; Hatanaka, C., 1984:
Effect of chelating agents on exopolygalacturonate lyase ec of erwinia carotovora ssp carotovora

Partridge, C.D.; Yates, M.G., 1982:
Effect of chelating agents on hydrogenase in Azotobacter chroococcum. Evidence that nickel is required for hydrogenase synthesis

Patel, P.M.; Wallace, A.; Romney, E.M., 1977:
Effect of chelating agents on phyto toxicity of lead and lead transport

Rainbow P.S.; Scott A.G.; Wiggins E.A.; Jackson R.W., 1980:
Effect of chelating agents on the accumulation of cadmium by the barnacle semibalanus balanoides and complexation of soluble cadmium zinc and copper

Cantilena L.R.Jr; Klaassen C.D., 1982:
Effect of chelating agents on the excretion of endogenous metals

Gupta G.N.; Deb D.L., 1984:
Effect of chelating agents on zinc diffusion in 2 soils

Van-Lam, H.; Gammon, N.J., 1976:
Effect of chelation agent chelate concentration shaking time and ph of extracting solution on the removal of copper zinc manganese and iron from apopka fine sand

Bartlett, R.J.; Riego, D.C., 1972:
Effect of chelation on the toxicity of aluminum

Mikadze G.V.; Gognadze N.I.; Karseladze M.V.; Zaalishvili M.M., 1980:
Effect of chelators and magnesium ions on the contraction of film fibers of a protein m acto myosin complex

Vozvyshaeva, L.V.; Gol'dfel'd, M.G.; Tsapin, A.I., 1978:
Effect of chelators on the hill reaction in chloroplasts with silico molybdate as an electron acceptor

Victor, D.M.; Martin, D.F., 1977:
Effect of chelators on the suitability of natural waters for hydrilla verticillata growth

Dahl, J.L.; Bloom, D.D.; Epstein, M.L.; Fox, D.A.; Bass, P., 1987:
Effect of chemical ablation of myenteric neurons on neurotransmitter levels in the rat jejunum

Prasad C.; Balachandran R., 1987:
Effect of chemical additives on ph and heat stability of buffalo milk at different levels of concentration

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Effect of chemical agents and stress factors on the stability of liver cell organelles of chicks

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Effect of chemical agents for plant protection on the fauna of arthropods in orchards ii. direct influence of the insectoacaricides on agrocenoses

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Effect of chemical agents on the early development of eggs of the vector snail indoplanorbis exustus

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Effect of chemical ameliorants and rice straw on the biological activity of takyr like soils in the akdala irrigation area kazakh ssr ussr

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Effect of chemical amelioration on biological processes in solonetz soil at different irrigation levels

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Effect of chemical and biological agents on the incidence of aspergillus flavus and aflatoxin contamination of peanut arachis hypogaea seed

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Effect of chemical and biological treatments on take all of winter wheat

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Effect of chemical and enzymatic degradation on the functional properties of fraction 1 protein

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Effect of chemical and enzymatic treatment on digestibility of cellulosic materials

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Effect of chemical and heat inactivation on the antigenicity and immunogenicity of Vibrio cholerae

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Effect of chemical and humectant treatments on the mechanical and fractographic behavior of negroid hair

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Effect of chemical and physical mutagenic factors on tetracycline producing streptomyces aureofaciens

Huntsman S.A., 1981:
Effect of chemical and physical regimes on primary production off the usa east coast

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Effect of chemical and physical treatments on rancidity development of frozen mullet mugil cephalus fillets

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Effect of chemical and physiological factors on the kinetics for product formation as it relates to enzyme activity and concentration reaction time and to substrate adsorption and affinity

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Effect of chemical anti foams on penicillium chrysogenum respiration intensity

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Effect of chemical carcinogen treatment on the immunogenicity of mouse mammary tumors arising from hyperplastic alveolar nodule outgrowth lines

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Effect of chemical carcinogenesis and noradrenaline on activity of nucleoside phospho kinases in liver cells

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Effect of chemical carcinogens on pancreatic DNA synthesis in vivo

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Effect of chemical carcinogens on the ultrastructure of differentiating myogenic cells in culture

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Effect of chemical cationization of antigen on glomerular localization of immune complexes in active models of serum sickness nephritis in rabbits

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Effect of chemical coagulation on anaerobic digestibility of organic materials

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Effect of chemical components of ash wood on the degree of wood moth zuezera pyrina harmfulness

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Effect of chemical composition on compressive mechanical properties of low ester pectin gels

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Effect of chemical composition on leaf litter decomposition in forest soil

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Effect of chemical compounds on the relationship between phytophthora infestans and host plants 4. effect of phenols

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Effect of chemical control on fungal diseases and yield of barley

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Effect of chemical damage to the renal medulla on its anti hypertensive function

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Effect of chemical de foliation of cotton gossypium hirsutum crop on the time of its maturity

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Effect of chemical de sympathization on the contractile function and energy metabolism of heart muscle

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Effect of chemical defoliant on yield cotton grade components and yarn quality

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Effect of chemical defoliation on leaf and bract content in raw cotton

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Effect of chemical deposits from spraying adjacent rows on efficacy of peach prunus persica bloom thinners

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Effect of chemical destruction of adrenergic neurons on some cholinergic mechanisms in adult rat sympathetic ganglia

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Effect of chemical desympathetization on atpase and lipid per oxidation of erythrocyte membranes in rats with myo cardial infarction

Kondaiah N.; Zeuthen P.; Jul M., 1985:
Effect of chemical dips on unchilled fresh beef inoculated with escherichia coli staphylococcus aureus streptococcus faecalis and clostridium perfringens and stored at 30 celsius and 20 celsius

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Effect of chemical fertilization of a natural pasture on populations of oribatids acarina oribatei

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Effect of chemical fertilization on growth of casuarina equisetifolia seedlings

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Effect of chemical fertilizers and nitrogenous compounds on the sclerotia of sclerotium rolfsii in soil

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Effect of chemical fertilizers on the seed yield of tall fescue festuca arundinacea in transylvanian romania conditions

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Effect of chemical fixation methods on membrane images in yeast cell sections

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Effect of chemical foam suppressors on mass exchange rate in oxytetracycline biosynthesis

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Effect of chemical growth retardants on turf grass morphology

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Effect of chemical immunizers on growth and spore formation of the flax anthracnose pathogen

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Effect of chemical induction of lipid per oxidation on heart contractile function

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Effect of chemical inhibitors of photo respiration on nitrogenase activity in nodulated alfalfa medicago sativa plants

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Effect of chemical maintenance of forests on the biological activity and agrochemical properties of the soil

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Effect of chemical mediators histamine brady kinin serotonin and acetyl choline on antigen induced or mitogen induced lymphocyte activation

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Effect of chemical modification and carboxylate anions on the trans amination of phenyl alanine and alanine in the active center of chicken cytosol aspartate trans aminase

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Effect of chemical modification of amino groups by fluorescamine on partial reactions of photosynthesis

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Effect of chemical modification of antigen on characteristics of immune complexes and their glomerular localization in the murine renal tissues

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Effect of chemical modification of cysteine residues in the phage ms 2 coat protein on repressor complex formation with ms 2 rna

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Effect of chemical modification of cytoplasmic activator protein on human red cell membrane calcium ii ion magnesium ii ion atpase

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Effect of chemical modification of di hydro uridine in yeast transfer rna acceptor activity and ribosomal binding

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Effect of chemical modification of erythrocyte surface on its resistance to the lytic action of sodium alkyl sulfates

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Effect of chemical modification of lysyl residues on biological properties of russian sturgeon acipenser gonadotropin and its alpha subunit and beta subunit

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Effect of chemical modification of sulfhydryl groups of human erythrocyte enzymes

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Effect of chemical modification of super coiled sv 40 dna on the rate of in vitro transcription

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Effect of chemical modification on proteinase interaction with inhibitors and on their coagulability and acute toxicity

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Effect of chemical modification on structure and activity of glucoamylase from aspergillus candidus and rhizopus species

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Effect of chemical modification on the crystallization of calcium atpase in sarcoplasmic reticulum

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Effect of chemical modification on thermal stability of horseradish peroxidase

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Effect of chemical modifications at tryptophan 108 on binding of lanthanide ions to hen egg white lysozyme application of natural abundance carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy

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Effect of chemical modifications of myelin basic protein on its interaction with lipid interfaces and cell fusion ability

Krasil'nikov O.V., 1980:
Effect of chemical modifications of the cyto toxic poly peptide from the venom of the central asian cobra on its membrane activity

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Effect of chemical modifications on some physicochemical properties and heat coagulation of egg albumin

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Effect of chemical modifications on the function of constant regions of immuno globulin g

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Effect of chemical modifications on the gushing inducing activity of a hydrophobic protein produced by a nigrospora sp

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Effect of chemical modifiers of amino acid residues on proton conduction by the proton translocating atpase of mitochondria

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Effect of chemical mutagen ethyl methanesulfonate on growth and development of peas pisum sativum

Saeed A., 1981:
Effect of chemical mutagen on ha ploid tobacco plants

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Effect of chemical mutagens and x rays in rice variety latisail seedlings

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Effect of chemical mutagens in the gaseous phase on pea and wheat seeds

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Effect of chemical mutagens on barley hordeum vulgare var coeleste in various high regions of pamir ussr

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Effect of chemical mutagens on changes in soybean growth complex in symbiosis with tuber bacteria

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Effect of chemical mutagens on chiasma frequency in capsicum annuum

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Effect of chemical mutagens on level of ascorbic acid in trigonella species

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Effect of chemical mutagens on survival and sowing effectiveness of mesophyllic protoplasts of tobacco nicotiana tabacum

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Effect of chemical mutagens on the content of dry matter and starch in potato tubers

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Effect of chemical perturbation with sodium thio cyanate on receptor estradiol interaction a new exchange assay at low temperature

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Effect of chemical pretreatments on the thermal degradation of corn husk lignocellulosics

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Effect of chemical protectors on fast neutron induced reversions in yeast

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Effect of chemical radioprotection on radiation injury of chromosomes

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Effect of chemical radioprotectors on serum proteins of rats exposed to gamma radiation

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Effect of chemical reductant and photosystem ii light on the yield of chlorophyll a luminescence in isolated chloroplasts

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Effect of chemical regulation of maturation of wheat grain senication on fractional composition of protein

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Effect of chemical seed treatment on seed borne telio spores of karnal bunt of wheat

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Effect of chemical seed treatments on symptoms caused by seed borne barley stripe mosaic virus in vantage barley

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Effect of chemical soil treatment on plant growth nitrogen fixation and fungal colonization of rhizobium japonicum nodules of soybeans

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Effect of chemical speciation on toxicity of cadmium to grass shrimp palaemonetes pugio importance of free cadmium ion

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Effect of chemical sterilization on sexual functions of male mosquitoes

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Effect of chemical stimuli on nerves supplying upper airway muscles

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Effect of chemical structure on nonelectrolyte penetration of the oral mucosa

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Effect of chemical structure on the bio degradability of ddt

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Effect of chemical structure temperature crop oil concentrate and bentazon on the behavior of haloxyfop in yellow foxtail setaria glauca a quantitative modeling approach

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Effect of chemical substances on the interactions of phytophthora infestans with host plants 2. effect of fungicides and antibiotics

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Effect of chemical sympathectomy and pinealectomy upon gonads of voles (Microtus agrestis) exposed to short photoperiod

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Effect of chemical sympathectomy on coronary flow and cardio vascular adjustment to exercise in dogs

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Effect of chemical sympathectomy on glycogen storage in rat skeletal muscle in thermal trauma

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Effect of chemical sympathectomy on insulin stimulated gastric secretion in dogs

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Effect of chemical sympathectomy on mitochondrial function in the ischemic and re perfused myo cardium

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Effect of chemical sympathectomy on renal hydroelectrolyte handling in dogs with chronic caval constriction

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Effect of chemical sympathectomy with oxidopamine on systemic blood flow in rats with acute pancreatitis

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Effect of chemical thinners on cultivar delicious apple trees previously sprayed with gibberellins a 4 and a 7 plus 6 benzylaminopurine

Greene D.W., 1983:
Effect of chemical thinners on fruit set and fruit characteristics of aminoethoxyvinyl glycine treated apples malus domestica

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Effect of chemical treatment in soil on emergence penetration and development of heterodera avenae on wheat

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Effect of chemical treatment on solubilization of crystalline cellulose and cellulosic wastes with pellicularia filamentosa cellulase

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Effect of chemical treatment on the properties of activated carbon from indigenous agrowastes

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Effect of chemical treatments against codling moth laspeyresia pomonella lepidoptera tortricidae on the accompanying lepidoptera species and their natural enemies

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Effect of chemical treatments and gamma rays on starch content of sweet potatoes and its properties

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Effect of chemical treatments on microbiological sensory and physical qualities of individually shrink wrapped produce

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Effect of chemical treatments on potato disease control in progeny tubers

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Effect of chemical treatments on shelf life and quality of raspberries

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Effect of chemical treatments on the degradability of cotton straw by rumen microorganisms and by fungal cellulase

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Effect of chemical treatments on the emergence of tea seed after storage

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Effect of chemical treatments on the stability of dehydrated carrot

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Effect of chemical vernalization of seeds on sex expression in cucumber cucumis sativus and maize zea mays

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Effect of chemical weed control and population density on the establishment of glycine wightii species

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Effect of chemical weed control on the nutrition and seed yield of direct sown rice oryza sativa

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Effect of chemical weeding on productivity and quality of fodder lupine yield

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Effect of chemically modified 70s rna from avian myeloblastosis virus upon the activity of avian myeloblastosis virus dna polymerase

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Effect of chemically processed bone meal alone and in combination with organic materials on plant growth part 1 rice wheat rotation in an alluvial soil

Vimal, O.P.; Ramasami, S., 1976:
Effect of chemically processed bone meal in comparison to other phosphatic sources on plant growth part 1 rice wheat rotation in an alluvial soil

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Effect of chemicals and a phytotherapeutic substance on biological phenomena of meloidogyne javanica infesting tomato

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Effect of chemicals and cultural methods of weed control in soybean glycine max

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Effect of chemicals and photoperiod on the growth and flowering of thanksgiving cactus schlumbergera truncata

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Effect of chemicals hot water and hulling on breaking corm dormancy in summer flowering gladiolus gladiolus spp

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Effect of chemicals in the control of damping off on tobacco transplants

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Effect of chemicals on respiration vase life and quality of cut rose rosa hybrida cultivar sonia flowers

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Effect of chemicals on systemic acquired resistance in tobacco variety samsun nn

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Effect of chemicals on the carbohydrate contents of pumpkin cucurbita pepo seeds during germination

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Effect of chemicals on the interrelationship between phytophthora infestans and its host plants part 1 effect of steroids

Aliev M.O., 1985:
Effect of chemicals on the variability of reproductive and vegetative organs of mulberry of varying ploidy

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Effect of chemo sterilant colchicine to find out the sterilizing dose on chrysomya megacephala diptera calliphoridae

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Effect of chemo sterilants on the gonads of bandicota bengalensis bengalensis

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Effect of chemo sterilants on the male reproductive system of the castor semilooper moth achroia janata

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Effect of chemo therapeutic agents on the uptake and excretion of amethopterin by the isolated perfused rat liver

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Effect of chemo therapy and radio therapy on the growth of human strains of respiratory and excretory organ tumors transplanted in nude mice

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Effect of chemo therapy and re infection on immuno globulin e containing and immuno globulin g containing circulating immune complexes serum immuno globulin e and immuno globulin e antibodies in patients chronically infected with schistosoma mansoni and schistosoma haematobium

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Effect of chemo therapy on infectiousness of initially treated smear positive tuberculous patients

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Effect of chemo therapy on the growth of human gastro intestinal tract tumor strains

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Effect of chemo therapy protocols on survival in patients with metastatic breast cancer

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Effect of chemoprophylaxis or systematic chemotherapy of febrile patients with chloroquine upon antimalarial fluorescent antibody levels

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Effect of chemosterilants thiourea and apholate on the neurosecretory system of odoiporus longicollis olivier coleoptera curculionidae

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Effect of chemotactic agents on rat and guinea pig eosinophil cytotoxicity in vitro

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Effect of chemotactic factors on hexose transport in polymorphonuclear leukocytes

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Effect of chemotactins released by Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa on the murine respiratory tract

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Effect of chemotherapy on gonadal function in women with breast cancer

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Effect of chemotherapy on natural killer function in the peripheral blood of cancer patients

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Effect of chemotherapy on schistosoma mansoni eggs

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Effect of chemotherapy on tear drop poikilocytes and other peripheral blood findings in myelofibrosis

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Effect of chemotherapy on the biological functions of lymphoblastoid cells infected with Theileria annulata

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Effect of chemotherapy on the histological appearances of testicular teratoma metastatic to the lung: correlation with patient survival

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Effect of chemotherapy on tumor temperature in rats

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Effect of cheno deoxy cholic acid on serum and biliary lipids in patients with hyper lipo proteinemia

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Effect of chenodeoxycholic acid and flopropione on plasma ubidecarenone concentration following oral administration

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Effect of chenodeoxycholic acid and ursodeoxycholic acid on isolated adult human hepatocytes

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Effect of chenodeoxycholic acid on biliary and urinary bile acids and bile alcohols in cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis; monitoring by high performance liquid chromatography

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Effect of chenodeoxycholic acid on the alterations of biliary lipid secretion induced by ethynylestradiol in the rat

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Effect of chest physio therapy on partial pressure of oxygen and partial pressure of carbon di oxide in premature and mature babies with respiratory distress syndrome

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Effect of chest wall distortion on occlusion pressure and the preterm diaphragm

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Effect of chest wall vibration on ventilation in patients with spinal cord lesion

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Effect of chest wall vibrations on pulmonary function in chronic bronchitis

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Effect of chewing gum containing sodium bicarbonate on human interproximal plaque pH

Topitsoglou, V.; Birkhed, D.; Larsson, L.A.; Frostell, G., 1983:
Effect of chewing gums containing xylitol, sorbitol or a mixture of xylitol and sorbitol on plaque formation, pH changes and acid production in human dental plaque

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Effect of chi casein glyco macro peptide on gastro intestinal motility in dogs

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Effect of chicken growth hormone, triiodothyronine and hypophysectomy in growing domestic fowl

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Effect of chicken hypothalamus on prolactin and growth hormone secretion in male chickens

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Effect of chicken manure and protein supplementation on the in vitro digestibility of maguey agave salmiana bagasse

Lee P.K.; Yang Y.F., 1981:
Effect of chicken manure plus tallow as partial substitute in finishing diets on the performance of fattening pigs

Khatri, R.; Gupta, A.N., 1978:
Effect of child birth on menstrual pattern

Dora K.C.; Hiremath G.G., 1987:
Effect of chilled sea water storage of oil sardine sardinella longiceps on quality changes during frozen storage

Basker D.; Klinger I.; Lapidot M.; Eisenberg E., 1986:
Effect of chilled storage of radiation pasteurized chicken carcasses on the eating quality of the resultant cooked meat

Ogawa Y., 1980:
Effect of chilling at germinating stage on the flowering response of pharbitis nil

Borkowska B.; Habdas H., 1982:
Effect of chilling benzyl amino purine and abscisic acid on development and cell constituents of in vitro cultured apple buds from dormant trees

Ibe S.N.; Grogan R.C., 1985:
Effect of chilling carbon dioxide and ethylene inhibitors on ethylene production and infection of green bell peppers capsicum annuum by erwinia carotovora ssp carotovora

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Effect of chilling injury on texture and fungal rot of mangoes mangifera indica

Janowiak F.; Markowski A., 1987:
Effect of chilling on germination growth survival and membrane permeability in seedlings of different breeding forms of maize zea mays l

Blahova, M., 1982:
Effect of chilling on nitrate reductase ec in the leaves and roots of cucumber cucumis sativus

Eaks I.L., 1980:
Effect of chilling on respiration and volatiles of california usa lemon citrus limon fruit

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Effect of chilling on the survival of Bacteroides fragilis

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Effect of chilling on the water balance of rice oryza sativa seedlings

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Effect of chilling temperature on plant metabolism of hevea brasiliensis

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Effect of chilling temperature on post mortem changes microbial load and tenderness in beef

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Effect of chilling temperatures on the protoplasmic streaming of plants from different climates

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Effect of chisel vs moldboard plowing on soil erosion by water

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Effect of chloramphenicol treatment on the biliary excretion of the drug

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Effect of chlorate nitrogen source and light on chlorate toxicity and nitrate reductase activity in soybean glycine max cultivar wells leaves

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Effect of chlorflurenol on sex expression fruit set and yield in abelmoschus esculentus

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Effect of chlorhexidine on the relative proportions of Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sanguis in hamster plaque

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Effect of chloride and glutamate ions on in vitro protein synthesis by the moderate halophile Vibrio costicola

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Effect of chloride concentration on the acute toxicity of nitrite to common carp cyprinus carpio

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Effect of chloride ion on kinetics of oxidation of threonine by chloramine t in acid medium

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Effect of chloride ion on the oxygen affinity of hemo globin york and s york hybrid hemo globin role of the beta 82 lysyl and beta 146 histidyl residues in chloride binding to hemo globin

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Effect of chloride ions on the interaction between salicylic acid and human serum albumin studied by frontal affinity chromatography

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Effect of chloride ions on the s state distribution and deactivation kinetics in preparations of the cyanobacterium anacystis nidulans

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Effect of chloride on chlorophyll photochemistry in solution enhancement of cation radical and semi quinone yields

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Effect of chloride sodium and amiloride on the electrical properties of dog tracheal epithelium in vitro

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Effect of chlorides of bivalent metals on the lipase activity of the fungus rhizopus microsporus strain uzlt 1

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Effect of chlorinated aliphatic hydro carbons on excretion of protein and electrolytes by rat pancreas

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Effect of chlorinated ethanes and ethylenes on electron transport in rat liver mitochondria

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Effect of chlorinated hydro carbons in the diet on the toxicity of several organo phosphorus insecticides

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Effect of chlorinated mono aromatic hydro carbons on biological membranes 3. effect of o di chloro benzene on rat liver

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Effect of chlorinated naphthalenes and ter phenyls on the activities of drug metabolizing enzymes in rat liver

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Effect of chlorination on the hydrophobicity of wheat starch

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Effect of chlorine and copper sulfate on the growth and physiology of mixed culture of algae

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Effect of chlorine dioxide water disinfection on hematologic and serum parameters of renal dialysis patients

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Effect of chlorine on growth and quality of tobacco 3. effect of application time of chlorine and chlorine content in fertilizer on quality of tobacco leaves

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Effect of chlorine on unsaturated lipids

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Effect of chlorine position on the distribution and excretion of 4 hexa chloro bi phenyl isomers

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Effect of chlorine substituent in the aromatic tetracycline ring on its reactivity with solvated electrons

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Effect of chlorine treatment on infectivity of hepatitis A virus

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Effect of chlorine treatment on wheat flour and starch measurement of thermal properties by differential scanning calorimetry

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Effect of chlorine water spraying for reducing bacterial load on carcass

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Effect of chlormethiazole on plasma acth concentrations in chronic alcoholics

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Effect of chlormethine chlorhydrate on the chromosomes in fanconi anemia application to diagnosis and detection of hetero zygotes

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Effect of chloro butanol on limulus polyphemus ventral photo receptor latency a model of a 2 component latent period

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Effect of chloro choline chloride and pre sowing hardening of seeds on tomato resistance to negative temperatures

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Effect of chloro choline chloride on biosynthesis of antho cyanins in leaves of red cabbage and spiderwort

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Effect of chloro choline chloride on carbohydrate metabolism of potato plants

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Effect of chloro choline chloride on growth of shoots and the dynamics of carbohydrate and phosphoric compound content in the peach relative to winter hardiness

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Effect of chloro choline chloride on intensity of photosynthesis yield and sugar content of sugar beets

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Effect of chloro choline chloride on soluble sugar and starch contents in winter wheat grain

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Effect of chloro choline chloride on stem formation in winter wheat and its lodging resistance

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Effect of chloro choline chloride on sunflower chosen for selection under artificial climate conditions

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Effect of chloro choline chloride on the accumulation of poly saccharides in aronia melanocarpa

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Effect of chloro choline chloride on the functional activity of wheat roots in relation to cold hardiness

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Effect of chloro choline chloride on the oxidase system in apple tree leaves

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Effect of chloro choline chloride on the resistance of wheat to an excess and deficiency of the water supply during the critical period

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Effect of chloro choline chloride on the state of water in frost resistant crops

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Effect of chloro choline chloride on winter wheat susceptibility to root rots under irrigated conditions

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Effect of chloro derivatives and bromo derivatives of iso crotonic acid on bio energetic processes in ehrlich ascites cells and isolated mitochondria

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Effect of chloro ethylamine on the structure of cells of mycobacterium rubrum

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Effect of chloro n demethyl diazepam on serum and brain tryptophan and serotonin in relation to the activity of central serotonergic neurons

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Effect of chloroquine on the intra lysosomal degradation of cell coat glyco proteins in the absorptive cells of cultured human small intestinal tissue as shown by silver proteinate staining

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Effect of chlorosis on carbohydrate content and composition in leaves and 1 year old shoots of sour cherries prunus cerasus

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Effect of chlorpromazine administration on enzyme activity concerning phosphatidic acid metabolism in rat liver

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Effect of chlorpromazine on myo cardial contractility and hemodynamics

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Effect of chlorpromazine on myocardial damage in the calcium paradox

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Effect of chlorpromazine on the cytoplasmic phosphatidate phospho hydrolase ec in rat liver

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Effect of chlorpromazine on the elaboration and extinction of an instrumental alimentary reflex in puppies

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Effect of chlorpromazine on the in vitro immune response

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Effect of chlorpromazine on the ultrastructure of Staphylococcus aureus

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Effect of chlorpropamide and gliclazide on plasminogen activator activity in vascular walls in patients with maturity onset diabetes

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Effect of chlorpropham on the flower induction of winter rape brassica napus var oleifera cultivar luesewitzer spaetsaatvertraeglicher

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Effect of chlorsulfuron a potent inhibitor of acetohydroxy acid synthase on metabolism of claviceps purpurea

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Effect of chlorsulfuron on the movement and fate of diclofop in italian ryegrass lolium multiflorum and wheat triticum aestivum

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Effect of chlortetracycline supplementation on the utilization of urea and nonurea rations by growing calves

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Effect of choleraic filtrate on the adenylate cyclase system in vitro

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Effect of cholesterol and growth factors on the proliferation of cultured human skin fibroblasts

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