Effect of copper deficiency on rat skin collagen

Nakabe, S.

Nihon University Journal of Medicine 26(6): 459-478


ISSN/ISBN: 0546-0352
Accession: 005229359

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Cu deficiency impaired the growth of rats. Serum Cu was reduced to about 1/7 of the normal level. In the Cu-deficient group, the total protein was reduced with a marked decrease in the .alpha.1-globulin fraction. As for the proteins extracted from the skin, the ASC and ISC was somewhat changed; a decrease in Hyp, Pro and Gly was noted. Further studies are required, especially in terms of the techniques for collagen fractionation and purification. Skin from the Cu-deficient rats had a lower thermal shrinkage, characteristic to collagen, and a lower tensile strength. This indicated qualitative changes in the skin collagen and elastin due to Cu deficiency.