Effect of cyto kinins on the expansion and metabolism of excised cucumber cucumis sativus cotyledons

Li X Z.

Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 7(3): 227-236


ISSN/ISBN: 0310-7841
Accession: 005230747

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Expansion of excised cucumber (C. sativus L.) cotyledons was stimulated by treatment with cytokinin, and commenced after a lag period of about 4 h. Expansion induced by benzyladenine (BA) was due mainly to increase of fresh weight, but cell number increased slightly. Hydrolysis of protein and lipid was stimulated by BA, and soluble sugars increased simultaneously. There was no significant change in the dry weight of cotyledons during the period of expansion. It is assumed that the transformation of lipid to sugar in the cotyledon is stimulated by BA. The respiration of cotyledons was evidently stimulated by BA and was entirely inhibited by respiratory inhibitors, e.g., NaN3, malonate and dinitrophenol. Inhibitors of protein and nucleic acid synthesis, such as chloramphenicol and actinomycin D, inhibited only the BA-induced expansion. They had no effect on the expansion of controls. These results suggest that different biochemical processes are involved in the expansion of cotyledons induced by BA and in controls. The former is related not only to respiration but also to the synthesis of protein and nucleic acid. BA increased DNA and RNA content per cotyledon. The increase of total RNA is due mainly to the increase of 25 S and 18 S rRNA.