Effect of different feeding level on performance of pleven blackface dairy ewes and its east friesian and awassi crosses ii. milk composition

Vitkov, V.T.

Zhivotnov"dni Nauki 22(6): 10-19


Accession: 005233564

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At the Experimental Station of Cattle and Sheep Breeding in Vidin [Bulgaria], a trial was conducted to determine the effect of a different feeding level on milk composition of the Pleven Blackface dairy ewes and its East Fresian and Awassi crosses. Three groups of ewes were formed, each with three subgroups, analogically adjusted as to breed, live weight, wool performance and milk yield of their dams. The ewes of the individual subgroups received the same feed but differing in quantity, i.e. 100, 120 and 80%, respectively. Milk samples were collected every 14 days from the beginning of lactation to drying off and analysed at the station laboratory. The results obtained showed that breed had a considerable effect on the dry matter, fat and protein of milk, however, had no marked bearing on the content of sugar and minerals. Moreover, the feeding level had no significant effect on the content of dry matter, fat and protein received by the ewes in the subgroups caused no considerable changes in the basic components of milk-dry matter, fat and protein.