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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5236

Chapter 5236 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Paulin A.; Kerhardy F.; Maestri B., 1985:
Effect of drought and prolonged refrigeration on senescence in cut carnation dianthus caryophyllus

Frischknecht P.M.; Battig M.; Baumann T.W., 1987:
Effect of drought and wounding stress on indole alkaloid formation in catharanthus roseus

Rozijn N.A.M.G.; Van Der Werf D.C., 1986:
Effect of drought during different stages in the life cycle on the growth and biomass allocation of two aira species

Genkel', P.A.; Tikhomirova, E.V., 1981:
Effect of drought hardening on protein content and glutamine synthetase ec activity in cereal crops

Foulds, W., 1971:
Effect of drought on 3 species of rhizobium

Robertson G., 1987:
Effect of drought on a breeding population of wedge tailed eagles aquila audax

Yao N.R.; Goue B.; Zeller B.; Monteny B., 1988:
Effect of drought on leaf development and dry matter production of the cassava manihot esculenta crantz plant

Mikhov M.I., 1985:
Effect of drought on lens productivity

Nicolas M.E.; Lambers H.; Simpson R.J.; Dalling M.J., 1985:
Effect of drought on metabolism and partitioning of carbon in 2 wheat triticum aestivum varieties differing in drought tolerance

Mali, P.C.; Mehta, S.L., 1977:
Effect of drought on proteins and iso enzymes in rice during germination

Zaugol'nova L.B., 1980:
Effect of drought on the ceno populations of some steppe plants

Gaughwin M.D.; Judson G.J.; Macfarlane W.V.; Siebert B.D., 1984:
Effect of drought on the health of wild hairy nosed wombats lasiorhinus latifrons

Levy Y.; Syvertsen J.P.; Nemec S., 1983:
Effect of drought stress and vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza on citrus transpiration and hydraulic conductivity of roots

Rouquette F.M.Jr; Keisling T.C.; Camp B.J.; Smith K.L., 1980:
Effect of drought stress on palatability of hybrid pearl millet pennisetum americanum

Nunez L.E.; Lenne J.M.; Toledo J.M., 1986:
Effect of drought stress on the development of anthracnose in 3 ecotypes of stylosanthes spp

Baskin C.C.; Baskin J.M.; Quarterman E., 1981:
Effect of drought stress on transpiration rates and leaf areas of astragalus tennesseensis a near endemic to cedar glades

Ghuman B.S.; Lal R.; Vanelslande A., 1985:
Effect of drought stress on water yam dioscorea alata

Suh H.D.; Park S.K.; Kwon Y.S., 1987:
Effect of drought time and period on the growth and yield of chinese cabbage

Patel, M.B.; Bishawi, K.O.; Nam, C.W.; McGinnis, J., 1980:
Effect of drug additives and type of diet on methionine requirement for growth, feed efficiency, and feathering of broilers reared in floor pens

Tsuchida A.; Kanai H.; Ogawa S.; Yano S.; Naruse T., 1988:
Effect of drug administration on experimental glomerular thrombosis

Fujimoto, S.; Inouye, T.; Tsukagoshi, S., 1976:
Effect of drug combination on anti tumor activity and myelo toxicity

Krishan, A., 1987:
Effect of drug efflux blockers on vital staining of cellular DNA with Hoechst 33342

Bannet J.; Belmaker R.H.; Ebstein R.P., 1980:
Effect of drug holidays in an animal model of tardive dys kinesia

Kovacs, G.L.; Telegdy, G.; Lissak, K., 1975:
Effect of drug induced changes of brain mono amines on avoidance behavior and open field activity

Ohmiya Y.; Angevine L.S.; Mehendale H.M., 1983:
Effect of drug induced phospho lipidosis on pulmonary disposition of pneumophilic drugs

Tanz, R.; Opie, L., 1978:
Effect of drug or electrically induced tachy arrhythmias on the release of lactate dehydrogenase in isolated perfused guinea pig hearts part 1 comparison of the effects produced by ouabain calcium epinephrine and aconitine

Rao, K.S.; Glende, E.A.J. ; Recknagel, R.O., 1970:
Effect of drug pre treatment on carbon tetra chloride induced lipid per oxidation in rat liver microsomal lipids

Bonazzi P.; Novelli G.; Macarri G.; Jezequel A.M.; Orlandi F., 1986:
Effect of drug pretreatment on the interaction of valproic acid with the liver cell functional and ultrastructural data

Almada N.P.S.; Trabulsi L.R., 1980:
Effect of drug resistance in growth and virulence of shigella flexneri and invasive escherichia coli strains

A.B.laghi S.; Strom H.; Moller E., 1985:
Effect of drug therapy on circulating and synovial fluid immunoglobulin secreting cells in rheumatoid arthritis

Domashneva I.V.; Minsker E.I.; Panteleeva G.P.; Tsirkin S.Yu, 1981:
Effect of drug therapy on serum anti thymic activity in patients with schizophrenia

Kryuchok, A.G.; Gurevich, G.L.; Murzenok, P.P.; Taganovich, A.D., 1976:
Effect of drug therapy on the activity of enzymes and lipid and phospho lipid spectra in acute experimental pancreatitis

Tikal, K., 1975:
Effect of drugs administered in early ontogenesis on functions of central nervous system

El-Dessoukey, E.A.; Mikhail, H.T.; Awadallah, R., 1978:
Effect of drugs affecting microsomal enzymes on serum protein pattern and fat content of the liver

Kontani, H.; Kudo, Y.; Fukuda, H., 1976:
Effect of drugs affecting sodium permeability on the muscle spindle of the frog

Patrin I.A.; Mozzhukhin A.S.; Samoilov V.O., 1982:
Effect of drugs altering cyclic amp exchange on bio electrogenesis of skeletal muscles

Feigenbaum J.J.; Yanai J.; Blass R.B.; Moon B.; Klawans H., 1982:
Effect of drugs altering striatal dopamine levels on apo morphine induced stereotypy

Mckirdy H.C.; Marshall R.W., 1985:
Effect of drugs and electrical field stimulation on circular muscle strips from human lower esophagus

Bogatova R.I.; Chernyakova V.N.; Soboleva T.N., 1981:
Effect of drugs and illumination of human mental working capacity

Hanke J., 1980:
Effect of drugs and poisons on synthesis and activity of the microsomal enzymes involved in their metabolism

Stroev E.A.; Poznyakovskii V.M.; Krylov Y.F., 1979:
Effect of drugs changing the level of cyclic nucleotides on acetylation processes

Ogiso, T.; Kuhara, K.; Noda, N.; Kato, Y., 1976:
Effect of drugs for liver disease on hepato toxic action of carbon tetra chloride part 3 effect of proto porphyrin and phosphoryl choline on injured microsomal membrane

Ogiso, T.; Kuhara, K.; Kobayashi, T.; Masuda, H.; Kato, Y., 1977:
Effect of drugs for liver disease on hepato toxic action of carbon tetra chloride part 4 relationship between fatty acid composition of phospho lipids and drug mono oxygenation activity in rat liver microsomes and role of phosphoryl choline

Yakhnitsa I.A.; Bulgakova N.V.; Pilyavskii A.I., 1981:
Effect of drugs increasing or reducing locus coeruleus neuron activity on some types of spinal inhibition in the cat

Mantsurov N.E., 1982:
Effect of drugs increasing the anti blastic action of anti tumor drugs on results of post operative chemo therapy in patients with lung cancer

Dhavare B.S.; Nandal N.V.; Balsara J.J.; Chandorkar A.G., 1983 :
Effect of drugs influencing central 5 hydroxy tryptamine mechanisms on amantadine induced stereotyped behavior in the rat

Jha R.J.; Kelkar V.V., 1980:
Effect of drugs interacting with adrenergic mechanisms and of adrenalectomy on pilocarpine induced salivation in the mice

Hedlund H.; Andersson K E.; Larsson B., 1985:
Effect of drugs interacting with adrenoreceptors and muscarinic receptors in the epididymal and prostatic parts of the human isolated vas deferens

Buterbaugh, G.G., 1978:
Effect of drugs modifying central serotonergic function on the response of extensor and nonextensor rats to maximal electro shock

Szydlowska, H.; Kowalska, Z.; Vetulani, J., 1981:
Effect of drugs on accumulation of exogenous norepinephrine in nervous tissue cultured in vitro 4. effect of clonidine

Zelepukha, S.I.; Derbentseva, N.A.; Pavlenko, L.V., 1978:
Effect of drugs on anti bacterial activity of salvin

Burke J.F.; Duff P.M.; Pearson C.K., 1979:
Effect of drugs on dna synthesis in isolated mammalian cell nuclei comparison with partially purified dna polymerases

Horioka, M.; Aoyama, T.; Yokoyama, I.; Hatta, Y., 1977:
Effect of drugs on erythrocytes part 1 influence of ph osmotic pressure and a few drugs on erythrocytes destruction

Ahmed, T.H.; Amin, F.M.; Abou-Shady, O.M.; el-Refaie, S.A.; Hnna, K.W., 1984:
Effect of drugs on Giardia lamblia in vitro

Ogiso, T.; Iwaki, M.; Sugiura, M., 1980:
Effect of drugs on human erythrocytes 5. inhibition of cellular metabolism and atpase activity by drugs and relation of the inhibition to drug induced hemolysis

Ogiso, T.; Imai, S.; Hozumi, R.; Kurobe, M.; Kato, Y., 1976:
Effect of drugs on human erythrocytes part 1 morphological changes and increase in fragility of erythrocytes treated with drugs

Ogiso, T.; Kurobe, M.; Masuda, H.; Kato, Y., 1977:
Effect of drugs on human erythrocytes part 2 a possible mechanism of drug induced hemolysis

Ogiso, T.; Masuda, H.; Oue, S., 1978:
Effect of drugs on human erythrocytes part 4 protecting effect of dextran on drug induced hemolysis

Van Waarde A.; Van Haastert P.J.M., 1986:
Effect of drugs on lipid methylation receptor adenylate cyclase coupling and cyclic amp secretion in dictyostelium discoideum

Pessoa, J.M.; Souza, R., 1978:
Effect of drugs on motility of the rumen reticulum in sheep part 3 oxytocin

Staniforth D.H., 1987:
Effect of drugs on oro cecal transit time assessed by the lactose breath hydrogen method

Ferkany J.W.; Butler I.J.; Enna S.J., 1979:
Effect of drugs on rat brain cerebro spinal fluid and blood gamma amino butyric acid content

Bandyopadhyay A.K.; Dasgupta M.; Banerjee A., 1983:
Effect of drugs on the activity of fungal limit dextrinase and alpha amylase

Sundaram G.S.; Manimekalai S.; Goldstein P.J., 1987:
Effect of drugs on the assay of tumor marker alpha fetoprotein

Szasz, I.; Sarkadi, B.; Gardos, G., 1978:
Effect of drugs on the calcium dependent rapid potassium transport in calcium loaded intact red cells

Enero, M.A., 1979:
Effect of drugs on the force of spontaneous mechanical activity in rat portal vein

Kudrin A.N.; Zatsepilova T.A., 1982:
Effect of drugs on the formation of male and female sex cells

Spicer B.A.; Hatt P.A.; Laycock S.M.; Smith H., 1986:
Effect of drugs on the increase in cell numbers in the peritoneal cavity of the actively sensitized mouse after intraperitoneal challenge with antigen

Ichimura N., 1979:
Effect of drugs on the measurement of blood glucose levels by dextrostix and a dextrometer

Berry, A.R.; Taylor, T.V., 1982:
Effect of drugs on the pulmonary changes in experimental acute pancreatitis in the rat

Pessoa, J.M.; Souza, R., 1977:
Effect of drugs on the sheep rumen reticulum motility part 1 phenyldimethyl pyrazolone methylamine sodium sulfonate

Pessoa, J.M.; Souza, R., 1978:
Effect of drugs on the sheep rumen reticulum motility part 2 yohimbine

Babanov T.P.; Abramyan G.G.; Artem'eva G.N.; Babanov A.G.; Shaina B.K., 1980:
Effect of drugs on the transporting function of the blood tissue permeability and the rate of nonelectrolyte excretion from rats

Saavedra, J.M.; Axelrod, J., 1973:
Effect of drugs on the tryptamine content of rat tissues

Powell, D.E.; Thomas, J.H.; Mandal, A.R.; Dignam, C.T., 1969:
Effect of drugs on vitamin B 12 levels obtained using the Lactobacillus leichmanii method

Rumsby P.C.; Shepherd D.M., 1980:
Effect of drugs on vitamin b 6 function in the rat

Kurskii M.D.; Shinlova O.P.; Fomin V.P.; Kosterin S.A., 1988:
Effect of drugs stimulating uterine contraction on active and passive calcium ion transport in myometrial sarcolemma

Abernethy, D.R.; Azarnoff, D.L., 1977:
Effect of drugs which alter microsomal drug metabolizing enzyme activity on rat hepatic cholesterol biosynthesis

Cession-Fossion, A.; Staiesse, M.; Lecomte, J., 1977:
Effect of dry heat bath on urinary elimination of catecholamines

Liegel L.H., 1983:
Effect of dry heat sterilization on chemical properties of puerto rican soils

Couture L.; Sutton J.C., 1980:
Effect of dry heat treatments on survival of seed borne bipolaris sorokiniana and germination of barley hordeum vulgare seeds

Penning P.D.; Corcuera P.; Treacher T.T., 1980:
Effect of dry matter concentration of milk substitute and method of feeding on intake and performance by lambs

Cervera, C.; Fernandez-Carmona, J.; Marti, J.; Martinez-Pascual, J.L., 1985:
Effect of dry matter content and formic acid and propionic acid on the ensiling process of brewer's grains

Abrams, E.; Guthrie, P.; Harris, B., 1985:
Effect of dry matter intake from whole goat milk and calf milk replacer on performance of Nubian goat kids

Fronk T.J.; Schultz L.H.; Hardie A.R., 1980:
Effect of dry period over conditioning on subsequent metabolic disorders and performance of dairy cows

Malven, P.V.; Head, H.H.; Collier, R.J., 1986:
Effect of dry period vs. continuous milking on periparturient concentrations of bovine prolactin in milk from half udders

Hundal S.S.; D.D.tta S.K., 1982:
Effect of dry season soil management of water conservation for the succeeding rice oryza sativa crop in a tropical soil

Ardelean M.; Morea M., 1981:
Effect of dry seed inoculation with rhizobium japonicum on soybean yield

Wong R.R.; Munoz Orozco A.; Mendoza Onofre L.E., 1983:
Effect of dry soil on the vegetative and reproductive characteristics and on efficiency in sorghum varieties

Mckibben, J.S.; Porterfield, P.D.; Westergaard, J.M., 1978:
Effect of dry vs wet bowl environment of pet turtles

Balina, N.V., 1976:
Effect of dry wind on micro sporogenesis of drought hardened beans

Willemse G.T.; Hattingh J., 1980:
Effect of drying and storage on electrophoretic properties of venom from puff adders bitis arietans and cape cobras naja nivea

Wulijarni N.; Soetjipto, 1988:
Effect of drying and storage temperature on the viability of kemuning murraya paniculata seeds

Konovalova O.A.; Rybalko K.S.; Klimakhin G.I., 1981:
Effect of drying conditions on the content of essential oil and prochamazulene in matricaria chamomilla

Burritt E.A.; Pfister J.A.; Malechek J.C., 1988:
Effect of drying method on the nutritive composition of esophageal fistula forage samples influence of maturity

Paakkonen K.; Kurkela R., 1987:
Effect of drying method on the water sorption of blanched northern milk cap mushrooms lactarius trivialis at different temperatures

Kubo T.; Ito Y.; Yanaka M., 1982:
Effect of drying of excreta on apparent metabolizable energy values of diets fed to laying hens

Crandall, P.G.; Braddock, R.J.; Rouse, A.H., 1978:
Effect of drying on pectin made from lime and lemon pomace

Evdokimov P.K.; Khalmatov K.K., 1979:
Effect of drying on the biological activity and cardenolide composition of adonis chrysocyathus and adonis tianshanica

Wiatr, S.M., 1984:
Effect of drying on yield and calorific values of extractables from leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula)

Stukkei K.L.; Terentienko G.M.; Tikhonova M.D.; Nikushin E.G.; Pludovskaya G.M.; Latysh V.E., 1981:
Effect of drying procedures and sun drying duration on the flavonoid content in the inflorescence of tansy tanacetum vulgare

Rivera, L.P.H.; Peo, E.R.Jr ; Moser, B.D.; Crenshaw, T.; Cunningham, P.J., 1978:
Effect of drying temperature on nutritional quality and availability of amino acids in normal and opaque 2 corn for rats

Herstad, O., 1975:
Effect of drying temperature on the metabolizable energy and protein digestibility of grass meal to poultry

Mori, H.; Kato, K.; Ushimaru, Y.; Kato, T.; Hirono, I., 1977:
Effect of drying with hot forced draft and of mincing bracken fern on its carcinogenic activity

Lyles G.A.; Callingham B.A., 1981:
Effect of dsp 4 n 2 chloroethyl n ethyl 2 bromo benzylamine on mono amine oxidase activities in tissues of the rat

Spyraki C.; Arbuthnott G.W.; Fibiger H.C., 1982:
Effect of dsp 4 n 2 chloroethyl n ethyl 2 bromo benzylamine on some positively reinforced operant behaviors in the rat

Fontani G.; Farabollini F., 1984:
Effect of dsp 4 n 2 chloroethyl n ethyl 2 bromo benzylamine p chlorophenyl alanine and haloperidol on hippocampal electrical activity and behavior in rabbits

Nemoto-Murata, K., 1986:
Effect of duct ligation on amylase release from rat parotid slices

Graves A.J.; Holmquist D.R.G.; Githens S., 1986:
Effect of duct obstruction of histology and on activities of gamma glutamyltransferase atpase alkaline phosphatase and amylase in rat pancreas

Ouazana, R.; Brun, J., 1978:
Effect of dumpiness on the development and functioning of eutelic and noneutelic organs in the nematode caenorhabditis elegans

Kizil'shtein L.Ya; Zhulidov A.V.; Emets V.M., 1982:
Effect of dumps in the donets basin ussr on heavy metal accumulation by vegetation

Holter P., 1979 :
Effect of dung beetles aphodius spp and earthworms on the disappearance of cattle dung

Singh, N.; Webster, J., 1976:
Effect of dung extracts on the fruiting of pilobolus species

Lanas A.; Alcalde J.; Martinez T.; Gomollon F.; Montoro M.; Morandeira J.; Abos D.; Sainz R., 1986:
Effect of duodenal acidification on gastric secretion and secretin levels comparative study in humans and dogs

Lanas A.; Alcalde J.; Montoro M.; Martinez T.; Lopez Zaborras J.; Sainz R., 1985:
Effect of duodenal acidification on serum levels of secretin insulin and glucagon comparative study in dogs and in humans

Studzinski T.; Bobowiec R., 1980:
Effect of duodenal administration of hydro chloric acid and sodium bi carbonate on the secretion and content of sodium potassium and calcium in sheep pancreatic juice and bile

Lehnert T.; Yioris N.; Ivankovic S.; Junghanns K.; Dietz R., 1983:
Effect of duodenal contents on the epithelium of the esophagus

Blanco-Benavides, R.; Ramírez-Wiella, G., 1980:
Effect of duodenal contents on the gastric antrum. Experimental study on dogs

Berg, K.R.; Gladen, H.E.; Kelly, K.A., 1982:
Effect of duodenal cooling on small intestinal pacing

Petit H.V.; Ivan M.; Brisson G.J., 1988:
Effect of duodenal infusion of glucose on blood parameters ileal flow and digestibility in preruminant calves fed a nonclotting milk replacer

O'Connor, H.J.; Dixon, M.F.; Wyatt, J.I.; Axon, A.T.; Ward, D.C.; Dewar, E.P.; Johnston, D., 1986:
Effect of duodenal ulcer surgery and enterogastric reflux on Campylobacter pyloridis

Poturemets L.M.; Mechkovskii E.P.; Shpileva V.P.; Rekalyuk N.M., 1981:
Effect of duodenum isolation on the character of glycemic curves after experimental stomach resection on dogs

Lawson, R.; Ramey, H.H.Jr ; Meredith, W.R.J., 1978:
Effect of durable press resin treatment on tenacity and elongation of fiber from upland cotton strains

Kropac Z.; Havranek T.; Dobry J., 1986:
Effect of duration and depth of burial on seed survival of avena fatua in arable soil

Vizi, E.S.; Somogyi, G.T.; Hadhazy, P.; Knoll, J., 1973:
Effect of duration and frequency of stimulation on the pre synaptic inhibition by alpha adrenoceptor stimulation of the adrenergic transmission

Grainger C.; Wilhelms G., 1979:
Effect of duration and pattern of under feeding in early lactation on milk production and reproduction of dairy cows

Strang J.G.; Lombard P.B.; Westwood M.N.; Weiser C.J., 1980:
Effect of duration and rate of freezing and tissue hydration on pear pyrus communis cultivar bartlett buds flowers and small fruit

Jackson, L.A.; Kapusta, G.; Mason, D.J.S., 1985:
Effect of duration and type of natural weed infestation on soybean glycine max cultivar williams 79 yield

L.L.nnou, D.; Colleu, D.; Boujard, D.; L.C.uteux, A.; Lescoat, D.; Segalen, J., 1986:
Effect of duration of abstinence on maturity of human spermatozoa nucleus

Lazarevic R.; Vasovic S.; Petrovic M., 1987:
Effect of duration of calving interval on more important production characteristics in the next lactation

Maegawa H.; Kobayashi M.; Watanabe N.; Ishibashi O.; Takata Y.; Kitamura E.; Shigeta Y., 1986:
Effect of duration of diabetic state on insulin action in isolated rat soleus muscles

Salmon R.E., 1983:
Effect of duration of excreta collection on and additivity of true metabolizable energy values of feedstuffs

Bahr R.; Ingnes I.; Vaage O.; Sejersted O.M.; Newsholme E.A., 1987:
Effect of duration of exercise on excess postexercise oxygen consumption

Muztar, A.J.; Sadiq, M.; Slinger, S.J., 1978:
Effect of duration of experiment and substitution level on the apparent metabolizable energy content of brassica napus rapeseed and rapeseed meals

Trubyatskova I.L., 1980:
Effect of duration of experiment on daphnia magna ration and algal sedimentation at different temperatures

Krolewski B.; Little J.B.; Reynolds R.J., 1988:
Effect of duration of exposure to benzo a pyrene diol epoxide on neoplastic transformation mutagenesis cytotoxicity and total covalent binding of dna of rodent cells

Grineva G.M.; Borisova T.A.; Garkavenkova A.F.; Akhrif G.M.; Bragina T.V., 1986:
Effect of duration of flooding on exudation respiration and anatomic structure in maize roots

Floyd R.D.; Sabiston D.C.Jr; Lee K.L.; Jones R.H., 1983:
Effect of duration of hypo thermic cardioplegia on ventricular function

Woodhead A.P., 1984:
Effect of duration of larval development on sexual competence in young adult male diploptera punctata

Powell, J.R.; Foster, J.; Patterson, J.H.; Cross, R.; Wargin, W., 1986:
Effect of duration of lidocaine infusion and route of cimetidine administration on lidocaine pharmacokinetics

Akhundova V.A.; Turkova E.V., 1980:
Effect of duration of light on potential and real formation of shoots of lathyrus sativus

Kock J.L.F.; Groenewald E.G.; Krueger G.H.J.; Lategan P.M., 1986:
Effect of duration of liquefaction on viscosity and polyphenol content of the mash and subsequent glucose recovery in bird proof sorghum

Madding, S.W.; Wong, J.G.; Hallum, A.; Medeiros, J., 1987:
Effect of duration of passive stretch on hip abduction range of motion

Morrison W.D.; Amyot E.; Mcmillan I.; Otten L.; Pei D.C.T., 1987:
Effect of duration of reward upon operant heat demand of piglets receiving microwave or ir heat

Corey K.A.; Collins W.W.; Pharr D.M., 1982:
Effect of duration of soil saturation on ethanol concentration and storage loss of sweet potato ipomoea batatas roots

Gibbs, C.L.; Kotsanas, G.; McCance, I., 1985:
Effect of duration of stimulation and pH on energetics of rabbit rectococcygeus muscle

Sasaki, H.; Hoppin, F.G.; Takishima, T., 1986:
Effect of duration of stimulation on mechanical properties of trachealis muscle

Schwartz S.H.; Loop M.S., 1984:
Effect of duration on detection by the chromatic and achromatic systems

Everett, R.W., 1982 :
Effect of Dursban 44 on semen output of Holstein bulls

Litomericky S.; Smolenova L.; Traubner P.; Simoni M.; Slukova J.; Belan P.; Gasparikova N., 1982:
Effect of dusodril retard and complamin retard cerebro vascular diseases in older persons

Holness D.L.; Taraschuk I.G.; Pelmear P.L., 1983:
Effect of dust exposure in ontario canada cotton textile mills

Holness, D.L.; Taraschuk, I.G.; Pelmear, P.L., 1983:
Effect of dust exposure in the cotton felt industry

Reichertová, E.; Micek, J.; Panáková, E.; Konceková, Z.; Cizmár, J., 1981:
Effect of dust from magnesite works on avian embryo

Kurova E.G.; Gusel'nikova N.A.; Kogan F.M.; Starkov P.S.; Khalevina S.N.; Bunimovich G.I.; Yarina A.L., 1982:
Effect of dust on the health of workers engaged in the manufacture of asbestos cement products

Roszyk, E.; Strojek, Z., 1978:
Effect of dustiness on the content of lead copper and zinc in soils and grain of cereals in the vicinity of a copper smelter

Dowgialli A., 1981:
Effect of dusts from coal industry on chemical composition of aboveground parts of the grass poa annua in the course of its growth and decay

Antipov N.I., 1982:
Effect of dutch elm disease on water exchange of elm ulmus laevis leaves during drought

Kamijima O.; Watanabe K., 1985:
Effect of dwarf genes on sizes and cellular characteristics of embryonic organs in near isogenic lines of rice

Jones, O.P.; Pate, J.S., 1976:
Effect of dwarfing interstocks on xylem sap composition in apple trees effect on nitrogen potassium phosphorus calcium and magnesium content

Tao, L.; Reynolds, J.M.; Pashley, D.H., 1988:
Effect of dycal on dentin permeability

Ghate, H.V.; Dodakundi, G.B.; Mulherkar, L., 1978:
Effect of dye factory effluent on the developing embryos of microhyla ornata

Garden J.M.; Tan O.T.; Kerschmann R.; Boll J.; Furumoto H.; Anderson R.R.; Parrish J.A., 1986:
Effect of dye laser pulse duration on selective cutaneous vascular injury

Fung, D.Y.; Miller, R.D., 1973:
Effect of dyes on bacterial growth

Lin C.C.S.; Fung D.Y.C., 1985:
Effect of dyes on the growth of food yeasts

Schiemann, D.A., 1979:
Effect of dyes on the quantitative recovery of Yersinia enterocolitica

O'Donnell, D.E.; Sanii, R.; Anthonisen, N.R.; Younes, M., 1987:
Effect of dynamic airway compression on breathing pattern and respiratory sensation in severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Malov A.G., 1986:
Effect of dynamic and isometric loads on the total and regional contractility of the left ventricle in myocardial infarction according to radionuclide ventriculography data

Grbic M.; Sigwart U.; Rivier J.L.; Payot M.; Jaeger M., 1980:
Effect of dynamic effort on left ventricular hemodynamics in obstructive cardio myopathy

Zhdanov, V.A., 1978:
Effect of dynamic factor on frequency of discharges of high threshold pulmonary stretch receptors in cats

Akhmedov K.B.; Tashenov K.T., 1981:
Effect of dynamic muscle work on the bile secreting function of the liver

Vrtunski, P.B.; Comet, T.; Wolin, L.R., 1977:
Effect of dypsogenic stimuli on licking response execution of the rat

Gubareva A.V.; Simbirtseva L.P.; Markochev A.B.; Yulbarisov A.V., 1983:
Effect of dys thyroidea on the development of neoplasms in sjl j mice

Shenkman B.Z., 1980:
Effect of dysenteric endo toxin on content of histamine and serotonin in mucosa of the large intestine

Bogadel'nikov, I.V.; Protsenko, V.A.; Bychkovskii, V.N.; Karpitskii, V.V.; Shpak, S.I., 1976:
Effect of dysentery endo toxin on the mechanism of increasing vascular permeability

Badalyan M.G.; Karagezyan K.G., 1981:
Effect of dzhermuk mineral water on phospho lipid metabolism in rats with alloxan diabetes

Okuda M.; E.A., 1980:
Effect of e 0659 4 p chlorobenzyl 2 n methylperhydroazepinyl 4 1 2h phthalazinone hydro chloride for nasal allergy

Kobayashi, S.; Hashida, R.; Shirota, H.; Yoshimatsu, K.; Harada, K.; Abe, S.; Yamatsu, I.; Mizushima, Y.; Nagai, Y., 1984:
Effect of e 0710 3' 7' 11' trimethyl 2' 6' 10' dodecatrienyl 1 p chlorobenzoyl 2 methyl 5 methoxy 3 indoleacetic acid a farnesyl ester of indomethacin on rat synovial cell prostaglandin production in culture

Faerber I.; Klinger C.; Wutzler P.; Thiel K D.; Reefschlaeger J.; Herrmann G., 1987:
Effect of e 5 2 bromovinyl 1 beta d arabinofuranosyluracil and 5 vinyl 1 beta d arabinofuranosyluracil on epstein barr virus antigen expression in p3hr 1 cells comparison with acyclovir

Ramisz, A.; Szankowska, Z., 1976:
Effect of e 600 and toxobidin on the behavior of cholin esterases in mouse skeletal muscles in the course of experimental trichinellosis

Hukuhara T.; Kimura N.; Takano K.; Hachiya Y., 1985:
Effect of e 64 c on isolated muscle preparations

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Amamoto T.; Okazaki T.; Komurasaki T.; Hanada K.; Omura S., 1984:
Effect of e 64 l trans epoxysuccinylleucylamido 4 guanidino butane thiol protease inhibitor on the secondary anti sheep red blood cell response in vitro

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Effect of e amino caproic acid p aminomethyl benzoic acid 4 aminomethyl cyclohexanecarboxylic acid and 4 aminomethyl bi cyclo 2.2.2 octane 1 carboxylic acid on fibrinolysis induced by strepto kinase uro kinase and tissue activator

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Effect of ear populations on wheat triticum aestivum production in the manawatu and rangitikei new zealand

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Effect of ear removal on carbon dioxide exchange and activities of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase and phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase of maize hybrids and inbred lines

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Effect of early and late light exposure on the inherited retinal degeneration in rats

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Effect of early anticoagulation on the frequency on left ventricular thrombi after anterior wall acute myocardial infarction

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Effect of early auditory stimulation on the choice of acoustical environment by adult Swiss albino mice (Mus musculus)

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Effect of early availability of feed and water on bobwhite quail chicks

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Effect of early burn excision and grafting on pulmonary function

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Effect of early bursectomy on germinal center and immuno globulin production in chickens

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Effect of early contact on maternal perception of infant behavior

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Effect of early coronary artery reperfusion on infarct development in a model of low collateral flow

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Effect of early de nervation on the phospho lipid metabolism of insect flight muscle

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Effect of early defoliation on maize growth and yield an eleven year perspective

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Effect of early evisceration on the keeping quality in freeze stored fish

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Effect of early exercise on myo cardial infarct scar formation

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Effect of early exposure to patterned sound on unit activity in rat inferior colliculus

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Effect of early generation selection in x irradiated populations of jute

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Effect of early handling on the development of grooming behavior in full term and premature rodents

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Effect of early infection with cercospora arachidicola leaf spot on root mass pegging and root nodulation of peanut arachis hypogaea plants

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Effect of early iron deficiency on reactivity of the rat parietal association cortex

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Effect of early light treatment and diet self selection on laying performance

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Effect of early malnutrition on dynamic properties of axodendritic synapses in the rat prefrontal cortex

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Effect of early malnutrition on subsequent growth in a group of nigerian village children

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Effect of early maternal deprivation on brain 5 hydroxytryptamine and pentobarbitone sleeping time in suckling rats

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Effect of early menopause on bone mass in normal women and patients with osteoporosis

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Effect of early motor training on evoked potentials and structural organization of dendrites of visual cortex of the rat in ontogenesis

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Effect of early motor training on evoked potentials in the visual and sensori motor cerebral cortex in rats

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Effect of early nursing on the content of immuno globulins a m and g classes in copro filtrates of neo nates in the 1st week

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Effect of early nursing on the state of neo natal health and lactation

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Effect of early nutrition on abdominal fat in broilers

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Effect of early nutrition on the development of mouse epididymal fat pads cellularity of adipocyte and stromal cell compartment

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Effect of early olfactory tests on sexual preferences of 2 strains of consanguinous mice

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Effect of early optic deprivation on content of free amino acids and proteins in brain formation of dogs

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Effect of early post natal induction of microsomal enzymes on their activity and content of cholesterol in blood of adult mice of hyper cholesterolemic line

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Effect of early post natal stimulation on formation of hypophyseal adrenal reactivity in rats of various lines

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Effect of early post natal under nutrition and over nutrition on the development of immuno globulin a plasma cells in mouse gut

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Effect of early post partum services on reproductive status and productivity of sahiwal cows

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Effect of early pre natal and post natal acquired mal nutrition on development and sexual behavior in the rat

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Effect of early protein undernutrition of rats on later susceptibility to lead toxicity

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Effect of early re breeding on certain aspects of sheep production

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Effect of early rearing experience on subsequent behavior and production of Holstein heifers

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Effect of early reproductive utilization of ewe lambs of lowland sheep on their development and performance 1. analysis of growth development and blood composition of ewes mated in the 1st year of their life

Gruszecki, T., 1984:
Effect of early reproductive utilization of ewe lambs of lowland sheep on their development and performance 2. reproduction results and performance of ewes mated in the 1st year of their life

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Effect of early return to work after elective repair of inguinal hernia clinical and financial consequences at 1 year and 3 years

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Effect of early season foliar sprays of ga 4+ 7 on russeting and return bloom of golden delicious apple

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Effect of early season infestations of the tobacco flea beetle epitrix hirtipennis coleoptera chrysomelidae on the growth and yield of flue cured tobacco

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Effect of early season square removal on three leaf types of cotton gossypium hirsutum

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Effect of early section of the retina on the development of the optical pedicle in chicks

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Effect of early social deprivation and lack of sexual experience on sexual maturation of male mice

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Effect of early sowing on establishment growth pattern and rust infection of annual sowings of ryegrass lolium spp in subcoastal southeast queensland australia

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Effect of early sprays on control of powdery mildew podosphaera leucotricha fruit russet on apples

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Effect of early stress and hydrocortisone in early post natal ontogeny on the behavior of adult rats

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Effect of early thymectomy on the growth of transplanted mammary tumors in c 3hf mice

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Effect of early treatment with propranolol on left ventricular function four weeks after myocardial infarction

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Effect of early under feeding on the weight of the white carneau pigeon with some remarks on the possible inhibition of early athero sclerosis

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Effect of early under nutrition on dendritic spines of cortical pyramidal cells in the rat

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Effect of early undernutrition on the in vitro desaturation elongation and incorporation of carbon 14 palmitate and carbon 14 linolenate into rat brain microsomal lipid fractions

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Effect of early vision deprivation on activity of glutamate decarboxylase in the cerebral visual analyzer

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Effect of early visual deprivation on gamma amino butyric acid trans aminase activity in some dog brain structures

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Effect of early vs late onset of major motor epilepsy on cognitive intellectual performance further considerations

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Effect of early vs. late lambing dates on ewe performance lamb growth and carcass composition in canterbury new south wales australia

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Effect of early weaning and feeding during the suckling period on lipid metabolism in lambs iii. plasma lipids

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Effect of early weaning and feeding on lipid metabolism in lambs during the suckling period i. activity of some enzymes linked with lipogenesis in adipose tissue and liver

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Effect of early weaning and feeding on lipid metabolism in lambs during the suckling period ii. lipid classes and fatty acid profile of polar and nonpolar lipids in liver

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Effect of early weaning and prolonged nursing on development of the rat pancreas

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Effect of early weaning on body weight of awassi lambs

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Effect of early weaning on the behavior of young rats and reactivity of their hypophyseal adrenocortical system

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Effect of earthworm meal on the growth and development of shrimp protozoea in culture

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Effect of earthworms on straw and lupine decomposition under field conditions

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Effect of earthworms on the agrochemical properties micro flora and enzyme activity of soddy podzolic soil

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Effect of eating and gastro intestinal hormones on human colonic myo electrical and motor activity

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Effect of eating bananas on plasma free catecholamines and sulfate conjugated catecholamines

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Effect of eating drinking and rumination on the frequency of primary and secondary waves of rumen of indian farm ruminants

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Effect of ebf 5 a new plant growth regulator on serotonin content in blood plasma

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Effect of ebony and yellow mutants of Drosophila melanogaster on adult survival and alcohol dehydrogenase activity

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Effect of ebrantil on certain hemodynamic parameters in hypertensive patients during acute myocardial infarction

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Effect of ecdysone containing extracts from serratula sogdiana bunge and rhaponticum integrifolium c. winkl. on gypsy moth caterpillars

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Effect of ecdysone on glutamic acid pyruvic acid trans aminase in the posterior portion of silk gland in bombyx mori

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Effect of ecdysone on the activity of the balbiani rings and the ultrastructure of salivary gland cells in chironomus thummi

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Effect of ecdysone on the ovarian development of bombyx silkworm

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Effect of ecdysterone on fibroin synthesis in the posterior division of the silk gland of the silkworm bombyx mori

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Effect of ecdysterone on membrane surface glyco proteins in a cell culture of drosophila melanogaster

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Effect of ecdysterone on red fluorescent protein intensity in the silkworm bombyx mori l

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Effect of ecdysterone on tritiated uridine incorporation into epithelia of wing imaginal discs of drosophila melanogaster

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Effect of eclipsed solar radiation on the salivary gland chromosomes of chironomus larvae

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Effect of eclipta alba on inflammation and liver injury

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Effect of eco physiological conditions on growth development and cannabinoid content of clones of cannabis sativa originating from south africa study of the 2 chemical types

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Effect of eco r i restrictase on transforming dna from different bacilli

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Effect of ecologic conditions on life form stability and lability in introduced species

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Effect of ecological and anthropogenic factors on the floristic composition of floodplains of the oka river moscow oblast russian sfsr ussr

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Effect of ecological and cenotic factors on the frequency of occurrence of weeds in the sowings of agricultural crops in the transcarpathian oblast ukrainian ssr ussr

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Effect of ecological conditions on maize development yield and heterosis effect

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Effect of ecological conditions on seasonal growth of larch and pine shoots in the kazakh highlands kazakh ssr ussr

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Effect of ecological conditions on the biology of peronospora manshurica

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Effect of ecological conditions on the generative reproduction of the sand lily pancratium maritimum

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Effect of ecological conditions on the number and location of outlet holes in burrows of long clawed mole vole prometheomys schaposchnikovi

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Effect of ecological factors and management on the activity of the nitrifiers in 10 different grassland soils

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Effect of ecological factors on determination of norway spruce generative buds in the latvian ssr ussr

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Effect of ecological factors on enzymes of nitrogen metabolism in lichens

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Effect of ecological factors on food preference of epilachna dodecastigma coleoptera coccinellidae on vegetable plants 1. light

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Effect of ecological factors on metabolism in fish reared under warm water conditions

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Effect of ecological factors on the composition and number of orchard leaf roller moths

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Effect of ecological factors on the content of essential oil and tannins in the leaves of ledum palustre

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Effect of ecological factors on the growth rate of phyto plankton

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Effect of ecological factors on the physiological features of fungi that damage various materials

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Effect of ecological factors on the productivity of vaccinium myrtillus and oxycoccus palustris ericaceae

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Effect of ecological factors on the sex ratio of some mosquito species culicidae

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Effect of ecological factors on the vertical distribution of micromycetes in soils of eastern georgian ssr

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Effect of ecological factors on the warming up of a nutrient substrate by the larvae of coprophagous flies diptera

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Effect of ecological factors on wintering of alternaria solani

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Effect of ecological physiological parameters on the estimate of functional characteristics of a plankton community

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Effect of ecological uv radiation on the growth and productivity of barley and wheat

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Effect of economic activity on the numbers and distribution of ixodid ticks in the primorski krai russian sfsr ussr

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Effect of ecto mycorrhizal fungus pisolithus tinctorius and auxin rooting formulations on growth of apple malus domestica cultivar cortland trees

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Effect of ectoparasitic mite coccipolipus epilachnae acari podapolipidae on feeding fecundity and longevity of soybean fed adult mexican bean beetles coleoptera coccinellidae at different temperatures

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Effect of ectopic pituitary homograft on the physiological status of rat testis

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Effect of edema and height on bronchial diameter and shape in excised dog lung

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Effect of edema and hemodynamic changes on extravascular thermal volume of the lung

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Effect of edema on pulmonary blood flow in the isolated perfused dog lung lobe

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Effect of edema on segmental vascular resistance in isolated lamb lungs determined by micropuncture

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Effect of edetate di sodium and reduced glutathione on absorption of acetazolamide from gastro intestinal tract of rats

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Effect of edetate di sodium on goldfish carassius auratus membrane

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Effect of edge on breeding forest bird species

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Effect of edta and bivalent cations on changes in the volume of mitochondria of wheat roots

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Effect of edta and citrate on the functional activity of complement c 1 and the c 1q subcomponent

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Effect of edta and edta plus salicylate on acute cadmium toxicity and distribution

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Effect of edta and ethylene glycol bis beta aminoethyl ether n n n' n' tetra acetate on potassium efflux from pseudomonas aeruginosa caused by proteins

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Effect of edta and gypsum on self diffusion coefficient of zinc in alkali soil

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Effect of edta and iron on the oxidation of hydroxyl radical scavenging agents and ethanol by rat liver microsomes

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Effect of edta and other chelating compounds on microbial retting of flax

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Effect of edta and prostaglandin e 1 on beta thrombo globulin liberation from platelets

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Effect of edta and sulfate carried zinc and manganese on uptake and content of zinc in paddy

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Effect of edta complexing agents on algae

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Effect of edta in the electro immunoassay of factor ix antigen in warfarin treated patients

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Effect of edta on accumulation and elimination of mercury by the mussel mytilus edulis

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Effect of edta on acute mercury poisoning of toad bufo regularis

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Effect of edta on cadmium in activated sludge systems

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Effect of edta on chlorophyll synthesis and root elongation of anthoxanthum odoratum

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Effect of edta on diffusive supply of zinc to maize and rice roots in soils

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Effect of edta on dna entry and recombination in transformation of a wild type strain and a rec 1 mutant of haemophilus influenzae

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Effect of edta on endogenous manganese during iaa induced growth of avena coleoptile segments

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Effect of edta on growth from spores of bacillus cereus

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Effect of edta on growth of the marine diatom ditylum brightwellii

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Effect of edta on in vitro development of ddy mouse eggs fertilized in vitro

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Effect of edta on perfused isolated working guinea pig heart

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Effect of edta on phospho lipids and outer membrane function in escherichia coli

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Effect of EDTA on some biological properties of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Effect of edta on the permeability of wheat roots for water

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Effect of edta on the preimplantation development of mouse embryos fertilized in vitro

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Effect of edta on the solid phase complement c 1q immune complex assay

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Effect of edta on the synapsis of homologous polytene chromosomes and on supplementary nucleolus formation

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Effect of edta on transport forms of manganese in maize xylem exudate

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Effect of edta triton x 100 and lysozyme on the morphology and chemical composition of isolated cell walls of escherichia coli

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Effect of edta upon the surface of escherichia coli

Lakshmi G.R.; Bandyopadhyay S.S., 1986:
Effect of education economic status and occupation on fertility

Rehu M., 1980:
Effect of education martial status and sexual behavior on the incidence of puerperal endometritis and bacteriuria

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Effect of education on diabetic outpatients

Ahmad, S., 1985:
Effect of education on marital fertility in four Muslim populations

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Effect of edwardsiella tarda lipopolysaccharide immunization on phagocytosis in the eel

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Effect of effective and ineffective strains of rhizobium japonicum on the growth and yield of soybean

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Effect of efferent duct ligation, gonadectomy and testosterone replacement on epididymal contractility in the rat

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Effect of effervescent buffered aspirin on prostaglandinase synthesis by human gingival fibroblasts

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Effect of effervescent vitamin C preparations on bovine teeth and on some clinical and salivary parameters in man

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Effect of effluent discharged by an oxalic acid factory on the growth and rate of production of wheat triticum aestivum crop under varying levels of nitrogen phosphorus potassium

Haas C.N., 1983:
Effect of effluent disinfection on risks of viral disease transmission via recreational water exposure

Duff S.J.B.; Kennedy K.J., 1983:
Effect of effluent re circulation on start up and steady state operation of the down flow stationary fixed film reactor

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Effect of effort and latent extinction on resistance to extinction

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Effect of effort on measurement of forced expiratory volume in one second

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Effect of efrotomycin on gain and feed efficiency for pigs from weaning until market weight

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Effect of EGF on human skin fibroblasts is modulated by the extracellular matrix

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Effect of egg action in maternal behavior of labidura riparia insect dermaptera

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Effect of egg breakout temperature and other factors on residual albumin in the shell and on the yolk

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Effect of egg carton and case type on egg shell damage

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Effect of egg cholesterol and dietary fats on plasma lipids, lipoproteins, and apoproteins of normal women consuming natural diets

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Effect of egg development at planting on chinook salmon survival

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Effect of egg lysozyme on micrococcaceae effect on staphylococci

Safonova T.B.; Sobolev V.R.; Afanas'eva T.I.; Kravchenko N.A.; Cherkasov I.A., 1981:
Effect of egg lysozyme on micrococci and staphylococci

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Effect of egg production level dietary protein and energy on feed consumption and nutrient requirements of laying hens

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Effect of egg shell calcification on the response of plasma calcium activity to parathyroid hormone and calcitonin in the domestic fowl gallus domesticus

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Effect of egg size on pyloric cecum number and growth in juvenile rainbow trout

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Effect of egg weight and shell quality on day old duckling weight

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Effect of egg white on survival of chloroplasts isolated from pea leaves

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Effect of egg yolk amaranth dna and seminal plasma on resistance of washed and unwashed bovine sperm to cold shock

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Effect of egg yolk and egg yolk plus salt on rheological properties and particle size distribution of model oil in water salad dressing emulsions

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Effect of egg yolk glucose citric and citric acid whey diluents on the dimensional characteristics and proportions of live spermatozoa of buffaloes

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Effect of egg yolk lecithin on transdermal delivery of bunazosin hydrochloride

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Effect of egg yolk on growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in 7H12 liquid medium

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Effect of eggshell thinning on water vapor conductance of malleefowl eggs

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Effect of egyptian cooking methods on total free oxalates and mineral contents of 2 leafy green vegetables jews mallow and purslane

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Effect of ehrlich ascites cell chalone on nascent dna synthesis in isolated nuclei

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Effect of ehrlich ascites tumor growth on lactate dehydrogenase ec activities in tissues and physiological fluids of tumor bearing mice

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Effect of ehrlich ascites tumor on the clinical course and pathology of mice having carbon tetra chloride induced hepato renal necrosis/

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Effect of eicosapentaenoic acid and arachidonic acid on mouse peritoneal exudate cells and its characteristics

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Effect of eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid in pollock liver oil on growth and fatty acid composition of rainbow trout

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Effect of eicosapentaenoic acid on platelet aggregation induced by arachidonic acid

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Effect of eicosapentaenoic acid on the platelet aggregation and composition of fatty acid in man. A double blind study

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Effect of eicosatetraynoic acid on liver and plasma lipids

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Effect of Eimeria acervulina infection on chick (Gallus domesticus) high density lipoprotein composition

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Effect of Eimeria maxima infection on development of Eimeria tenella in immunized chickens

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Effect of eimeria spp on the appearance of radioactivity in the blood of chicks fed radio labeled glucose or 3 o methyl d glucose

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Effect of Eimeria tenella infection in chickens fed the feed artificially contaminated with Salmonella typhimurium

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Effect of either 2 4 d or kinetin on production and composition of various fractions for extracellular poly saccharides produced by cotyledon cell suspension cultures of bush bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar contender

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Effect of ejaculation frequency on sperm quality

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Effect of ejaculation frequency on the water volume of rabbit spermatozoa as determined by esr spectroscopy

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Effect of elaboration and rearrangement of local motor alimentary conditioned reflex on protein content in motor cortex neurons in the presence of excess serotonin in the rat brain

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Effect of elaboration levels on content comprehension

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Effect of elaboration of local motor alimentary conditioned reflexes on protein content in hippocampal neurons with an excess of serotonin in the rat brain

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Effect of elaboration of motor conditioned reflex stereotypes on secretory ones in dogs with a damaged temporal cortex

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Effect of elaboration of the local motor alimentary conditioned reflex and the rearrangement of its effector component on the protein content in motor cortex neurons of the rat

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Effect of elastase and ventilation on elastic recoil of excised dog lungs

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Effect of elastase on elongation factor 1 from wheat germ

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Effect of elastase on phospholipase activity in aortic smooth muscle cells

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Effect of elastase on prostacyclin synthesis in aortic smooth muscle cells

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Effect of elastase on the elastic tissues in the thoracic aorta

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Effect of elastase on the experimentally induced aneurysms in rats

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Effect of elastase on the histochemical demonstration of alkaline phosphatase activity in chick pecten

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Effect of elastase or histamine on single breath nitrogen washouts in the rat

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Effect of elastic bandage compression on the length of the avulsed collaterals of the saphenous vein during operations for crural varices

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Effect of elastic bend distortions on electron diffraction data from thin protein microcrystals

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Effect of elastic loading on mouth occlusion pressure during carbon di oxide re breathing in man

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Effect of elastic loading on ventilatory pattern during progressive exercise

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Effect of elastin peptides on human monocytes calcium mobilization stimulation of respiratory burst and enzyme secretion

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Effect of elastin peptides on ion fluxes in mononuclear cells fibroblasts and smooth muscle cells

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Effect of elbow position on grip and key pinch strength

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Effect of elcatonin on experimental gastric and duodenal ulcers

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Effect of elcatonin on experimental osteoporosis induced by ovariectomy and low calcium diet in beagles

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Effect of elders household contributions on their depression

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Effect of elective induction of labor with prostaglandin f 2 alpha and prostaglandin e 2 and oxytocin on uterine contraction and relaxation

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Effect of electric acupuncture and moxibustion on phagocytic activity of the res of mice

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Effect of electric acupuncture on the tissue distribution of mercury in mice

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Effect of electric acupuncture stimulation on acute inflammation

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Effect of electric conductivity of the nutrient solution on growth and development of greenhouse tomato cultivated with or without supplementary lighting

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Effect of electric current and silver electrodes on oral bacteria

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Effect of electric current on clay minerals in chocolate clays

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Effect of electric current on osteoinduction of bone matrix in muscle

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Effect of electric currents on DNA synthesis in rat osteosarcoma cells: dependence on conditions that influence cell growth

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Effect of electric currents on gingival cyclic nucleotides in vivo

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Effect of electric field induced perturbation of the distribution of ions near the cell surface on migration of charged membrane components

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Effect of electric field of commercial frequency of different intensity on balance and metabolism of copper molybdenum and iron in laboratory animals

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Effect of electric field on flux of ultra filtration

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Effect of electric field on growth and development of nutrient yeast

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Effect of electric field on polarized absorption spectra of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b in nematic liquid crystals/

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Effect of electric fields on growth of barley and uptake of some ions

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Effect of electric fields on the absorption spectrum of dye molecules in lipid layers part 5 refined analysis of the field indicating absorption changes in photosynthetic membranes by comparison with electro chromic measurements in vitro

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Effect of electric foot shock on dopamine and 3 4 di hydroxyphenyl acetic acid in different brain areas of rats

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Effect of electric organ discharge on ampullary receptors in a mormyrid

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Effect of electric power transmission lines on the flight of insects

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Effect of electric stimulation and electrolytic destruction of posterior hypothalamic structures on electrical activity in rabbit cortex motor area

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Effect of electric stimulation and partial destruction of individual subcortical brain structures on higher nervous activity in epileptic patients

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Effect of electric stimulation of the hypothalamus on blood coagulating system in rabbits

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Effect of electric stimulation of the ranvier node on the rate of sodium channel modification by batracho toxin under conditions of voltage clamping

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Effect of electrical activation site on left ventricular performance in ventricular tachycardia patients with coronary heart disease

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Effect of electrical acupuncture on choroidal circulation i. changes in choroidal blood flow in rabbits

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Effect of electrical acupuncture on choroidal circulation ii. changes in choroidal blood flow in monkeys

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Effect of electrical acupuncture on histamine and prostaglandins of acute inflammatory response

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Effect of electrical acupuncture on thyroid function during neuroleptic anesthesia in man

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Effect of electrical and chemical stimulation of the raphe obscurus on phrenic nerve activity in the cat

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Effect of electrical brain stimulation on erythrocyte membrane lipids

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Effect of electrical convulsions on uridine labeling and activity pattern in nerve cells in mice

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Effect of electrical current on temperature and pH in cerebellum and spinal cord

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Effect of electrical current on the secretory status and tissue potassium of amphibian rana catesbeiana fundic mucosa

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Effect of electrical cutaneous stimulation on responses evoked by a click in neurons of the parvocellular part of the cat medial geniculate body

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Effect of electrical fields on liver functionality and bile secretion preliminary results

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Effect of electrical fields on the behavior of drosophila melanogaster

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Effect of electrical lesioning of nucleus reticularis gigantocellularis of rat medulla oblongata on morphine analgesia

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Effect of electrical potential difference on the parameters of gramicidin channels

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Effect of electrical stimulation and anode polarization of thalamic structures on behavioral reactions to stimulation of the hypothalamus

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Effect of electrical stimulation and boning temperature on distribution and migration of curing ingredients nitrite salt glucose in pork tissue

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Effect of electrical stimulation and exercise on the phosphorylation state of myosin light chains from fish skeletal muscle

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Effect of electrical stimulation and post mortem boning time on sensory and cookery properties of ground beef

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Effect of electrical stimulation and self stimulation of the posterior lateral hypothalamus on duodenal motor activity in cats

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Effect of electrical stimulation and steak temperature at the beginning of cooking on meat tenderness and cooking loss

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Effect of electrical stimulation and temperature on biochemical changes in beef muscle

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Effect of electrical stimulation of cat locus coeruleus and intra peritoneal administration of some drugs on the threshold of hippocampal afterdischarges

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Effect of electrical stimulation of caudate nucleus on mono synaptic muscular responses in cats

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Effect of electrical stimulation of different cortical areas on the rabbit alimentary reaction

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Effect of electrical stimulation of genioglossus muscle on upper airway resistance in anesthetized dogs

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Effect of electrical stimulation of high and low frequency on maximum isometric force and some morphological characteristics in men

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Effect of electrical stimulation of locus ceruleus lc on the primary responses of the auditory cortex

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Effect of electrical stimulation of mesencephalic reticular formation on pancreatic exocrine secretion in anesthetized rats its neural and hormonal mechanisms

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Effect of electrical stimulation of rostral ventrolateral medulla on unit discharges of sympathetic preganglionic neurons in the rat

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the amygdala on the formation and retrieval of a conditioned reaction

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the amygdala on the orbital cortex neurons during formation and realization of an alimentary conditioned reflex

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the arcuate nucleus on neurochemical estimates of tuberoinfundibular and tuberohypophyseal dopaminergic neuronal activities

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the autonomic nerves on the levels and synthesis of cyclic nucleotides in the rat salivary glands: relationship to enhanced growth

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the canine brain stem on the secretion of acth and growth hormone

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the canine diencephalon on the secretion of acth growth hormone and prolactin

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the cerebellum on the gastric motor system of turtles

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the cortical parts of the limbic stem on the neuronal activity of anterior thalamic nuclei in rabbits

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the crossed olivocochlear bundle on temporary threshold shifts in auditory sensitivity. I. Dependence on electrical stimulation parameters

Rajan, R., 1988:
Effect of electrical stimulation of the crossed olivocochlear bundle on temporary threshold shifts in auditory sensitivity. II. Dependence on the level of temporary threshold shifts

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the dentate nucleus of the cerebellum on epileptic foci in the brain cortex

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the dorsal nucleus of the vagus nerve on gastric acid secretion in cats

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the dorsomedial hypothalamic nucleus on pulsatile luteinizing hormone release in ovariectomized rats

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the fastigial nucleus on epileptic activity in the cerebral cortex

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the hippocampus and neo cortex on cingulate cortex neurons in rabbit

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the hypothalamic supraoptic zone on lipid metabolism and development of athero sclerosis

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the hypothalamus on plasma free fatty acid concentration in cats

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the inferior central raphe nucleus on spontaneous and evoked activity of thalamic neurons in awake cats

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the lateral hypothalamus on the dynamics of different phases of sleep and their relationships

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the locus coeruleus on the threshold of hippocampal paroxysmal activity

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the locus coeruleus on the urinary output in rats

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the olfactory mucosa on the hypothalamic neuro secretory system and its impact on the ovaries of 2 fresh water teleostean fishes clarias batrachus and heteropneustes fossilis

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the optic nerve on the nucleus preopticus and nucleus lateralis tuberis of the catfish clarias batrachus

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the orbital cortex on conditioned and unconditioned alimentary reflexes in dogs

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the paraventricular nucleus on acth and cortico sterone secretion in the long evans and brattleboro male rat

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the parietal cortex on alimentary conditioned reflexes in dogs

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the posterior cingulate cortex on acquisition of active avoidance response in cats

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the septum in rabbit on subicular neurons with various types of the background activity

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the skin of the papilla on catecholamine corticosteroid and milk secretion in animals

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the stellate ganglion and of adrenal gland involvement on catecholamine contents in isolated heart

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the suprachiasmatic nucleus on glucose regulation

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the thoracic spinal cord on the function of the bladder in multiple sclerosis

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve on insulinemia and glycemia in Acomys cahirinus mice

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the vagus on plasma motilin concentration in dogs

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Effect of electrical stimulation of the ventromedial nucleus and dorsomedial nucleus on the activity of tuberoinfundibular dopaminergic neurons

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Effect of electrical stimulation of vagus nerves on paraventricular neurons of hypothalamus

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Effect of electrical stimulation on atp depletion and sarcomere length in delay chilled bovine muscle

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Effect of electrical stimulation on healthy skeletal muscles

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Effect of electrical stimulation on meat micro flora observations on agar media in suspensions and on beef carcasses

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Effect of electrical stimulation on palatability of beef lamb and goat meat

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Effect of electrical stimulation on phosphoinositide metabolism in rat sciatic nerve in vivo

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Effect of electrical stimulation on post mortem property change of myo fibrillar proteins

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Effect of electrical stimulation on quality and palatability of light weight beef carcasses

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Effect of electrical stimulation on the bovine carcass

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Effect of electrical stimulation on the influx and efflux of taurine in brain slices of new born and adult rats

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Effect of electrical stimulation on the interfacial tensile strength and amount of bone formation

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Effect of electrical stimulation on the tenderization of mutton by aging

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Effect of electrical stimulation on the viability of the hippocampal slice preparation

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Effect of electrical stimulation on veal quality

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Effect of electrical stimulation or presence of a bull on puberty in beef heifers

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Effect of electrical stimulation post mortem of bovine muscle on the binding of glycolytic enzymes. Functional and structural implications

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Effect of electrical stimulation to medial nucleus of amygdala on pancreatic exocrine secretion and secretin release in anesthetized rats

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Effect of electrical stunning and hot boning on broiler breast meat characteristics

K.M.S.; Yang J B.; Kim C H., 1985:
Effect of electrical stunning on meat quality in broiler breast muscle

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Effect of electrical stunning on post mortem biochemical changes and tenderness in broiler breast muscle

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Effect of electro acupuncture on behavioral responses and plasma levels of acth and thyroid stimulating hormone in naloxone induced morphine withdrawal in rats

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Effect of electro acupuncture on changes in bio electric activity in the orbito frontal and somato sensory areas of the cerebral cortex

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Effect of electro acupuncture on discharges of neurons excited and neurons inhibited by noxious stimulation recorded simultaneously in nucleus parafascicularis and nucleus caudatus of rats

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Effect of electro acupuncture on integration of nociceptive and nonnociceptive afferent signals in the 2nd somato sensory zone of the large hemispheric cortex

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Effect of electro acupuncture on neurons of mid brain peri aqueductal gray matter sensitive to morphine and 5 hydroxy tryptamine in rabbits

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Effect of electro acupuncture on pain induced emotional stress manifestations

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Effect of electro acupuncture on synaptosomal sodium potassium atpase ec

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Effect of electro acupuncture on the changes in the electro cardiogram of acute myo cardial ischemic injury in rabbits/

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Effect of electro acupuncture on the threshold for eliciting the jaw depressor reflex in cats

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Effect of electro chlor sterilization on the bacterial flora of root canals

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Effect of electro coagulation of parathyroid glands on the activity of some lysosomal macrophage enzymes

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Effect of electro coagulation of parathyroid glands on the function of macrophages

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Effect of electro convulsive shock on beta endorphin immuno reactivity of rat brain pituitary gland and plasma

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Effect of electro convulsive shock on the content of trh in rat brain

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Effect of electro convulsive shock on the contents of norepinephrine dopamine and serotonin in rat brain

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Effect of electro convulsive shock on the neural traces underlying the reversive post opto kinetic nystagmus in the rabbit

Emura S., 1981:
Effect of electro convulsive shock on the wake sleep cycle of the rat

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Effect of electro convulsive therapy electro shock on plasma acth growth hormone luteinizing hormone follicle stimulating hormone thyroid stimulating hormone and 11 hydroxy cortico steroid in patients with mental disorders/

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Effect of electro convulsive therapy on erythrocyte atpase activity in depressive illness

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Effect of electro convulsive therapy on the neuro endocrine response to apo morphine in severely depressed patients

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Effect of electro energizing conditions on cellular permeability toward l glutamic acid

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Effect of electro magnetic field induction on the development and content of free amino acids in the biomass and medium of the green alga scenedesmus quadricauda

Chauhan T.S., 1980:
Effect of electro magnetic field on fermenting activity of yeast

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Effect of electro magnetic field on the myo cardium and the blood coagulation properties in experiment

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Effect of electro magnetic fields of audio frequency on cultivated human lymphocyte chromosome set

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Effect of electro magnetic waves on production of proteases with fibrinolytic activity in aspergillus oryzae strain mgu

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Effect of electro myogram bio feedback and relaxation training on primary dys menorrhea

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Effect of electro myographic feedback on paretic muscles and abnormal co contraction in the hemiplegic arm compared with conventional physical therapy

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Effect of electro shock seizures on the function of the caudate nucleus

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Effect of electro shocks on the permeability of the blood brain barrier to tetracycline

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Effect of electro sleep on the adaptational resources of the body

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Effect of electro stimulation of central ends of cervical vagi on release of catecholamine from adrenal

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Effect of electro stimulation of skeletal muscles on the nonesterified fatty acid tri glyceride and glucose levels of the blood in experimental conditions

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Effect of electro stimulation of the area of posterior hypothalamic nuclei on the excretion of catecholamines with urine and the development of di methyl benz anthracene induced tumors in rats

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Effect of electro stimulation of the hypothalamus and limbic formations on vestibulo somatic reflexes

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Effect of electro stimulation of the skin on realization of the extrapolation reflex

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Effect of electro stimulation of the somato sensory cortex and caudate nucleus on extinction inhibition of a food conditioned reflex to sound

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Effect of electro stimulation on ureter function

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Effect of electro surgery on gastric wound healing an experimental study in rabbits

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Effect of electro therapy on de nervated muscles in rabbits an electro physiological morphological study

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Effect of electroacupuncture analgesia on hemostasis in oncological patients

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Effect of electroacupuncture and morphine on evoked potentials in the oral and caudal trigeminal nuclei of cat

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Effect of electroacupuncture on the liver function in patients after bile duct surgery

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Effect of electroacupuncture on the sympathetic nervous, endocrine and metabolic functions

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Effect of electroacupuncture on the urine flow, sodium excretion and osmolar clearance in the rabbit

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Effect of electrocatalytic and nucleophilic reactions on fast voltammetric measurements of dopamine at carbon fiber microelectrodes

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Effect of electrochemical factors on the cultivation of hydrogenomonas eutropha z 1 in the electrolytic cell

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Effect of electrochemical stimulation in the olfactory bulbs on the release of gonadotropin hormones in rats

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Effect of electrocoagulation of the septum on behavior and memory in cats

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Effect of electroconvulsive shock on the cervical evoked potential in the rat

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Effect of electroconvulsive shock on the hydrophobicity of the rat cerebral white matter

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Effect of electroconvulsive shock on the slow components of the brain stem auditory evoked potential

Shaw N.A., 1985:
Effect of electroconvulsive shock on the somatosensory evoked potential in the rat

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Effect of electrode attachment on neuronal ultrastructure

Zipp P., 1982:
Effect of electrode geometry on the selectivity of myo electric recordings with surface electrodes

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Effect of electrode i e c a m level on the vector cardiogram with the frank lead system 1. experimental studies with homogeneous torso

Ikenaga, T., 1981:
Effect of electrode i e c a m level on the vector cardiograms with the frank lead system 2. clinical studies using the 3 step and y precordial techniques

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Effect of electrode parameters on the bandwidth of the surface electro myogram power density spectrum

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Effect of electrode position i e c a m on frank lead system of vector cardiography

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Effect of electrode size on brain stimulation

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Effect of electrode temperature and in vivo calibration on accuracy of trans cutaneous estimation of arterial oxygen tension in infants

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Effect of electrode temperature on orthostatic changes in forefoot transcutaneous oxygen tension

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Effect of electrode temperatures on monitoring of trans cutaneous carbon di oxide in prematures

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Effect of electrodynamic interactions on the translational diffusion of bovine serum albumin at finite concentration

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Effect of electroimmobilization on ovine plasma concentrations of beta endorphin beta lipotropin cortisol and prolactin

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Effect of electrolyte concentration and soil sodicity on infiltration rate and crust formation

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Effect of electrolyte concentration on the cooperativity of l quinuclidinylbenzilate interaction with rat brain muscarinic receptor

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Effect of electrolyte solution on saturated hydraulic conductivity of soils varying in clay type and content and iron oxides

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Effect of electrolytes on rheological properties of young il bentonite suspension

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Effect of electrolytes on the extraction of chlorprothixene

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Effect of electromagnetic microwave radiations 340 and 800 mhz on the liposomes from dimyristoyllecithin

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Effect of electromyograph biofeedback training in reduction of muscle tension for individuals displaying type a behavior patterns

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Effect of electron carriers and other ligands on oxygen stability of clostridial hydrogenase ec

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Effect of electron donating group on s triazolo 3 4 b benzothiazole towards plant growth activity

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Effect of electron donors and acceptors on the kinetics of photoelectric response decay in rhodospirillum rubrum and rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides chromatophores

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Effect of electron transfer inhibitors and uncoupling agents on the chlorophyll fluorescence lifetime during slow fluorescence decline in bean leaves and intact chloroplasts

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Effect of electron transport inhibitors on chloroplast formation during greening

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Effect of electron transport inhibitors on light induced hydrogen evolution by chlamydomonas reinhardii cells in synchronous culture

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Effect of electron transport on the kinetics of the manganese containing super oxide dis mutase from bacillus stearothermophilus

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Effect of electroneutral luminal and basolateral lactate transport on intracellular pH in salamander proximal tubules

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Effect of electrophoretical conditions on the western blotting technique

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Effect of electroplating factory effluent on the germination and growth of hyacinth bean dolichos lablab and mustard brassica campestris

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Effect of electropuncture on the dynamics of humoral factors of general and local immunity under intensive physical load

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Effect of electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions on atpase activity of potato tuber plasmalemma

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Effect of electrostatic dispersion on sedimentation of electro aerosols in the respiratory pathways

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Effect of electrostatic field on acid phosphatase activity of macrophages in mice

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Effect of electrostatic field on rat liver mitochondria ultrastructure

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Effect of electrostatic fields on the chromosomes of Ehrlich ascites tumor cells exposed in vivo

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Effect of electrostimulation of the hypothalamus on the immune reactivity of rats with tumors induced by 7 12 dimethylbenz a anthracene

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Effect of electrostimulation of various amygdala parts on alimentary conditioning in dogs

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Effect of electrostimulation on the reparative processes of bone tissue in humans G.; Massi M.; Micossi L.G., 1979:
Effect of eledoisin physalaemin and some eledoisin like or physalaemin like peptides on water intake and arterial blood pressure in conscious pigeons columba livia

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Effect of elemental sulfur and hydrogen sulfide addition on available phosphorus active calcium carbonate and micronutrients in calcareous soils of jordan

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Effect of elemental sulfur application on the soybean glycine max

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Effect of elemental sulfur on the productivity of calves

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Effect of eleutherococcus extract on rat re adaptation after 7 day hypo kinesia

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Effect of Eleutherococcus extract on the radioprotective action of adeturone

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Effect of eleutherococcus senticosus and its components on rectal temperature body and grip tones motor coordination and exploratory and spontaneous movements in acute stressed mice

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Effect of eleutherococcus senticosus and its components on sex and learning behaviors and tyrosine hydroxylase activities of adrenal gland and hypothalamic regions in chronic stressed mice

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Effect of Eleutherococcus senticosus extract on human physical working capacity

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Effect of elevated ambient temperature on spermatogenesis in the boar

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Effect of elevated ambient temperatures on reproductive performance of ai bulls

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Effect of elevated atmospheric pressure on antibiotic susceptibility of Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes

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Effect of elevated atmospheric pressure on penicillin binding by Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes

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Effect of elevated brain gamma amino butyric acid concentrations on the actions of bicuculline and picro toxin in mice

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Effect of elevated calcium ion concentration on the electrical and contractile activity of the smooth muscles of the guinea pig ureter

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Effect of elevated carbon di oxide partial pressure on oxygen uptake and glycolysis in albino rat tissues

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Effect of elevated carbon dioxide growth conditions on the nutritive composition and acceptability of baked sweet potatoes ipomoea batatas

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Effect of elevated convex ridges kvali on the hydrological regime of swampy kolkhida ussr soils

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Effect of elevated extracellular potassium on the release of labeled noradrenaline glutamate glycine beta alanine and other amino acids from rat brain cortex slices

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Effect of elevated free fatty acids on carbohydrate and lipid oxidation during prolonged exercise in humans

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Effect of elevated growing point temperature on maize zea mays growth and yield

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Effect of elevated left atrial pressure on extravascular lung water in rabbits with double indicator dilution technique

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Effect of elevated night temperature during panicle development on sorghum sorghum bicolor yield components

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Effect of elevated osmotic pressure on the morphology and cytoskeleton of cultivated mouse fibroblasts

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Effect of elevated oxygen concentrations on the survival and hatching of embryos of the bream abramis brama

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Effect of elevated potassium ion concentrations on electrically evoked release of tritiated acetyl choline in slices of rat hippocampus

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Effect of elevated potassium on the adult mollusk giant neuron survival and neurite formation in culture

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Effect of elevated prolactin levels on the synthesis and release of catecholamines from the adrenal medulla in female rats

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Effect of elevated ripening temperatures on proteolysis and flavor development in cheddar cheese

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Effect of elevated ripening temperatures on the microflora of cheddar cheese

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Effect of elevated temperature of storage on the bacteriological quality of tropical shrimp penaeus merguiensis

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Effect of elevated temperature on catalase and superoxide dismutase during maize zea mays development

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Effect of elevated temperature on extended enzyme synthesis induced by bacterio phage t 4 amber mutants unable to synthesize dna

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Effect of elevated temperature on genotoxicity of chemotherapeuticals toward Euglena gracilis

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Effect of elevated temperature on human immunoglobulin synthesis lymphokine production and lymphocyte proliferation in vitro

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Effect of elevated temperature on irradiated roe of the salmon salmo salar 2. chromosome aberrations and the mitotic index

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Effect of elevated temperature on osmotic and ionic regulation in a salt tolerant caddis fly from death valley california usa

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Effect of elevated temperature on protein synthesis in cell free extracts of cultured chinese hamster ovary cells

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Effect of elevated temperature on the growth cycle of the yeast candida utilis

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Effect of elevated temperature on the growth of pollen tubes

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Effect of elevated temperature on the morphology of a chemostatic culture of the yeast candida utilis and on its nucleic acid content

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Effect of elevated temperature on the rate of photosynthesis and the activity of ribulose di phosphate and phosphoenol pyruvate carboxylases

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Effect of elevated temperature under different soil moisture conditions on composition of lipids in wheat seedlings

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Effect of elevated temperatures and low levels of trace metals on the growth and phenotypic development of Candida albicans

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Effect of elevated temperatures on protein synthesis in Escherichia coli

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Effect of elevated temperatures on the radiation sensitivity of yeast cells of different species

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Effect of elevated temperatures on the rate of protein and rna synthesis in yeasts

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Effect of elevated temperatures on the spectral characteristics and the function of intact green algae cells part 1 effect of elevated temperatures on absorption spectra and fluorescent properties

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Effect of elevated temperatures on the spectral characteristics and the functioning of intact green algae cells part 2 effect of elevated temperatures on oxygen induction

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Effect of elevated temperatures on the synthesis of rna and protein in the cells of the synchronous culture of candida utilis

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Effect of elevated water temperature on macro invertebrate communities in outdoor experimental channels

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Effect of elevations of coronary artery partial pressure of carbon dioxide on coronary blood flow

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Effect of elfazepam on apparent digestibility intake and gain in sheep

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Effect of eliminating double stranded rna in hypo virulent endothia parasitica

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Effect of elimination of carotid sinus receptors on changes in the efferent sympathetic activity in acute hypoxic hypoxia

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Effect of ellagic acid and caffeic acid on covalent binding of benzo a pyrene to epidermal dna of mouse skin in organ culture

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Effect of ellagic acid and hydroxylated flavonoids on the tumorigenicity of benzo a pyrene and racemic 7 beta 8 alpha dihydroxy 9 alpha 10 alpha epoxy 7 8 9 10 tetrahydrobenzo a pyrene on mouse skin and in the newborn mouse

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Effect of ellagic acid on hepatic and pulmonary xenobiotic metabolism in mice: studies on the mechanism of its anticarcinogenic action

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Effect of elymoclavine on open field behavior of rats and pharmacological analysis of its catecholaminergic mechanisms

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Effect of Embelia ribes on uterine weight of normal and ovariectomized rats

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Effect of embelin on activity of uterine beta glucuronidase in ovariectomized rats

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Effect of embryo removal and intra uterine infusion of embryonic homogenates on the life span of the bovine corpus luteum

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Effect of embryo removal on concentrations of progesterone and luteinizing hormone in the rabbit

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Effect of embryological development temperature on number and size of silk gland cells in bombyx mori

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Effect of embryonic age on aggregability, histogenesis and biochemical differentiation in the embryonic chick and quail neural retina

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Effect of embryonic liver extract on indices of gluco corticoid function of the adrenal cortex in rats

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Effect of embryonic thymus and liver cells on the development of the ascites form of ehrlichs carcinoma

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Effect of embryonic tissue immunization on chemically induced gastro intestinal tumors in rats part 1 can embryonic antigens act as rejection antigens

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Effect of embryonic treatment with estradiol benzoate on reproductive morphology ovulation and oviposition and plasma luteinizing hormone concentrations in female quail coturnix coturnix japonica

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Effect of emersion on the growth and photosynthesis of the porphyra yezoensis thallus

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Effect of emetine and chloroquine on phagocytic processes of rat macrophages

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Effect of emisan 6 on the morphology of erythrocytes in anabas scandens

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Effect of emissions from residential wood stoves on sister chromatid exchange induction in cho cells

Penev D., 1988:
Effect of emissions on the species and numerical composition of insectivore birds in the region of the town of devnya bulgaria

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Effect of emissions with a prevailing sulfur di oxide component on chlorophyll changes in apricot prunus armeniaca leaves

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Effect of emotiogenic zones of the hypothalamus on evoked potentials of the rabbit sensorimotor cortex

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Effect of emotion pain stress on the contractile function of the hypertrophied myocardium

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Effect of emotional activation on the spatial synchronization of human cerebral bio potentials

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Effect of emotional arousal on free recall of complex material

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Effect of emotional pain stress on activity of gamma amino butyric acid system

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Effect of emotional pain stress on cardiac muscle response to variation in calcium concentration

Saulya A.I., 1984:
Effect of emotional pain stress on myocardial contractility in prolonged hypokinesia

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Effect of emotional pain stress on sodium potassium atpase activity in the heart muscle

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Effect of emotional pain stress on the contractile function and sensitivity to norepinephrine of the cardiac muscle

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Effect of emotional pain stress on the resistance of portal vein contractile function to changes in calcium concentration and to anoxia

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Effect of emotional painful stress on heart resistance to ischemia

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Effect of emotional state on alcohol consumption

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Effect of emotional stress of the secretion of catecholamines in children with normal and high arterial pressure

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Effect of emotional stress on hearing

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Effect of emotional stress on human growth hormone secretion

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Effect of emotional stress on myocardial ultrastructure in rats occupying various hierarchic ranks in the group

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Effect of emotional stress on platelet aggregation in humans

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Effect of emotional stress on recognition of visual patterns

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Effect of emotional stress on sleep dynamics of cats

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Effect of emotional stress on spatial temporal organization of prestimulus potentials of the human operator's neocortex in recognition of significant light stimulus

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Effect of emotional stress on the chromosome aberration rate in bone marrow cells of mice

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Effect of emotional stress on the system of hemostasis in healthy persons

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Effect of emotional stress on the tone of venous and arterial vessels of the fore arm and wrist

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Effect of emotions on nociceptive threshold in rats

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Effect of emotions on the dynamics of auditory sensitivity

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Effect of empiric dosing on blood levels of theophylline and phenytoin

Shukla, A., 1987:
Effect of employment education and marriage on indian women's work involvement and work satisfaction

Soni K.; Jindal B.R., 1983:
Effect of employment of women on family decision making pattern

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Effect of empoasca kraemeri homoptera typhlocybidae infecting different developmental stages of vigna unguiculata

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Effect of ems on meiotic behavior of trigonella foenum graecum

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Effect of emulsifiers on influenza type A virus infection, in vivo and in vitro studies

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Effect of emulsifiers on the behavior of fat in ice cream mix during ageing

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Effect of emulsifiers on the texture of cookies

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Effect of emulsifiers on the toxicity of nuvan and lindane to the larvae of trogoderma granarium

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Effect of emulsifiers on the toxicity of some insecticides to the adults of rice weevil sitophilus oryzae

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Effect of emulsions of carbon per fluoride compounds on the rat peripheral blood state

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Effect of enalapril at rest during tilt static and dynamic exercise in systemic hypertension

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Effect of enalapril in subjects with hypertension associated with moderate to severe renal dysfunction

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Effect of enalapril in treatment resistant essential hypertension

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Effect of enalapril mk 421 an orally active angiotensin i converting enzyme inhibitor on blood pressure active and inactive plasma renin urinary prostaglandin e 2 and kallikrein excretion in conscious rats

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Effect of enalapril on blood pressure and renal function in mild hypertension

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Effect of enalapril on the skin response to bradykinin in man

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Effect of enamine derivatives on the rectal absorption of insulin in dogs and rabbits

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Effect of enanthic acid on the component composition of grisein

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Effect of encainide and flecainide on chronic ectopic atrial tachycardia

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Effect of encainide and its 2 major metabolites on cardiac conduction

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Effect of encainide on in vivo drug metabolism in the rat

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Effect of encapsulation of mefenamic acid with cationic Eudragit E on its bioavailability and gastric ulcerogenic activity in rabbits

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Effect of encapsulation on the persistence of bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis serotype h 14

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Effect of encarsia formosa hymenoptera aphelinidae on mortality of the greenhouse whitefly trialeurodes vaporariorum homoptera aleyrodidae at low night temperatures

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Effect of encephalectomy on the content of cortico sterone in the adrenal glands of rat fetuses

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Effect of encephalitogenic protein on migration in agarose of leukocytes from patients with multiple sclerosis a longitudinal study of patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis or with cerebral infarction

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Effect of encephalitogenic protein purified protein derivative and tetanus toxoid on leukocyte migration in agarose a study of cross reactivity

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Effect of encephalomyocarditis virus on murine fetal and placental growth monitored by quantification of maternal plasma levels of pregnancy associated murine protein 2 and alpha fetoprotein

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Effect of enclosure in large plastic bags on diurnal change in oxygen concentration in tropical ocean water

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Effect of encoding instructions on children's spatial and color memory: is there evidence for automaticity?

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Effect of encoding variables on the free recall of words and action events

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Effect of encouragement on walking test performance

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Effect of end border condition on small plot yield of cucumber

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Effect of end point cooking temperature upon nutritive value and composition of turkey meat

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Effect of endarterectomy on arterial fibrinolytic activator activity

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Effect of endo cellular cryoprotectant upon polymorphonuclear neutrophil function during storage at low temperature

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Effect of endo cellular enzymes from pseudomonas fragi on the color of beef and aqueous beef extract

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Effect of endo mycorrhizal infection glomus mosseae on the nodulation and growth of casuarina equisetifolia

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Effect of endo toxic shock on renal and hormonal functions

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Effect of endo toxin induced shock on the res phagocytic activity and dna synthesis of res cells following endo toxin treatment

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Effect of endo toxin of arachidonic acid release and thromboxane b 2 production by human platelets

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Effect of endo toxin tolerance on the lead acetate induced endo toxin hyper sensitivity of rats escherichia coli

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Effect of endo toxins of entomo pathogenic fungi on their virulence

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Effect of endocervical administration of prostaglandin e 2 on cervical ripening and the induction of parturition with oxytocin

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Effect of endocrine diseases on respiratory function at rest

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Effect of endocrine manipulation on graft rejection

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Effect of endocrine manipulations on gluco corticoid binding capacity in rat skeletal muscle

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Effect of endocrine manipulations on the levels of cytosolic and nuclear receptors for androgens in dog prostate

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Effect of endocrine structures on the incorporation of tritiated leucine into proteins of the hepato pancreas in the prawn palaemon serratus

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Effect of endocrine treatment on prostatic blood flow in patients with prostatic adenocarcinoma

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Effect of endogenous acidification of the duodenum on the Heidenhain pouch pepsin response to histamine

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Effect of endogenous and exogenous interferons on the differentiation of human monocyte cell line U937

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Effect of endogenous and exogenous progesterone on human endometrial enzymes

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Effect of endogenous and exogenous prostaglandin e on friend erythro leukemia cell growth and differentiation

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Effect of endogenous and infused parathyroid hormone on plasma concentrations of recently administered calcium 45

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Effect of endogenous angiotensin on the biosynthesis of aldo sterone in the rat

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Effect of endogenous barley alpha amylase inhibitor on hydrolysis of starch under various conditions

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Effect of endogenous carbon nitrogen ratio and gibberellin like substance on floral initiation in sugarcane

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Effect of endogenous compounds isolated from sera of uremic patients on chloramphenicol binding to proteins

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Effect of endogenous gastric inhibitory poly peptide on the removal of tri acyl glycerol in dogs

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Effect of endogenous gluco corticoids on the morphology of the mouse thymus and spleen

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Effect of endogenous glutathione, superoxide dismutases, catalase, and glutathione peroxidase on adriamycin tolerance of Chinese hamster ovary cells

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Effect of endogenous hyper prolactinemia on human lower esophageal sphincter pressure

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Effect of endogenous insulin release on fetal alanine concentration and uptake

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Effect of endogenous luteinizing hormone and cyclic gmp levels in the rat

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Effect of endogenous oligopeptides and brain specific proteins of the aggressive behavior of rats

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Effect of endogenous opioid blockade on fetal cardiovascular and sympathoadrenal responses to hypoxemia induced by umbilical cord constriction

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Effect of endogenous opioid blockade on the amplitude and frequency of pulsatile luteinizing hormone secretion in normal men

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Effect of endogenous opioid peptides on acetylcholine release from the cat superior cervical ganglion: selective effect of a heptapeptide

Jackson G.M.; Hoseney R.C., 1986:
Effect of endogenous phenolic acids on the mixing properties of wheat flour doughs

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