Effect of egyptian cooking methods on total free oxalates and mineral contents of 2 leafy green vegetables jews mallow and purslane

Tabekhia, M.M.; Toma, R.B.; El-Mahdy, A.R.

Nutrition Reports International 18(5): 611-616


ISSN/ISBN: 0029-6635
Accession: 005235478

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The effect of Egyptian cooking methods on total, free oxalates, Ca, Mg and Fe content of Jew's mallow and purslane were studied. Simple correlation coefficients between oxalates and minerals of fresh vegetables were calculated. The relation of oxalates to Ca availability of fresh and cooked samples was estimated. Much (66.25%) of the Ca of purslane treated by blanching was available. Adding 2% kitchen salt during the cooking of jew's mallow increases Ca availability by 6.20%, but did not show any significant increase for purslane's Ca availability.