Effect of exogenous cortico steroids on the formation of cortico steroids in rat adrenals

Kravchenko, V.I.; Alekseenko, M.K.

Fiziologicheskii Zhurnal 26(3): 330-334


ISSN/ISBN: 0201-8489
Accession: 005237802

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Experiments were performed on hypophysectomized and nonhypophysectomized (control) rats to clarify the effect of corticosteroids on their own formation in the adrenal glands. The inhibition of steroid formation from endogenous precursors was observed with a one-time administration of hydrocortisone acetate (HA). With prolonged administration of HA, a decrease was noted in the formation of glucocorticoids both from endogenous precursors and those introduced into the incubation medium. The role of glucocorticoids in the autoregulation of their own formation was confirmed in a 2nd set of experiments on dog adrenocortical cell cultures.