Effect of feeding frequency upon milk yield and fat and protein of milk from lactating dairy cows with restricted forage intake

Lindner, H.P.; Schwarz, F.J.; Kirchgessner, M.

Wirtschaftseigene Futter 25(4): 183-192


Accession: 005238779

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Forage and concentrate were given twice daily (treatment A, control group), of forage twice and concentrate 6 times (treatment B), or forage and concentrate 6 times (treatment C). The experiment was conducted with 9 cows over three 6-wk test periods following the switch-back method. The forage consisted of a homogeneous mixture of 16 parts hay, 42 parts prewilted grass silage and 42 parts corn silage, based on dry matter (DM). This forage was fed restrictively to get a crude fiber content of 17.6% in the DM of the total ration. Forage consumption averaged 9.2 kg DM and concentrate consumption 6.2 kg DM per cow and day, independent of the different treatments. For treatment A, the average milk yield over all test periods was 17.8 kg with a fat content of 3.85% and a protein content of 3.63%; for treatment B, 18.2 kg with 3.73% fat and 3.58% protein; for treatment C, 18.4 kg with 3.76% fat and 3.61% protein. Under these feeding conditions there was no effect of the frequent feeding on the milk performance.