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Effect of feeding level during growing and fattening period on daily gain feed efficiency and carcass composition of korean native bulls

Kim, K.S.; Shin, K.J.; Paek, B.H.; Kim, Y.G.; Lee, G.S.; Kwon, S.K.

Korean Journal of Animal Science 29(4): 164-170


Accession: 005238808

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To evaluate the effect of feeding level on daily gain, feed efficiency and carcass composition, high (H: DCP and TDN was supplied for 1.1 kg daily gain x 1.1) and low (L: DCP and TDN was supplied for 0.6 kg daily gain x 1.1) level nutrient were fed for each 12 heads of Korean native bulls (KNB) for the 1st period (body weight from about 120kg to 300kg), and thereafter during 2nd period 12 heads were divided into two groups and fed with H and L-feeding level until animals weighted about 500 kg. 1. Daily gain was significantly increased (P < 0.05) and the feeding period was significantly decreased when fed with H level. Shifting feeding level (H .fwdarw. L or L .fwdarw. H) did not affect the daily gain during whole period although there was a trend that H level during 1st period was more efficient than L level. 2. Dry matter intake was higher with H level than with L level. 3. DCP efficiency was better when fed with L level. The efficiency of L .fwdarw. H level was lower than that of H .fwdarw. L level during whole period but was better than that of H .fwdarw. H level during the early phase of 2nd period. 4. TDN efficiency was not influenced by the feeding level. However, TDN efficiency of H group was slightly better than that of L group during the 1st period. 5. Dressing percentage was significantly increased when fed with H level during the 2nd period. Fat content was significantly increased when fed with H .fwdarw. H level, while there was no significant differences among H .fwdarw. L, L .fwdarw. H, L .fwdarw. L feeding levels. There was no significant differences in retailed cuts between the feeding levels. 6. Carcass price was higher and feed cost was lower when fed with L level during the 2nd period. The monthly income per head was higher when fed with H level during the 1st period, although there was no big differences between H .fwdarw. H and L .fwdarw. H feeding level.

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