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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 5240

Chapter 5240 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Pavlenko, N.M.; Pekur, G.N.; Bur'yan, N.I., 1976:
Effect of fermentation conditions on the activity of proteolytic enzymes of wine yeast

Hironaka, Y., 1985:
Effect of fermentation conditions on the quality of french bread produced by straight dough method studies on the processing conditions in bread making part viii

Siegel, L.S.; Metzger, J.F., 1980:
Effect of fermentation conditions on toxin production by Clostridium botulinum type B

Alm, L., 1982:
Effect of fermentation of l dextro lactic acid and d levo lactic acid in milk

Alm, L., 1982:
Effect of fermentation on b vitamin content of milk in sweden

Alm, L., 1982:
Effect of fermentation on lactose glucose and galactose content in milk and suitability of fermented milk products and lactose intolerant individuals

Alm, L., 1982:
Effect of fermentation on milk fat of swedish fermented milk products

Alm, L., 1982:
Effect of fermentation on proteins of swedish fermented milk products

Chavan, U.D.; Chavan, J.K.; Kadam, S.S., 1988 :
Effect of fermentation on soluble proteins and in vitro protein digestibility of sorghum green gram and sorghum green gram blends

Nagao, S.; Endo, S.; Tanaka, K., 1981:
Effect of fermentation on the do corder and breadmaking properties of a dough

Villeneuve, F.; Cros, E.; Macheix J J., 1985:
Effect of fermentation on the peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase activities of the cocoa bean

Voloshina, D.A.; Rumyantseva, G.N.; Shain, S.S.; Kalunyants, K.A.; Grebeshova, R.N., 1975:
Effect of fermentation on the sapogenin yield from seeds of trigonella foenum graecum

Achinewhu, S.C.; Ryley, J., 1986:
Effect of fermentation on the thiamin riboflavin and niacin contents of melon seed citrullus vulgaris and african oil bean seed pentaclethra macrophylla

Alm, L., 1982:
Effect of fermentation on volatile acids and ethanol in swedish dairy products

Grufferty, R.C.; Condon, S., 1983:
Effect of fermentation sugar on hydrogen per oxide accumulation by streptococcus lactis c 10

Ryu, Y.W.; Kwon, J.J., 1982:
Effect of fermentation temperature on the production of high content alcohol

Yone, Y.; Hossain, M.A.; Furuichi, M.; Kato, F., 1986:
Effect of fermented and fermented resteamed scrap meals on growth and feed efficiency of red sea bream chrysophrys major

Yone, Y.; Hosain, M.A.; Furuichi, M.; Kato, F., 1986:
Effect of fermented scrap meal on proximate compositions of muscle and liver hematological characteristics and chemical components in blood plasma of rea sea bream chrysophrys major

Petrov, P.I.; Mitev, D., 1987:
Effect of fern cover on the germination and the starting growth of red clover and bur reed seeds

Gol'dfel'd, M.G.; Khangulov, S.V., 1978:
Effect of ferri cyanide dark adaptation and aging on the properties of esr signal i in chloroplasts

Tanaka, O.; Cleland, C.F.; Ben Tal, Y., 1983:
Effect of ferri cyanide ferro cyanide and potassium cyanide on growth and flowering in the short day plant lemna paucicostata 6746

Hadjipetrou, L.; Lilly, M.D.; Kourounakis, P., 1970:
Effect of ferri cyanide on escherichia coli

Kochubei, S.M., 1980:
Effect of ferri cyanide on the long wavelength fluorescence of light chloroplast fragments

Kyogoku, N.; Watanabe, K.; Matsuda, T.; Nakamura, R., 1985:
Effect of ferric chloride on heat induced denaturation and aggregation of whey proteins in acidic media

Brenner, F.J.; Corbett, S.; Shertzer, R., 1976:
Effect of ferric hydroxide suspension on blood chemistry in the common shiner notropus cornutus

Ivanov, V.N.; Dumanskaya, T.U., 1987:
Effect of ferric ions on ferrous iron oxidation by thiobacillus ferrooxidans

Tolchel'nikov Y.S.; Fam T'en Khoang, 1979:
Effect of ferric oxides on soil absorbing capacity

Kornyushenko, G.A., 1986:
Effect of ferricyanide on lutein 5 6 epoxide formation in isolated chloroplasts

Novak, V.A.; Miklashevich, A.I., 1986:
Effect of ferricyanide on metabolic activity and ion transport in chlorella vulgaris

Roth Bejerano, N.; Nejidat, A.; Rubinstein, B.; Itai, C., 1988:
Effect of ferricyanide on potassium uptake by intact epidermal tissue and guard cell protoplasts

Miklashevich, A.I.; Novak, V.A., 1985:
Effect of ferricyanide on sodium transport in elodea

Prilipko, V.A., 1982:
Effect of ferrite dusts on the body and hygienic standardization of their content in the air of workplaces

Petrack, B.; Sheppy, F.; Fetzer, V.; Manning, T.; Chertock, H.; Ma, D., 1972:
Effect of ferrous ion on tyrosine hydroxylase of bovine adrenal medulla

Lenarczyk, M.; Auerbach, B.A.; Slowikowska, M.G.; Gajewski, A.K., 1986:
Effect of fertility of aging female mice exposed to different doses of x rays

Carneiro, A.M.; Rodriguez, N.M.; Vilela, H.; Rocha, F.N.D., 1987:
Effect of fertility treatments on the yield and quality of elephant grass forage

Stuart, L.; Miller, P.C., 1982:
Effect of fertilization altered drainage and vehicle tracks on soil aeration in tussock tundra

Eck, H.V.; Martinez, T.; Wilson, G.C., 1981:
Effect of fertilization and harvest frequency on yield and quality of tall fescue festuca arundinacea cultivar fawn and smooth brome grass bromus inermis cultivar southland

Byerastaw, I.I., 1980:
Effect of fertilization and irrigation on utilization of mineral nutrient elements by plants

Koskenniemi, A.; Huhta, V., 1986:
Effect of fertilization and manipulation of ph on mite acari populations of coniferous forest soil

Krueger, W., 1978:
Effect of fertilization and plant population density on stalk rot stalk breakage and yield of maize

Slonov, L.Kh, 1984:
Effect of fertilization and presowing hardening on some physiological processes and the productivity of plants

Rozhanskaya, O.A., 1982:
Effect of fertilization and repeated mowing on the chlorophyll content in filipendula ulmaria leaves

Mascarenhas, H.A.A.; Tisselli Filho, O.; Bataglia, O.C.; Braga, N.R.; Nagai, V.; D.S.rdi G.; D.M.randa M.A.C.; Gallo, J.R.; Rocha, T.R.; Campanha, M., 1979:
Effect of fertilization and row spacing on nutrition and grain yield of soybean cultivars santa rosa iac 1 and iac 2

Borba, C.D.S.; Vianna, A.C.T.; Popinigis, F., 1981:
Effect of fertilization and soil moisture on seed quality of soybean glycine max

Pandey, U.C.; Singh, G.P.; Singh, K., 1981:
Effect of fertilization and spacing on seed production of radish raphanus sativus

Ceulemans, R.; Gabriels, R.; Impens, I., 1983:
Effect of fertilization level on some physiological morphological and growth characteristics of ficus benjamina

Drapeau, R., 1983 :
Effect of fertilization method ridging and the use of a mulch on the yield of broad bean vicia faba var major at saguenay lac st jean canada

Waddington, D.V.; Turner, T.R.; Duich, J.M.; Moberg, E.L., 1978:
Effect of fertilization on cultivar penncross creeping bent grass

Benckiser, G.; Santiago, S.; Neue, H.U.; Watanabe, I.; Ottow, J.C.G., 1984:
Effect of fertilization on exudation dehydrogenase activity iron reducing populations and iron ion formation in the rhizosphere of rice oryza sativa in relation to iron toxicity

Darozhkin, M.A.; Matsyushenka, L.A.; Panasyevich, S.H., 1980:
Effect of fertilization on manifestation of viral diseases and phytophthora infection of potatoes

Loubser, H.L.; Grimbeef-En-Beulah-Bronkhorst, C.L., 1988:
Effect of fertilization on sunflowers i. seed yield

Obukhov, A.I.; Deryabin, N.F.; Mints, E.B., 1985:
Effect of fertilization on the content of micronutrients in soils and on the loss of micronutrients with potato yield

Shitkei, Y., 1986:
Effect of fertilization on the growth of poplars and the qualitative composition of underground waters

Rabotnov, T.A.; Rakitina, E.K., 1976:
Effect of fertilization on the vegetation of mesotrophic peat moss marshes

Mica, B., 1983:
Effect of fertilization on the viscosity of potato starch

Cvetkovic, R., 1986:
Effect of fertilization on wheat yield in the crop rotation system

Markovic, V., 1984:
Effect of fertilization on yield and quality of red spice pepper

Bakly, S.A., 1974:
Effect of fertilization treatments on the yield of chrysler imperial rose plants

Diez, J.A., 1986:
Effect of fertilization with manure and potassium on vineyard in the zone of mentrida spain

Hughes, P.R.; Weinstein, L.H.; Wettlaufer, S.H.; Chiment, J.J.; Doss, G.J.; Culliney, T.W.; Gutenmann, W.H.; Bache, C.A.; Lisk, D.J., 1987:
Effect of fertilization with municipal sludge on the glutathione polyamine and cadmium content of cole crops and associated loopers trichoplusia ni

Asenov, R.; Matakov, N., 1985:
Effect of fertilizer and combined manure and fertilizer application on the yield and quality of potatoes for seed production

Skoblin, G.S.; Perepravo, N.I., 1980:
Effect of fertilizer and dates of mowing of cocksfoot on its seed productivity

Anferov, L.A., 1980:
Effect of fertilizer and density of sowing on yield and quality of irrigated maize

Grewal, S.S.; Mittal, S.P.; Singh, K.; Singh, P., 1985:
Effect of fertilizer and manure on yield soil moisture and monetary returns from rainfed maize wheat rotation

Burghardt, H.; Ellering, K., 1987:
Effect of fertilizer and seasonal distribution of fertilizers on several brassica vegetable species

Snowdon, P.; Waring, H.D.; Woollons, R.C., 1981:
Effect of fertilizer and weed control on stem form and average taper in plantation grown pines

Cellier, K.M.; Stephens, C.G., 1980:
Effect of fertilizer and weed control on the early growth of pinus radiata in southern australia

Pavlov, D.; Kostov, K., 1987:
Effect of fertilizer application and phase of mowing on burr reed bioenergetic balance and extent of solar energy utilization

Karev, K.S., 1988:
Effect of fertilizer application and plant density on the root development and overground plant residue of some field crops

Sterikov, G., 1981:
Effect of fertilizer application and plant density on the yield and biological characterization of some maize hybrids

Toshevak, E., 1985:
Effect of fertilizer application and planting density on the formation of wheat biomass on a dark gray forest soil

Sharma, K.N.; Rana, D.S.; Bishnoi, S.R.; Sodhi, J.S., 1979:
Effect of fertilizer application in an inter cropping system

Pareek, S.K.; Gupta, R., 1981:
Effect of fertilizer application on seed yield and diosgenin content in fenugreek trigonella foenum graecum

Dzheneva, A., 1985:
Effect of fertilizer application on the growth performances of almond

Atanasov, I.; A.Q.wasmi W.; Stoichev, D., 1985:
Effect of fertilizer application on the migration of chemical elements with lysimetric waters

Pandrangi, R.B.; Wankhade, S.G.; Jaiswal, S.R., 1984:
Effect of fertilizer application on the protein content and amino acid composition of wheat triticum aestivum

Lazarov, I., 1987:
Effect of fertilizer application on the soil's microflora in a pear plantation on meadow carbonate chernozem soil

Khristov, B.; Pavlov, K.; Antonov, M., 1986:
Effect of fertilizer application on the storage ability of onion

Yancheva, D., 1988:
Effect of fertilizer application on the uptake and balance of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium on the oriental tobacco cultivar krumovgrad 90

Bressani, R.; Gonzalez, J.M.; Elias, L.G.; Melgar, M., 1987:
Effect of fertilizer application on the yield protein and fat content and protein quality of raw and cooked grain of three amaranth species

Dojkova, M.; Rajkova, L.; Rankov, V., 1986:
Effect of fertilizer application on total nitrogen and nitrate content of pepper production

Trehan, S.P.; Sud, K.C.; Grewal, J.S., 1984:
Effect of fertilizer application organic matter clay content and water retentive capacity of soils on the yield of potato grown in acidic hill soils

Austin, M.E.; Bondari, K., 1986:
Effect of fertilizer applications plant age and rainfall on the yield and fruit size of rabbiteye blueberry vaccinium ashei clone t 110

Neelam; Sahai, R., 1988:
Effect of fertilizer factory effluent on oryza sativa cultivar jaya

Sahai, R.; Agrawal, N.; Khosla, N., 1980:
Effect of fertilizer factory effluent on seed germination seedling growth and chlorophyll content of phaseolus radiatus

Sahai, N.; Sahai, R., 1988:
Effect of fertilizer factory effluent on seed germination seedling growth pigment content and biomass of sesamum indicum linn

Sahai, R.; Singh, R.R.; Saxena, P.K., 1986:
Effect of fertilizer factory effluent on the distributional pattern of zooplankton in chilwa lake india

Kucey, R.M.N., 1986:
Effect of fertilizer form method and timing of application on barley yield and nitrogen uptake under dryland conditions in southern alberta canada

Kim, S.K.; Bang, J.K.; Park, C.B.; Jang, Y.S.; Rho, S.P.; Choi, D.H., 1987:
Effect of fertilizer levels on major agronomic characters yield and development of fibers in mulched cotton cultivation

English, J.E.; Rufner, R.; Barker, A.V., 1980:
Effect of fertilizer nitrification rate and nitrapyrin on calcium and magnesium nutrition of corn zea mays

Latha, K.R.; Subramanian, S., 1986:
Effect of fertilizer nitrogen and azolla on rice

Behran, S.; Sheibany, B.; Hojjati, S.M.; Maftoun, M., 1979:
Effect of fertilizer nitrogen and herbicides on the growth and nitrogen content of soybeans glycine max and cowpeas vigna unguiculata

Venkataramanan, S.; Kannaiyan, S., 1986:
Effect of fertilizer nitrogen neem cake and the herbicide machete on the ammonia assimilating enzymes of azolla

Tesha, A.J.; Kumar, D., 1978:
Effect of fertilizer nitrogen on drought resistance in coffea arabica

Mcbratney, J.M., 1987:
Effect of fertilizer nitrogen on six year old red clover perennial grass swards

Harding, W.A.T.; Grof, B., 1978:
Effect of fertilizer nitrogen on yield nitrogen content and animal productivity of brachiaria decumbens cultivar basilisk on the wet tropical coast of north queensland australia

Engel, R.E.; Mathre, D.E., 1988:
Effect of fertilizer nitrogen source and chloride on take all of irrigated hard red spring wheat

Doyle, J.J.; Sharkey, M.J., 1976:
Effect of fertilizer nitrogen stocking rate and autumn deferment of grazing in association with hay cutting on the root structure of annual pasture species

Khan, A.H.; Sheikh, A.H.; Hussain, A.; Khan, S.A., 1986:
Effect of fertilizer on autumn sown mustard

Kummerow, J.; Avila, G.; Aljaro M E.; Araya, S.; Montenegro, G., 1982:
Effect of fertilizer on fine root density and shoot growth in chilean matorral

Shubin, V.I.; Ronkonen, N.I.; Saukkonen, A.V., 1977:
Effect of fertilizer on fructification of macromycetes on young birch trees

Adedeji, F.O., 1986:
Effect of fertilizer on microbial decomposition of leaf litter of a regenerating bush fallow in subhumid tropical nigeria

Shaver, G.R.; Chapin, F.S.IIi, 1986:
Effect of fertilizer on production and biomass of tussock tundra alaska usa

Janzen, H.H., 1987:
Effect of fertilizer on soil productivity in long term spring wheat rotations

Lomako, E.I.; Trukhan, L.G.; Esmeneev, M.V., 1981:
Effect of fertilizer on the quantity and quality of barley yield on soddy podzolic soils of the mari assr russian sfsr ussr

Daraseliya, M.K.; Glonti, T.A.; Babilodze, N.S., 1977:
Effect of fertilizer on the rise in nitrogen content in sources of drinking water

Mcarthur, D.A.J.; Eaton, G.W., 1987:
Effect of fertilizer paclobutrazol and chlormequat on strawberry

Mishra, B.; Khanna, P.K., 1979:
Effect of fertilizer phosphorus on transport of phosphorus and other ions through an undisturbed column of an acid brown earth

Mcconnell, S.G.; Sander, D.H.; Peterson, G.A., 1986:
Effect of fertilizer phosphorus placement depth on winter wheat triticum aestivum cultivar centurk 78 yield

Chase, A.R., 1988:
Effect of fertilizer rate on growth of ficus lyrata and susceptibility to pseudomonas cichorii

Cook, S.J.; Ratcliff, D., 1985:
Effect of fertilizer root and shoot competition on the growth of siratro macroptilium atropurpureum and green panic panicum maximum var trichoglume seedlings in a native speargrass heteropogon contortus sward

Moyer, J.L.; Lamond, R.E.; Kelley, K.W., 1985:
Effect of fertilizer solution application method on tall fescue festuca arundinacea performance

Duxbury, J.M.; Mcconnaughey, P.K., 1986:
Effect of fertilizer source on denitrification and nitrous oxide emissions in a maize zea mays field

Chase, A.R.; Poole, R.T., 1987:
Effect of fertilizer temperature and light level on growth of syngonium podophyllum cultivar white butterfly

Gordeev, A.M.; Tsurikov, L.N.; Yavtushenko, V.E., 1976:
Effect of fertilizers and combined plowing on the protection of sod podzolic soils from erosion

Abramova, M.M.; Dushkov, V.Yu, 1981:
Effect of fertilizers and irrigation on the water consumption state and production of artificial elm ulmus pumila stands in semi desert

Syaglov, V.A.; Korzukhina, A.F., 1981:
Effect of fertilizers and planting density on accumulation of stubble and root remains of maize and sunflower

Shkonde, E.I.; Lola, M.V., 1980:
Effect of fertilizers and plants on the content and composition of humus in ciscaucasian chernozems

Bagaev, V.B.; Zhukov-Yu, P.; Marcheva, V.E.; Sokolova, L.V., 1976:
Effect of fertilizers and simazine on strawberries

Khlaptsev, E.E.; Klimakhin, G.I.; Malykhina, A.I.; Monina, O.I., 1981:
Effect of fertilizers and the cultivation zone on the yield and quality of crude macleaya

Shukla, S.N.; Dwivedi, R.S., 1982:
Effect of fertilizers and trace elements on nodulation in trifolium alexandrinum

Ramesh Babu, N.; Rami Reddy, S.; Reddi, G.H.S.; Reddy, D.S., 1984:
Effect of fertilizers irrigation and plant density on groundnut arachis hypogaea

Shankarnarayan, K.A.; Dabadghao, P.M.; Upadhyay, V.S.; Rai, P., 1976 :
Effect of fertilizers nitrogen and phosphorus on the net aboveground community productivity in heteropogon iseilema and sehima communities

Epanchinov, A.V., 1978:
Effect of fertilizers on biological processes of the radical zone in corn

Thapar, H.S.; Khan, S.N.; Ram, M.A.R.; Bakshi, B.K., 1984:
Effect of fertilizers on development of endomycorrhiza in kauri pine agathis robusta

Walmsley, D.; Sargeant, V.A.L.; Dookeran, M., 1978:
Effect of fertilizers on growth and composition of elephant grass pennisetum purpureum in tobago west indies

Sudnitsyna, T.N., 1976:
Effect of fertilizers on growth of pine plantations

Khlaptsev, E.E., 1978:
Effect of fertilizers on macleaya crop yield and alkaloid content under conditions of a vegetative experiment

Kutaf'eva, N.P., 1975:
Effect of fertilizers on mushrooms in pine forests of the middle angara region ussr

Lyashenko, N.I.; Solodyuk, G.D.; Godovanyi, A.A.; Verzhbitskii, V.I.; Moskal'chuk N.I., 1982:
Effect of fertilizers on phenol metabolism in hop plants and on their resistance to aphids

Yatsevich, V.A., 1982:
Effect of fertilizers on phosphatase activity of soddy podzolic soil

Vorob'ev V.I.; Sokol'skii A.F., 1980:
Effect of fertilizers on primary and bacterial production in rearing ponds of the volga delta russian sfsr ussr

Quinones Agilar, M.M.; Golenkov, V.F.; Novikov, N.N.; Kukresh, N.P., 1985:
Effect of fertilizers on protein composition and baking properties of rye grains

Badalyan, V.S.; Amalyan, G.S., 1980:
Effect of fertilizers on some anatomical characteristics of the eggplant stem

Prokopic, J.; Jelenova, I., 1980:
Effect of fertilizers on taenia saginata egg variability in vitro

Shargaeva, O.N.; Romanov, B.V.; Chernysheva, N.F., 1985:
Effect of fertilizers on the activity of nitrate reductase in wheat roots and leaves

Chuprikova, O.A.; Shunichev, S.I., 1980:
Effect of fertilizers on the content of potassium forms in hothouse soil and cucumber yield

Kolomiets, N.I., 1978:
Effect of fertilizers on the crop and quality of restharrow roots

Saha, S.K.; Shanker, J.; D.S.K., 1983:
Effect of fertilizers on the decomposition of organic manure

Khrushcheva, E.P., 1985:
Effect of fertilizers on the development of wheat mycorrhiza

Ivchenko, A.S.; Kudelina, A.G., 1975:
Effect of fertilizers on the fertility of chernozem in the northern azov area of the rostov oblast and their profitability in crop rotation

Pron'ko V.V., 1981:
Effect of fertilizers on the humus balance of irrigated dark chestnut soils of the trans volga region russian sfsr ussr

Zarentsev, I.N., 1980:
Effect of fertilizers on the increased productivity of irrigated dark chestnut soils in the southern ukrainian ssr ussr in the 1st years of development

Dzhanaev, G.G.; Farniev, A.T., 1980:
Effect of fertilizers on the intensity of microbiological processes

Kr"steva, Z., 1975:
Effect of fertilizers on the level of sugar and nonvolatile organic acids in the muscat red grape

Ushakova, G.I., 1987:
Effect of fertilizers on the migration of chemical elements in humus illuvial podzol profile

Gorbunov, K.V.; Sokol'skii, A.F., 1976:
Effect of fertilizers on the number of bacteria involved in the nitrogen cycle in pond water of the astrakhan oblast

Semergei, K.I.; Nedirov, R.N.; Kurbanov, M., 1977:
Effect of fertilizers on the productivity of alfalfa grown on soil with low fertility in the murghab oasis ussr

Demin, V.A.; Kondrashin, B.S.; Maksimova, E.N.; Shkurycheva, A.V., 1987:
Effect of fertilizers on the productivity of fodder crop rotation on soddy podzolic soil under irrigation

Kormilitsyn, V.F., 1981:
Effect of fertilizers on the productivity of irrigated soybeans in the eastern volga river basin russian sfsr ussr

Blair, G.J.; Pualillin, P.; Samosir, S., 1978:
Effect of fertilizers on the yield and botanical composition of pastures in south sulawesi indonesia

Gordeeva, M.M., 1978 :
Effect of fertilizers on vegetation of hollow damp dry lobate meadow

Dudintsev, E.V.; Roshchina, G.D.; Nikulina, M.P., 1980:
Effect of fertilizers on yield of crops in crop rotation using various methods of soil tillage

Tosheva, E., 1987:
Effect of fertilizing and seeding rates on wheat yield on dark gray forest soil

Nikolova, V., 1986:
Effect of fertilizing on herbicide effectiveness in onion crops

Kawasmi, W.A.; Petkova, D., 1987:
Effect of fertilizing on the biological migration of nutrients ii. accumulation of nutrients in the above ground parts and roots of the maize hybrid h 708

Petkova, D.; A.K.uasmi U., 1986:
Effect of fertilizing on the chemical composition of maize at different growth stages

Masheva, S., 1987:
Effect of fertilizing on the microflora and fungistasis in a soil under pepper monoculture

Lobnik, F.; Vidrih, T., 1976:
Effect of fertilizing with sludge on content of some elements in orchard grass dactylis glomerata

MacLarty, J.L.; Campion, D.R.; Hausman, G.J.; Reagan, J.O.; Meredith, F.I., 1984:
Effect of fetal decapitation on the composition and metabolic characteristics of pig skeletal muscle

Cohen, A.; Guillon, Y., 1985:
Effect of fetal decapitation on unbound rat plasma corticosterone concentration at the end of pregnancy

Ramsay, T.G.; Sheahan, J.A.; Hausman, G.J.; Martin, R.J., 1985:
Effects of fetal decapitation upon porcine placental metabolism. Evidence for a fetal influence in placental metabolism

Antonenko, V.T.; Korolev, Y.N.; Kuz'menko V.A.; Timchenko, A.S.; Mishchenko, Y.N., 1980:
Effect of fetal erythrocytes suspension on the course of hemorrhagic shock

Means, L.W.; Medlin, C.W.; Danin, S.T.; Potts, F.L., 1982:
Effect of fetal exposure to ethanol on complex maze acquisition in rats tested as adults

Lelievre-Pegorier, M.; Gilbert, T.; Sakly, R.; Meulemans, A.; Merlet-Benichou, C., 1987:
Effect of fetal exposure to gentamicin on kidneys of young guinea pigs

Rich, K.A.; D.K.etser D.M., 1979:
Effect of fetal irradiation on testicular receptors and testosterone response to gonadotropin stimulation in adult rats

Neutra, R.R.; Greenland, S.; Friedman, E.A., 1980:
Effect of fetal monitoring on cesarean section rates

Pearson, L.D.; Brandon, M.R., 1976:
Effect of fetal thymectomy on immuno globulin g immuno globulin m and immuno globulin a concentrations in sheep

Polk, D.H.; Callegari, C.C.; Newnham, J.; Padbury, J.F.; Reviczky, A.; Fisher, D.A.; Klein, A.H., 1987:
Effect of fetal thyroidectomy on newborn thermogenesis in lambs

Kiełczewska-Mrozikiewicz, D.; Szyszka, A., 1980:
Effect of fever on blood copper level in adrenalectomized animals

Demotes Mainard, F.; Albin, H.; Ragnaud, J.M.; Gin, H.; Vincon, G.; Aubertin, J., 1988:
Effect of fever on cefotaxime pharmacokinetics

Samson, W.K.; Lipton, J.M.; Zimmer, J.A.; Glyn, J.R., 1981:
Effect of fever on central alpha msh concentrations in the rabbit

Abdullin, G.Z.; Medvedeva, G.I.; Nikova, L.P., 1980:
Effect of fever reaction on reactivity of the adrenal cortex

Williamson, L.M.; Harvey, D.M.; Sheppard, K.J.; Fletcher, J., 1988:
Effect of feverfew on phagocytosis and killing of Candida guilliermondii by neutrophils

Okhovat, M., 1977:
Effect of few fungicides on rhizoctonia solani causing root rot and damping off of bean phaseolus vulgaris

Siddaramaiah, A.L.; Desai, S.A.; Hedge, R.K., 1981:
Effect of few herbicides on crown rot aspergillus niger and afla root aspergillus flavus disease of groundnut arachis hypogaea

Prakash, A.O.; Mathur, R., 1980:
Effect of few indigenous plants extracts on corpora lutea of cyclic guinea pigs

Prasad, K.S.K.; Rao, Y.S., 1982:
Effect of few systemic pesticides as soil treatments on the growth and development of meloidogyne graminicola in rice roots

Rodriguez, N.; Boucourt, R.; Riveri, S., 1986:
Effect of fiber addition to final molasses based diets on the morphometric indices of the gastrointestinal tract of pigs

Knox, F.S.IIi; Wachtel, T.L.; Mccahan, G.R.Jr; Knapp, S.C., 1979:
Effect of fiber and dye degradation products on burn wound healing

Dugmore, T.J.; Van Ryssen, J.B.J.; Stielau, W.J., 1986:
Effect of fiber and nitrogen content on the digestibility of kikuyu pennisetum clandestinum

Kelsay, J.L.; Behall, K.M.; Prather, E.S., 1979:
Effect of fiber from fruits and vegetables on metabolic responses of human subjects, II. Calcium, magnesium, iron, and silicon balances

Kelsay, J.L.; Jacob, R.A.; Prather, E.S., 1979:
Effect of fiber from fruits and vegetables on metabolic responses of human subjects 3. zinc copper and phosphorus balances

Kelsay, J.L.; Goering, H.K.; Behall, K.M.; Prather, E.S., 1981:
Effect of fiber from fruits and vegetables on metabolic responses of human subjects: fiber intakes, fecal excretions, and apparent digestibilities

Kelsay, J.L.; Behall, K.M.; Prather, E.S., 1978:
Effect of fiber from fruits and vegetables on metabolic responses of human subjects part 1 bowel transit time number of defecations fecal weight urinary excretions of energy and nitrogen and apparent digestibilities of energy nitrogen and fat

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Effect of field application of growth regulators on secondary dormancy of common ragweed ambrosia artemisiifolia seeds

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Effect of field distribution of maize dwarf mosaic diseased corn zea mays plants on yield

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Effect of field peas in diets for growing and finishing pigs

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Effect of field weathering on the viability and vigor of soybean glycine max seed

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Effect of filler and granulation on the hygroscopicity of the dry extract of chelidonium majus

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Effect of film oxygen transmission rate on lean color and microbiological characteristics of vacuum packaged beef knuckles

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Effect of film packing storage of chestnuts castanea crenata cultivar ginyose

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Effect of filtration and concentration on the composition of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid

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Effect of filtration of erythrocytic and leukocyte platelet media through filters of soviet polymer systems of single use on the content of microclots in them and the cellular composition

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Effect of filtration on the loss of abnormal cervical cells in specimen preparation for automated cytology

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Effect of fine dispersion dampening the clamps on the preservation of sugar beets

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Effect of finishing weight on feed energy intake and carcass quality in pigs for slaughter

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Effect of fipexide a new nootropic drug on active avoidance conditioning in rats

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Effect of fire and 2 4 d on the early stages of beaked hazel corylus cornuta understories

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Effect of fire and drought on the ecophysiology of andropogon gerardii and panicum virgatum in a tallgrass prairie

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Effect of fire intensity on solution chemistry of surface soil under a eucalyptus pauciflora forest

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Effect of fire on growth and demography of sporobolus cubensis

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Effect of fire on small mammals of a natural grassland community

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Effect of fires on woody vegetation in the pine grassland ecotone of the southern black hills usa

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Effect of fish behavior on echo energy the need for measurements of orientation distributions

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Effect of fixed daylengths on the photoperiodic regulation of gametogenesis in the sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus

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Effect of flaking on the digestion pattern and nutritive value of maize in growing pigs

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Effect of flight deprivation on activity of adult male of pieris rapae crucivora lepidoptera pieridae

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Effect of flightlessness during molt on the iron content in the pectoralis muscle of the giant canada goose branta canadensis maxima

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Effect of flock size on foraging activity in wintering sanderlings

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Effect of flooding and temperature on incidence and severity of safflower seedling rust and viability of puccinia carthami telio spores

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Effect of flooding on some chemical and morphological characteristics of rice

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Effect of flooding on the changes in lime potential of acid alluvial red and laterite soils growing rice

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Effect of flooding on the growth and yield of hot pepper capsicum annuum l

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Effect of flooding on the soil gas composition and the production of micro sclerotia by verticillium dahliae in the field

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Effect of flooding on tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivars the relationship between proline accumulation and other morphological and physiological changes

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Effect of floods on morphological characteristics of the water vole arvicola terrestris

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Effect of floods on the amphibia reptilia fauna living in the floodplain of the tisza and their regeneration

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Effect of floods on thomomys bottae in texas usa

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Effect of floor space allowance on the performance of growing finishing pigs under the tropical conditions

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Effect of floor type and density on the integument of egg layers

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Effect of floral induction on the ultrastructural evolution of the shoot apex of spinacia oleracea

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Effect of flordipine on cerebral blood flow

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Effect of flossing, with and without iodine, on human interproximal plaque flora

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Effect of flour constituents on certain biological aspects of the rice moth corcyra cephalonica

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Effect of flow direction on collateral ventilation in excised dog lung lobes

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Effect of flow on some components of the ecosystem of water reservoirs using the dnieper river reservoirs ukrainian ssr ussr as an example

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Effect of flow partition on wall shear in a cast of a human coronary artery

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Effect of flow rate and vessel caliber on critical arterial stenosis

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Effect of flow rate on the ionized calcium concentration of human parotid saliva

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Effect of flow resistive loading on ventilation occlusion pressure and electrical activity of diaphragm during carbon di oxide re breathing in conscious goats

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Effect of flower or pod removal on the performance of soybeans glycine max

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Effect of flowering date on accumulation of dry matter and protein in soybean glycine max seeds

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Effect of flowering on the photosynthetic capacity of rye grass leaves grown with and without natural shading

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Effect of flowing adjuvants on the homogeneity and the kinetics of mixing of low dosage cohesive powder mixtures

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Effect of fluazifop butyl on couch grass agropyron repens

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Effect of fluazifop butyl on soil microflora

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Effect of fluazifop butyl on the chlorophyll content fluorescence and chloroplast ultrastructure of elymus repens l. gould. leaves

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Effect of fluid withdrawal on the pulmonary course and prognosis of acute lung failure

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Effect of fluoride ion effluent on some metabolites and minerals in fry of catla catla

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Effect of fluoride mouthrinses on the extent of caries in animals

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Effect of fluoride on in vitro root surface lesions

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Effect of foliar application of plant hormones and mineral nutrition of the host on the development of anthracnose disease of jute

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Effect of foliar application of secondary and micronutrients for reducing chlorosis of cultivar coorg mandarin citrus reticulata

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Effect of foliar applications of fungicides on the control of seed borne phomopsis sojae and yield of soybean

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Effect of foliar applications of systemic fungicides and late harvest on seed quality of dry bean phaseolus vulgaris

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Effect of foliar applied calcium and chlorine on stomatal conductance in apple leaves

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Effect of foliar applied molybdenum on some nutritional aspects of potato plants

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Effect of foreign cytoplasms on the manifestation of commercially important characters in the alloplasmic lines of soft wheat

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Effect of forest clear cut edge on breeding birds in east texas usa

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Effect of forest on drift accumulation in a floodplain

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Effect of forest on river runoff and its regulation in the carpathians

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Effect of forest plantations on improvement of aquatic and physical properties of eroded soils

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Effect of forest roads on habitat use by roosevelt elk cervus elaphus roosevelti

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Effect of forest shelter belts on the structure of ordinary chernozems in kamennaya steppe ussr

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Effect of forest soil ploughing on phosphorus

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Effect of forest structure on american redstart setophaga ruticilla foraging behavior

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Effect of form and time of nitrogen application on the vegetative growth and fruiting of apple trees cultivar red wealthy

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Effect of form stage at harvesting preservation procedure quality and distribution frequency rate of feed on its intake by sheep iv. effect of meadow hay fed in various forms

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Effect of form stage at harvesting preservation procedure quality and feed distribution frequency rate on sheep intake 2. effect of chopped green alfalfa harvested at different vegetation stages

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Effect of formaldehyde treatment of various protein meals on the solubility in vitro ammonia release and degradability in the rumen