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Effect of flooding on the growth and yield of hot pepper capsicum annuum l

Suh, H.D.; Cho, K.Y.; Park, S.K.; Lee, K.H.

Research Reports of the Rural Development Administration 29(1 HORTICULTURE): 1-9


Accession: 005239423

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This study was carried out to investigate the influence of flooding on the metabolic activity, growth and yield of hot pepper in the field condition and artificial water bath for two years from 1985. The mechanism of flooding injury in hot pepper in summarized as follows. Survival ratio, in the field condition, as affected by waterlogging (10-20 cm from the soil surface) was not significantly decreased within 24 hours, but the fruit yield was significantly decreased at the same waterlogging treatment. 48 hours of waterlogging showed about 90% of withering to death in hot pepper plant and all the plant could not survive mor ethan 4 days of waterlogging treatment. In the pot trial, higher survival ratio was observed at the same period of waterlogging treatment with the field condition considering not only due to the experimental difference of drainage condition after waterlogging treatment but also the difference of fruit set burden from the growth stage between pot and field. Leaf chlorosis and falling was linearly increased with the elongation and height of waterlogging treatment showing more than 90% of withering to death in 7 days of waterlogging. Chlorophyll content in leaf was sharply reduced by submergency, but in waterlogging treatment, it was not changed largely until 4 days and rapidly decreased from more than 4 days of waterlogging. Photosynthesized and respiration was notably decreased both in the waterlogging and submergency treatment. Sugar content in the leaf, shoot and root was also reduced by flooding and the tendency of sugar decrease was most sensitive in the leaf following the shoot and root in hot pepper plant.

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