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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5243

Chapter 5243 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Muth E.A.; Crowley W.R.; Jacobiwtz D.M., 1980:
Effect of gonadal hormones on luteinizing hormone in plasma and choline acetyl transferase activity and acetyl choline levels in discrete nuclei of the rat brain

Rzasa, J.; Niezgoda, J.; Witkowska, B., 1976:
Effect of gonadal hormones on plasma protein and mineral concentration in immature pullets

Ambadkar P.M.; Gangaramani N.F.; Derasari K.J., 1985:
Effect of gonadal hormones on the hepatic glucose 6 phosphatase and glycogen synthetase activities in the male albino rats rattus norvegicus albinus

Hall C.J.; Jenkins J.S., 1981:
Effect of gonadal hormones on the incorporation of tritium labeled lysine into proteins of human fetal brain

Chanchal A.K.; Pandey B.N., 1979:
Effect of gonadal steroids on respiratory metabolism of anabas testudineus

Drouin, J.; Lavoie, M.; Labrie, F., 1978:
Effect of gonadal steroids on the luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone response to 8 bromo cyclic amp in anterior pituitary cells in culture

Paulo, E., 1984:
Effect of gonadectomy and adrenalectomy on steroid hormone content in rat submaxillary gland

Katsiya G.V.; Gorlushkin V.M.; Todua T.N.; Goncharov N.P., 1985:
Effect of gonadectomy and lhrh on hypophysis gonadotropic function in papio hamadryas

Scimonelli T.N.; Celis M.E., 1987:
Effect of gonadectomy and reposition of gonadal steroids on alpha msh concentration in discrete hypothalamic areas during a 24 hour period

Saad, S.F.; Shehata, M.M., 1978:
Effect of gonadectomy and sex hormone treatment on pantothenic acid content in the liver of rats

Minegishi T.; Igarashi M.; Wakabayashi K., 1981:
Effect of gonadectomy and steroid treatment on the receptor binding activity and immuno reactivity of serum and pituitary fsh in adult rats of both sexes

Ol'shevskaya L.V., 1987:
Effect of gonadectomy on blastogenesis induced by an implanted foreign body

Singh D.; Prakash P.; Goel V.D., 1987:
Effect of gonadectomy on body weight and carcass yield in goats

Leret M.L.; Fraile A., 1985:
Effect of gonadectomy on brain catecholamines during the postnatal period

Kaneta, M., 1981:
Effect of gonadectomy on juxtaglomerular cells in mice: qualitative and quantitative electron microscopy

Corbani M.; Counis R.; Starzec A.; Jutisz M., 1984:
Effect of gonadectomy on pituitary levels of messenger rna encoding gonadotropin subunits and secretion of luteinizing hormone

Nathaniel, D.R., 1978:
Effect of gonadectomy on the follicular cell and inclusions in mitochondria of rabbit thyroid gland

Joly R., 1984 :
Effect of gonadectomy on the secretory activity of the cerebral glands in lithobius forficatus myriapoda chilopoda

Bogdarin Y.A.; Aratskii V.P., 1979:
Effect of gonadectomy on transcortin binding capacity and fractional 11 hydroxy cortico steroid composition in blood of rats with burns

Catling P.C.; Sutherland R.L., 1980:
Effect of gonadectomy season and the presence of female tammar wallabies macropus eugenii on concentrations of testosterone luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone in the plasma of male tammar wallabies

Safarov M.I.; Kerimov S.A., 1981:
Effect of gonadotropic function of the hypophysis on the gamma amino butyric acid system in the central nervous system in adult animals

Karasek, M.; Karasek, E., 1978:
Effect of gonadotropic hormones on the concentration of cyclic amp in the rat pineal organ

Kovaliv L.N.; Rozgoni I.I., 1981:
Effect of gonadotropic preparations on some indices of protein metabolism in calves and on reproductive capacity of cows

Conti, M.; Harwood, J.P.; Dufau, M.L.; Catt, K.J., 1977:
Effect of gonadotropin induced receptor regulation on biological responses of isolated rat luteal cells

Bagli N.P.; Rajendran K.G.; Shah P.N., 1980:
Effect of gonadotropin inhibiting material isolated from human urine on action of prolactin at rat leydig cell

Mongioi A.; Maugeri G.; Macchi M.; Calogero A.; Vicari E.; Coniglione F.; Aliffi A.; Sipione C.; D'agata R., 1986:
Effect of gonadotropin releasing hormone analogue administration on serum gonadotropin and steroid levels in patients with polycystic ovarian disease

Carter M.L.; Dierscke D.J.; Rutledge J.J.; Hauser E.R., 1980:
Effect of gonadotropin releasing hormone and calf removal on pituitary ovarian function and reproductive performance in post partum beef cows

Hillensjo T.; Lemaire W.J.; Clark M.R.; Ahren K., 1982:
Effect of gonadotropin releasing hormone and gonadotropin releasing hormone agonists upon accumulation of progesterone cyclic amp and prostaglandin in isolated pre ovulatory rat follicles

Richardson G.F.; Archbald L.F.; Galton D.M.; Godke R.A., 1983:
Effect of gonadotropin releasing hormone and prostaglandin f 2 alpha on reproduction in post partum dairy cows

Kwak Y.H.; Lee D.B., 1985:
Effect of gonadotropin releasing hormone antagonist 1 n acetyldehydroproline 2 p fluoro d phenylalanine 3 d tryptophan 6 d tryptophan gonadotropin releasing hormone on serum testosterone and spermatogenesis in male adult rat

Schwartz N.B.; Rivier C.; Rivier J.; Vale W.W., 1985:
Effect of gonadotropin releasing hormone antagonists on serum fsh and luteinizing hormone under conditions of singular fsh secretion

Dhoble R.L.; Jindal S.K.; Panda J.N.; Gupta S.K., 1981:
Effect of gonadotropin releasing hormone in under fed immature rats

Salisbury R.L.; Dudley S.D.; Weisz J., 1982:
Effect of gonadotropin releasing hormone on circulating levels of immuno reactive luteinizing hormone in fetal rats

Kletzky O.A.; Davajan V.; Mishell D.R.Jr, 1982:
Effect of gonadotropin releasing hormone on ovarian estradiol secretion

Tapanainen J.; Koivisto M.; Huhtaniemi I.; Vihko R., 1982:
Effect of gonadotropin releasing hormone on pituitary gonadal function of male infants during the 1st year of life

Guthrie H.D.; Pursel V.G.; Bolt D.J.; Nachman R.J., 1984:
Effect of gonadotropin releasing hormone stage of sexual maturation and 6 methoxybenzoxazolinone on plasma gonadotropins ovarian development and uterine weight in prepuberal gilts

Hillensjo T.; Ekholm C.; Hedin L., 1984:
Effect of gonadotropin releasing hormone upon the pattern of steroidogenesis in isolated pre ovulatory rat follicles

Winterer, J.; Barnes, K.M.; Lichter, A.S.; Deluca, A.M.; Loriaux, D.L.; Cutler, G.B.J., 1988:
Effect of gonadotropin secretion rate on the radiosensitivity of the rat lhrh neuron and gonadotroph

Chakraborti, P.; Maitra, G.; Bhattacharya, S., 1984:
Effect of gonadotropins and gonadal hormones on female fish thyroid peroxidase ec activity

Kolena, J., 1975:
Effect of gonadotropins and prostaglandin on cyclic amp synthesis in young rat testis

Arslan M.; Jalali S.; Qazi M.H., 1986:
Effect of gonadotropins and testosterone on epididymis of the spiny tailed lizard uromastix hardwicki

Shahin, M.A.; Csaba, G.; Dobozy, O., 1980:
Effect of gonadotropins and thyrotropin on the testes and ovaries of the newly hatched chicken

Kovacs, G.L.; Bartalos, L.; Hartmann, G.; Telegdy, G., 1974:
Effect of gonadotropins on electrical activity of the brain in rats

Hillensjo T.; Sjogren A.; Strander B.; Nilsson L.; Wikland M.; Hamberger L.; Roos P., 1985:
Effect of gonadotropins on progesterone secretion by cultured granulosa cells obtained from human preovulatory follicles

Zych F.; Krowicki Z.; Nozynski J.; Sadowska Krowicka H.; Korpak I.; Kniazewski B., 1982:
Effect of gonadotropins on the morphology of the pancreatic islets

Tikare D.K.; Nadkarni V.B., 1984:
Effect of gonadotropins on the steroidogenic cells in the ovary of the catfish clarias batrachus

Fukui, Y.; Fukushima, M.; Terawaki, Y.; Ono, H., 1982:
Effect of gonadotropins, steroids and culture media on bovine oocyte maturation in vitro

Parmar N.S.; Ghosh M.N., 1979:
Effect of gossypin a flavonoid on the formation of galactose induced cataracts in rats

Shi Q X.; Friend D.S., 1985:
Effect of gossypol acetate on guinea pig epididymal spermatozoa in vivo and their susceptibility to capacitation in vitro

Wang N G.; Guan M Z.; L.H.P.; Lei H P., 1987:
Effect of gossypol acetic acid gaa and 15 methyl pgf 2 alpha methyl ester pg05 on estrogen receptor of rat uteri

Wang R L.; Wang M M.; L.Q.; Zheng H Z.; Yao Y L.; Jiang X R.; Zhang Z S.; Pan X X., 1984:
Effect of gossypol acetic acid on induction of sister chromatid exchange in the spermatogonial cell in mice

Zhou L F.; Q.S.Q.; Lei H P., 1987:
Effect of gossypol acetic acid on the epididymis histochemical and scanning electron microscope studies

X.Y.; Xiao F L.; Qian S Z., 1987:
Effect of gossypol and potassium deficiency on blood testosterone in rats

Zhao D P.; Zhao N M.; Xie Z P.; Sun Q J.; Nie Y S., 1986 :
Effect of gossypol formic acid on fluidity spermatocyte plasma membrane of rat

Tso, W.W.; Lee, C.S., 1981:
Effect of gossypol on boar spermatozoa in vitro

Tso W W.; Lee C S.; Tso M Y.W., 1982:
Effect of gossypol on boar spermatozoal atp metabolism

Rovan E.; Kalla N.R.; Frick J.; Adam H., 1984:
Effect of gossypol on bull spermatozoa in vitro

Wang, Y.; Rao, P.N., 1984:
Effect of gossypol on DNA synthesis and cell cycle progression of mammalian cells in vitro

Haspel, H.C.; Corin, R.E.; Sonenberg, M., 1985:
Effect of gossypol on erythrocyte membrane function: specific inhibition of inorganic anion exchange and interaction with band 3

Ali S.F.; E.S.wedy S.M., 1984:
Effect of gossypol on liver metabolic enzymes in male rats

Halangk W.; Bohnensack R., 1988:
Effect of gossypol on oxidative energy metabolism in bull sperm

Walia, V.; Kaur, P.; Khullar, M.; Rai, U.C., 1986:
Effect of gossypol on peripheral blood cells

Kaur P.; Khullar M.; Mittal S.; Rai U.C., 1988:
Effect of gossypol on testes and epididymis of albino rats

Wang, J.M.; Gu, C.H.; Qian, Z.M.; Jing, G.W., 1984:
Effect of gossypol on testicular blood flow and testosterone production in rats

Kalla N.R.; Weinbauer G.F.; Rovan E.; Frick J., 1983:
Effect of gossypol on testicular testosterone production in vitro

L.F.; E.A., 1987:
Effect of gossypol on testosterone and lh in serum androgen activity and androgen receptor in rats

Wichmann, K.; Käpyaho, K.; Sinervirta, R.; Jänne, J., 1983:
Effect of gossypol on the motility and metabolism of human spermatozoa

Wu, Y.W.; Tong, D.S.; Yuan, D.; Wang, N.Y.; Zong, S.D.; Xie, Y.K., 1985:
Effect of gossypol on the potential difference of rat seminiferous tubules

Soumerai, S.B.; Avorn, J.; Gortmaker, S.; Hawley, S., 1987:
Effect of government and commercial warnings on reducing prescription misuse: the case of propoxyphene

Tough H.J.; Crush J.R., 1979:
Effect of grade of acetylene on ethylene production by white clover trifolium repens during acetylene reduction assays of nitrogen fixation

V.N.M.; Chi D.S.; Stranton P.E.Jr, 1987:
Effect of graded aortic occlusion on the res

Frigg, M.; Wick, H., 1977:
Effect of graded biotin levels in the diet on liver pyruvate carboxylase ec of chicks fed ad libitum and after starvation

Millhorn D.E.; Kiley J.P., 1984:
Effect of graded cooling of intermediate areas on respiratory response to vagal input

Watanabe, I.; Johnson, T.A.; Buchanan, J.; Engle, C.L.; Gettes, L.S., 1987 :
Effect of graded coronary flow reduction on ionic, electrical, and mechanical indexes of ischemia in the pig

Weigand E.; Kirchgessner M.; Kaufmann T.E.G., 1988:
Effect of graded dietary calcium phosphorus ratios on growth and feed efficiency of weanling pigs

Spiller G.A., 1981:
Effect of graded dietary levels of plant fibers on fecal output in pig tailed monkeys macaca nemestrina

Shukla M.; Dey P.K.; Tripathi S.N., 1985:
Effect of graded distention of urinary bladder on arterial blood pressure and neurohumors in rabbits

Alexander S.L.; Irvine C.H.G., 1986:
Effect of graded doses of gonadotropin releasing hormone on serum luteinizing hormone concentrations in mares in various reproductive states comparison with endogenously generated luteinizing hormone pulses

Isenberg J.I.; Smedfors B.; Johansson C., 1985:
Effect of graded doses of intraluminal hydrogen ions prostaglandin e 2 and inhibition of endogenous prostaglandin synthesis on proximal duodenal bicarbonate secretion in unanesthetized rat

Sharma C.M.; Minhas R.S.; Masand S.S., 1985:
Effect of graded doses of molybdenum on the yield and uptake of molybdenum by soybean in some acid soils of himachal pradesh india

Yamdagni R.; Kumar R.; Jindal P.C., 1980:
Effect of graded doses of nitrogen on fruit set fruit drop and yield of ber zizyphus mauritiana cultivar kaithli

Struve, C.W.; Hantschmann, N., 1974:
Effect of graded doses of penta gastrin on gastric acid secretion in rats with vagotomy and pyloro plasty

Angelini G.; Rosa B.; Covi M.; Vaona B.; Bovo P.; Bazzoli M.G.; Caliari S.; Brocco G.; Cavallini G., 1981 :
Effect of graded doses of prostaglandin e 2 on pancreatic exocrine secretion of bi carbonate chymotrypsin and cyclic nucleotides during intra venous infusion of secretin in man

Piubello, W.; Cominacini, L.; Vantini, I.; Brocco, G.; Benini, L.; Cavallini, G.; L.C.scio, V.; Scuro, L.A., 1981:
Effect of graded doses of secretin on parathormone serum levels in man

Florholmen J.; Burhol P.G.; Jorde R.; Waldum H.L., 1984:
Effect of graded doses of secretin on serum trypsin serum pancreatic amylase serum insulin plasma somatostatin and plasma pancreatic poly peptide in man

Engström, G.; Ericson, L.E., 1981:
Effect of graded doses of thyrotropin on exocytosis and early phase of endocytosis in the rat thyroid

Carter, W.J.; Kelly, W.F.; Faas, F.H.; Lynch, M.E.; Perry, C.A., 1987:
Effect of graded doses of tri-iodothyronine on ventricular myosin ATPase activity and isomyosin profile in young and old rats

Spriet, L.L.; Gledhill, N.; Froese, A.B.; Wilkes, D.L., 1986:
Effect of graded erythrocythemia on cardiovascular and metabolic responses to exercise

Nelimarkka O.; Halkola L.; Niinikoski J., 1981:
Effect of graded hemorrhage on renal cortical perfusion in dogs

Strelkov, R.B.; Chizhov, A.Y. ; Urmancheeva, T.G.; Khasabova, V.A.; Bykov, N.P.; Repin-Yu, M.; Ronin, M.Y., 1978:
Effect of graded hypoxia and sodium hydroxy butyrate on electro encephalograms in monkeys

Ahmed I.; Afroz H.; Ali S.S., 1982:
Effect of graded level of insulin on blood sugar and lipid distribution in a hibernating lizard uromastix hardwickii

Koh T.S.; Lee S.R.; Wang J.G., 1985 :
Effect of graded levels of a cellulosics on the biological utilization of an earth worm eisenia foetida cake protein in chicks

Adejumo J.O., 1987:
Effect of graded levels of leucaena leucocephala cultivar cunningham on feed intake and growth of west african dwarf goats

Bhosale R.J.; Patil B.P.; Wadkar S.S., 1979:
Effect of graded levels of nitrogen and phosphorus on the yield of sunflower cultivar peredovik under rabi irrigated conditions in konkan region india

Patil E.N.; Surve D.N., 1980:
Effect of graded levels of nitrogen and plant densities on the yield of hybrid sorghum csh 5

Aletor V.A.; Fetuga B.L., 1984:
Effect of graded levels of raw lima bean phaseolus lunatus on some liver enzyme activity in the rat

Umoh J.E., 1983:
Effect of graded levels of sugarcane molasses on the performance of growing cattle

Yanaka M.; Tasaki I., 1980:
Effect of graded levels of sulfur amino acids on the energy metabolism in equally fed chicks

Hilton, J.W.; Cho, C.Y.; Slinger, S.J., 1978:
Effect of graded levels of supplemental ascorbic acid in practical diets fed to rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Shinde, P.H.; Khilari, J.M.; Kale, S.P.; Khanvilkar, G.S., 1977:
Effect of graded levels of zinc compounds applied through 2 sources on yield of wheat

Battista A.F.; Alban E., 1983:
Effect of graded ligature compression on nerve conduction

Bowen, J.C.; Garg, D.K., 1977:
Effect of graded mechanical ischemia on oxygen tension and electrical potential in the canine gastric mucosa. A new experimental model

Kochetkov A.G., 1981:
Effect of graded muscular exercise on morphological and functional characteristics of dog adrenal glands in experimental hypo corticoidism

Feldman, R.L.; Conetta, D.A.; Nichols, W.W.; Pepine, C.J.; Conti, C.R., 1980:
Effect of graded narrowing of left main coronary artery on left ventricular function

Kandera, J.; Zatko, J., 1977:
Effect of graded nitrogen doses on some varieties of winter wheat

Dada, O.A.; Laumas, V.; Landgren, B.M.; Cekan, S.Z.; Diczfalusy, E., 1978:
Effect of graded oral doses of estradiol on circulating hormonal levels

Hebert R.; Langlois J M.; Dussault J.H., 1985:
Effect of graded periods of congenital hypothyroidism on the peripheral auditory evoked activity of rats

Hopman W.P.M.; Kerstens P.J.S.M.; Jansen J.B.M.J.; Rosenbusch G.; Lamers C.B.H.W., 1985:
Effect of graded physiologic doses of cholecystokinin on gallbladder contraction measured by ultrasonography determination of threshold dose response relationships and comparison with intraduodenal bilirubin output

Patberg W.R., 1983:
Effect of graded vagal blockade and pulmonary volume on tonic inspiratory activity in rabbits

Arad Z.; Marder J., 1982:
Effect of gradual acclimation to high ambient temperatures on egg shell quality of the sinai bedouin fowl the commercial white leghorn and their cross breds

Arad Z.; Marder J.; Soller M., 1981:
Effect of gradual acclimation to temperature up to 44 celsius on productive performance of the desert bedouin fowl the commercial white leghorn and the 2 reciprocal cross breds

Lang, J.; Timour-Chah, Q.; el Chebly, M.; Faucon, G., 1986:
Effect of gradual rise in plasma calcium concentration on the impairment of atrioventricular nodal conduction due to verapamil

Greenblatt, D.J.; Harmatz, J.S.; Zinny, M.A.; Shader, R.I., 1987:
Effect of gradual withdrawal on the rebound sleep disorder after discontinuation of triazolam

Seppanen, A.; Hakkinen, V.; Tenkku, M., 1977:
Effect of gradually increasing carboxy hemo globin saturation on visual perception and psycho motor performance of smoking and nonsmoking subjects

Stanic, U.; Trnkoczy, A.; Acimovic, R.; Gros, N., 1977:
Effect of gradually modulated electrical stimulation on the plasticity of artificially evoked movements

Kristan F.; Skala J., 1980:
Effect of graduated sowing and nitrogen application rates on the output of horse bean and under seeded red clover

Slodowska Hajduk Z.; Mazur Kolecka B., 1982:
Effect of graft pre incubation in concanavalin a and of pharmacologic suppression in recipients on skin graft survival in mice

Lund E.K.; Smith M.W., 1987:
Effect of graft versus host reaction on cell cycle time in neonatal mouse jejunum

Furst, G.G.; Bogdanov, B., 1978:
Effect of grafting wound on stem resin duct structure and function in interspecies graftings of pines

Tsarevskii Y.D., 1981:
Effect of grain color on plant growth and development winter wheat ear yield and productivity

Dikun, P.P.; Kalinina, I.A.; Lepaiye-Ya-Ya ; Pani, E.A., 1976:
Effect of grain drying by drum szpb 2 and shaft szs 8 grain dryers on its 3 4 benz pyrene content

Kadoum, A.; Alnaji, L., 1978:
Effect of grain moisture content on the degradation rate of methyl phoxim in corn, sorghum, and wheat

Weidner S.; Wielgat B., 1983:
Effect of grain ripeness on rna synthesis during early germination of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar grana seeds

Nwokolo E.; Tait R.M.; Kitts W.D., 1985:
Effect of grain roughage ratios and feeding regimes on performance of beef steers

Rioux R.; Barnett G.M.; Comeau J.E., 1986:
Effect of grain seeding methods seeding rates and seeding dates and yield components on four types of soil

Wills R.B.H.; Ali M.R., 1983:
Effect of grain size on de hulling of sorghum

Slabospyts'ka, A.T.; Zatula, D.H.; Zakharova, I.Y. ; Ryeznyk, S.R., 1976:
Effect of gram negative bacterial poly saccharides on some immunity reactions and experimental tumors

Shvinka N.E.; Kafier G.; Malev V.V., 1979:
Effect of gramicidin a on potassium ion conductance in isolated frog muscle fiber

Vadeboncoeur, C.; Proulx, M.; Trahan, L., 1982:
Effect of gramicidin D on the acidogenic properties of oral streptococci and human dental plaque

Petrykina Z.M.; Bulgakova V.G.; Polin A.N., 1984:
Effect of gramicidin s and its derivatives on bacillus subtilis protoplasts

Egorov N.S.; Vypiyach A.N.; Zarubina A.P.; Markelova S.I., 1981:
Effect of gramicidin s on cell differentiation in bacillus brevis

Zuniga G.E.; Corcuera L.J., 1986:
Effect of gramine in the resistance of barley hordeum seedlings to the aphid rhopalosiphum padi

Zuniga G.E.; Varanda E.M.; Corcuera L.J., 1988:
Effect of gramine on the feeding behavior of the aphids schizaphis graminum and rhopalosiphum padi

Billes G.; Gandais Riollet N.; Bottner P., 1986:
Effect of gramineae culture on the decomposition of carbon 14 and nitrogen 15 labeled litter in soil under controlled conditions

Kerni P.N.; Shant P.S.; Gupta B.B.; Singh D., 1984:
Effect of grandular butachlor on the functioning of blue green algae in paddy fields

Yusupov A.M., 1981:
Effect of granosan on animals at high altitudes and during hypoxia in a pressure chamber

B.A.good S.A.; Stewart R.K., 1980:
Effect of granular and foliar insecticides on cereal aphids hemiptera homoptera and their natural enemies on field barley in southwestern quebec canada

Kulkarni K.A., 1983:
Effect of granular insecticides on sorghum shootfly atherigona soccata control and plant growth

Nosal V.; Kica J., 1980:
Effect of granulated feed rations with roughage addition on growth intensity of fattening young bulls

Ribeiro A.S., 1983:
Effect of granulated kitazin p urea in irrigated rice

Bieluga B.; Witek A., 1986:
Effect of granulation and the rate magnitude on the spreading quality of mineral fertilizers

Hanyuu Y.; Matsushita Y.; Takeuchi Y.; Fukuda T.; Oosako Y., 1985:
Effect of granulation methods on content uniformity of tablets

Singh R.; Singh R., 1980:
Effect of granulation on physical and chemical characters of the fruit of mandarin citrus reticulata cultivar kaula

Rasper V.F.; Deman J.M., 1980:
Effect of granule size of substituted starches on the rheological character of composite doughs

Rytomaa, T.; Vilpo, J.A.; Levanto, A.; Jones, W.A., 1976:
Effect of granulocyte chalone on acute and chronic granulocytic leukemia in man report of 7 cases

Morstyn G.; Souza L.M.; Keech J.; Sheridan W.; Campbell L.; Alton N.K.; Green M.; Metcalf D.; Fox R., 1988:
Effect of granulocyte colony stimulating factor on neutropenia induced by cytotoxic chemotherapy

Nowak Z.; Baj Z., 1987:
Effect of granulocyte factor gf igg class anti gf antibodies and of cyclophosphamide on delayed type hypersensitivity reaction in mice

Karpati J.; Varadi K.; Elodi S., 1982:
Effect of granulocyte proteases on human coagulation factor ix and factor x the protective effect of calcium

Zeman K.; Pajor A.; Toczek J.; Fijalkowski P.; Kubat Z., 1987:
Effect of granulocytes and factors secreted by them on survival of allogeneic skin graft in mice and on local graft vs host reaction in rats

Rytomaa, T.; Vilpo, J.A.; Levanto, A.; Jones, W.A., 1977:
Effect of granulocytic chalone on acute myeloid leukemia in man a follow up study

Foa P.; Maiolo A.T.; Lombardi L.; Rytomaa T.; Polli E.E., 1982:
Effect of granulocytic chalone on the growth rate of continuous cell lines propagated in vitro a new assay system

Teplinskaya N.G.; Nidzvetskaya L.M., 1984:
Effect of granulometric composition of sand on micro flora of sandy beaches

Gorodnichev V.I.; Osipov V.F.; Balabudkin M.A.; Neustroeva G.A., 1981:
Effect of granulometric composition on energy indices of the pressing process and quality of tablets

Gallander J.F., 1983:
Effect of grape maturity on the composition and quality of ohio usa vidal blanc wines

Suresh E.R.; Ethiraj S., 1987:
Effect of grape maturity on the composition and quality of wines made in india

Watanabe M.; IIno S.; Nojiro K., 1987:
Effect of grape skins on the sulfite binding efficiency of three sulfur dioxide acceptors in the wines studies on the use of sulfur dioxide in wine making xiv

Hale C.R.; Woodham R.C., 1979:
Effect of grapevine leaf roll disease on the acid and potassium composition of sultana grapes

Krzywosz T.; Krzywosz W.; Radziej J., 1980:
Effect of grass carp ctenopharyngodon idella on aquatic vegetation and ichthyo fauna of lake dgal wielki poland

Roldugin I.I., 1981:
Effect of grass cover on cultivated spruce growth in northern tien shan ussr

Dzistsyerla, V.A.; Yakawlew, L.A.; Slyesaraw, I.K., 1975:
Effect of grass fertilized with carbamide and di ammonium phosphate on the chemical composition of mutton and physical properties of wool of sheep

Waldron L.J.; Dakessian S., 1982:
Effect of grass legume and tree roots on soil shearing resistance

Darwent A.L.; Elliott C.R., 1979:
Effect of grass species and row spacing on dandelion taraxacum officinale establishment and growth

Rai R.N., 1987:
Effect of grasses and legumes of terrace risers on yields of rice and indian mustard of adjoining terraces in northeastern hills region

Resnitzky, P.; Schonfeld, S.; Dassa, H., 1979:
Effect of Graves' disease on idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

Drozdova, M.M., 1975:
Effect of gravitation stress of a longitudinal direction on the structure of the vertebral arterial wall

Shishova, V.G., 1975:
Effect of gravitation stress of a training type on the blood vessels of the rabbit spinal cord

Savinova, L.I., 1975:
Effect of gravitation stress of a transversal direction on the vessels of the rabbit retina

Pshegornitskii, B.I., 1975:
Effect of gravitation stress of different directions on the structure of the lymphatic bed of rabbit pelvic extremities in vivo

Chevalier, P.A.; Reed, J.H.; Vandenberg, R.A.; Wood, E.H., 1978:
Effect of gravitational and inertial forces on vertical distribution of pulmonary blood flow

Tikhonov M.A.; Kondakov A.V., 1981:
Effect of gravitational atel ectasis on the expiratory closure of the respiratory tract

Domaszuk J., 1985:
Effect of gravitational changes on the circulatory system

Popov, V.V.; Kuznetsov, E.V.; Melekhova, O.P.; Ryabova, L.V., 1975:
Effect of gravitational stresses on induction of the auditory capsule in frog embryos

Norris M.C.; Dewan D.M., 1987:
Effect of gravity on the spread of extradural anesthesia for cesarean section

Chung H M.; Han P L., 1984:
Effect of gravity perturbation on the axis specification in the egg of xenopus laevis

Kodmelwar, R.V., 1976:
Effect of gray mildew disease caused by ramularia areola on 3 varieties of cotton gossypium arboreum

Glahn, R.P.; Wideman, R.F.; Cowen, B.S., 1988:
Effect of Gray strain infectious bronchitis virus and high dietary calcium on renal function of Single Comb White Leghorn pullets at 6, 10, and 18 weeks of age

Seyama, I., 1978 :
Effect of grayano toxin i on sino atrial node and right atrial myo cardia of the rabbit

Holford, I.C.R.; Doyle, A.D., 1978:
Effect of grazed lucerne on the moisture status of wheat growing soils

Shacklock P.F.; Croft G.B., 1981:
Effect of grazers on chondrus crispus in culture

Bigot, L.; Poinsot-Balaguer, N., 1978:
Effect of grazing by a herd of camargue horses on the invertebrate communities of a marsh

Lowe R.L.; Hunter R.D., 1988:
Effect of grazing by physa integra on periphyton community structure

Wasshausen W., 1987:
Effect of grazing by wild geese

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Effect of grazing intensity in spring on pasture growth composition and digestibility and on milk production by dairy cows

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Effect of grazing management and season on nitrogen and phosphorus content of leaves and stolons of white clover trifolium repens in mixed swards

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Effect of grazing on chemical properties of grassland soils at varanasi india

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Effect of grazing on growth carbohydrate pools and mycorrhizae in winter wheat

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Effect of grazing on net primary production and system transfer function in a western himalayan grassland community india

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Effect of grazing on the cenopopulation structure of the fruticulose herbaceous layer of picetum myrtillosum

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Effect of grazing on the elements of production in vegetation and oligochaete components of a tropical pasture

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Effect of grazing on the floristic composition and life form of species in the grassland of berhampur india

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Effect of grazing on the morphological structure of the ceno population of ground creeping plants

Rath S.P.; Misra B.N., 1981:
Effect of grazing on the relationship among biomass leaf area index and chlorophyll in the grassland of berhampur india

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Effect of grazing on the status of amygdalus pedunculata pall. cenopopulations in the western transbaikal region ussr

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Effect of grazing simulation on forage hay and grain yields of spring barleys hordeum vulgare in a low rainfall environment

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Effect of great brome bromus diandrus on the growth of wheat and great brome and their uptake of nitrogen and phosphorus

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Effect of great muscular exertion on the balance of iron copper and manganese in female skiers

Chung H S., 1987:
Effect of green fodder feeding on body weight gain carcass quality and economical efficiency in swine

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Effect of green manure catch crops on fungistasis of sierozem soil

Vitanova I., 1987:
Effect of green manure on the chemical composition of the soil and of plum tree leaves

Zhuravleva V.P.; Orazov K.N.; Muradmukhamedov Kh; Grebneva I.Yu, 1986:
Effect of green manure vicia villosa and benomyl on the root microflora of fine fiber cotton and its infection with fusarium wilt

Sharma A.R.; Mittra B.N., 1988:
Effect of green manuring and mineral fertilizer on growth and yield of crops in rice based cropping on acid lateritic soil

Thind H.S.; Chahal D.S., 1987:
Effect of green manuring sesbania aculeata on zinc equilibria in submerged calcareous and non calcareous soils

Burton R.L., 1986:
Effect of greenbug schizaphis graminum homoptera aphididae damage on root and shoot biomass of wheat seedlings

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Effect of greenhouse micro climate on the causal agent of ascochytosis on cucumbers 2. spore distribution of ascochyta cucumeris ascomycetous stage didymella bryoniae in winter block greenhouses on winter spring cucumbers

Mourya D.T.; Soman R.S., 1985:
Effect of gregarine parasite ascogregarina culicis and tetracycline on the susceptibility of culex bitaeniorhynchus to japanese encephalitis virus

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Effect of grenz rays on psoriasis treated with local cortico steroids

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Effect of grifolan on the ascites form of Sarcoma 180

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Effect of grinding method on textural properties of cooked ground beef

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Effect of grinding on the transformations of polymorphs of chloramphenicol palmitate

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Effect of grinding variables on the ammonium carbonate di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid soil test values for iron zinc manganese copper phosphorus and potassium

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Effect of griseofulvin on 5 amino levulinate synthase ec and ferro chelatase in mouse liver neoplastic nodules

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Effect of griseofulvin on cell wall composition of pycnoporus sanguineus

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Effect of grisin on variation of actinomyces griseus culture and its use in selection of active variants

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Effect of ground cover and herbicide application on establishment of over sown lucerne

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Effect of ground dumping into the sea on benthic biocenoses

Kozhemyakov A.P.; Vlasov I.V., 1980:
Effect of ground water level on biological activity of peat boggy soil under amelioration

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Effect of ground water level on legume crops in fayoum governorate egypt 1. contribution to evapo transpiration of vicia faba

El-Shakweer, M.H.A., 1982:
Effect of ground water level on legume crops in fayoum governorate egypt 2. nodulation nitrogenase activity nitrogen content growth and yield of vicia faba

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Effect of ground water level on the composition of soil air in north caucasus ussr chernozems

Kistanov N.S.; Shmyglya L.N., 1979:
Effect of ground water pressure on salt accumulation in irrigated soils of the volga area ussr

Winter T.C., 1986:
Effect of ground water recharge on configuration of the water table beneath sand dunes and on seepage in lakes in the sandhills of nebraska usa

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Effect of ground water regime on development and distribution of fritillaria meleagris

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Effect of group b vitamins on sulfur 35 lipoic acid intake by mouse tissues

Vasil'eva I.S.; Ershova A.S., 1980:
Effect of group density of ticks argasidae ixodidae on molting

Aamodt M.G.; Kimbrough W.W., 1982:
Effect of group heterogeneity on quality of task solutions

Petit D.R.; Bildstein K.L., 1987:
Effect of group size and location within the group on the foraging behavior of white ibises

Nozato K., 1982:
Effect of group size and silicate fertilizer applications on the population density of chilo suppressalis lepidoptera pyralidae

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Effect of group size on avoidance learning in zebrafish brachydanio rerio pisces cyprinidae

Nozato K., 1982:
Effect of group size on larval survival of chilo suppressalis lepidoptera pyralidae

Stamp N.E., 1981:
Effect of group size on parasitism in a natural population of the baltimore checkerspot euphydryas phaeton

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Effect of group size on the survival and development of young larvae of malacosoma neustria testacea lepidoptera lasiocampidae and its role in the natural population

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Effect of group specific reagents on the magnesium ion dependent activity of purified micrococcus lysodeikticus atpase

Sahu, A.; Ghosh, A., 1982:
Effect of grouping and sex on the estrous regulation of a wild rat, Bandicota bengalensis

Ordukhanyan A.A.; Manvelyan E.V., 1982:
Effect of grouping factors of antibody levels in mathematical modeling of body immune response

Oker Blom P.; Kellomaki S., 1983:
Effect of grouping of foliage on the within stand and within crown light regime comparison of random and grouping canopy models

Salmon R.E., 1984:
Effect of grower and finisher protein on performance carcass grade and meat yield of turkey broilers

Angelov L.; Maslinkov M., 1986:
Effect of growing alfalfa under irrigation and a maize for silage canopy on the yield of fresh weight and dry matter

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Effect of growing conditions of recombinant escherichia coli in carrageenan gel beads upon biomass production and plasmid stability

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Effect of growing conditions on physicochemical properties of sunflower oil

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Effect of growing conditions on the activity of the enzymes of cyclic 3 5 amp synthesis and decay in phototrophic bacteria

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Effect of growing conditions under light on certain characteristics of delayed fluorescence of maize leaves

Petkova M., 1980:
Effect of growing fertilizer application rates on common winter wheat seed quality and quantity

Georeva M., 1987:
Effect of growing fertilizer rates on the productiveness and the chemical composition of repco in the region of the pazardzhik irrigation system

Taira H., 1984:
Effect of growing location on lipid content and fatty acid composition of peanuts infraspecific hybrid variety between virginia and spanish types

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Effect of growing locations and lint cotton grade on yarn strength and yarn appearance grade of some egyptian cotton cultivars

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Effect of growing medium and cultivar on the container culture of pecan carya illinoensis seedling rootstocks

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Effect of growing seasons locations and planting dates on total amino acid composition of 2 valencia peanut arachis hypogaea varieties grown in new mexico usa

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Effect of growing seasons on antho cyanin content of seedlings of benitade polygonum hydropiper

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Effect of growing space and situation of trees in the plantation on the anatomic structure and physical and mechanical properties of austrian black pine wood

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Effect of growing stages of rhodes grass on ingestive behavior of grazing goats

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Effect of growth and aging on the static mechanical lung properties

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Effect of growth and decay inhibitors on the intensity of respiration in sugar beet root crop

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Effect of growth at low sodium concentration on the capacity of a marine bacterium to establish ion gradients and transport alpha amino iso butyric acid

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Effect of growth conditions and genotype on the possibility of interspecific hybridization between lupinus albus l. and lupinus mutabilis sweet

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Effect of growth conditions and surface characteristics of aquatic bacteria on their attachment to solid surfaces

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Effect of growth conditions on accumulation of internal nitrate ammonium amino acids and protein in 3 marine diatoms

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Effect of growth conditions on amino acids bound to dna escherichia coli

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Effect of growth conditions on capsule formation of yeast cryptococcus magnus var magnus

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Effect of growth conditions on carboxylating enzymes of Zea mays plants

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Effect of growth conditions on composition of free amino acids in the cells of staphylococcus aureus and its nonpigmented mutant

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Effect of growth conditions on enzyme activities intracellular kinetics and biomass yields of a new rump type methylotroph t15

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Effect of growth conditions on halomethane production by phellinus species biological and environmental implications

N.H., 1982:
Effect of growth conditions on heat resistance of arizona arizonae bacteria grown in a chemostat

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Effect of growth conditions on inducible rec a dependent resistance to x rays in escherichia coli

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Effect of growth conditions on morphogenesis of apical meristem tissues from cucumber plants cultivated in vitro

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Effect of growth conditions on morphogenesis of generative organs of the scotch pine in the northern kazakh ssr ussr

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Effect of growth conditions on nadph specific glutamate dehydrogenase activity of euglena gracilis

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Effect of growth conditions on ornithine decarboxylase ec activity in mouse fibroblasts

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Effect of growth conditions on peptidoglycan content and cytoplasmic steps of its biosynthesis in Escherichia coli

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Effect of growth conditions on phenazine production by pseudomonas phenazinium

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Effect of growth conditions on ribosome profile in mouse ascites tumor cells

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Effect of growth conditions on substrate phosphorylation during sulfite oxidation in Thiocapsa roseopersicina

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Effect of growth conditions on the activation and inactivation of citrate lyase of Rhodopseudomonas gelatinosa

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Effect of growth conditions on the chemical composition and activity of the enzymes of the cell wall of the yeast candida tropicalis ibfm 303

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Effect of growth conditions on the content of the major groups of carbohydrates in chick embryo fibroblasts

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Effect of growth conditions on the formation of the relaxation complex of supercoiled cole 1 dna and protein in escherichia coli

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Effect of growth conditions on the production composition and viscosity of xanthomonas campestris exopolysaccharide

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Effect of growth conditions on yield and heme content of Vitreoscilla

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Effect of growth environment of spatial expression of involucrin by human epidermal keratinocytes

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Effect of growth environment on pseudomonas aeruginosa killing by rabbit polymorphonuclear leukocytes and cationic proteins

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Effect of growth factor deficiency of some properties of yeast wall and cytoplasmic membrane

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Effect of growth factor deficiency on nystatin sensitivity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Effect of growth factors and light quality on the growth pigmentation and photosynthesis of 2 diatoms thalassiosira gravida and phaeodactylum tricornutum

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Effect of growth factors in culture medium on the rate of mouse embryo development and viability in vitro

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Effect of growth factors with dexamethasone on healing of rabbit corneal stromal incisions

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Effect of growth habit of beans phaseolus vulgaris on tolerance to competition from maize zea mays when intercropped

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Effect of growth hormone and acth on steroidogenesis in cultured rat adreno cortical cells

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Effect of growth hormone and nutrition on the level of somatomedin A in the rat

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Effect of growth hormone and prolactin on plasma glucose levels in normal and pancreatectomized uromastix hardwicki

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Effect of growth hormone on acute glucagon and insulin release

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Effect of growth hormone on alcohol dehydrogenase activity in hepatocyte culture

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Effect of growth hormone on fatty acid oxidation growth hormone increases the activity of 2 4 dienoyl coenzyme a reductase in mitochondria

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Effect of growth hormone on glucose metabolism and insulin secretion in man

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Effect of growth hormone on growth and glucose tolerance of normal rats

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Effect of growth hormone on human drug metabolism: time course and substrate specificity

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Effect of growth hormone on insulin release in the rat

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Effect of growth hormone on lipoprotein metabolism in male pituitary dwarfs changes in lipoprotein lipase activity and cholesterol level in hdl subfractions

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Effect of growth hormone on lymphocyte respiration and growth rate of children

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Effect of growth hormone on metaphyseal uptake of technetium 99m labeled methylene di phosphonate

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Effect of growth hormone on milk yields and related physiological functions of Holstein cows exposed to heat stress

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Effect of growth hormone on mitochondrial protein synthesis

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Effect of growth hormone on osteoblasts and demonstration of somatomedin c insulin like growth factor i in bone organ culture

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Effect of growth hormone on poly nucleotide phosphorylase activity in the primary rat mono layer hepatocyte culture

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Effect of growth hormone on protein phosphorylation in isolated rat hepatocytes

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Effect of growth hormone on serum lipoproteins in growth hormone deficiency

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Effect of growth hormone on short normal children

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Effect of growth hormone on the activity of some lysosomal enzymes in neutrophilic polymorphonuclear leukocytes of hypopituitary dwarfs

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Effect of growth hormone on the metabolic activity of phagocytes of peripheral blood in pituitary dwarfs and acromegaly

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Effect of growth hormone on weight and mitochondrial protein content of rat heart

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Effect of growth hormone releasing factor 1 40 on human prolactin secreting pituitary adenoma

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Effect of growth hormone releasing hormone on plasma growth hormone in relation to magnitude and duration of growth hormone deficiency in 26 children and adults with isolated growth hormone deficiency or multiple pituitary hormone deficiencies evidence for hypothalamic growth hormone releasing hormone deficiency

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Effect of growth hormone replacement on development of hypothyroidism and hyperlipidemia

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Effect of growth hormones on the gum resin canals in commiphora mukul

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Effect of growth in lithium on ouabain binding sodium potassium atpase and sodium and potassium transport in hela cells

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Effect of growth in low sodium medium on transport sites in cultured heart cells

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Effect of growth in serum on uptake of Neisseria gonorrhoeae by human neutrophils

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Effect of growth inhibitors on 3 ornamental species

Szerdahelyi A., 1988:
Effect of growth intensity on the semen production of bulls

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Effect of growth irradiance on the maximum photosynthetic capacity of water hyacinth eichhornia crassipes

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Effect of growth light quality on fluorescence characteristics of leaves of glycine max

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Effect of growth location and length of storage on glyco alkaloid content of roadside stand potatoes as stored by consumers

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Effect of growth marker proteins on oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria

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Effect of growth medium and temperature on n methyl n nitro n nitroso guanidine mutagenesis in anacystis nidulans

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Effect of growth medium composition on gluco amylase and glycosyl transferase activity of endomyces fibuliger

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Effect of growth medium composition on the antigenicity of mycoplasma bovis

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Effect of growth medium on the lipid composition of log and stationary phase cultures of Salmonella typhimurium

Ghannoum, M.A.; Elteen, K.A., 1987:
Effect of growth of Candida spp. in the presence of various glucocorticoids on the adherence to human buccal epithelial cells

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Effect of growth of individual meat bacteria on ph color and odor of aseptically prepared vacuum packaged round steaks

Kantomaa, T.; Rönning, O., 1985:
Effect of growth of the maxilla on that of the mandible

Tamaki N., 1985:
Effect of growth on muscle capillarity and fiber type composition in rat diaphragm

Hamaguchi, F.; Ukai, K.; Harada, I.; Sakakura, Y., 1984:
Effect of growth on nasal allergy in children

Ojha J.; Singh R., 1984:
Effect of growth on oxygen uptake of a fresh water catfish mystus vittatus/

Bate L.A.; Hacker R.R.; Phillips P.A., 1988:
Effect of growth on porcine defecation patterns

Abe H., 1987:
Effect of growth on the concentration of l histidine and anserine in the white muscle of carp and rainbow trout

Du-Plooy, C.P.; Van-Den-Berg, A.A., 1988:
Effect of growth period and spacing on the yield of two sweet potato ipomoea batatas l. lam cultivars

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Effect of growth phase on phospholipid biosynthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Effect of growth phase on stability of fumarase activity of brevibacterium flavum cells immobilized with kappa carrageenan

Miyasaki K.T.; Petersen V.H.; Newbrun E., 1981:
Effect of growth phase on the adherence and surface capsule of actinomyces viscosus

Kralik J.; Sebanek J., 1980:
Effect of growth promoters and inhibitors on rooting of cuttings of populus euramericana cultivar marilandica

Szelenyi Galantai M.; Jecsay G.; Juhasz B., 1986:
Effect of growth promoters on the protein metabolism of weaned pigs

Keprtova, J.; Marec, J.; Michl, J.; Minarova, E.; Spurna, V., 1978:
Effect of growth promoting alpha globulin on the incorporation of exogenous dna into l cells part 2 fate of exogenous tritiated dna after incorporation into recipient cells

Blanco, M.T.; Hurtado, C.; Peinado, J.M., 1986:
Effect of growth rate and aeration on the production of microcin by Escherichia coli growing in continuous culture

Driehuis, F.; Wouters, J.T., 1987:
Effect of growth rate and cell shape on the peptidoglycan composition in Escherichia coli

Parker, C.; Dibiasio, D., 1987:
Effect of growth rate and expression level on plasmid stability in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Ellwood D.C.; Phipps P.J.; Hamilton I.R., 1979:
Effect of growth rate and glucose concentration on the activity of the phosphoenol pyruvate phospho transferase system in streptococcus mutans grown in continuous culture

Hamilton I.R.; Phipps P.J.; Ellwood D.C., 1979:
Effect of growth rate and glucose concentration on the biochemical properties of streptococcus mutans strain ingbritt in continuous culture

Miyata Y.; Furugouri K.; Shijimaya K.; Ando S., 1986:
Effect of growth rate and grazing on ferritin iron and total iron binding capacity of serum from holstein steers

Bettenay R.A., 1985:
Effect of growth rate and mating age of dairy heifers on subsequent production over 4 years

Orlova V.S.; Semikhatova N.M., 1982:
Effect of growth rate and n alkane concentration on the physiological and biochemical properties of a pichia guilliermondii di ploid strain

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Effect of growth rate and nutrient limitation on the adenine nucleotide content energy charge and enzymes of adenylate metabolism in azotobacter beijerinckii

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Effect of growth rate and nutrient limitation on the composition and biomass yield of Acinetobacter calcoaceticus

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Effect of growth rate and nutrient limitation on the transformability of escherichia coli with plasmid dna

Mauseth J.D., 1984:
Effect of growth rate morphogenic activity and phylogeny on shoot apical ultrastructure in opuntia polyacantha cactaceae

Harada K.; Uchida A.; Kadota H., 1982:
Effect of growth rate of micrococcus radiodurans on its heat sensitivity

Lacis L.S.; Lawford H.G., 1988:
Effect of growth rate on ethanol production by thermoanaerobacter ethanolicus in glucose or xylose limited continuous culture

Jensen, D.E.; Neidhardt, F.C., 1969:
Effect of growth rate on histidine catabolism and enz histidase synthesis in aerobacter aerogenes

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Effect of growth rate on muscle growth and fat deposition in dairy male calves

Muir, M.E.; van Heeswyck, R.S.; Wallace, B.J., 1984:
Effect of growth rate on streptomycin accumulation by Escherichia coli and Bacillus megaterium

Macris, B.J.; Kokke, R., 1979:
Effect of growth rate on the amino acid composition of Fusarium moniliforme cultivated continuously for fungal protein production

Waldron, C.; Lacroute, F., 1975:
Effect of growth rate on the amounts of ribosomal and transfer rna in yeast

Nakano T.; Aherne F.X.; Brennan J.J.; Thompson J.R., 1984:
Effect of growth rate on the incidence of osteo chondrosis in growing swine

Sultanovich Y.A.; Zaitseva L.V.; Nechaev A.P.; Dedyukhina E.G., 1988:
Effect of growth rate on the lipogenesis of the yeast rhodotorula gracilis

Watson T.G.; Pinches A.; Louw M.E., 1986:
Effect of growth rate on the maintenance of a recombinant plasmid in bacillus subtilis

Scott J.M., 1988:
Effect of growth rate on the physiological rates of a chemostat grown rotifer encentrum linnhei

Cacciari I.; Grappelli A.; Lippi D.; Pietrosanti W., 1980:
Effect of growth rate on the production of phyto hormone like substances by an arthrobacter sp in chemostat culture

Lee J.H.; Lee K.J., 1987:
Effect of growth rate on the tylosin biosynthesis in streptomyces fradiae

Siver P.; Trainor F., 1983:
Effect of growth rate on uni cell production in 2 strains of scenedesmus chlorophyta

Sehtiya H.L.; Srivastava A.K., 1985:
Effect of growth regulants on relative dry matter accumulation in seedlings of wheat triticum aestivum under induced drought stress

Uzunov A., 1987:
Effect of growth regulator treatment on the gf 655 2 rootstock propagation by mature cutting

Hopping, M.E., 1977:
Effect of growth regulators and dormancy breaking chemicals on bud break and yield of palomino grape vines

Pushkina, G.P.; Starikova, V.T., 1976:
Effect of growth regulators and inhibitors on photosynthetic phosphorylation in chloroplasts isolated from corn leaves

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Effect of growth regulators and light conditions on the morphogenesis of excised winter rape brassica napus var oleifera cultivar skrzeszowicki roots

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Effect of growth regulators on fruit quality of fruit trees

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Effect of growth regulators on wheat stem strength

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Effect of growth retardants on root formation polyamine content in apple malus domestica cultivar york imperial seedlings

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Effect of growth sexual maturation and nutritional status on blood pressure and serum total cholesterol in junior high school children

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Effect of growth stage at cutting on yield and quality of lucerne cultivars from different dormancy groups in northern victoria australia

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Effect of growth stage on the nutritive value of hay

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Effect of growth substances on fruit set in a partly self incompatible olive cultivar

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Effect of growth substances on the abscission of cotyledonary leaf in gossypium hirsutum

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Effect of growth substances on the iaa oxidase peroxidase activity during seed germination of rice oryza sativa

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Effect of growth substances on the morphology of cicer arietinum leaf

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Effect of growth temperature on the acquisition of iron by Salmonella typhimurium and Escherichia coli

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Effect of growth temperature on the formation of sister chromatid exchanges in 5 bromodeoxy uridine substituted chromosomes

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Effect of growth temperature on the lipid composition of cyanidium caldarium part 2 glyco lipid and phospho lipid components

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Effect of guanine nucleotides on the assembly of brain micro tubules ability of 5 guanylyl imido di phosphate to replace gtp in promoting the polymerization of micro tubules in vitro

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Effect of gynoecious expression on yield and earliness of a fresh market cucumber cucumis sativus hybrid

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Effect of gypsum and deep rooting perennials on subsoil mechanical impedance

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Effect of gypsum farmyard manure and zinc on the yield of berseem rice and maize grown in a highly sodic soil

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Effect of gypsum on the growth of wheat irrigated with magnesium rich waters

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Effect of gypsum on yield grade and incidence of pod rot in 5 peanut arachis hypogaea cultivars

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Effect of gypsum pyrites farmyard manure and rice husk on the availability of zinc and phosphorus to rice in submerged sodic soil

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Effect of gypsum row spacing and groundnut varieties on the incidence of root rot disease caused by macrophomina phaseolina

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Effect of h 1 receptor and h 2 receptor blockade on the inhibition of immediate cutaneous reactions

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Effect of h 2 incompatibility between recipient and donor on the magnitude of response to thy 1.1 antigen

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Effect of h 2 receptor antagonist cimetidine on disappearance of fsh from the circulation of rats

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Effect of h 2 receptor antagonists cimetidine and ym 11170 3 2 aminoiminomethylamino 4 thiazolymethylthio n aminosulfonyl propanimidamide on serum gastrin levels in lumen perfused rats

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Effect of h 2 receptor blockade on hypothermic cataleptogenic and antinociceptive action of prostacyclin administered into the lateral rat brain ventricle

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Effect of habitable space on substrate selection by paragnetina media plecoptera perlidae

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Effect of habitat and nest distribution on the breeding success of the great crested grebe podiceps cristatus on lake zarnowieckie poland

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Effect of halides and alkaloids on the oxidation of luminol activated by pilocarpine

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Effect of hallucinogens on spontaneous and sensory evoked locus coeruleus unit activity in the rat reversal by selective 5 hydroxytryptamine 2 antagonists

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Effect of halocin h 4 on cells of halobacterium halobium

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Effect of halogenated benzenes on the toxicity and metabolism of malathion malaoxon parathion and paraoxon in mice

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Effect of halogenated organic compounds on the development of asparagopsis armata rhodophyceae bonnemaisoniales

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Effect of haloperidol diazepam and sodium hydroxybutyrate on the antinociceptive activity of opioid agonists administered

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Effect of haloperidol on the chemo excitability of identified mollusk lymnaea stagnalis giant neurons

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Effect of halothane anesthesia on responses from primary endings of muscle spindles in the cat

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Effect of halothane on glucose utilization in the perfused working rat heart

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Effect of halothane on renal hemodynamics during normovolemia and acute hemorrhagic hypovolemia

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Effect of halothane on sinus rhythm of dog heart in situ

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Effect of halothane on the calcium activated atpase reaction of fragmented sarcoplasmic reticulum in reference to the calcium releasing action

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Effect of halothane on the calcium transport system of surface membranes isolated from normal and malignant hyperthermia pig skeletal muscle

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Effect of halothane on the hepatic drug metabolizing system

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Effect of halothane on the natural abundance carbon 13 nmr spectra of excised rat brain

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Effect of halothane on the pulmonary vascular response to hypoxia in dogs

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Effect of haloxyfop and haloxyfop methyl on elongation and respiration of corn zea mays and soybean glycine max roots

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Effect of hamster liver passage on the virulence of axenically cultivated Entamoeba histolytica

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Effect of handicap on mating success in male shore crabs carcinus maenas

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Effect of handling and gentling on the damaging activity of the great gerbil in a new situation

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Effect of handling on maternal behavior following return of pups to the nest

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Effect of handling on positive and negative contrast effects

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Effect of handling procedures on the post process contamination of retort pouches

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Effect of hange koboku to on abnormal sensation in the throat

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Effect of harrington instrumentation on the longitudinal axis rotation of the apical vertebra and on the spinal and rib cage deformity in idiopathic scoliosis studied by computer tomography

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Effect of harvest cycle and spacing on productivity of black cottonwood populus trichocarpa in intensive culture

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Effect of harvest date on agronomic and chemical characteristics of ontario canada peanuts arachis hypogaea

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Effect of harvest frequency on yield quality and variability of indeterminate cowpea seed

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Effect of harvest maturity on carotenoids in pastes made from vf 145 7879 tomatoes

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Effect of harvest maturity on decay and post harvest life of d'anjou pear

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Effect of harvest maturity on the final fruit composition of cherry tomatoes lycopersicon esculentum var cerasiforme and large fruited tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivars

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Effect of harvest maturity on viability of onion allium cepa cultivar sweet spanish seed

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Effect of harvest time and drying method on quality and grade of irrigated soft white spring wheat triticum aestivum

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Effect of harvest time and drying method on the yield quality and grade of hard red spring wheat triticum aestivum in northwest alberta canada

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Effect of harvest time and drying method on yield quality and grade characteristics of barley hordeum vulgare in northwest alberta canada

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Effect of harvest time and storage conditions on the fruit quality of apple cultivar golden delicious

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Effect of harvest time drying period and rotary velocity of thresher on germination percent and field emergence in barley

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Effect of harvesting methods growth conditions and growth phase on diacylglycerol levels in cultured human adherent cells

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Effect of harvesting system on nutrient losses during silage making 2. in silo losses

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Effect of harvesting time on seed and oil yield in poorbi raya

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Effect of hastened flowering on seed yield and dry matter partitioning in diverse soybean glycine max genotypes

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Effect of hatching egg size from semi dwarf and normal maternal meat parent genotypes on the performance of broiler chickens

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Effect of hatching egg weight selected on egg weight produced from chickens of subsequent generations of specific pathogen free chickens maintained as a closed flock

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Effect of hatching season on some serum electrolytes in japanese quails

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Effect of hatching time on larval mortality and survival of the prawn macrobrachium idae

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Effect of haulm destruction supplemented by cutting off roots on the incidence of black scurf and skin damage flexibility of harvest period and yield of seed potatoes in field experiments

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Effect of hay concentrate ratios on digestibility of mixed ration for growing calves

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Effect of hay plus crushed or whole lupine grain on the growth and carcass fat cover of heifers and lambs

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Effect of hay substitution on intake and digestibility of forage rape (brassica napus) fed to lambs

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Effect of hay supplements during milk fattening of lambs

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Effect of haymaking procedures on the flavor constituents of italian rye grass lolium multiflorum hay

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Effect of hcg human chorionic gonadotropin and pg pituitary gland on induced spawning of the catfish clarias batrachus linn

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Effect of hcg on experimental luteal hypoplasia in cows

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Effect of hcg on plasma testosterone levels in bulls with low semen quantity and quality

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Effect of hCG on protein synthesis and progesterone production in the bovine luteal cells

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Effect of head activator of a fresh water hydra on regeneration of marine hydroid polyps

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Effect of head down tilt and varying illumination on upper body skin sensitivity to uv radiation

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Effect of head flexion on airway resistance measured in a body plethysmograph

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Effect of head ground waters on the water regime of floodplain soils of small rivers in the central chernozemic region russian sfsr ussr

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Effect of head group on phospho lipid mixing in small uni lamellar vesicles mixtures of di myristoylphosphatidyl choline and di myristoylphosphatidyl ethanolamine

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Effect of head irradiation upon epidermal mitotic activity during wound healing in the adrenalectomized mice

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Effect of head orientation in the gravity field on the intensity of caloric nystagmus

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Effect of head position on distribution of nasal airflow in preterm infants

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Effect of head position on the location of venous catheters inserted via basilic veins

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Effect of head removal on leaf senescence of sunflower

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Effect of head size of cabbage brassica oleracea var capitata on seed yield

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Effect of head tilt on visual cortical cell function in the intact and labyrinthectomized cat

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Effect of headstart programs on the factor structure of mental ability

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Effect of heart and skeletal muscle troponin complexes and calmodulin on the calcium dependent reactions of phosphorylase kinase ec iso enzymes

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Effect of heart beat sound on the cardiac and behavioral responsiveness to tactual stimulation in sleeping preterm infants

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Effect of heart disease on regional lung function

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Effect of heart rate on electrically induced repetitive ventricular responses in the digitalized dog

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Effect of heart rate on hemodynamics in mitral stenosis

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Effect of heart rate on zonal tension and ischemia following coronary occlusion optimal rate for treppe vs ischemia

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Effect of heart size on the immediate cause of death in acute myo cardial infarction

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Effect of heart weight on distribution of lung surface pressures in vertical dogs

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Effect of heart work and insulin on the incorporation of carbon 14 glucose into hexose phosphates udp glucose and glycogen in the normal and insulin deficient perfused rat heart under working and nonworking conditions

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Effect of heat accelerated seed aging on induction of somatic mosaicism in soybean glycine max

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Effect of heat acclimation on artificial selection for muscle tissue heat resistance in the field mouse microtus subarvalis

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Effect of heat amylase and di sulfide bond cleavage on the in vitro digestibility of soybean proteins

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Effect of heat and chemical protection clothing on cognitive performance

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Effect of heat and cold stress on inert gas xenon 133 exchange in the rabbit

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Effect of heat and cold stressors on skin thickness and wound outline retention 24 hours after excision

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Effect of heat and detergent on glucose 6 phosphatase activity in microsomes isolated from rats of different ages

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Effect of heat and moisture on the nitrogen solubility loss of flour from beans phaseolus vulgaris

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Effect of heat and radiation on synchronous Chinese hamster cells: killing and repair

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Effect of heat and radiation on the agglutinating and mitogenic capacity of phyto hem agglutinins

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Effect of heat and water restriction on physiological responses of beetal and black bengal goats

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Effect of heat conservation during and after major abdominal surgery on muscle protein breakdown in elderly patients

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Effect of heat delivery and extraction on airway conductance in normal and in asthmatic subjects

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Effect of heat ethylene oxide and gamma radiation on psyllium husk

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Effect of heat exchange waters of a state regional electric power plant on conditions of water use by the population

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Effect of heat exposure on plasma composition in protein mal nourished rats

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Effect of heat exposure sequence on radio sensitivity of yeasts

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Effect of heat freeze thawing and desiccation on the survival of fusarium sulphureum spores

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Effect of heat hardening on thermostability of acid phosphatase from wheat leaves

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Effect of heat in haemophilus influenzae

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Effect of heat in the phototherapy unit on the radiant flux

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Effect of heat inactivated brucella abortus suspension on cellular immune response of conventional and germ free mice

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Effect of heat induced interaction between beta lactoglobulin and kappa casein on syneresis

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Effect of heat induced susceptibility of tobacco to black shank on protein content and on activity of peroxidases

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Effect of heat labile entero toxin produced by escherichia coli on in vitro cell proliferation

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Effect of heat labile enterotoxin from enterotoxigenic escherichia coli on the structure of the rabbit intestinal epithelial cell and the brush border

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Effect of heat moisture treatment of field bean phaseolus vulgaris flour and protein isolate on water uptake

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Effect of heat moisture treatment on textural characteristics of cassava manihot esculenta flour

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Effect of heat on alpha lact albumin and beta lacto globulin in bovine milk

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Effect of heat on biuret positive water extractable porcine muscle proteins

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Effect of heat on cabbage and brussels sprout peroxidase enzymes

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Effect of heat on foot and mouth disease virus in the components of milk from foot and mouth disease virus infected cows

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Effect of heat on frog sciatic nerve determined by x ray diffraction

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Effect of heat on germination of seeds from serotinous lodgepole pine pinus contorta var latifolia cones

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Effect of heat on hydra oligactis and its buds

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Effect of heat on lymphocytes 4. response of subsets of human lymphocytes to mitogens at 37 celsius and 40 celsius

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Effect of heat on micro tubule disassembly and its relationship to body temperature

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Effect of heat on radiosensitivity at different developmental stages of embryos of the fish Oryzias latipes

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Effect of heat on regional cerebral blood flow of the normal monkey

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Effect of heat on sarcoplasmic proteins of light and dark avian muscle tissue

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Effect of heat on the anaphylactic sensitizing capacity of cows milk goats milk and various infant formulae fed to guinea pigs

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Effect of heat on the beta carotene content of nigerian palm oil

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Effect of heat on the fecundity of the bean weevil acanthoscelides obtectus coleoptera bruchidae

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Effect of heat on the functional properties of linseed meal

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Effect of heat on the intestinal and pancreatic levels of amylase and maltase of laying hens and broilers

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Effect of heat on the viability of schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h minus growing in synchronous cultures

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Effect of heat on uterine contractions during normal labor

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Effect of heat on virus inactivation by ammonia

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Effect of heat on zoospore motility and multiplication of olpidium radicale and olpidium brassicae

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Effect of heat processing ascorbic acid and sodium chloride on lipolysis in goat milk

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