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Effect of grain seeding methods seeding rates and seeding dates and yield components on four types of soil

Rioux, R.; Barnett, G.M.; Comeau, J.E.

Canadian Journal of Plant Science 66(2): 211-220


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4220
Accession: 005242155

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Four soil types were used to evaluate the effects of seeding rates and dates, and seed placement for spring cereal production near La Pocatiere, Quebec [Canada]. Head population and head weight at maturity explained an important part of the success or the failure of species and management practices. On all soils, early seeding and seed placement were important factors for yields, but seedling rates had to be adjusted at each site. On De I' Anse loam, high grain yield was related to high head population but on Kamouraska clay and Du Creux loam, head weight was a more important factor. However, on Du Creux loam, population varied from year to year. On St-Andre loam, cereal production was limited by an early maturity meaning small and low density kernels. With oats, a high head population produced high yields but for barley production, head weight was more important. Wheat yield was limited by the head weight.

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