Section 6
Chapter 5,244

Effect of herbicides on symbiotic nitrogen fixation of lucerne medicago sativa l

Wache, H.

Zentralblatt fuer Mikrobiologie 142(5): 349-355


Accession: 005243599

The effects of herbicides on growth and symbiotic nitrogen fixation by lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) were investigated in pot trials. The test marks were dry weight of shoots and roots, nitrogen content of plants, protein content and nitrogenase activity, and morphological changes of roots and nodules. The herbicides Aretit (Dinosebacetat), Kerb 50 W (Propyzamid), SYS 67 B (2,4-DB), SYS 67 Buctril DB (Bromoxynil + 2,4-DB) and the combination of SYS 67 B + Aretit and SYS 67 B + Basagran (Bentazon) showed no toxicity during simultaneous application of Rhizobium-preparations. Temporarily harmful effects were caused by SYS 67 MB (MCPB) and the late application of SYS 67 B on symbiotic nitrogen fixation, too.

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