Section 6
Chapter 5,245

Effect of housing and protein supplementation on milk production of cows fed diets based on molasses urea

Ugarte, J.

Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 49(12): 1018-1023


ISSN/ISBN: 0367-8318
Accession: 005244431

During the dry season 72 Holstein cows were employed in 2 experiments with a 2 .times. 4 factorial design. The treatments were types of housings : drylot and cow cubicles, and 4 protein sources, fish-meal, soybean-meal, torula yeast and alfalfa-meal, as supplementation to a molasses/urea-(2%) based diets and restricted grazing on pangola grass for 4 h daily. There were no significant differences between treatments in milk production. However, there was a trend towards a higher fat content in milk with alfalfa-meal. Molasses consumption was greater and feed conversion poorer in those animals kept in drylot. The efficiency of molasses energy utilization was significantly related with live weight change (r[correlation coefficient]2 = 0.86; P < 0.001) but not with milk production (r2 = 0.52).

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