Effect of hydrolytic enzymes on the dissociation of the histamine complex with histamine h 2 receptors from oxyntic cell membranes in frog stomach

Chesnokova, L.S.

Vestnik Leningradskogo Universiteta Biologiya 3: 110-112


Accession: 005244946

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The effect of hydrolytic enzymes on the complex formed by labeled histamine with histamine H2-receptors of oxyntic cell membranes from frog stomach was investigated. Substances blocking SH-groups caused the dissociation of histamine complexes with H2-receptors. The study of simultaneous action of hydrolytic agents upon histamine complexes with receptors revealed the complete additivity of neuraminindase effect with that of papain, the lack of additivity of neuraminidase and phospholipase C and the mutually enhanced effect of phospholipase C and papain.