Effect of iaa and 2 4 d at concentrations inhibiting cell enlargement on the hydrogen potassium ion exchange system and the respiratory metabolism in pea pisum sativum cultivar alaska stem segments

Colombo, R.; Ferrari Bravo, P.

Plant Science Letters 25(3): 247-260


Accession: 005245772

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The effect of IAA and of 2,4-D, at concentrations inhibiting cell enlargement, on the H+-K+ exchange system were investigated. In pea stem segments 1 mM IAA and 2,4-D similarly inhibit cell enlargement, proton extrusion and K+ uptake. Experiments on the effect of 2,4-D on some features of energetic metabolism show that this substance at the 1 mM concentration lowers O2 uptake, enhances the pyruvate level and decreases the ATP level. Both 2,4-D and IAA inhibit respiration and the phosphorylation capacity of isolated mitochondria. Their inhibiting effect seems to depend on the inhibition of electron transport chain and mitochondrial ATPase activity. The inhibition of the H+-K+exchange system by high concentrations of auxins might be a consequence of the inhibition of the energetic metabolism.