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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5247

Chapter 5247 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sokalska M.; Maresz Babczyszyn J., 1981:
Effect of immunization from pseudomonas aeruginosa on experimental infection in mice

Tchorzewski H.; Denys A.; Grzybowski A.; Malewska Z., 1980:
Effect of immunization of guinea pigs on in vitro phagocytosis by polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Nechansky S.; Stoeckl W.; Skolek R.; Mosestl E.; Choi H.S.; Bamberg E., 1980:
Effect of immunization of male rabbits against androstenedione

Sokolovskaya I.I.; Oivadis R.N.; Abilov A.I., 1986:
Effect of immunization of male rabbits with sperm autoplasma on sperm quality and the results of insemination

Walz, M.A.; Price, R.W.; Hayashi, K.; Katz, B.J.; Notkins, A.L., 1977:
Effect of immunization on acute and latent infections of vagino uterine tissue with herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2

Uehling, D.T.; Mizutani, K.; Balish, E., 1978:
Effect of immunization on bacterial adherence to urothelium

Chen, P.B.; Neiders, M.E.; Millar, S.J.; Reynolds, H.S.; Zambon, J.J., 1987:
Effect of immunization on experimental Bacteroides gingivalis infection in a murine model

Minard, P.; Dean, D.A.; Vannier, W.E.; Murrell, K.D., 1978:
Effect of immunization on migration of Schistosoma mansoni through lungs

Kal'nitskii S.A.; Ponomareva T.V.; Shubik V.M., 1979:
Effect of immunization on radio resistance of mice during administration of cesium 137

Eliseeva L.S.; Stefanovich L.E.; Popova V.S., 1983:
Effect of immunization on serotonin binding by mouse immuno competent tissue cells

Sandberg, G.; Ernstrom, U.; Nordlind, K.; Fredholm, B.B., 1978:
Effect of immunization on the cyclic amp level and tritiated thymidine incorporation in cultured lymphoid cells

Asher, L.V.S.; Walz, M.A.; Notkins, A.L., 1978:
Effect of immunization on the development of latent ganglionic infection in mice challenged intra vaginally with herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2

Thorig L.; Thompson J.; Van Furth R., 1980:
Effect of immunization on the induction and course of experimental streptococcus sanguis and staphylococcus epidermidis endo carditis

Serebrov V.Yu; Vasil'ev N.V.; Udintsev N.A., 1982:
Effect of immunization on thyroid function and thyroxine absorption by rat organs

Zatula D.G.; Zagoruiko E.E.; Panchenko N.A.; Semernikov V.A., 1985:
Effect of immunization with allogenic antitumor vaccine on the functional activity of mouse bone marrow cells

Zubzhitskii Y.N.; Alksnis E.G., 1980:
Effect of immunization with antigen low doses on the development of experimental athero sclerosis

Banerjee, U.; Mohapatra, L.N.; Kumar, R., 1985:
Effect of immunization with formalin killed cells in complete Freund's adjuvant in experimental candidosis

Adlam, C.; Ward, P.D.; Mccartney, A.C.; Arbuthnott, J.P.; Thorley, C.M., 1977:
Effect of immunization with highly purified alpha toxins and beta toxins on staphylococcal mastitis in rabbits

Uakhowithchai, V.; Techasoponmani, R.; Sirisinha, S., 1977:
Effect of immunization with metabolic antigens on experimental infection of rats with Angiostrongylus cantonensis

Miwa H.; Orita H., 1980:
Effect of immuno chemo therapy on gastric cancer patients

Sinniah R.; Churg J., 1983:
Effect of immuno globulin a deposits on the glomerular mesangium in bergers disease

Russell I.J.; Papaioannou C.; Mcduffie F.C.; Macintyre S.; Kushner I., 1983:
Effect of immuno globulin g and c reactive protein on complement depletion by mono sodium urate crystals

Kjosen, B.; Bassoe, H.H., 1981:
Effect of immuno globulin g f ab' 2 and serum on the glucose metabolism in human leukocytes

Porstmann T.; Porstmann B.; Schmechta H.; Nugel E.; Seifert R.; Grunow R., 1981:
Effect of immuno globulin g horseradish peroxidase conjugates purified on concanavalin a sepharose on sensitivity of enzyme immunoassay

Alkner U.; Hansson U B., 1979:
Effect of immuno globulin m fractions with or without rheumatoid factor activity on antigen antibody reactions

Podsedlovskii T.S.; Ganzha I.P.; Dul'kene E.A.; Renkauskene A.I., 1981:
Effect of immuno globulin prophylaxis on the occurrence of anicteric and subclinical forms of infectious hepatitis

Imaizumi K.; Shiga T., 1983:
Effect of immuno globulins and immuno globulin g fragments on the human erythrocyte aggregation studied by a rheoscope combined with image analyzer

Conley, F.K., 1982:
Effect of immuno modulation on the fate of tumor cells in the central nervous system and systemic organs of mice distribution of iodine 125 labeled 5 iodo 2' deoxy uridine labeled kht tumor cells after left intra cardial injection

Tagliabue, A.; Mantovani, A.; Polentarutti, N.; Vecchi, A.; Spreafico, F., 1977:
Effect of immuno modulators on effector cells involved in antibody dependent cellular cyto toxicity

Anaclerio, A.; Conti, G.; Moras, M.L.; Maconi, A.; Spreafico, F., 1978:
Effect of immuno modulators on thymocyte suppressive activity in mice

Mcneilly A.S.; Fraser H.M.; Baird D.T., 1984:
Effect of immuno neutralization of lhrh on luteinizing hormone fsh and ovarian steroid secretion in the pre ovulatory phase of the estrous cycle in the ewe

Fraser H.M.; Mcneilly A.S., 1982:
Effect of immuno neutralization of lhrh on the estrogen induced luteinizing hormone and fsh surges in the ewe

Niwa Y.; Maeda M., 1983:
Effect of immuno potentiating agents bcg picibanil levamisole and maruyama vaccine on neutrophil functions including the generation of oxygen intermediates

Bruvere R.Zh; Vitolin' L.A.; Garklava R.R.; Priedite I.Yu; Mutsenietse A.Ya, 1980:
Effect of immuno stimulants of viral origin on cellular composition and topographic characteristics of stromal infiltration of primary rectal carcinoma

Lakshimi, P.N.; Johri, G.N., 1983:
Effect of immuno suppressants in mice 5. action of prednisolone on the adoptive immune response through thymus and bone marrow cells during experimental infection of nematospiroides dubius

Smith, C.D.; Furcolow, M.L.; Hulker, P., 1976:
Effect of immuno suppressants on dogs exposed 2.5 years previously to blastomyces dermatitidis

Bhuyan U.N.; Dash S.C.; Sharma R.K.; Malhotra K.K.; Dhawan I.K., 1981:
Effect of immuno suppression and susceptibility to infections in renal transplant recipients

Hoffsten, P.E.; Dixon, F.J., 1973:
Effect of immuno suppression on chronic lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus infection of mice

Howard R.J.; Mattson D.M.; Balfour H.H.Jr, 1979:
Effect of immuno suppression on humoral and cell mediated immunity to murine cytomegalovirus

Phipps R.P.; Mandel T.E.; Tew J.G., 1981:
Effect of immuno suppressive agents on antigen retained in lymphoid follicles and collagenous tissue of immune mice

Karp, R.D.; Bradley, S.G., 1968:
Effect of immuno suppressive agents on normal phage neutralizing antibody in the mouse actinomycin d immunol uracil mustard immunol cyclo phosphamide immunol

Pospisil, M.; Draber, P.; Hofman, J.; Nouza, K.; Klapacova, J., 1978:
Effect of immuno suppressive agents on the blastogenic response of mouse spleen thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes part 1 culture conditions and the evaluation system

Pekarek, J.; Svejcar, J.; Nouza, K.; Johanovsky, J., 1976:
Effect of immuno suppressive drugs on an in vitro correlate of cell mediated immunity the migration inhibition test

Winkelstein, A., 1977:
Effect of immuno suppressive drugs on thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes in guinea pigs

Sagnelli E.; Piccinino F.; Manzillo G.; Felaco F.M.; Filipini P.; Maio G.; Pasquale G.; Izzo C.M., 1983:
Effect of immuno suppressive therapy on hepatitis b surface antigen positive chronic active hepatitis in relation to presence or absence of hepatitis b e antigen and hepatitis b e antibody

Juska, D.; Tyszkiewicz, Z.; Gawlik, Z.; Lewandowska, T., 1979:
Effect of immuno suppressors anti coagulants and anti phlogistic drugs on experimental masugi nephritis 2. aceno coumarol

Martirosyan K.G., 1981:
Effect of immuno therapy on clinical hemodynamic and immunologic indices in patients with active rheumatic fever

Gleich G.J.; Zimmermann E.M.; Henderson L.L.; Yunginger J.W., 1982:
Effect of immuno therapy on immuno globulin e and immuno globulin g antibodies to ragweed antigens a 6 year prospective study

Aurich, G., 1976:
Effect of immuno therapy on lymphocyte function in acute lymphatic leukoses

Do-The-Gia ; Loisillier, F., 1978:
Effect of immuno therapy on the kinetics of proliferation of a transplanted rat rhabdo myo sarcoma

Movshev, B.E.; Nedoshivina, R.V., 1976:
Effect of immuno therapy on toxic properties of experimental burned skin extracts

Hersh E.M.; Murphy S.G.; Quesada J.R.; Gutterman J.U.; Gschwind C.R.; Morgan J., 1981:
Effect of immuno therapy with corynebacterium parvum propionibacterium acnes and methanol extraction residue of bcg administered intra venously on host defense function in cancer patients

Miwa H., 1985:
Effect of immunochemotherapy with levamisole on gastric cancer patients three year survival rates

Buscaglia, C.; Calnek, B.W.; Schat, K.A., 1988:
Effect of immunocompetence on the establishment and maintenance of latency with Marek's disease herpesvirus

Kravchenko N.V.; Rubtsov I.V.; Tregub A.V., 1986:
Effect of immunocorrection therapy with levamisole on the dynamics of infectious o antigenemia and clinical manifestations in dysentery patients

Yagame M.; Tomino Y.; Miura M.; Suga T.; Watanabe S.; Nomoto Y.; Sakai H., 1986:
Effect of immunoglobulin deposition on the amount of glomerular sialic acids in patients with membranous nephropathy

Tomino Y.; Sakati H.; Miura M.; Suga T.; Yagame M.; Endoh M.; Nomoto Y., 1986:
Effect of immunoglobulin depositions of glomerular sialic acids in patients with immunoglobulin a nephropathy

Salama A.; Kiefel V.; Mueller Eckhardt C., 1986:
Effect of immunoglobulin g anti rh o d in adult patients with chronic autoimmune thrombocytopenia

Maeda N.; Sekiya M.; Kameda K.; Shiga T., 1986:
Effect of immunoglobulin preparations on the aggregation of human erythrocytes

Banks, R.A.; Babcock, G.F.; Whitmore, A.C.; Haughton, G., 1979:
Effect of immunologic intervention on in vivo murine Rous sarcoma virus tumorigenesis

Ramage J.K.; Stanisz A.; Scicchitano R.; Hunt R.H.; Perdue M.H., 1988:
Effect of immunologic reactions on rat intestinal epithelium correlation of increased permeability to chromium 51 labeled edta and ovalbumin during acute inflammation and anaphylaxis

Eimontas, Z.I.; Myadzyavichyus, A.K., 1974:
Effect of immunologically active substances on antibody dynamics of piglets during experimental trichocephaliosis part 3 passive immunization with gamma globulin obtained from immune blood serum of pigs infected with trichocephalus and from the blood serum of healthy pigs

Eimontas, Z.I.; Myadzyavichyus, A.K., 1974:
Effect of immunologically active substances on antibody dynamics of piglets in experimental trichocephaliosis part 1 introduction of anti lymphocytic serum

Mukae S.; Norimura T.; Tsuchiya T., 1987:
Effect of immunomodifier on radiation induced antitumor immunity following local irradiation to tumor ok 432

Tumanyan M.A.; Kirillicheva G.B.; Ermolova E.V., 1987:
Effect of immunomodulators on the enzyme activity of macrophages in mouse peritoneal exudate

Kuz'mina E.G.; Yarilin A.A., 1986:
Effect of immunomodulators on the immunoregulatory cell function in normal subjects and lymphogranulomatosis patients

Sheward W.J.; Fraser H.M.; Fink G., 1985:
Effect of immunoneutralization of trh on the release of thyrotropin and prolactin during suckling or in response to electrical stimulation of the hypothalamus in the anesthetized rat

Zivna H.; Zivny P.; Simek J., 1987:
Effect of immunopreparations on liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy in rats

Pathak K.M.L.; Gaur S.N.S., 1985:
Effect of immunosuppressants and antihistaminics on the development of taenia solium in golden hamsters

Lakshmi, P.N.; Johri, G.N., 1986:
Effect of immunosuppressants in mice part ii. action of hydrocortisone acetate on actively and adoptively acquired immunity during experimental infection of nematospiroides dubius

Patterson, T.F.; Miniter, P.; Ryan, J.L.; Andriole, V.T., 1988:
Effect of immunosuppression and amphotericin B on Aspergillus antigenemia in an experimental model

Kenyon, R.H.; Green, D.E.; Peters, C.J., 1985:
Effect of immunosuppression on experimental Argentine hemorrhagic fever in guinea pigs

Gawlik, Z.; Juska, D.; Lewandowska, T.; Tyszkiewicz, Z., 1984:
Effect of immunosuppressive anticoagulant and antiinflammatory drugs on experimental glomerulonephritis 4. prednisone and imuran

Tyszkiewicz, Z.; Gawlik, Z.; Lewandowska, T.; Juska, D., 1984:
Effect of immunosuppressive anticoagulant and antiinflammatory drugs on experimental glomerulonephritis 6. prednisone imuran and cyclophosphamide

Lewandowska T.; Juska D.; Gawlik Z.; Tyszkiewicz Z., 1984:
Effect of immunosuppressive anticoagulant and antiinflammatory drugs on experimental glomerulonephritis prednisone leukeran purinethol curantyl

Tanaka, Y.; Shirakawa, F.; Oda, S.; Chiba, S.; Suzuki, H.; Eto, S.; Yamashita, U., 1987:
Effect of immunosuppressive factors produced by adult T cell leukemia cells on B cell responses

Batra U.K.; Sadana J.R.; Gupta R.K.P., 1986:
Effect of immunotherapy with a saline phenol extract of allogeneic tumor on erythrocyte rosette counts in horn cancer affected cattle

Gorlachev, V.I.; Vizgalin, A.N., 1976:
Effect of impact accelerations on the heart and hemodynamics of rats

Simonov E.E., 1979:
Effect of impact overloads on the chemical resistance of rat erythrocytes

Nair, K.S.; Webster, J.; Garrow, J.S., 1986:
Effect of impaired glucose tolerance and type II diabetes on resting metabolic rate and thermic response to a glucose meal in obese women

Van-De-Ven, W.J.M.; Onnekink, C.; Vermorken, A.J.M.; Bloemers, H.P.J., 1977:
Effect of impaired glucosylation on the synthesis of envelope proteins of rauscher murine leukemia virus

Bury R.W.; Whitworth J.A.; Saines D.; Kincaid Smith P.; Moulds R.F.W., 1985:
Effect of impairment of renal function on the accumulation and disposition of isoxicam

Gromova E.A.; Semenova T.P.; L.O.N.; Nesterova I.V., 1979:
Effect of impairment of serotoninergic and noradrenergic brain systems on alimentary and defensive conditioned reflexes in rats

Jach E.; Staszyc J.; Tomaszewska A., 1982:
Effect of impedance in urination on the behavior of enzymes in the epithelium of the ureter

Ohkawa A.; Ueda Y.; Sakai N., 1985:
Effect of impeller design on foam breaking and power characteristics of an aerated stirred tank fitted with a rotating disk mechanical foam breaker

van Kampen, C.L.; Gibbons, D.F., 1979:
Effect of implant surface chemistry upon arterial thrombosis

Prabhu, V.K.K.; Hema, P., 1970:
Effect of implantation of ovaries in the male cockroach periplaneta americana

Bhattacharya A.K.; Samui T.N.; Chakravorty S., 1983:
Effect of implanted corpus allatum on spermatogenesis in imagines of the grasshopper phleoba infumata

Kraskowski H.V.; Tal'chuk A.A.; Nyestsyarenka V.U.; Charykava A.U., 1980:
Effect of implanted spleen lymphoid cells from bcg treated donors on the frequency of urethane induced chromosomal aberrations in mouse bone marrow cells

Klinge B.; Nilveus R.; Bogle G.; Badersten A.; Egelberg J., 1985:
Effect of implants on healing of experimental furcation defects in dogs

Burns, E.C.; Melancon, D.G., 1977:
Effect of imported fire ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) invasion on lone star tick (Acarina: Ixodidae) populations

Silanikove N., 1987:
Effect of imposed reduction of energy intake on resting and fasting heat production in the black bedouin desert goat

Foley Fisher J.A.; Ditchburn R.W., 1986:
Effect of imposed retinal image movements on color vision at a heterochromatic boundary in a stabilized retinal image

Tupper, J.T.; Zografos, L., 1978:
Effect of imposed serum deprivation on growth of the mouse 3t3 cell dissociation from changes in potassium ion transport as measured from rubidium 86 ion uptake

Ditchburn R.W.; Foley Fisher J.A., 1985:
Effect of imposed step movements and pulse movements of the retinal image on perception of hue with colored targets

Pappas G.; Skinner G.A.; Rao V.N.M., 1988:
Effect of imposed strain and moisture content on some viscoelastic characteristics of cowpeas vigna unguiculata

Pinel Alloul B.; Magnin E.; Codin Blumer G., 1982:
Effect of impoundment of the desaulniers reservoir james bay territory canada on the zoo plankton of a river and a reticulated bog

Egborge A.B.M., 1979:
Effect of impoundment on the water chemistry of lake asejire nigeria

Chalapathy P.V.; Rao R., 1981:
Effect of improved housing on semen quality of murrah bulls

Letko, G.; Halangk, W., 1986:
Effect of improved hydrogen supply on energy state, ureogenesis and gluconeogenesis in isolated hepatocytes

Keatinge J.D.H.; Chapanian N.; Saxena M.C., 1988:
Effect of improved management of legumes in a legume cereal rotation on field estimates of crop nitrogen uptake and symbiotic nitrogen fixation in northern syria

Sheikh M.I.; Aleem A., 1983:
Effect of improvement practices on dalbergia sissoo shisham planted in islamabad pakistan

Bakhshi A.K.; Bawa A.S.; Sekhon K.S.; Saxena A.K., 1985:
Effect of improvers on baking characteristics of some wheat and triticale varieties

Bakshi A.K.; Bawa A.S.; Sekhon K.S.; Saxena A.K., 1984:
Effect of improvers on rheological characteristics of some wheat and triticale varieties

Yurdanov V.S.; Reznichenko V.Yu, 1984:
Effect of impulse and sensory training on peripheral blood parameters

Moskalik K.G.; Kozlov A.P.; Pospelova I.I., 1983:
Effect of impulse laser radiation on nucleic acid and protein syntheses in tumor cells

Morseth, S.L.; Dengerink, H.A.; Wright, J.W., 1985:
Effect of impulse noise on water consumption and blood pressure in the female rat

Shchekanov E.E., 1980:
Effect of impulse ultrasound on photo receptors

Rodionova L.P.; Shelest G.A., 1980:
Effect of impulsed noise of high intensity on blood lipids and the development of neurogenic athero sclerosis in rabbits

Lackovic, V.; Borecky, L.; Kresakova, J., 1977:
Effect of impulsin treatment on interferon production and anti viral resistance of mice

Pavlovich, S.A.; Ospipov, G.P.; Tofilo, P.P.; Voronkina, M.I., 1975:
Effect of impulsive electrical discharges on water microorganisms

Umetsu, N.; Grose, F.H.; Allahyari, R.; Abu-El-Haj, S.; Fukuto, T.R., 1977:
Effect of impurities on the mammalian toxicity of technical malathion and acephate

Monnier M.; Norstog K., 1986:
Effect of in ovulo period on the differentiation and regulation of immature embryos of zamia cultured in vitro

Bedoya D.M.noz C.D.; Torres M.R., 1985:
Effect of in package generated sulfur dioxide and temperature on the post harvest behavior of table grapes

Sell N.J.; Maxham J.V., 1986:
Effect of in process treatment on contaminant levels during the recycling of paper mill water streams

Westfall L.K.; Speedie S.M., 1981:
Effect of in service education provided by consultant pharmacists on the behavior of nurses in long term care facilities

Chung I.S.; Lee Y.Y., 1985:
Effect of in situ ethanol removal on fermentation of d xylose by pachysolen tannophilus

Owusu Ansah Y.J.; Hultin H.O., 1987 :
Effect of in situ formaldehyde production on solubility and cross linking of proteins of minced red hake muscle during frozen storage

Venkataramani B.; Gupta A.R.; Iyer R.M., 1985:
Effect of in situ gamma radiation on the sorption properties of hydrous oxides

Ortiz Cereceres J.; Mendoza Onofre L.E.; Gonzalez Hernandez V.A., 1984:
Effect of in situ selection and rotation based on seed yield on changes in morphological physiological and economic characteristics of maize

Arya, P.S., 1981:
Effect of in situ vs. re planting of sugar beet beta vulgaris stecklings on quality seed yields

Luster M.I.; Faith R.E.; Mclachlan J.A.; Clark G.C., 1979:
Effect of in utero exposure to di ethyl stilbestrol on the immune response in mice

Rosebrough R.H.; Rosebrough R.W.; Tucker R.E.; Kratzer D.D.; Mitchell G.E.Jr, 1980:
Effect of in utero vitamin a deficiency on neural electrolytes and behavioral patterns of rabbit offspring

Kikta, D.C.; Fregly, M.J., 1982:
Effect of in vitro administration of captopril on vascular reactivity of rat aorta

Bilinska, B., 1983:
Effect of in vitro administration of luteinizing hormone prolactin separately and luteinizing hormone and prolactin in mixture on cultured leydig cells from mouse testes 1. changes of delta 5 3 beta hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase during post natal life

Bilinska, B.; Musialek-Galas, J., 1983:
Effect of in vitro administration of luteinizing hormone prolactin separately and luteinizing hormone and prolactin in mixture on cultured leydig cells from mouse testes 2. age related alterations of androgen secretion

Colin, F.; Menez, J.F.; Meskar, A.; Moan, M.; L.R.ux, A.M.; Vicariot, M., 1987:
Effect of in vitro carbamylation of erythrocytes on their rheological properties

Ilfeld, D.; Kivity, S.; Feierman, E.; Topilsky, M.; Kuperman, O., 1985:
Effect of in vitro colchicine and oral theophylline on suppressor cell function of asthmatic patients

Imanaka T.; Himeno T.; Aiba S., 1985:
Effect of in vitro dna rearrangement in the amino terminal region of the penicillinase gene from bacillus licheniformis on the mode of expression in bacillus subtilis

Robinson A.V., 1982:
Effect of in vitro exposure to hydrogen sulfide on rabbit alveolar macrophages cultured on gas permeable membranes

Gopalakrishna, K.; Pattabiraman, T.N., 1986:
Effect of in vitro glycosylation on the solubility of lens proteins

Smith, R.T., 1980:
Effect of in vitro hemolysis on assay of plasma catecholamines and DOPA

Frank, J.J.; Bermes, E.W.; Bickel, M.J.; Watkins, B.F., 1978:
Effect of in vitro hemolysis on chemical values for serum

Hasegawa M., 1984:
Effect of in vitro incubation on alpha adrenergic and beta adrenergic receptors in rat lung

Morimoto M.; Feo C.J., 1980:
Effect of in vitro induced heinz bodies on red cell deformability estimation by a diffractometric method ekta cytometry preliminary results

Minnema D.J.; Greenland R.D.; Michaelson I.A., 1986:
Effect of in vitro inorganic lead on dopamine release from superfused rat striatal synaptosomes

Rajfer J.; Sikka S.C.; Xie H.W.; Swerdloff R.S., 1985:
Effect of in vitro ketoconazole on steroid production in rat testis

Coupar, B.E.; Boyle, D.B.; Both, G.W., 1987:
Effect of in vitro mutations in a vaccinia virus early promoter region monitored by herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase expression in recombinant vaccinia virus

Litynska, J., 1979:
Effect of in vitro passages on biological properties of attenuated strains of measles virus 1. replication and antigenic properties

Litynska, J., 1979:
Effect of in vitro passages on biological properties of attenuated strains of measles virus 2. immunological activity

Pizza, G.; Viza, D.; Boucheix, C.; Corrado, F., 1977:
Effect of in vitro produced transfer factor on the immune response of cancer patients

Miller, B.J.; Graves, C.N.; Lodge, J.R., 1988:
Effect of in vitro storage of bovine spermatozoa on acrosomal integrity, proteolytic activity, binding, and initiation of penetration of oocytes

Fontagne, J.; Loizeau, M.; Adolphe, M.; Rouveix, B.; Lechat, P., 1978:
Effect of in vitro treatment by dexamethasone and indomethacin on dna synthesis in rat macrophages in culture stimulated by inflammatory exudate

Holmes S.D.; Neto F.R.; Field J.B., 1980:
Effect of in vitro treatment with acth and hypophysectomy on adrenal cyclic amp and cortico sterone responsiveness to acth stimulation in vitro

Roberts, N.J.; Steigbigel, R.T., 1978:
Effect of in vitro virus infection on response of human monocytes and lymphocytes to mitogen stimulation

Prusek W.; Astaldi G., 1979:
Effect of in vitro x irradiation on human peripheral blood thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes

Chayoth R., 1986:
Effect of in vivo administration of 3 isobutyl 1 methylxanthine on cyclic amp levels and dna synthesis in ehrlich ascites tumor cells

de Larminat, M.A.; Blaquier, J.A., 1979:
Effect of in vivo administration of 5 alpha reductase inhibitors on epididymal function

Nakayama, E.; Uenaka, A., 1985:
Effect of in vivo administration of Lyt antibodies. Lyt phenotype of T cells in lymphoid tissues and blocking of tumor rejection

Bidot-Lopez, P.; Schinbeckler, B.; O'Malley, B.C., 1982:
Effect of in vivo administration of parathyroid hormone on amino acid transport in membrane vesicles prepared from rabbit kidney tubules

Umano, T.; Shimazaki, M.; Masuda, H.; Morikita, I.; Motoda, T.; Ikemoto, F.; Yamamoto, K.; Shimazu, A., 1986:
Effect of in vivo administration of thyroid hormone on phosphate uptake of brush border membrane vesicles from kidney cortex of rachitic rats

Lombard N.; Masse R., 1987:
Effect of in vivo ageing upon the outgrowth of fibroblastic cells from rat cutaneous explants

Broemme H.J.; Dargel R., 1979:
Effect of in vivo and in vitro application of glucagon insulin and epinephrine on calcium ion transport properties of liver mitochondria

Lang I.; Nekam K.; Gergely P.; Petranyi G., 1982:
Effect of in vivo and in vitro treatment with dialyzable leukocyte extracts on human natural killer cell activity

Baksi, S.N.; Hughes, M.J., 1986:
Effect of in vivo antiestrogen pretreatment on rabbit atrial chronotropic response to histamine

Polverini, P.J.; Solt, D.B., 1986:
Effect of in vivo carcinogen exposure on colony formation and growth of hamster buccal pouch keratinocytes in culture

Helke, C.J.; Kellar, K.J.; Gillis, R.A., 1979:
Effect of in vivo deslanoside on the uptake of serotonin into platelets

David E.; Reddy Y.D.; Reddy K.V.; Ramakrishna O.; Govindappa S.; Reddanna P., 1984:
Effect of in vivo electrical stimulation to gastrocnemius muscle of dog canis domesticus serum protein metabolism

David E.; Rao J.N.; Reddanna P.; Govindappa S., 1988:
Effect of in vivo electrical stimulations on protein fractions of denervated gastrocnemius muscle of frog rana hexadactyla lesson

Cooley, M.A., 1978:
Effect of in vivo exposure to allogeneic cells upon subsequent in vitro thymus derived cell responses and upon allo graft rejection

Garnett H.M.; Cronkite E.P.; Drew R.T., 1983:
Effect of in vivo exposure to benzene on the characteristics of bone marrow adherent cells

Hajto T.; Hostanska K., 1985:
Effect of in vivo hyperthermia on human natural killer cells

Colombo, R.; Pinelli, A., 1982:
Effect of in vivo increase of free fatty acids on human plasma protein binding of furosemide

Ewoane C.; Portemer C.; Bernard P.; Chatagner F., 1982 :
Effect of in vivo irradiation of the rat on the taurine concentration of the heart

Reddanna, P.; Govindappa, S., 1979:
Effect of in vivo muscular stimulations 2. influence on hepatic carbohydrate metabolism

Reddanna, P.; Govindappa, S., 1980:
Effect of in vivo muscular stimulations 7. some aspects of ammonia metabolism of amphibian brain during muscular exercise and training

McAllen, S.J.; Chiu, S.P.; Phalen, R.F.; Rasmussen, R.E., 1981:
Effect of in vivo ozone exposure on in vitro pulmonary alveolar macrophage mobility

Kimball, F.A.; Porteus, S.E., 1978:
Effect of in vivo prostaglandin treatment on tritiated prostaglandin f 2 alpha uptake in hamster corpora lutea

Bentley, C.; Hadding, U.; Bitter-Suermann, D.; Brade, V., 1977:
Effect of in vivo stimulation of mice on the secretion of factor b of the alternative complement pathway by peritoneal macrophages

Irifune M.; Ogino S.; Harada T.; Ohkawachi I.; Matsunaga T., 1986:
Effect of in vivo treatment with histamine gamma globulin conjugate and histamine contents of several tissues in sensitized guinea pigs

Fontagne J.; Adolphe M.; Semichon M.; Zizine L.; Lechat P., 1980:
Effect of in vivo treatment with indomethacin on mouse granulocyte macrophage colony forming cells in culture possible role of prostaglandins

Jackowski G.; Kun E., 1983:
Effect of in vivo treatment with tri iodo thyronine on the in vitro synthesis of protein poly adp ribose adducts by isolated cardiocyte nuclei and the separation of poly adp ribosylated proteins by phenol extraction and electrophoresis

Kuwana, S.; Natsui, T., 1985 :
Effect of inactivation of carotid sinus nerve by cold block on phrenic nerve activity in cats

Stolbkov Y.K., 1980:
Effect of inactivation of different portions of the vestibular apparatus on the response of the pigeon tail raising muscles

Rozsa Z.; Demeter S., 1982:
Effect of inactivation of the oxygen evolving system on the thermo luminescence of isolated chloroplasts

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Effect of inactivators formed from copper and phenol impurities on the sedimentation rate of transfective polio virion rna

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Effect of inactive carriers on the behavior of inhaled promethium in the lungs

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Effect of inadequate dietary proteins on pancreatic insulin and cyclic amp levels in rats

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Effect of inapparent murine hepatitis virus infections on macrophages and host resistance

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Effect of inbreeding and cross breeding on fertilization in winter soft wheat

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Effect of inbreeding and cross breeding on ovule development in rapeseed

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Effect of inbreeding and hybridization on flour mite acarus siro acarina acaridae

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Effect of inbreeding and selection for vigor and fertility on meiotic behavior in auto tetra ploid jobs tears coix lacryma jobi

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Effect of inbreeding and selection on alfalfa fertility

Sinska J., 1981:
Effect of inbreeding generation oi 4 on conservation of male sterility

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Effect of inbreeding on birthweight of white fulani cattle

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Effect of inbreeding on body weight in mice

Pamilo P., 1985:
Effect of inbreeding on genetic relatedness

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Effect of inbreeding on horticultural performance of lines developed from an open pollinated pickling cucumber cucumis sativus population

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Effect of inbreeding on IQ and mental retardation

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Effect of inbreeding on juvenile mortality in some small mammal species

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Effect of inbreeding on pathogenicity in race 8 of ustilago hordei

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Effect of inbreeding on performance of white fulani cattle ii. age at first calving

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Effect of inbreeding on production of filled seed in Pinus radiata - experimental results and a model of gene action

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Effect of inbreeding on quantitative features of copra mite tyrophagus putrescentiae acarina acaridae

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Effect of inbreeding on the hen egg quality

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Effect of inbreeding on the variability of pumpkins cucurbita maxima and cucurbita pepo

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Effect of inbreeding on within herd genetic evaluation of beef cattle

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Effect of including ensiled broiler house litter in the rations of sheep on the digestibility of nutrients and the retention of nitrogen

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Effect of including limited quantities of hay to cows grazing in dry lots and supplemented with silage

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Effect of inclusion of different forms of dietary fatty acid on the yield and composition of cow's milk

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Effect of incomplete double strandedness of test DNA on DNA binding results

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Effect of incorporating animal protein supplement in the feed on some production traits of laying hens

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Effect of incorporating ragi eleusine coracana husk in semi synthetic diets

Petrov P.I., 1981:
Effect of incorporating some soil herbicide mixtures on their efficiency on carbonate chernozem soils

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Effect of incorporating various levels of cassava manihot esculenta cyanogenic glucosides in diets fed to albino rats on liver and kidney rhodanese activity

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Effect of incorporation and removal of cholesterol on lipid bi layer viscosity and the rate of oxidative reactions in rat liver microsomal membranes

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Effect of incorporation and unincorporation of azolla biofertilizer on the grain yield of rice

Tanner P.D., 1983:
Effect of incorporation depth of lime and phosphate on phosphate uptake by soybeans

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Effect of incorporation method and soil type on selectivity of metribuzin in sunflower helianthus annuus cultivar hybrid 894

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Effect of incorporation of 5 iodo 2' deoxyuridine into hsv 1 dna on virion sensitivity to uv

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Effect of incorporation of crop straw residues on the yield of mustard brassica juncea and wheat triticum aestivum

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Effect of incorporation of tween 80 and magnesium chloride on the recovery of coliforms in vrb medium from fresh refrigerated and frozen minced buffalo meat

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Effect of incorporation of undecomposed farm waste on crop yield

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Effect of incorporation vs. placement on the efficiency of ammonium sulfate in wetland rice

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Effect of increase of intracellular calcium concentration on the transmembrane current induced by iontophoretic injection of cyclic amp in helix pomatia neurons

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Effect of increased adrenergic activity on the relationship between electrical and mechanical systole

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Effect of increased alkalinity of irrigation water on germination and sprouting of rice

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Effect of increased amounts of nitrogen fertilizers and wuxal on the dynamics of flowering quality and yield of tobacco seeds

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Effect of increased amounts of pectin in a solid liquid meal on carbohydrate metabolism in healthy man

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Effect of increased and reduced tension on the mechanical properties of healing wound in the abdominal wall

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Effect of increased arterial carbon dioxide on fetal breathing and behavior in sheep

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Effect of increased bird population in a fixed cage area on production and economic responses of single comb white leghorn laying hens

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Effect of increased blood oxygen affinity on skeletal muscle surface oxygen pressure fields

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Effect of increased blood oxygen affinity on work performance of rats

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Effect of increased bronchial venous pressure on lung lymph flow

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Effect of increased carbon di oxide pressure on the atp level and hexo kinase ec and phospho fructo kinase ec activity in the yeast saccharomyces vini

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Effect of increased cardiac output on luteal phase gonadal steroids a hypothesis for runners amenorrhea

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Effect of increased circulating corticosterone on serum and thyroidal concentrations of iodothyronines and the responses to thyrotropin in the immature fowl gallus domesticus

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Effect of increased concentrations of calcium ion and magnesium ion in the fluid perfusing the cerebral ventricles and hypoxia on evoked tongue jerks

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Effect of increased concentrations of carbon di oxide during halothane anesthesia on liver blood flow and hepatic oxygen consumption

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Effect of increased current multiple pacing sites and number of extrastimuli on induction of ventricular tachycardia

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Effect of increased dietary carbohydrate on selenium metabolism and toxicity in rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri)

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Effect of increased doses of vitamin a and apo ester on reproduction indices in geese

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Effect of increased doses of vitamin b 12 in pig rations during growth and fattening periods

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Effect of increased excretory renal mass on kidney function

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Effect of increased fresh herbage intake on magnesium and calcium balances in ewes

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Effect of increased gas density on pulmonary gas exchange in man

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Effect of increased glucose levels on sodium potassium pump activity in cultured neuroblastoma cells

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Effect of increased hydrostatic pressure on lymphatic elimination of hyaluronan from sheep lung

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Effect of increased intake of vitamin C on the mutagenic activity of gastric juice and intragastric concentrations of ascorbic acid

Nitta M., 1982:
Effect of increased intra cranial pressure on pulse wave

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Effect of increased intracranial pressure on blood pressure, heart rate, respiration and catecholamine levels in neonatal and adult rabbits

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Effect of increased intracranial pressure on coronary circulation

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Effect of increased iodide intake on thyroid function in subjects on chronic lithium therapy

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Effect of increased knee joint pressure on oxygen tension and blood flow in subchondral bone

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Effect of increased level of hydration on human tolerance to orthostatic and lower body negative pressure tests

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Effect of increased levels of free fatty acids on the size of the ischemic area

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Effect of increased levels of urea in the diet on ruminal protozoal counts in 4 ruminant species

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Effect of increased liver glycogen and liver weight on liver function in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri recovery from anesthesia and plasma sulfur 35 labeled sulfobromophthalein clearance

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Effect of increased lung volume on perception of breathlessness, effort, and tension

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Effect of increased magnesium on recovery from ischemia in rat and rabbit hearts

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Effect of increased maternal hemo globin oxygen affinity on fetal growth in the rat

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Effect of increased osmotic blood pressure on lymphodynamics in growing puppies

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Effect of increased oxygen affinity and anemia on cardiac output and its distribution

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Effect of increased oxygen on kidney function in the rat during and after 21 atmospheres of absolute pressure helium oxygen exposure

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Effect of increased pancreatic islet norepinephrine dopamine and serotonin concentration on insulin secretion in the golden hamster

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Effect of increased posterior displacement of the glenoid fossa on mandibular growth: a methodological study on the rabbit

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Effect of increased pressures of oxygen nitrogen and helium on activity of a sodium potassium magnesium atpase of beef brain

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Effect of increased proportion of soy protein in diet on the development and nitrogen metabolism of laboratory rats

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Effect of increased pulmonary vascular resistance on right ventricular systolic performance in dogs

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Effect of increased quantities of copper and zinc on enzyme activity of hepatic oxidases with mixed function in chronic experimental carbon sulfide intoxication

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Effect of increased rates of nitrogen and different methods of tillage on grain yields of maize

Macuha, P., 1974:
Effect of increased rates of nitrogen applied in the form of urea and ammonium sulfate on contents of different forms of nitrogen in oats in milk ripeness

Sajjad M.S., 1984:
Effect of increased salt stress on yield and yield components in rice

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Effect of increased serum urate levels on virgin rats with no arterio sclerosis vs breeder rats with preexistent arterio sclerosis

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Effect of increased sodium chloride or potassium chloride intake on response to chronic furosemide administration

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Effect of increased space on the social behavior of institutionalized profoundly retarded male adults

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Effect of increased static lung recoil on ventilation distribution in excised human lungs

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Effect of increased stimulus rate on brainstem auditory evoked potentials

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Effect of increased surface tension and assisted ventilation on technetium 99m dtpa clearance

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Effect of increased temperature in apical regions of maize zea mays cultivar cornell 175 ears on starch synthesis enzymes and accumulation of sugars and starch

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Effect of increased temperature on the activity of glutamine synthetase and the content of proteins ammonia and amido nitrogen in oats

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Effect of increased temperatures on the lipid complex of winter wheat

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Effect of increased temperatures on the primary reactions of photosynthesis

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Effect of increased tissue turnover on the keratinization of human epidermis

Kantomaa, T., 1984 :
Effect of increased upward displacement of the glenoid fossa on mandibular growth

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Effect of increased vascular permeability on tissue fluid protein composition in fish inflammation

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Effect of increased venous pressure on albumin excluded and immuno globulin g excluded volumes in muscle

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Effect of increased water flow on vegetation and soils in salinized ecotopes in the volga river delta russian sfsr ussr

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Effect of increased weight stress on joint integrity synovial fluid composition and cathepsin b like activity of articular cartilage in growing swine

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Effect of increases in afterload before and after coronary occlusion in awake dogs

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Effect of increases in lung volume on clearance of aerosolized solute from human lungs

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Effect of increasing age on adrenergic control of heart rate in the rat

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Effect of increasing age on the degradation of thyroxine by rat liver homogenate

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Effect of increasing age on the latency for saccadic eye movements

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Effect of increasing amounts of epinephrine during isobaric bupivacaine spinal anesthesia in elderly patients

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Effect of increasing bronchodilation on the single breath nitrogen test

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Effect of increasing cellulose in diets fed as crumbles or mash on the food intake and weight gains of broiler and leghorn chicks

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Effect of increasing contact time of sucrose solution or powdered sucrose on plaque ph in vivo

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Effect of increasing day length and intermittent lighting schedules in the domestic hen on plasma concentrations of luteinizing hormone and the luteinizing hormone response to exogenous progesterone

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Effect of increasing dietary energy on hepatic lipogenesis in growing chicks 1. increasing energy by carbohydrate supplementation

Tanaka, K.; Ohtani, S.; Shigeno, K., 1983:
Effect of increasing dietary energy on hepatic lipogenesis in growing chicks 2. increasing energy by fat or protein supplementation

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Effect of increasing dietary fat calcium and phosphorus levels on performance and mineral metabolism of weaner pigs

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Effect of increasing dietary protein level calcium and phosphorus on feedlot performance bone mineralization and serum mineral values with growing swine

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Effect of increasing dosage of barley yellow dwarf virus on some resistant and susceptible barleys

Peric D., 1980:
Effect of increasing dosages of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium nutriment on the yield and quality of barley

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Effect of increasing doses of amikacin with or without piperacillin in the serum bactericidal test

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Effect of increasing doses of mineral fertilizers on the dynamics of accumulation of nutritive substances in tobacco leaves and their loss with yield

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Effect of increasing doses of mineral salts of the nutrient solution on the growth of an oriental variety of tobacco

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Effect of increasing doses of phosphorus and the depth of their application upon the phosphorus content in the stem and leaf of alfalfa grown on hypo gley soils of the central drava valley yugoslavia/

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Effect of increasing end expiratory pressure on extravascular lung water

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Effect of increasing energy levels on mass gain and carcass characteristics during the finishing period of beef cattle

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Effect of increasing foliage and soil reflectivity on the solar radiation balance of wide row grain sorghum

Moreshet, S.; Stanhill, G.; Fuchs, M., 1977:
Effect of increasing foliage reflectance on the carbon di oxide uptake and transpiration resistance of a grain sorghum crop

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Effect of increasing foliage reflectance on yield growth and physiological behavior of a dryland cotton crop gossypium hirsutum cultivar acala sj 2

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Effect of increasing heart rate on left ventricular performance in patients with normal cardiac function

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Effect of increasing intakes of zinc copper and manganese on their secretion via bile and pancreatic juice and their excretion in feces and urine in sheep fed lucerne pellets

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Effect of increasing levels of 4 dietary fibers on fecal minerals in pig tailed monkeys macaca nemestrina

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Effect of increasing levels of aluminum on roots of rice grown in nutrient solution

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Effect of increasing levels of residual sodium carbonate in irrigation water on the exchangeable sodium percentage of a sandy loam soil and crop yield

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Effect of increasing milking frequency on the efficiency of milk production and its organic constituents in cross bred cows

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Effect of increasing nitrogen concentrations on sporocarp production by glomus mosseae

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Effect of increasing nitrogen doses in soil of varying moisture content and ph value on the quantity and quality of ergot crop claviceps purpurea

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Effect of increasing nitrogen doses on the diameter nitrogen content and weight of the apples cultivar jonathan

Zhelyuk V.M., 1983:
Effect of increasing nitrogen doses on the nitrogen fixation intensity and soybean productivity

Milosevic R., 1987:
Effect of increasing nitrogen doses on yield and quality of some sugar beet hybrids

Sato K., 1987:
Effect of increasing pentachlorophenol pcp concentrations on bacterial populations in glycine percolated soils

Kareem A.M., 1983:
Effect of increasing periods of familiarity on social interactions between male sibling mice

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Effect of increasing rates of nitrogen application on the yield and nutrient uptake by rice in different soil types

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Effect of increasing resistance to antibiotics on the production of toxins in Staphylococcus aureus

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Effect of increasing salinity on germination growth and mineral metabolism of sugarcane variety co 740

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Effect of increasing the bulk content of the diet on the rat parotid gland and saliva

Jian R.; Ruskone A.; Filali A.; Ducrot F.; Rain J.D.; Bernier J.J., 1986:
Effect of increasing the caloric load of a meal on gastric emptying of liquid and solid phases

Mahan, D.C.; Moxon, A.L., 1978:
Effect of increasing the level of inorganic selenium supplementation in the post weaning diets of swine

Gainer, J.V.; Nugent, R., 1976:
Effect of increasing the plasma oxygen diffusivity on experimental cryogenic edema

Beal C.R.; Flavell J.H., 1982:
Effect of increasing the salience of message ambiguities on kindergarteners evaluations of communicative success and message adequacy

Saydjari, R.; Asimakis, G.; Conti, V.R., 1987:
Effect of increasing volume of cardioplegic solution on postischemic myocardial recovery

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Effect of incremental dosages of the waxy gene of sorghum on digestibility

Boss A.H.; Boysen G.; Olseen J.S., 1985:
Effect of incremental doses of aspirin on bleeding time platelet aggregation and thromboxane production in patients with cerebrovascular disease

Anderson F.N.; Peterson G.A., 1988:
Effect of incrementing nitrogen application on sucrose yield of sugar beet

K.K.H.; Dailey J.W.; Jobe P.C., 1982:
Effect of increments in norepinephrine concentrations on seizure intensity in the genetically epilepsy prone rat

Khan A.; Banwart W.L., 1979:
Effect of incubation and microbial inhibition at field moisture capacity on changes in di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid extractable iron zinc and copper in soils of varying ph

O'toole, D.K., 1975:
Effect of incubation conditions at 55 celsius on moisture loss from agar plates

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Effect of incubation conditions, inhibitors and seminal plasma on protein synthesis in ram spermatozoa

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Effect of incubation conditions on the release of fatty acids adenine nucleotides and marker enzymes from rat epididymal fat cells its relationship to membrane integrity

Murray C.B.; Beacham T.D., 1986:
Effect of incubation density and substrate on the development of chum salmon eggs and alevins

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Effect of incubation in natural and autoclaved soil upon potency and viability of bacillus thuringiensis

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Effect of incubation media on the recovery of escherichia coli k 12 heated at 52 celsius

Patterson J.W., 1980:
Effect of incubation medium electrolyte concentration on lens volume

Coburn R.F.; Cunningham M.; Strauss J.F.IIi, 1981:
Effect of incubation of guinea pig tenia coli in potassium free media on arachidonate release and lipid metabolism

Ali M.I.; Rahman M.M.; Hoque M.S.; Bhuiya Z.H., 1982:
Effect of incubation on sodium bi carbonate soluble phosphorus in soils under different moisture and phosphorus fertility conditions

Hidaka T., 1983:
Effect of incubation temperature and mineral environment of the propagation of marine bacterio phages

Kuzniak E.; Minc S., 1980:
Effect of incubation temperature in the range 20 70 celsius on surface potential of human erythrocytes in vitro

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Effect of incubation temperature on growth and soluble protein profiles of motile Aeromonas strains

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Effect of incubation temperature on human red cell survival

Ashman, R.B.; Nahmias, A.J., 1978:
Effect of incubation temperature on mitogen responses of lymphocytes from adult peripheral blood and from cord blood

Hammerstedt R.H.; Hay S.R., 1980:
Effect of incubation temperature on motility and cyclic amp content of bovine sperm

Marsh P.C., 1985:
Effect of incubation temperature on survival of embryos of native colorado river usa fishes

Murray C.B.; Mcphail J.D., 1988:
Effect of incubation temperature on the development of five species of pacific salmon oncorhynchus embryos and alevins

Zakharov V.M.; Baranov A.S.; Valetskii A.V., 1982:
Effect of incubation temperature on the duration of the sand lizard lacerta agilis lacertidae squamata development

Canillac N.; Pommier M.T.; Gounot A.M., 1982:
Effect of incubation temperature on the lipid composition of corynebacteriaceae of the genus arthrobacter

Truton L.J.; Drucker D.B.; Ganguli L.A., 1982:
Effect of incubation time and calcium carbonate and glucose in the growth medium on the fermentation end product profile of clostridium difficile

Rej, R., 1977:
Effect of incubation with magnesium ion on the measurement of alkaline phosphatase activity

Morioka, H.; Konishi, K.; Ichikawa, S., 1982:
Effect of incubation with NADPH generator on progesterone bound to nuclei of the rat uterus

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Effect of indapamide on atrial natriuretic polypeptide receptor in spontaneously hypertensive rat kidney

Pedersen E.B.; Danielsen H.; Spencer E.S., 1984:
Effect of indapamide on renal plasma flow glomerular filtration rate and arginine vasopressin in plasma in essential hypertension

Mironneau, J.; Savineau, J.P.; Mironneau, C., 1986:
Effect of indapamide on the electromechanical properties of rat myometrium and rat portal vein

Sinha A.P.; Singh A., 1979:
Effect of indar on soil micro flora and their nitrification and ammonification activities

Gallardo, E.A.; Voloschin, L.M.; Negro-Vilar, A., 1978:
Effect of independent de afferentation of each border of the medial basal hypothalamus on catecholamine content of the median eminence and on serum luteinizing hormone and prolactin levels in ovariectomized rats

Clark, S.L.; Eglinton, G.S.; Beall, M.; Phelan, J.P., 1984:
Effect of indication for previous cesarean section on subsequent delivery outcome in patients undergoing a trial of labor

Sainz M.J.; Arines J., 1988:
Effect of indigenous and introduced vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on growth and phosphorus uptake of trifolium pratense and on inorganic phosphorus fractions in a cambisol

Qadri S.S.H.; Ahmed M., 1979:
Effect of indigenous plant pesticides on the urea uric acid and creatinine contents of fecal matter and hemolymph of the cockroach periplaneta americana

Rhoades, H.L., 1976:
Effect of indigofera hirsuta on belonolaimus longicaudatus meloidogyne incognita and meloidogyne javanica and subsequent crop yields

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Effect of indirect heating on the postural control of skin blood flow in the human foot

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Effect of individual experience on the correct solution of an extrapolation task by animals

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Effect of individual features of donors and conditions of blood taking on the intensity of the microaggregation process in preserved blood

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Effect of indomethacin on airway contraction and the release of leukotriene like material

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Effect of indomethacin on blood flow distribution in the stomach of cats with acute gastric ulcer

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Effect of indomethacin on blood pressure in the normotensive unanesthetized rabbit possible relation to prostaglandin synthesis inhibition

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Effect of indomethacin on bone destruction during experimental periodontal disease in the hamster

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Effect of indomethacin on calcium atpase ec in the synaptic vesicles of rat brain in vitro

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Effect of indomethacin on calcium ion stimulated atpase in the microsomes of rat submandibular gland

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Effect of indomethacin on gastric secretion in the cat

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Effect of indomethacin on hepatic glucose production in vitro the impact of hepatic glycogen content

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Effect of indomethacin on intra renal circulation and sodium and water excretion in anesthetized rats with or without acute volume expansion

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Effect of indomethacin on salt and water homeostasis

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Effect of indomethacin on the adrenal response to frusemide in the rat

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Effect of indomethacin on the fractions of cardiac output in the rat

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Effect of indomethacin on the ocular hypotensive action of adrenaline in the rabbit

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Effect of indomethacin on the peripheral blood of laboratory rats irradiated with gamma rays

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Effect of indomethacin on urinary kallikrein excretion in Bartter's syndrome of the adult

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Effect of indomethacin on water intake of the rat

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Effect of induced ammonia toxicity on urea cycle enzymes of frog

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Effect of induced hypothyroid state on the mechanical and electrical properties of the rat ventricular myocardium

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Effect of induced metabolic acidosis on intracellular pH, buffer capacity and contraction force of human skeletal muscle

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Effect of induced molting in hens on resistance to primary and secondary infections of raillietina cesticillus

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Effect of induced phase transitions on the glucose 6 phosphatase activity and electron transport of rat liver microsomes

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Effect of induced polyhedrosis on hemolymph trans aminases in the larva of the silkworm bombyx mori

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Effect of inducers and inhibitors of glucuronidation on the biliary excretion and choleretic action of valproic acid in the rat

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Effect of inducers and inhibitors of mono oxygenase on the hydroxylation of prostaglandins in the guinea pig evidence for several mono oxygenases catalyzing omega hydroxylation and omega 1 hydroxylation

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Effect of inducers on the spectrum of cellobiases of the fungus aspergillus terreus

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Effect of inducing sadness about self or other on helping behavior in high empathic and low empathic children

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Effect of inducing self regulatory processes on the performance of a cognitive task

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Effect of induction of anesthesia with etomidate on corticosteroid synthesis in man

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Effect of induction of mutants and protoplast fusion on the enzyme patterns of pichia guilliermondii

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Effect of inductors of alkali cation permeability on cytochrome c bound to mitochondrial membrane

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Effect of industrial contact with grisin on some factors of nonspecific immunity

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Effect of industrial discharge on the status of some groups of arthropods

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Effect of industrial effluents on crop plants

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Effect of industrial effluents on microflora and quality of silage

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Effect of industrial effluents on regularities in the behavior of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds in forest biogeocenoses

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Effect of industrial emissions with high sulfur di oxide content on thiobacilli and oxidative activity of spruce forest soils towards inorganic sulfur compounds

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Effect of industrial frequency electro magnetic field on protein synthesis by human embryo fibroblasts in tissue culture

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Effect of industrial frequency of an alternating magnetic field on the thyroid gland functional state and iodine 131 thyroxine absorption by rat organs

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Effect of industrial gases and dusts on the peroxidase activity in leaves of trees

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Effect of industrial noise on cow health productivity and behavior

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Effect of industrial noise on the prevalence of arterial hypertension

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Effect of industrial plant sewage on zoo plankton of the neman river delta and of the central and northern parts of the kursiu marios lagoon ussr

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Effect of industrial pollutants on intestinal protist parasitic frog rana ridibunda fauna in the region of kosovska mitrovica town yugoslavia

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Effect of industrial pollutants on the ash composition of woody plant leaves and their infestation with arthropods

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Effect of industrial pollutants on three species of oribatid mites under laboratory conditions

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Effect of industrial pollution on soil micromycetes

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Effect of industrial pollution on the content of phosphorus in humic acids from soddy podzolic soils

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Effect of industrial sediments on the transformation of nitrogen in soil

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Effect of industrial sewage on soil fungi and algae in meadow soil

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Effect of industrial sulfur di oxide emissions on the epiphytic micro flora of spruce

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Effect of industrial waste water on root meristem cells of allium sativum l

Huzyayeva N.M.; Zimyenka T.H.; Tselikava T.V., 1981:
Effect of industrial wastes on dehydrogenase activity of sludge from biochemical purification systems

Kuimov, D.K.; Tituzov, I.G.; Bidzhiev, M.D.; Larskaya, L.V.; Usacheva, V.A., 1978:
Effect of industrially processed feed mixtures on the function of the gastro intestinal tract in sheep

Ikegami J.; Kato S.; Iritani A.; Nishikawa Y., 1979:
Effect of inert gases and nitrogen gas on viability and mobility of bull spermatozoa

Anisman H.; Remington G.; Sklar L.S., 1979:
Effect of inescapable shock on subsequent escape performance catecholaminergic and cholinergic mediation of response initiation and maintenance

Shulman, R.J.; Irving, C.S.; Boutton, T.W.; Wong, W.W.; Nichols, B.L.; Klein, P.D., 1985:
Effect of infant age on aminopyrine breath test results

Julius, A.D.; Wiggers, K.D.; Richard, M.J., 1982:
Effect of infant formuLas on blood and tissue cholesterol, bone calcium, and body composition in weanling pigs

Rao, K.V.; Beaujot, R., 1986:
Effect of infant mortality on subsequent fertility in Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Suchindran, C.M.; Adlakha, A.L., 1984:
Effect of infant mortality on subsequent fertility of women in Jordan: a life table analysis

Crnic L.S., 1979:
Effect of infantile under nutrition on adult sucrose solution consumption in the rat

Thanavaro S.; Kleiger R.E.; Province M.A.; Hubert J.W.; Miller J.P.; Krone R.J.; Oliver G.C., 1982:
Effect of infarct location on the in hospital prognosis of patients with 1st trans mural myo cardial infarction

Mikhalevskaya O.B.; Narbut S.I., 1979:
Effect of infecting tumor forming and non tumor forming inbred lines of radish with agrobacterium tumefaciens

Ukai K.; Bang B.G.; Bang F.B., 1984:
Effect of infection and sulfur di oxide exposure on nasal and paranasal muco ciliary clearance in intact chickens

Alabi, R.O.; Naqvi, S.H.Z., 1977:
Effect of infection by cercospora arachidicola on the food contents of groundnut leaf

Sreenivasulu P.; Nayudu M.V., 1980:
Effect of infection by chlorotic spot virus on carbon 14 labeled carbon di oxide fixation in leaves of groundnut arachis hypogaea

Hancock, J.G., 1968:
Effect of infection by hypomyces solani f sp cucurbitae on apparent free space cell membrane permeability and respiration of squash d hypocotyls cucurbita maxima d

Hewitt, H.G.; Ayres, P.G., 1976:
Effect of infection by microsphaera alphitoides powdery mildew on carbohydrate levels and translocation in seedlings of quercus robur

Kollarova M.; Szuttorova K.; Halicky P.; Kois P.; Zelinka J., 1984:
Effect of infection by mu 1 6 actinophage on the level of ribonucleotide reductase in streptomyces aureofaciens

Nishimura, N.; Tomiyama, K.; Doke, N., 1978:
Effect of infection by phytophthora infestans and treatment with its zoo sporial components on uptake of tritiated leucine and protein synthesis in potato tuber tissue

Nishimura N.; Tomiyama K.; Doke N., 1981:
Effect of infection by phytophthora infestans and treatment with zoo sporial water insoluble component on leakage of rubidium 86 from potato tuber cells

Tomiyama K.; Okamoto H.; Katou K., 1983 :
Effect of infection by phytophthora infestans on the membrane potential of potato cells

Nishimura, N.; Tomiyama, K., 1978:
Effect of infection by phytophthora infestans on uptake of tritium leucine phosphorus 32 and rubidium by potato tuber tissue

Jindal S.; Arora Y.K.; Bajaj K.L., 1979:
Effect of infection by sphaerotheca fuliginea powdery mildew on amino acids and sugars in leaves of muskmelon cucumis melo

Falloon, R.E., 1976:
Effect of infection by ustilago bullata on vegetative growth of bromus catharticus

Heinrich, J.; Pajak, K., 1976:
Effect of infection date on the degree of wheat damage caused by pollen smut ustilago tritici

Golitsyina N.B.; Kharin V.N.; Anikieva L.V., 1981:
Effect of infection intensity on the morphology of diphyllobothrium latum cestoda diphyllobothriidae using the relationship analysis

Nes I.F.; Sorheim O., 1984:
Effect of infection of a bacterio phage in a starter culture during the production of salami dry sausage a model study

Hancock, J.G., 1968:
Effect of infection of hypomyces solani f sp cucurbitae on squash d hypocotyls

Sivasithamparam, K.; Parker, C.A., 1978:
Effect of infection of seminal and nodal roots by the take all fungus on tiller numbers and shoot weight of wheat

Suri A.K.; Guerin B.; Humblot P.; Thibier M., 1986:
Effect of infection of the genital tract on the concentration of immunoglobulin g and albumin in bull serum and semen

Voronkov L.A.; Gordienko T.K.; Peresypkin V.F., 1983:
Effect of infection with brown rust on the photo phosphorylation of winter wheat

Sirenko, L.A.; Myslovich, V.O.; Goryushin, V.A.; Mikhailyuk, D.P., 1976:
Effect of infection with cyanophage am 1 on the metabolism of the blue green alga

Chinchilla C.M.; Marta Guerrero B.O.; Marin R.R., 1986:
Effect of infection with eimeria falciformis on the development of toxoplasmosis in mice

Fukata, T.; Kageyama, A.; Baba, E.; Arakawa, A., 1987:
Effect of infection with Eimeria tenella upon the cecal bacterial population in monoflora chickens

Hammer, G.; Schwarz, R.T.; Scholtissek, C., 1976:
Effect of infection with enveloped viruses on nucleotide metabolism

Kamiunten H.; Wakimoto S., 1982:
Effect of infection with filamentous phage xf on the growth ultrastructure and virulence of xanthomonas campestris var oryzae n 5850

Ragab M.M.; Kararah M.A.; Osman M.E.; Mostafa M.A., 1984:
Effect of infection with fusarium solani on garlic cloves with special reference to the biochemical changes

Jin L., 1986:
Effect of infection with influenza virus on the function of alveolar macrophages

Orange Balange N.; Devauchelle G., 1982:
Effect of infection with iridovirus type 6 on invertebrate cell phospho lipids

Kroonen, J.E.; Verstegen, M.W.; Boon, J.H.; van der Hel, W., 1986:
Effect of infection with lungworms (Dictyocaulus viviparus) on energy and nitrogen metabolism in growing calves

Hirai, K.; Tsuboi, T.; Torii, M., 1988:
Effect of infection with Spirometra erinacei plerocercoid on thyroid hormone in mice

Giambrone, J.J.; Eidson, C.S.; Page, R.K.; Fletcher, O.J.; Barger, B.O.; Kleven, S.H., 1976:
Effect of infectious bursal agent on the response of chickens to Newcastle disease and Marek's disease vaccination

Sharma, J.M.; Lee, L.F., 1983:
Effect of infectious bursal disease on natural killer cell activity and mitogenic response of chicken lymphoid cells: role of adherent cells in cellular immune suppression

Okoye J.O.A., 1985:
Effect of infectious bursal disease on newcastle disease vaccination in chicks

Giambrone, J.J.; Eidson, C.S.; Kleven, S.H., 1977:
Effect of infectious bursal disease on the response of chickens to Mycoplasma synoviae, Newcastle disease virus, and infectious bronchitis virus

Giambrone, J.J.; Anderson, W.I.; Reid, W.M.; Eidson, C.S., 1977:
Effect of infectious bursal disease on the severity of Eimeria tenella infections in broiler chicks

Santivatr, D.; Maheswaran, S.K.; Newman, J.A.; Pomeroy, B.S., 1981:
Effect of infectious bursal disease virus infection on the phagocytosis of Staphylococcus aureus by mononuclear phagocytic cells of susceptible and resistant strains of chickens

Sharma, J.M., 1984:
Effect of infectious bursal disease virus on protection against Marek's disease by turkey herpesvirus vaccine

Il'inskikh, N.N., 1976:
Effect of infectious factors on cyto genetic structures of humans and animals

Romeo, H.E.; Díaz, M.C.; Ceppi, J.; Zaninovich, A.A.; Cardinali, D.P., 1988:
Effect of inferior laryngeal nerve section on thyroid function in rats

Anderson M.C.; Chung E.; Van Woert M.H., 1987:
Effect of inferior olive lesion on seizure threshold in the rat

Gopalan, M., 1976:
Effect of infestation of ragmus importunitas hemiptera heteroptera miridae on the growth and yield of sunn hemp

Patnaik, N.C.; Senapati, B., 1972:
Effect of infestation of scirtothrips dorsalis thripidae thysanoptera on the growth and yield of groundnut

Schroder R.F.W., 1982:
Effect of infestation with coccipolipus epilachnae acarina podapolipidae on fecundity and longevity of the mexican bean beetle epilachna varivestis

Nair G.A.; Nair N.B., 1983:
Effect of infestation with the isopod alitropus typus crustacea flabellifera aegidae on the hematological parameters of the host fish channa striatus

Witz J.A.; Hartstack A.W.; Lloyd E.P.; Mitchell E.B., 1981:
Effect of infield trap spacing on potential catch of adult boll weevils anthonomus grandis entering cotton a computer simulation

Okubo T.; Matsumoto J., 1979:
Effect of infiltration rate on biological clogging and water quality changes during artificial recharge

Chindavijak, B.; Belpaire, F.M.; Bogaert, M.G., 1987:
Effect of inflammation and proadifen on the disposition of antipyrine, lignocaine and propranolol in rat isolated perfused liver

Pellegrini R.; Lalumera M.; Berti C.; Marcolongo R.; Morozzi G., 1982:
Effect of inflammation mediators and anti rheumatic drugs on polymorphonucleocyte super oxide production of controls and rheumatoid arthritis patients

Badenoch, P.R.; McDonald, P.J.; Coster, D.J., 1986:
Effect of inflammation on antibiotic penetration into the anterior segment of the rat eye

Reissmann, K.R.; Udupa, K.B., 1978:
Effect of inflammation on early and late erythroid precursors in bone marrow and spleen of mice

Fine A.S.; Egnor R.W.; Kazandjian G.; Lamorte G.; Klonsky K., 1985:
Effect of inflammation on human gingival cyclic amp metabolism

Macdonald, J.M.; Geroski, D.H.; Edelhauser, H.F., 1987:
Effect of inflammation on the corneal endothelial pump and barrier

Narayanan A.S.; Clagett J.A.; Page R.C., 1985:
Effect of inflammation on the distribution of collagen types i iii iv and v and type i trimer and fibronectin in human gingivae

Chindavijak, B.; Belpaire, F.M.; Bogaert, M.G., 1988:
Effect of inflammation on the metabolism of antipyrine, lidocaine and propranolol in isolated rat hepatocytes

White A.; Fletcher T.C.; Pepys M.B.; Baldo B.A., 1981:
Effect of inflammatory agents on c reactive protein and serum amyloid p component levels in plaice pleuronectes platessa serum

Kaminski M.V.Jr; Neufeld H.A.; Pace J.G., 1979:
Effect of inflammatory and noninflammatory stress on plasma ketone bodies and free fatty acids and on glucagon and insulin in peripheral and portal blood

Milsap R.L.; George D.E.; Szefler S.J.; Murray K.A.; Lebenthal E.; Jusko W.J., 1983:
Effect of inflammatory bowel disease on absorption and disposition of prednisolone

Schneider R.E.; Bishop H.; Kendall M.J.; Quarterman C.P., 1981:
Effect of inflammatory disease on plasma concentrations of 3 beta adrenoceptor blocking agents

Israilov S.R., 1981:
Effect of inflammatory diseases of the genitalia on male fertility

Jackson, R.T.; Burson, J.H., 1977:
Effect of inflammatory mediators on nasal mucosa

Evans W.H.; Wilson S.M.; Torres A.R.; Peterson E.A.; Mage M.G., 1979:
Effect of inflammatory serum on carbon 14 glucosamine incorporation into bone marrow granulocytes in vitro

Gunst, S.J.; Lai-Fook, S.J., 1983:
Effect of inflation on trachealis muscle tone in canine tracheal segments in vitro

Jain A.; Demer L.L.; Raizner A.E.; Roberts R., 1986:
Effect of inflation pressures on coronary angioplasty balloons

Bulgakova T.N.; Grabovskaya K.B.; Zueva I.P., 1987:
Effect of influenza a virus on the sensitivity of mice to group b streptococcal infection

Gurevitz, M.; Schulze, I.T.; Swierkosz, E.M.; Arens, M.Q.; Schwarz, K.B., 1987:
Effect of influenza B virus on nutrient transport in cultured epithelial cells

Scragg, R., 1985:
Effect of influenza epidemics on Australian mortality

Nugent, K.M.; Pesanti, E.L., 1979:
Effect of influenza infection on the phagocytic and bactericidal activities of pulmonary macrophages

Jann, M.W.; Fidone, G.S., 1986:
Effect of influenza vaccine on serum anticonvulsant concentrations

Warshauer, D.; Goldstein, E.; Akers, T.; Lippert, W.; Kim, M., 1977:
Effect of influenza viral infection on the ingestion and killing of bacteria by alveolar macrophages

Holt, P.G.; Vines, J.; Bilyk, N., 1988:
Effect of influenza virus infection on allergic sensitization to inhaled antigen in mice

Gardner, I.D., 1980:
Effect of influenza virus infection on susceptibility to bacteria in mice

Szulc B.; Szalaty H., 1980:
Effect of influenza virus infection on the production of interferon by alveolar and peritoneal cells in vitro

Lundgren, D.L.; Hahn, F.F.; Crain, C.R.; Sanchez, A., 1978:
Effect of influenza virus infection on the pulmonary retention of inhaled cerium 144 and subsequent survival of mice

Krizanová, O.; Matis, J.; Závodská, E.; Stancek, D., 1985:
Effect of influenza virus on protein phosphorylation in isolated membranes of chick embryo cells

Chetverikova, L.K.; Yukhnova, L.G.; Meshcheryakova, I.E.; Polyak, R.Y., 1975:
Effect of influenza virus on synthesis of cell proteins under susceptible and nonsusceptible conditions

George R.C.; Broadbent D.A.; Drasar B.S., 1983:
Effect of influenza virus on the adherence of haemophilus influenzae to human cells in tissue culture

Savtsova Z.D., 1981:
Effect of influenza virus on the expression of major internal protein of endogenous oncoviruses in mice

Kavetsky, R.E.; Savtsova, Z.D.; Struk, V.I.; Yakimenko, L.V.; Umansky, Y.A., 1977:
Effect of influenza virus on the immune responsiveness of animals

Saito H.; Hayakawa T.; Yui Y.; Shida T., 1986:
Effect of influenza virus sensitized human mononuclear cell supernatant on different functions of human neutrophils and eosinophils role of interferon

Grzybowski A.; Denys A., 1979:
Effect of influenza virus v antigen on in vitro phagocytosis by guinea pig peritoneal granulocytes

Christiansen, J.A.; Reich, J.W.; Obitz, F.W.; Baumann, D.J., 1980:
Effect of information about role and outcome on alcoholics' attributional processes

Birecki, W., 1980:
Effect of infrasounds on the human organism

Bobek, P.; Ginter, E.; Ozdio, L.; Cerven, J., 1977:
Effect of infrequent feeding and increased physical activity on the in vivo lipogenesis of rats

Rubaltelli F.F.; Saia S.O.; Chiozza M.L.; Zorzi C.; Baroni A.; Terribile V.; Gonzato P.; Cantarutti F., 1979:
Effect of infused hypothalamic phospho lipids on the maturation of fetal rabbit lungs

Palmer, J.B.; Cuss, F.M.; Warren, J.B.; Blank, M.; Bloom, S.R.; Barnes, P.J., 1986:
Effect of infused vasoactive intestinal peptide on airway function in normal subjects

Nakahara, K.; Ohkuda, K.; Staub, N.C., 1979:
Effect of infusing histamine into pulmonary or bronchial artery on sheep pulmonary fluid balance

Campa, P.P.; Attili, A.F.; Di-Michele, D.; Paparoni, S.; De-Curtis, G., 1979:
Effect of infusion of cimetidine on the electrolytic composition of gastric juice stimulated by penta gastrin in dyspeptic individuals 1. chloride

Henderson K.M.; Willcox D.L.; Bruce N.W., 1983:
Effect of infusion of prostaglandin i 2 6 keto prostaglandin f 1 alpha and prostaglandin f 2 alpha on luteal function in the pregnant rat

Raymond K.; Morgan D.J., 1980:
Effect of infusion time on the time course of drug concentration in blood

Adler, H.E.; DaMassa, A.J., 1980:
Effect of ingested Lactobacilli on Salmonella infantis and Escherichia coli and on intestinal flora, pasted vents, and chick growth

Kimura T.; Nakata S.; Harad Y.; Yoshida A., 1986:
Effect of ingested winged bean psophocarpus tetragonolobus lectin on gastrointestinal function in the rat

Ayebo A.D.; Angelo L.A.; Shahani K.M., 1980:
Effect of ingesting lactobacillus acidophilus milk on fecal flora and enzyme activity in humans

Joshi, V.D., 1979:
Effect of ingestion of glucose on fibrinolytic activity and prothrombin time in diabetic and non-diabetic persons

Mcsweeney C.S.; Kennedy P.M.; John A., 1988:
Effect of ingestion of hydrolysable tannins in terminalia oblongata on digestion in sheep fed stylosanthes hamata

Tirapegui J.O.; Angelis R.C.D., 1984:
Effect of ingestion of imbalanced protein on the liver of growing rats

Overchenko M.V.; Yanson V.A.; Dobrolinskaya G.M., 1981:
Effect of ingredients of the nutrient medium on glycerol oxidation to di hydroxy acetone by acetobacter suboxydans

Göktan, D.; Tunçel, G., 1988:
Effect of ingredients on quantitative recovery of Salmonella in raw meat balls

Puchen'kina K.F.; Fedin I.M.; Zhohlo F.A.; Zaichenko O.I.; Fedin R.M., 1986:
Effect of ingredients on the degree dispersion of the sulfur in an antifungal ointment

Beran A.V.; Shinto R.A.; Proctor K.G.; Sperling D.R., 1979:
Effect of inhalate thermal conductivity and high oxygen in producing hypo thermia

Van Dyke R.A.; Kooistra K.L.; Moses C.J.; Powis G., 1987:
Effect of inhalation anesthetics on antipyrine pharmacokinetics of mice

Choi, H.; Kim, H.J.; Kang, Y.H.; Suh, B.T., 1976:
Effect of inhalation anesthetics on renal function

Tsofina, L.M.; Khashaev, Z.K., M.; Dadayan, M.A., 1978:
Effect of inhalation anesthetics on the conductivity of lipid membranes and the time of their fusion

Tranbaugh, R.F.; Elings, V.B.; Christensen, J.M.; Lewis, F.R., 1983:
Effect of inhalation injury on lung water accumulation

Chauhan, S.S.; Banerjee, R.; Misra, U.K., 1985:
Effect of inhalation of coal fly ash on vitamin A distribution in organs of the rat

Kudaiberdiev Z.M., 1987:
Effect of inhalation of oxygen and a hypoxic gas mixture on pulmonary circulation in highlanders with secondary cor pulmonale

Kulik, N.M.; Yatsozhinskii-Yu, D., 1978:
Effect of inhalation therapy with anti bacterial preparations on fungi yeast like flora of the respiratory tract in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Fuller, R.W.; Karlsson, J.A.; Choudry, N.B.; Pride, N.B., 1988:
Effect of inhaled and systemic opiates on responses to inhaled capsaicin in humans

Passamonte, P.M.; Martinez, A.J., 1984:
Effect of inhaled atropine or metaproterenol in patients with chronic airway obstruction and therapeutic serum theophylline levels

Berend, N.; Peters, M.J.; Armour, C.L.; Black, J.L.; Ward, H.E., 1988:
Effect of inhaled formyl-methionyl-leucyl-phenylalanine on airway function

Thomson N.C.; Kerr J.W., 1980:
Effect of inhaled h 1 and h 2 receptor antagonists in normal and asthmatic subjects

Scano G.; Duranti R.; L.C.nte C.; Spinelli A.; Gigliotti F.; Stendari L.; Emmi L.; Sergysels R.; Arcangeli P., 1987:
Effect of inhaled histamine on occlusion pressure and breathing in asthmatic patients

Ungerer R.G.; Tashkin D.P.; Siegel S.C.; Deutsch R.I., 1981:
Effect of inhaled lodoxamide tromethamine in prevention of antigen induced broncho spasm

Berger, R.; Smith, D., 1988:
Effect of inhaled metaproterenol on exercise performance in patients with stable "fixed" airway obstruction

Langley, F.; Horsfield, K.; Burton, G.; Seed, W.A.; Parker, S.; Cumming, G., 1988:
Effect of inhaled methacholine on gas mixing efficiency

Pereverzeva, E.A.; Tsulaya, V.R.; Volkhova, L.I., 1975:
Effect of inhaled methylene chloride on the body

Shields R.L.; Gold W.M., 1987:
Effect of inhaled ozone on lung histamine in conscious guinea pigs

Brightwell, J.; Heppleston, A.G., 1977:
Effect of inhaled plutonium di oxide on development of urethane induced pulmonary adenomas

Mitsuhashi, M.; Kimura, T.; Tateno, K.; Morikawa, A.; Kuroume, T., 1985:
Effect of inhaled procaterol hydrochloride in children with bronchial asthma, with particular reference to duration of effect

Hayes, W.C.; Kirk, H.D.; Gushow, T.S.; Young, J.T., 1988:
Effect of inhaled propylene oxide on reproductive parameters in Fischer 344 rats

Joos, G.; Pauwels, R.; van der Straeten, M., 1987:
Effect of inhaled substance P and neurokinin A on the airways of normal and asthmatic subjects

Barnes P.J.; Dixon C.M.S., 1984:
Effect of inhaled vasoactive intestinal peptide on bronchial reactivity to histamine in humans

Davi, M.; Sankaran, K.; Rigatto, H., 1980:
Effect of inhaling 100 percent oxygen on ventilation and acid base balance in cerebro spinal fluid of neo nates

Goldstein, E.; Cooper, A.D.; Tarkington, B., 1976:
Effect of inhaling medication vapors from a colds preparation on murine pulmonary bacterial defense systems

Anderson, R.L.; Lefever, F.R.; Maurer, J.K., 1987:
Effect of inherent urine output on the response of male rats to 7.5 percent dietary sodium saccharin

Keystone, E.; Taylor-Robinson, D.; Pope, C.; Taylor, G.; Furr, P., 1978:
Effect of inherited deficiency of complement c 5 on arthritis induced in mice by mycoplasma pulmonis

Ramasharma K.; Sairam M.R.; Ranganathan M.R., 1981:
Effect of inhibin like factors on gonadotropin release by the mouse pituitary in vitro

Sato E.; Ishibashi T.; Iritani A., 1980:
Effect of inhibin like substance isolated from porcine follicular fluid on the follicle stimulating hormone level in mouse serum and on follicle stimulating hormone binding to porcine granulosa cells

Sarvamangala B.S.; Sheth A.R., 1984:
Effect of inhibin on hypothalamo pituitary gonadal axis in pre pubertal rats

Sarvamangala, B.S.; Sheth, A.R.; Narayani, R.; Pradhan, D.S., 1984:
Effect of inhibin on in vitro transcription

Nandedkar T.D.; Vijayalashmi S.; Sarvamangala B.S.; Moodbidri S.B.; Munshi S.R.; Sheth A.R., 1981:
Effect of inhibin on ovulation and implantation in mice

Wozniak M.; Dobryszycka W., 1983:
Effect of inhibited endocytosis in sinusoidal liver cells on catabolism of equine hapto globin and hemo globin in the hen

Schlager, S.I.; Boyle, M.D.; Ohanian, S.H.; Borsos, T., 1977:
Effect of inhibiting DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis of tumor cells on their susceptibility to killing by antibody and complement

Brouhard B.H.; Carvajal F.F., 1979:
Effect of inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis on edema formation and albumin leakage during thermal trauma in the rat

Allen, J.M.; Bishop, A.E.; Daly, M.J.; Larsson, H.; Carlsson, E.; Polak, J.M.; Bloom, S.R., 1986:
Effect of inhibition of acid secretion on the regulatory peptides in the rat stomach

Oliver, J.A.; Sciacca, R.R.; Cannon, P.J., 1982:
Effect of inhibition of angiotensin II with captopril on renal overflow of norepinephrine

Yen S.S.; Kreutner W., 1980:
Effect of inhibition of arachidonic acid metabolism on anaphylaxis of guinea pig lung strips

Masturzo P.; Murialdo G.; Carolei A.; Polleri A., 1979:
Effect of inhibition of aromatic amino acid decarboxylase on prolactin secretion in humans

Wozniak M., 1986:
Effect of inhibition of carbohydrate mediated endocytosis on catabolism of equine haptoglobin and its complex with hemoglobin in hen

Bruner, C.A.; Kuslikis, B.I.; Fink, G.D., 1987:
Effect of inhibition of central angiotensin pressor mechanisms on blood pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Higgins, M.L.; Daneio-Moore, L.; Boothby, D.; Shockman, G.D., 1974:
Effect of inhibition of dna and protein synthesis on the direction of cell wall growth in streptococcus faecalis

Kovács, P.; Csaba, G., 1988:
Effect of inhibition of endocytosis, recycling and lysosomal activity on the insulin binding capacity and imprintability of Tetrahymena

Singh, S.; Reddy, M.S., 1976:
Effect of inhibition of flowering on improvement of cane yield and juice quality under coimbatore conditions

Ross, B.D., 1976:
Effect of inhibition of gluconeogenesis on ammonia production in the perfused rat kidney

Powell, S.R.; Puglia, C.D., 1987:
Effect of inhibition of glutathione reductase by carmustine on central nervous system oxygen toxicity

Cox, C.; Mukerjee, S.; Jackson, M.; Dey, S.K., 1981:
Effect of inhibition of histidine decarboxylase ec on implantation in the mouse

Kjekshus J.K., 1981:
Effect of inhibition of lipolysis on acute myo cardial injury during coronary occlusion in normal and reserpinized dogs

Kjekshus, J.K.; Mjos, O.D., 1973:
Effect of inhibition of lipolysis on infarct size after experimental coronary artery occlusion

Bawden, J.W.; Crenshaw, M.A., 1984:
Effect of inhibition of net calcium uptake on net fluoride uptake in developing rat molars

Johnson, G.J.; Heckel, R.; Leis, L.A.; Franciosa, J., 1981:
Effect of inhibition of platelet function with carbenicillin or aspirin on experimental canine sudden death

Güllner, H.G.; Lake, C.R.; Bartter, F.C.; Kafka, M.S., 1979:
Effect of inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis on sympathetic nervous system function in man

Mountokalakis, T.; Karambasis, T.; Mayopoulou-Symvoulidou, D.; Merikas, G., 1978:
Effect of inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis on the natriuresis induced by saline infusion in man

Güllner, H.G.; Lakatua, D.J.; Bartter, F.C., 1982:
Effect of inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis on urinary free dopamine excretion in women

Shimada H., 1982:
Effect of inhibition of protein synthesis of dna synthesis in sea urchin anthocidaris crassispina embryos at early cleavage stage

Nilsson, H.; Ahrén, B.; Gustafson, A.; Hedner, P., 1981:
Effect of inhibition of protein synthesis on thyroid cyclic AMP accumulation in vitro

Nakagawa M.; Takamatsu H.; Toyoda T.; Sawada S.; Tsuji H.; Ijichi H., 1987:
Effect of inhibition of sodium potassium atpase on the prostacyclin generation of cultured human vascular endothelial cells

Aehringhaus U.; Peskar B.A.; Wittenberg H.R.; Woelbling R.H., 1983:
Effect of inhibition of synthesis and receptor antagonism of slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis in cardiac anaphylaxis

Kienya A.I., 1981:
Effect of inhibition of thyroid function on some characteristics of ionometry of dog gastric juice

Glazer I.; Apelbaum A.; Orion D., 1985:
Effect of inhibitors and stimulators of ethylene production on gall development in meloidogyne javanica infected tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar hosen eilon roots

Marcus D.L.; Lew G.; Gruenspecht Faham N.; Freedman M.L., 1982:
Effect of inhibitors and stimulators on isolated liver cell mitochondrial protein synthesis from young and old rats

Haeder D P., 1979:
Effect of inhibitors and uncouplers on light induced potential changes triggering photophobic responses

Sanders, S.S.; Pirkle, J.A.; Shoemaker, R.L.; Rehm, W.S., 1978:
Effect of inhibitors and weak bases on electro physiology and secretion in frog stomach

Nosenko N.D., 1982:
Effect of inhibitors of 19 carbon steroid androst 4 ene 3 6 17 trione androst 1 4 6 triene 3 17 dione aromatase on the initiation of anovulatory sterility in neo natally androgenized female rats

Sugiyama M.; Komamine A., 1987:
Effect of inhibitors of adp ribosyltransferase on the differentiation of tracheary elements from isolated mesophyll cells of zinnia elegans

Dankó, M.; Domonkos, J.; Szücs, G.; Varga, E., 1978:
Effect of inhibitors of aerobic and anaerobic metabolism on the membrane potential oscillation induced by veratrine

Jackson, M.J.; Wagenmakers, A.J.; Edwards, R.H., 1987:
Effect of inhibitors of arachidonic acid metabolism on efflux of intracellular enzymes from skeletal muscle following experimental damage

Magro A.M., 1982:
Effect of inhibitors of arachidonic acid metabolism upon immuno globulin e and nonimmunoglobulin e mediated histamine release

Rettori V.; Seilicovich A.; Goijman S.; Debeijuk L., 1981:
Effect of inhibitors of catecholamine synthesis on the pituitary response to luteinizing hormone releasing hormone

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