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Chapter 5,248

Effect of inhibitors on isozyme spectrum of liver lactate dehydrogenase during carcinogenesis

Nerkararyan, A.V.; Panosyan, G.A.

Biologicheskii Zhurnal Armenii 33(10): 1126-1129


Accession: 005247071

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The effect of different doses of actinomycin D, puromycin and cycloheximide on the isoenzyme spectrum of lactatede hydrogenase (LDH) in mouse and rat livers during development of Walker carcinosarcoma and Ehrlich ascites carcinoma was investigated. These inhibitors prevented changes in the LDH isoenzyme pattern including an increase in H-subunits and the appearance of additional fractions. The connection between the observed changes and the regulation of de novo enzyme synthesis is discussed.

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