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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5249

Chapter 5249 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kondo T.; Shimazaki S.; Brock M., 1985:
Effect of intra arterial sodium nitroprusside on intracranial pressure and cerebral autoregulation

Taoka H., 1981:
Effect of intra articular cortico steroid administration on joints a histological and bio mechanical study on the rabbit knee joint

Ishikawa K., 1981:
Effect of intra articular cortico steroid on the meniscus

Sinowatz, F.; Schnabl, H.; Lipp, W.; Knezevic, P., 1977:
Effect of intra articular injection of dexamethasone into the knee joint of the pig histological studies on the articular cartilage and subchondral bone

Ogata, K.; Simmons, D.J., 1976:
Effect of intra articular injections of methyl prednisolone on body weight in rats a circadian rhythm

Goebel, K.M.; Storck, U., 1983:
Effect of intra articular orgotein vs. a cortico steroid on rheumatoid arthritis of the knees

Chacha P.B.; Karim S.M.M.; Sinniah R.; Adaikan P.G., 1980:
Effect of intra articular papain acetyl salicylic acid indomethacin prostaglandin and alcohol on the articular cartilage of rabbit knees

Zharkovskii A.I.; Nurk A.M., 1981:
Effect of intra caudate administration of kainic acid on the activity of dopaminergic system

David, J.; Kaul, C.L.; Grewal, R.S., 1977:
Effect of intra caudate drug injections on the striatal syndrome in reserpinized cats

Zharkovskii A.M.; Allikmets L.Kh; Nurk A.M., 1982:
Effect of intra caudate injection of kainic acid on the effects of long term administration of haloperidol and apo morphine to rats

Mimura T.; Tazawa M., 1983:
Effect of intra cellular calcium on membrane potential and membrane resistance in tonoplast free cells of nitellopsis obtusa

Matsuura M.; Karai N.; Tani Y.; Yamada H., 1983:
Effect of intra cellular concentration of vitamin b 6 on tryptophanase activity in escherichia coli

Kononenko N.I.; Kostyuk P.G., 1982:
Effect of intra cellular cyclic amp injection on calcium current in identified helix neurons

Kononenko N.I.; Kostyuk P.G.; Schcherbatko A.D., 1983:
Effect of intra cellular cyclic amp injections on stationary membrane conductance and voltage dependent and time dependent ionic currents in identified snail helix pomatia neurons

Kononenko N.I.; Mironov S.L., 1980:
Effect of intra cellular cyclic amp injections on the electrical characteristics of identified neurons in the snail helix pomatia

Liberman E.A.; Minina S.V.; Shklovskii Kordi N.E., 1982:
Effect of intra cellular cyclic nucleotide injection on ionic current under the voltage clamp condition

Mitchison, G.J., 1981:
Effect of intra cellular geometry on auxin transport 1. centrifugation experiments

Mitchison, G.J., 1981:
Effect of intra cellular geometry on auxin transport 2. geo tropism in shoots

D.Mello W.C., 1984:
Effect of intra cellular injection of cyclic amp on the electrical coupling of mammalian cardiac cells

Veksler A.M.; Veksler F.V., 1983:
Effect of intra cellular ph on dna single strand break repair in irradiated chinese hamster cells

Fujii S.; Shimmen T.; Tazawa M., 1979:
Effect of intra cellular ph on the light induced potential change and electrogenic activity in tonoplast free cells of chara australis

Ochi, R.; Nishiye, H., 1974:
Effect of intra cellular tetra ethyl ammonium ion on action potential in the guinea pig myo cardium

Weinreich, D., 1977:
Effect of intra cellular tetra ethyl ammonium on synaptic transmission mediated by 2 electrically coupled presynaptic neurons

Schnitzlein W.M.; O'banion M.K.; Poirot M.K.; Reichmann M.E., 1983:
Effect of intra cellular vesicular stomatitis virus messenger rna concentration on the inhibition of host cell protein synthesis

Kiya K.; Toge T.; Harada K.; Uozumi T.; Hattori T., 1981:
Effect of intra cerebral administration of corynebacterium parvum propionibacterium acnes on the growth of brain tumors in mice

Zhou Z.; D.M.; W.W.; Jiang Y.; Han J., 1981:
Effect of intra cerebral micro injection of naloxone on acupuncture analgesia and morphine analgesia in the rabbit

Shukla R.; Srimal R.C.; Dhawan B.N., 1981 :
Effect of intra cerebro ventricular administration of catecholamines and their antagonists on rectal temperature of mastomys natalensis

Gupta R.K., 1979:
Effect of intra cerebro ventricular administration of strepto lysin o on the behavior of unanesthetized rabbits and dogs

Jakubowska Naziemblo B.; Wlozdimierska B.; Traczyk W.Z., 1980:
Effect of intra cerebro ventricular administration of substance p and its hexa peptide fragment on the estrous cycle in female rats

Zhu W.; Wang J., 1982:
Effect of intra cerebro ventricular injection of cholecystokinin octa peptide on the concentration of plasma free fatty acid and blood glucose in rabbits

Kleinrok Z.; Czuczwar S.J.; Turski L.; Zarkowski A., 1980:
Effect of intra cerebro ventricular injection of kainic acid on electrically and chemically induced convulsions in mice

Tollerton, A.J.; Bligh, J.; Smith, C.A., 1978:
Effect of intra cerebro ventricular injections of noradrenaline on the peripheral vaso motor tone of sheep

Fraeyman N.H.; D.P.tter W.P.; Singh P.; D.S.haepdryver A.F., 1981:
Effect of intra cerebro ventricularly administered di butyryl cyclic amp on cerebro spinal fluid and serum dopamine beta hydroxylase in rabbits

Chang J F.; M.S.X.; L.Z.H.; Guo Y S., 1986:
Effect of intra cerebroventricular injection of glucagon on serum total cholesterol and triglyceride in rabbits

Sorokin, A.V.; Efremov, O.M.; El'kina, O.A., 1978:
Effect of intra cisternal administration of leukocytic pyrogen on the course of aseptic inflammation

Wald R.W.; Sternberg L.; Feiglin D.H.I.; Morch J.E., 1980 :
Effect of intra coronary glyceryl tri nitrate on perfusion distribution in the collateralized human myo cardium

Schanzenbaecher P.; Liebau G.; Deeg P.; Kochsiek K., 1982:
Effect of intra coronary nifedipine on coronary sinus blood flow and myo cardial oxygen consumption in patients with coronary artery disease

Aleksandrov A.A.; Dutova E.A.; Malova I.V., 1982:
Effect of intra cortical chemical stimulation on background activity of sensori motor cortex neurons in the cat

Lenkov D.N.; Vol'nova A.B., 1980:
Effect of intra cortical micro stimulation on the activity of distal leg muscles in rats

Nagai K.; Mori T.; Nishio T.; Nakagawa H., 1982:
Effect of intra cranial insulin infusion on the circadian feeding rhythm of rats

Stjernschantz J.; Bill A., 1979:
Effect of intra cranial stimulation of the oculo motor nerve on ocular blood flow in the monkey cat and rabbit

Linares, C.A.; Falasca, C.A.; Sartorio, G.C.; Soto, R.J., 1977:
Effect of intra duodenal acid on the pre vagotomy and post vagotomy basal gastric secretion and gastrin

Kaess, H.; Schlierf, G.; Von-Mikulicz-Radecki, J.G., 1970:
Effect of intra duodenal instillation of hydro chloric acid on plasma insulin levels of patients with porto caval shunts

Laitinen, S.; Mokka, R.E.M.; Larmi, T.K.I., 1978:
Effect of intra gastric bile on canine lower esophageal sphincter pressure

Brassinne A.; Wandja S., 1983:
Effect of intra gastric calcium on gastric acid secretion and gastrin release in normal man and in certain gastro duodenal disorders

Strunz, U.T.; Grossman, M.I., 1978:
Effect of intra gastric pressure on gastric emptying and secretion

Arutyunyan R.A., 1981:
Effect of intra hypothalamic administration of gamma amino butyric acid on hypothalamus temperature and total thermo production of the rabbit

Tepperman F.S.; Hirst M., 1983:
Effect of intra hypothalamic injection of 2 d alanine 5 d leucine enkephalin on feeding and temperature in the rat

Saad, W.A.; Camargo, L.A.A.; Cabral, A.M.; Morita, N.; Yashuda, Y., 1976:
Effect of intra hypothalamic injection of methylic parathion and metasystox on food and water intake of normal and fasted rats

Komisarenko, V.P.; Nesen, K.I., 1976:
Effect of intra hypothalamic injections of acetyl choline and mono amines on the function of the pituitary adrenal system

Huang J D.; Oie S., 1983:
Effect of intra individual change in serum protein binding on the pharmacologic response of r disopyramide and s disopyramide in the rabbit

Kunau R.T.Jr; Geiger C.; Hull J.; Wong Garcia R.M., 1983:
Effect of intra luminal prostaglandin e 2 and systemic indomethacin on sodium chloride transport in the rat distal tubule

Burvenich C.; Peeters G., 1980:
Effect of intra mammary infusion of colchicine on mammary blood flow in lactating goats

Khrapunov S.N.; Zima V.L.; Berdyshev G.D., 1979:
Effect of intra molecular and inter molecular interactions in the histone h 2a and h 4 fluorescence intensity

Hoffman, C.; Rivinus, B.; Swanson, L., 1978:
Effect of intra muscular administration of selenium and vitamin e in dairy heifers on erythrocyte glutathione peroxidase activity and blood selenium levels

Prema K.; Ramalakshmi B.A.; Madhavapeddi R.; Babu S., 1982:
Effect of intra muscular iron therapy in anemic pregnant women

Bakke M.; Moller E.; Rasmussen O.C., 1980:
Effect of intra muscular local anesthetics on maximal voluntary activity in human anterior temporal muscles

Catalan Fernadez J.G.; Avella Mestre A.; Benito Olive E.; Garau Llinas I., 1979:
Effect of intra muscular methotrexate on squamous carcinomas of head and neck prospective study

Stacher G.; Bauer P.; Schmierer G.; Steinringer H., 1979:
Effect of intra muscular pirenzepine on esophageal contractile activity and lower esophageal sphincter pressure under fasting conditions and after a standard meal a double blind study

Tryba M.; Zevounou F.; Zenz M., 1984:
Effect of intra muscular promethazine and cimetidine for prophylaxis of anaphylactoid reactions

Illig R.; Torresani T.; Bucher H.; Zachmann M.; Prader A., 1980:
Effect of intra nasal luteinizing hormone releasing hormone therapy on plasma luteinizing hormone follicle stimulating hormone and testosterone and relation to clinical results in pre pubertal boys with cryptorchidism

Ohneda A.; Ishii S.; Itabashi H.; Horigome K., 1980:
Effect of intra pancreatic administration of amino acids upon glucagon secretion in dogs

Ooshima H.; Harano Y., 1981:
Effect of intra particle diffusion resistance on apparent stability of immobilized enzymes

Uludag S.; Kosebay D., 1982:
Effect of intra partum administered pheno barbital on new born serum bilirubin levels

Athavale, V.B.; Karmarkar, S.P., 1978:
Effect of intra peritoneal injection of different glucose concentrations on the fat contents of liver muscle and blood in tilapia mossambica

Smialowska M.; Slusarska E., 1981:
Effect of intra peritoneal injection of gamma amino butyric acid or gamma hydroxy butyric acid on mono amine histo fluorescence in the rat brain

Kovrova E.A.; Frol'tsova A.E.; Leikina E.S.; Krotov A.I., 1979:
Effect of intra peritoneal injection of mebendazole on the immune reactions of mice in experimental alveococcosis

Czechowicz, K.; Siekierska, E.; Nowok, U.; Lodzinski, A., 1980:
Effect of intra peritoneal injection of n nitroso n ethyl urea on some enzyme systems in selected organs of guinea pig 1. activity of respiratory enzymes in the liver after subsharp poisoning

Karanova M.V.; Budantsev A.Yu, 1982:
Effect of intra peritoneal injection of physostigmine on multiple forms of acetyl cholin esterase in various cerebral structure

Yoshida M.; Hara I., 1984:
Effect of intra peritoneal injection with chloro benzene on glutathione metabolism in rat liver

Pawlowski, Z.; Kozakiewicz, B.; Wroblewski, H., 1976:
Effect of intra peritoneal inoculation of mebendazole on taenia saginata cysticercosis in calves

Balsara J.J.; Jadhav J.H.; Chandorkar A.G., 1980:
Effect of intra peritoneally administered gamma amino butyric acid on haloperidol induced catalepsy in the rat

Biswas, B.; Carlsson, A., 1978:
Effect of intra peritoneally administered gamma amino butyric acid on the loco motor activity of mice

Malenica B.; Basic I.; Milas L., 1980:
Effect of intra pleural application of corynebacterium parvum propionibacterium acnes against spontaneous lung metastases of murine and rat tumors

Pommer C.V.; Razera L.F., 1980:
Effect of intra populational selection on the quality of seeds from 2 maize populations and their inter varietal hybrid

Takahashi J., 1983:
Effect of intra pre gastric administration of nitrite on erythrocyte reduced glutathione and glutathione contents of male golden hamster mesocricetus auratus

Young I.H.; Wagner P.D., 1979:
Effect of intra pulmonary hematocrit mal distribution on oxygen carbon di oxide and inert gas exchange

Sawal R.K.; Singh G.P., 1986:
Effect of intra ruminal infusion of salt on rumen fluid flow rate and volatile fatty acids production rate in adult cattle

Saksena, S.K.; Lau, I.F.; Chang, M.C., 1978:
Effect of intra scrotal implants of prostaglandin e 2 or f 2 alpha on blood steroids in the adult male rats

Usherenko, L.S.; Synyts'kyi, V.M., 1977:
Effect of intra structural lithium chloride micro injections on brain bio electric activity and content of biogenic amines in rat blood

Frick J.; Kunit G.; Joos H.; Rovan E.; Talwar G.P., 1983:
Effect of intra testicular administration of bcg on testicular function

Micevych P.E.; Yaksh Y.L.; Szolcsanyi J., 1983:
Effect of intra thecal capsaicin analogs on the immuno fluorescence of peptides and serotonin in the dorsal horn in rats

Rudman, D.; Isaacs, J.W., 1975:
Effect of intra thecal injection of melanotropic lipolytic peptides on the concentration of cyclic amp in cerebro spinal fluid

Ovcharenko E.P.; Rozhkova R.P., 1981:
Effect of intra tracheal administration of plutonium 239 on sex function of female rats and their progeny

Syrtsov V.K.; Krivokrisenko Y.A., 1983:
Effect of intra tracheal injection of gamma globulin on mitotic activity and proliferative pool of lymphoid cells of respiratory organs

Mueller-Suur, R.; Gutsche, H.U., 1978:
Effect of intra tubular substitution of sodium and chloride ions on the operation of the tubulo glomerular feedback

Kawano, H., 1977:
Effect of intra tumoral injection of bcg on osteo sarcoma in rats

Misro M.M.; Warikoo P.K.; Das R.P.; Roy S., 1986:
Effect of intra uterine administration of dmso on fertility of rats

Wehrenberg W.B.; Dierschke D.J.; Wolf R.C.; Vernon M.W., 1980:
Effect of intra uterine and intra muscular administration of human chorionic gonadotropin on corpus luteum function in cyclic rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Dubin N.H.; Strandberg J.D.; Craft C.F.; Parmley T.H.; Blake D.A.; King T.M., 1982:
Effect of intra uterine and intra vascular quinacrine administration on histo pathology blood chemistry and hematology in cynomolgus monkeys

Chander, S.; Gupta, R.C., 1977:
Effect of intra uterine device on ovarian function in goats

Casslen B.; Thorell J.; Astedt B., 1981:
Effect of intra uterine device on uro kinase like immuno reactivity and plasminogen activators in human uterine fluid

Jones, D.J.; Sabry, A.; Hodgson, B.J., 1977:
Effect of intra uterine device on uterine cyclic amp in rabbits

Shirokova T.A.; Antipova N.B.; Zubrikhina G.N.; Solomatina T.P., 1981:
Effect of intra uterine drug contraceptives on the endometrium

Dahlquist, G.; Persson, B., 1976:
Effect of intra uterine growth retardation on the post natal development of d beta hydroxy butyrate dehydrogenase activity in rat brain

Bhatia V.P.; Katiyar G.P.; Agarwal K.N., 1979:
Effect of intra uterine nutritional deprivation on neuro motor behavior of the new born

Padmanabhan R.; Singh S., 1981:
Effect of intra uterine position on fetal weight in cf rats

French L.R., 1979:
Effect of intra uterine threads on fertilization rate in ewes

Patel K.L.; Pillai K.B.O.; Shahani S.M., 1983:
Effect of intra vasal copper wire on the fertility and reproductive organs in rat

O'flaherty, J.T.; Craddock, P.R.; Jacob, H.S., 1978:
Effect of intra vascular complement activation on granulocyte adhesiveness and distribution

Peterson T.V.; Gilmore J.P.; Zucker I.H., 1979:
Effect of intra vascular volume expansion on renal hemodynamics in the nonhuman primate macaca fascicularis

Cholewa M.; Grande G.; Jazdzewski B.; Markiewicz K., 1981:
Effect of intra venous administration of exogenous fats on the dynamics of plasmatic and erythrocytic lipids at rest and after physical exercise

Haegerstam G., 1979:
Effect of intra venous administration of lignocaine and tetrodo toxin on sensory units in the tooth of the cat

Cosgrove J.W.; Brown I.R., 1984:
Effect of intra venous administration of lsd on initiation of protein synthesis in a cell free system derived from brain

Cosgrove J.W.; Clark B.D.; Brown I.R., 1981:
Effect of intra venous administration of lsd on subsequent protein synthesis in a cell free system derived from brain

Ovcharenko E.P.; Fomina T.P., 1982:
Effect of intra venous administration of neptunium 237 oxalate on rat gonads and progeny

Chabanov M.K.; Mukhacheva I.A.; Lapuseva T.M.; Byshevskii A.Sh, 1979:
Effect of intra venous administration of phosphatidyl serine emulsion on hemo coagulation and some parameters of the blood system

Ozsoylu S.; Tugcu K.; Cotelli I.; Kavcioglu H.; Urkmez M.; Gursel T., 1980:
Effect of intra venous adrenaline infusion and cortico steroid treatment in patients with von willebrands disease

Pokrovskaya T.G.; Asinovskaya N.K.; Mozhenok T.P.; Nemchinskaya V.L., 1979:
Effect of intra venous amphotericin b injection on the synthesis of nad in the nuclei of dog kidney cells

Arutyunyan, R.A., 1978:
Effect of intra venous and intra hypothalamic administration of serotonin on vascular thermo regulatory reaction and some indicators of heat exchange of the body

Iki K., 1982:
Effect of intra venous anesthetic agents and succinyl choline on serum electrolytes and muscle fasciculation during induction of general anesthesia

Kruse K.; Kracht U., 1982:
Effect of intra venous calcium on urinary cyclic amp and hydroxy proline in children with hypo parathyroidism

Kaul K.; Sharma B.R.; Broor S.L.; Dash R.J., 1979:
Effect of intra venous cimetidine and promethazine hydro chloride on serum gastrin in man

Weihrauch T.R.; Foerster C.F.; Koehler H.; Ewe K.; Krieglstein J., 1979:
Effect of intra venous diazepam on human lower esophageal sphincter pressure under controlled double blind crossover conditions

Natale R.; Richardson B.; Patrick J., 1982:
Effect of intra venous glucose infusion on human fetal breathing activity

Garwacki S.; Harmeyer J., 1979:
Effect of intra venous glycine infusions on plasma amino acid levels in sheep

Daszynska, M., 1975:
Effect of intra venous hydrocortisone on plasma acth level in addisons disease

Manuilova I.A.; Murashko L.E.; Fanchenko N.D.; Kolodjko V.G.; Chernukha E.A.; Rahman S.A.; Bygdeman M.; Cekan S.Z.; Diczfalusy E., 1979:
Effect of intra venous infusion of 15 methyl prostaglandin f 2 alpha on plasma hormone levels during early pregnancy

Rabii, J.; Clifton, D.K.; Sawyer, C.H., 1978:
Effect of intra venous infusion of a steroid anesthetic on the pre ovulatory surge of luteinizing hormone and ovulation in intact rats

Aleksandrov S., 1981:
Effect of intra venous infusion of essential amino acids on incorporation in vitro of 1 carbon 14 labeled d l phenyl alanine and uniformly carbon 14 labeled l leucine into the tissue proteins of lactating mammary gland of ewe

Raeder M.; Mathisen O., 1982:
Effect of intra venous infusion of hypertonic glucose solutions on pancreatic bi carbonate secretion

Smith F.; Kaniecki Green E.; Carpenter C.C.J., 1979:
Effect of intra venous injection of crude cholera entero toxin on canine small bowel

Sebestik V.; Brabec V., 1979:
Effect of intra venous injection of ethyl palmitate emulsion on sequestration of thermally damaged erythrocytes in rats with experimentally induced hyper splenism and in normal rats

Moon H.K., 1981:
Effect of intra venous injection of ft 207 florafur on primary cancer of the liver

Sherman, D.M.; Goncharov, A.G., 1976:
Effect of intra venous injections of novocaine on the outcome of post hemorrhagic reaction

Younan N.; Makarem F.; Omran M.; Attia A.M.; Abdel Rahman Y.M., 1979:
Effect of intra venous intra duodenal intra ileal leucine and intra duodenal peptone on plasma insulin like activity in pancreatico duodenal vein in anesthetized dogs

Alibaeva B.N., 1980:
Effect of intra venous introduction of hypertonic sodium chloride solutions on the lymphatic system and hemodynamics of frogs rana ridibunda and turtles testudo horsfieldi

Sann, L.; Ruitton, A.; Mathieu, M.; Bourgeois, J.; Genoud, J., 1978:
Effect of intra venous l alanine administration on plasma glucose insulin and glucagon blood pyruvate lactate and beta hydroxy butyrate concentrations in new born infants study in term and preterm new born infants

Charney D.S.; Heninger G.R.; Reinhard J.F.Jr; Sternberg D.E.; Hafstead K.M., 1982:
Effect of intra venous l tryptophan on prolactin and growth hormone and mood in healthy subjects

Charney D.S.; Heninger G.R.; Reinhard J.F.Jr; Sternberg D.E.; Hafstead K.M., 1982:
Effect of intra venous l tryptophan on prolactin growth hormone and mood in healthy subjects

Zhabin-Yu, M.; Urazaeva, Z.V., 1975:
Effect of intra venous lsd injection of pregnant rabbits on the maternal and fetal content of serotonin histamine and acetyl choline

Champredon, C.; Pion, R.; Prugnaud, J., 1977:
Effect of intra venous methionine perfusion on amino acid levels in dairy goats

Mcdougal, W.S.; Wilmore, D.W.; Pruitt, B.A.J., 1977:
Effect of intra venous near iso osmotic nutrient infusions on nitrogen balance in critically ill injured patients

Jugdutt B.I.; Becker L.C.; Hutchins G.M.; Buckley B.H.; Reid P.R.; Kallman C.H., 1981:
Effect of intra venous nitro glycerin on collateral blood flow and infarct size in the conscious dog

Pitt W.A.; Friedman R.G.; Gross S.A.; Glassman J.; Keating E.C.; Mazur J.H., 1982:
Effect of intra venous nitro glycerin on hemodynamics of congestive heart failure

Ostrogorskii Y.M.; Afonskaya N.I.; Blank M.L.; Filippov I.K.; Ruda M.Ya, 1981:
Effect of intra venous nitro glycerin on lesion size in patients with acute myo cardial infarction

Stepina N.I.; Revenko V.M., 1982:
Effect of intra venous nitro glycerin on the hemodynamics and extent of ischemia in experimental myo cardial infarction

Maeyama, M.; Ichimaru, S.; Nakahara, K.; Nakayama, M.; Miyakawa, I., 1976:
Effect of intra venous or intra amniotic injection of dehydroepi androsterone sulfate on estrogen levels in urine and serum in late pregnancy with live anencephalic fetuses

Andreenko, G.V.; Suvorov, A.V., 1976:
Effect of intra venous plasmin injection on the state of fibrinolytic and kinin systems of rat blood

Krejs G.J.; Browne R.; Raskin P., 1980:
Effect of intra venous somatostatin on jejunal absorption of glucose amino acids water and electrolytes

Karasawa, Y., 1978:
Effect of intra venously administered ammonia on plasma glutamine concentration in chickens gallus domesticus fed high and low protein diets

Doi, T.; Nakajima, T.; Nishida, M.; Suyama, T., 1978:
Effect of intra venously applicable globulin on phagocytosis of bacteria by human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Chihara, K.; Arimura, A.; Chihara, M.; Schally, A.V., 1978:
Effect of intra ventricular administration of anti somatostatin gamma globulin on the ld 50 of strychnine and pento barbital in rats

Mei Z., 1982:
Effect of intra ventricular application of muscarinic cholinergic antagonist quinuclidinyl benzilate on discrimination learning in rats

X.N.S.; Pan L H.; Zhang J R., 1983:
Effect of intra ventricular application of neuro transmitters to rabbits on high frequency oscillation in phrenic discharge

Ishikawa, K.; Saito, S., 1978:
Effect of intra ventricular gamma amino butyric acid in discrimination learning in rats

Popov, P.G.; Ankov, V.K.; Georgiev, V.; Kavrakirova, S.V.; Belokonskii, I.S., 1975:
Effect of intra ventricular injection of 6 hydroxy dopamine on the radiation induced stress increase in plasmatic cortico sterone

Peters, D.A.V.; Pappas, B.A.; Taub, H.; Saari, M., 1977:
Effect of intra ventricular injections of 6 hydroxy dopamine in neo natal rats on the catecholamine levels and tyrosine hydroxylase activity in brain regions at maturity

Jagiello Wojtowicz A.K.; Turski W., 1981:
Effect of intra ventricular phenethylamine and octopamine on the central effects of tremorine and pilocarpine and the acetyl choline level in the rat brain

Herr H.W.; Pinsky C.M.; Whitmore W.F.Jr; Oettgen H.F.; Melamed M.R., 1983:
Effect of intra vesical bcg on carcinoma in situ of the bladder

Ruebben H.; Dahm H.H.; Lutzeyer W., 1982:
Effect of intra vesical instillation of cytostatic agents on the normal urothelium

Walter, H.; Bader, H., 1978:
Effect of intra vesicular monovalent cations on the steady state of the phospho enzyme of atpase ec dependent on sodium and potassium ions in inside out plasma membrane vesicles

Glants R.M.; Kachorovskii B.V.; Turchin V.L.; Oborin A.N.; Chaplik V.V., 1986:
Effect of intraaortal prostaglandin e 2 injection on the renal function in acute renal failure of hemotransfusion genesis

Vagianos, C.; Zoucas, E.; Steen, S.; Bengmark, S., 1987:
Effect of intraarterial, intraportal or combined norepinephrine infusion on hemorrhage at experimental liver trauma in the rat

Dézsi, L.; Hamar, J., 1988:
Effect of intraarterial somatostatin infusion on SMA blood flow

Varela F.E.; Popel A.S., 1988:
Effect of intracapillary resistance to oxygen transport on the diffusional shunting between capillaries

Lopez, J.A.; Timmis, A.D.; Garan, H.; Homcy, C.J.; Powell, W.J., 1988:
Effect of intracarotid administration of ouabain in dogs

Wang C A.; H.S.Y., 1984:
Effect of intracarotid injection of hypertonic sodium chloride solution and stretch of left atrium on hypothalamic unit activity

Gelissen M.; Cools A., 1988:
Effect of intracaudate haloperidol and apomorphine on switching motor patterns upon current behavior of cats

Lindström, P.; Sehlin, J., 1986:
Effect of intracellular alkalinization on pancreatic islet calcium uptake and insulin secretion

Enami I.; Kura Hotta M., 1984:
Effect of intracellular atp levels on the light induced proton efflux from intact cells of cyanidium caldarium

Mossner J.; Logsdon C.D.; Potau N.; Williams J.A.; Goldfine I.D., 1984:
Effect of intracellular calcium on insulin like growth factor ii internalization into pancreatic acini roles of insulin and cholecystokinin

Medina I.R.; Stel'makh N.S.; Sanagurskii D.I.; Goida E.A., 1987:
Effect of intracellular calcium on the level and dynamics of transmembrane potential in the early development of the loach

Takadera T.; Mohri T., 1985 :
Effect of intracellular free calcium on leucine transport in chang liver cells

Q.R.Y.; G.Z.F., 1984:
Effect of intracerebro ventricular injection of bovine pancreatic polypeptide on glucose tolerance and serum insulin concentration in rabbits

L.X.C.; Zhang C C.; Pan X J.; Liu S T.; Zhou Z H., 1985:
Effect of intracerebro ventricular microinjection of pentagastrin on gastrointestinal propulsive motility in the rat

Shimizu T.; Katsumura G.; Nakamura M.; Nakao K.; Morii N.; Itoh Y.; Shiono S.; Imura H., 1986:
Effect of intracerebrovascular atrial natriuretic polypeptide on blood pressure and urine production in rats

Nakamura, M.; Kamata, K.; Inoue, H.; Inaba, M., 1988:
Effect of intracerebroventricular administration of opioid peptides on basal serum adrenaline levels in conscious rats

Okimura Y.; Chihara K.; Abe H.; Kaji H.; Kita T.; Kashio Y.; Fujita T., 1986:
Effect of intracerebroventricular administration of rat calcitonin gene related peptide human calcitonin and 1 7 aminosuberic acid eel calcitonin on gastric acid secretion in rats

Puri V.N.; Sur R.N., 1985:
Effect of intracerebroventricular clonidine on some renal functions in rats

Denbow, D.M.; Van Krey, H.P.; Lacy, M.P.; Skewes, P.A., 1985:
Effect of intracerebroventricular glucose injection on feeding in Leghorn chicks

Yang H.; Zhang X J., 1988:
Effect of intracerebroventricular injection of 5 ht on the activity of atpase and the contents of atp adp in the gastric mucosa after stress

L.J.Y.; Zhang X J.; L.Q.H., 1987:
Effect of intracerebroventricular injection of bombesin on indomethacin induced gastric ulcer in rats

Yoshikawa K., 1985:
Effect of intracerebroventricular injection of neurotensin on locomotor activity in rats

Padovano, I.; Matera, G.; D.P.squale, R.; Costa, G.; Caputi, A.P., 1985:
Effect of intracerebroventricular injection of pentagastrin on rat drinking behavior

Zhu W Y.; T.Y.H., 1984:
Effect of intracerebroventricular injection of some brain gut peptides on basal acid secretion in rats

Mizuta K.; Moriga M.; Narusawa H.; Uchino H.; Aono M., 1986:
Effect of intracerebroventricular injection of vasoactive intestinal polypeptide on systemic blood pressure and pancreatic and gastric secretions in the rat

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Effect of intracerebroventricular nicotinic cholinergic drugs on cardiovascular system in rabbits

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Effect of intracerebroventricular vanadate administration on salt and water intake and excretion in the rat

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Effect of intracerebroventricularly injected copper on rectal temperature of rabbits

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Effect of intracisternally administered 6 hydroxydopamine on cardiovascular responses produced by carotid occlusion and asphyxia in the rat

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Effect of intracoronary captopril on coronary blood flow and regional myocardial function in dogs

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Effect of intracoronary injections of sonicated microbubbles on left ventricular contractility

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Effect of intracoronary verapamil on infarct size in the ischemic reperfused canine heart critical importance of the timing of treatment

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Effect of intraduodenal administration of hydrochloric acid and sodium bicarbonate on the proteolytic amylolytic and lypolytic activity of the pancreatic juice in sheep

Okabe Y., 1986:
Effect of intraduodenal administration of hydrochloric acid on duodenal blood flow and intraduodenal acidity

Fregly M.J.; Rowland N.E., 1986:
Effect of intragastric and intraperitoneal water and saline loads on the pharmacologic induction of drinking in rats

Klimzo O.N., 1985:
Effect of intragastric feeding with qualitatively differing mixtures on the composition of rat intestinal microflora

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Effect of intragastric ph on antral gastrin and somatostatin release in anesthetized atropinized duodenal ulcer patients and controls

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Effect of intrahypothalamic hydroxybutyrate on sympathetic firing rate

Smith, J.L.; Canham, J.E.; Kirkland, W.D.; Wells, P.A., 1988:
Effect of Intralipid, amino acids, container, temperature, and duration of storage on vitamin stability in total parenteral nutrition admixtures

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Effect of Intralipid infusion on transcutaneous oxygen and carbon dioxide tension in sick neonates

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Effect of intralipid on mononuclear and polymorphonuclear phagocytes

Lloyd T.R.; Boucek M.M., 1986:
Effect of intralipid on the neonatal pulmonary bed an echographic study

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Effect of intralipid on the phagocytic and microbicidal capacity of human monocytes in culture

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Effect of intraluminal bile on the feedback regulatory mechanism of pancreatic enzyme secretion in conscious rats

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Effect of intralymphatic infusions on the speed of the appearance of dye in the thoracic duct lymph

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Effect of intramammary device on new infection rate milk yield and milk somatic cell counts in maryland usa dairy herds

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Effect of intramammary devices on the outcome of induced Escherichia coli infection of bovine mammary quarters

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Effect of intramuscular atropine and glycopyrrolate on the cardiovascular response to tracheal intubation

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Effect of intramuscular clebopride on postoperative nausea and vomiting

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Effect of intranasal administration of norethisterone and progesterone on pituitary and gonadal function in adult male and female bonnet monkeys (Macaca radiata)

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Effect of intranasal histamine on nasal mucosal blood flow and the antidiuretic activity of desmopressin

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Effect of intranasal nitroglycerin on circulatory responses to laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation

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Effect of intranasal obstruction on breathing during sleep

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Effect of intranigral injections of dynorphin dynorphin fragments and alpha neoendorphin on rotational behavior in the rat

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Effect of intraocular irrigating solution perfusion velocity on the corneal endothelium

Sterling S.; Wood T.O., 1986:
Effect of intraocular lens convexity on posterior capsule opacification

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Effect of intraocular pressure on uveoscleral outflow following cyclodialysis in the monkey eye

Suguro K., 1988:
Effect of intraocular pressure on uveoscleral outflow in normal and cyclodialysis eye in the monkey

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Effect of intraoperative autotransfusion on oxygen affinity of erythrocytes

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Effect of intraoperative glucose on protein catabolism and plasma glucose levels in patients with supratentorial tumors

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Effect of intraoperative propranolol on serum creatine kinase MB release in patients having elective cardiac operations

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Effect of intraoperative trimetaphane on thyroid function during neuroleptanesthesia in man

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Effect of intraperitoneal 32 percent dextran 70 on blood coagulation and serum electrolytes

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Effect of intraperitoneal administration of diazepam and lorazepam on plasma glucose and plasma lipids in normoglycemic and normolipidemic rats

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Effect of intraperitoneal and intracerebroventricular injection of acth on 5 ht content of several brain sites in rat

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Effect of intraperitoneal and intragastric loading with water and isoosmotic solutions of saline and glucose on water intake of dehydrated rats

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Effect of intraperitoneal injection of topical thrombin on the coagulation and fibrinolysis of rabbits with experimental liver damage

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Effect of intraperitoneal instillation of 32 percent dextran 70 on postoperative adhesion formation after tubal surgery

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Effect of intrarenal angiotensin II infusion on the renal escape from mineralocorticoid

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Effect of intraspecific and interspecific competition on various growth parameters of wheat cultivar sonalika in pure and mixed stands with chenopodium album

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Effect of intraspecific competition between larvae of calliphora erythrocephala calliphoridae diptera

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Effect of intraspecific density on life history traits and population growth rate of neanthes arenaceodentata polychaeta nereidae in the laboratory

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Effect of intrasplenic injection of parental splenocytes on systemic graft vs. host reaction in adult f 1 mice pretreated with cyclophosphamide

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Effect of intrastrain selection crosses and crossings on the reproductive properties of pigs in large pig breeding complexes

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Effect of intrastriatal administration of cholinergic and alpha aminobutyric acid ergic agonists on apomorphine induced circling

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Effect of intrastriatal injection of dfp on acetylcholine dopamine and serotonin metabolism

Robinson S.E.; Hambrecht K.L., 1988:
Effect of intrastriatal injection of soman on acetylcholine dopamine and serotonin metabolism

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Effect of intratesticular administration of serum on the physiological status of rat testis

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Effect of intratesticular inoculation with Aujeszky's disease virus on genital organs of boars

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Effect of intrathecal and intracarotid administration of ketamine on blood pressure and heart rate in rats

Russell L.C.; Burchiel K.J., 1986:
Effect of intrathecal and subepineural capsaicin on thermal sensitivity and autotomy in rats

Miyata A., 1986:
Effect of intrathecal beta endorphin and electrical tooth pulp stimulation on endocrine and cardiovascular function

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Effect of intrathecal bupivacaine on somatosensory evoked potentials following dermatomal stimulation

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Effect of intrathecal diamorphine on the adrenocortical hyperglycemic and cardiovascular responses to major colonic surgery

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Effect of intrathecal morphine and beta endorphin on pituitary adrenal function following electrical tooth pulp stimulation

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Effect of intrathecal morphine on plasma levels of neurohumoral substances

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Effect of intrathecal morphine on the adrenocortical and hyperglycemic responses to upper abdominal surgery

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Effect of intrathecal proctolin administration on the behavior evoked by the thyrotropin releasing hormone trh analogue rx 77368 and the indoleamine trh substance p and calcitonin gene related peptide levels and choline acetyltransferase activity in rat spinal cord

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Effect of intrathecally administered noradrenergic antagonists on nociception in the rat

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Effect of intrathecally administered opiate agonists on behavioral and hemodynamic pain manifestations

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Effect of intratracheal injection of zinc oxide dust in guinea pigs

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Effect of intratracheal inoculation of Pasteurella haemolytica cytotoxin on the integrity of rat lung

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Effect of intratracheal instillation of cadmium chloride on phospholipids in alveolar wash fluid

Kehrer J.P.; Lee Y C.C.; Smith R.D., 1986:
Effect of intratracheally administered anticancer drugs on lung hydroxyproline content

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Effect of intratracheally instilled benzo a pyrene on the pulmonary and hepatic protective enzymes in normal and vitamin a deficient rats

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Effect of intratumor mitomycin c injection on growth of homologously implanted pancreatic cancer of syrian golden hamster

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Effect of intrauterine antibiotic lavage after cesarean birth on postoperative morbidity

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Effect of intrauterine ethanol on the higher nervous activity and metabolism of rat brain proteins and lipids

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Effect of intrauterine growth retardation on development changes in dna and carbon 14 thymidine metabolism in different regions of rat brain histological and biochemical correlations

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Effect of intrauterine infusion of Escherichia coli endotoxin in postpartum pony mares

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Effect of intrauterine injection of gossypol on antifertility action in rats

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Effect of intrauterine instillation of antiserum to human chorionic gonadotropin during early pregnancy in mice

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Effect of intrauterine iodine infusion on luteal function and blood pgf 2 alpha concentration in cycling goats

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Effect of intrauterine plasma infusion in the mare histological bacteriological and cytological findings

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Effect of intrauterine positions on fetal brain development in the rat

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Effect of intravascular bubbles on perfusate flow and gas elimination rates following simulated decompression of a model tissue

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Effect of intravenous administration of dextrose or lactated Ringer's solution on seizure development in dogs after cervical myelography with metrizamide

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Effect of intravenous administration of diltiazem on cerebral blood flow and brain function

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Effect of intravenous administration of growth hormone releasing factor human pancreatic growth hormone releasing factor 44 and tyrosyl d tryptophylalanyltryptophyl d phenylalaninamide on plasma hormones and metabolites in goats

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Effect of intravenous administration of homologous albumin on the activity of lipolytic enzymes in rabbit blood plasma

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Effect of intravenous administration of Ringer's lactate on maternal capillary blood glucose before elective cesarean section

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Effect of intravenous aminophylline upon the incremental exercise performance of healthy men

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Effect of intravenous and intragastric fat infusion on intestinal brush border enzyme activities in rats

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Effect of intravenous and intraperivenous injections of sclerosants sodium tetradecyl sulfate and hydroxy polyethoxydodecane on the rat femoral vein

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Effect of intravenous and oral acebutolol in patients with bundle branch block

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Effect of intravenous and oral flecainide on ventricular tachycardia

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Effect of intravenous and oral tiapamil in the treatment of paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia

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Effect of intravenous apsac on mortality after acute myocardial infarction preliminary report of a placebo controlled clinical trial

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Effect of intravenous atropine on cardiac rhythm heart rate blood pressure and airway secretion during isoflurane anesthesia

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Effect of intravenous caffeine on liver glycogenolysis during prolonged exercise

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Effect of intravenous catalase on the pulmonary vascular response to endotoxemia in goats

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Effect of intravenous digitoxin on inotrophy hemodynamics and p q interval in ischemic heart disease

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Effect of intravenous digoxin on the heart at rest and during isometric exercise: a noninvasive study in normal and autonomically blocked volunteers

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Effect of intravenous dose and schedule on cerebrospinal fluid pharmacokinetics of 5 fluorouracil in the monkey macaca mulatta

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Effect of intravenous epinephrine infusion on plasma renin activity in adrenalectomized dogs

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Effect of intravenous epinephrine on uterine artery blood flow velocity in the pregnant guinea pig

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Effect of intravenous ferric or aluminum chloride on the uptake of lead 203 into brain and other soft tissues of rats

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Effect of intravenous glucagon on intraoperative cholangiography

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Effect of intravenous glucagon on the urinary excretion of cyclic amp in man and rats evidence for activation of renal adenylate cyclase and formation of nephrogenous cyclic amp

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Effect of intravenous heroin and naloxone on regional cerebral blood flow in the conscious rat

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Effect of intravenous immune globulin on natural killer cell activity possible association with autoimmune neutropenia and idiopathic thrombocytopenia

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Effect of intravenous infusion of insulin in diabetics with acute myocardial infarction

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Effect of intravenous infusion time on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the same total dose of furosemide

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Effect of intravenous iron dextran on rheumatoid synovitis

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Effect of intravenous isosorbide dinitrate versus nitroglycerin on elevated pulmonary arterial wedge pressure during acute myocardial infarction

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Effect of intravenous ketanserin on plasma catecholamines and renin activity in normal volunteers

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Effect of intravenous ketanserin on the human action potential duration at fixed heart rate

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Effect of intravenous lignocaine on the intraocular pressure elevated by suxamethonium endotracheal intubation and extubation

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Effect of intravenous mannitol on cat pial arteries and veins during normal and elevated intracranial pressure

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Effect of intravenous midazolam on breathing pattern and chest wall mechanics in humans

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Effect of intravenous nitrates on mortality in acute myocardial infarction an overview of the randomized trials

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Effect of intravenous pyelography with sodium ioxitalamate and meglumine telebrix 38 on serum creatinine and urinary excretion of n acetyl beta d glucosaminidase ec

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Effect of intravenous silica on the course of Nocardia asteroides pneumonia

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Effect of intravenous sodium loading on renal tubular handling of sodium and water in unilaterally nephrectomized humans

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Effect of intravenous somatostatin on stool output in diarrhea due to Vibrio cholerae

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Effect of intravenous streptokinase on left ventricular function and early survival after acute myocardial infarction

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Effect of intravenously administered t lymphocytes on the plasmacytopoiesis of the spleen of the whole body irradiated and spleen shielded whole body irradiated rats

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Effect of intravenously applied furosemide on endocochlear dc potential and cochlear microphonics correlated with structural changes in guinea pigs

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Effect of intravenously infused porcine gastric inhibitory polypeptide on serum insulin in obese and lean subjects studied with the hyperglycemic clamp technique

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Effect of intravenously injected collagenase on the concentration of circulating platelets in rats

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Effect of intravenously injected dtpa on cardiovascular system in rats

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Effect of intraventricular administration of calcium and calmodulin antagonist on the blood pressure in the rat

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Effect of intraventricular administration of catechol estrogens on catecholamine content in various brain regions

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Effect of intraventricular infusion of an angiotensin ii antagonist on iodine 125 angiotensin ii binding in rats

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Effect of intraventricular injection of glucagon on plasma free fatty acid blood glucose and insulin in rabbits

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Effect of intraventricular injections of 3 4 dihydroxyphenylacetic acid dopac on cerebral norepinephrine accumulation in l dopa treated rats

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Effect of intraventricular pressure on protein synthesis in arrested rat hearts

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Effect of intravesical administration of tumor necrosis serum and human recombinant tumor necrosis factor on a murine bladder tumors

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Effect of intravesical bcg on detection of a urothelial differentiation antigen in exfoliated cells of carcinoma in situ of the human urinary bladder

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Effect of intravesical mitomycin C on recurrence of newly diagnosed superficial bladder cancer: interim report from the Medical Research Council Subgroup on Superficial Bladder Cancer (Urological Cancer Working Party)

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Effect of intravitreal hyaluronidase on the clearance of tritiated water from the vitreous to the choroid

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Effect of intravitreal liquid silicone on optic nerve function

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Effect of intrinsic species specific exometabolites on the growth and physiological state of fish

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Effect of introducing azotobacter chroococcum into the rhizosphere and phylloplane of barley hordeum vulgare seedlings on their growth

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Effect of introducing fry of atlantic salmon salmo salar in 2 small streams in northern norway

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Effect of introducing novel configurational cues on a learned color discrimination in squirrel monkeys

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Effect of introducing opaque 2 gene to egyptian maize on the dry milling properties of its kernels

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Effect of introducing straw into takyr like soil on the formation of quantitative indices in various rice cultivars

Gold R., 1987:
Effect of introducing the universal quantifier all into the class inclusion question

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Effect of introduction of colposcopy into a district general hospital

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Effect of introduction of small alkyl groups on messenger rna function

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Effect of introduction of urea on feeding behavior of holstein heifers

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Effect of intron mutations on processing and function of saccharomyces cerevisiae sup 53 transfer rna in vitro and in vivo

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Effect of inundation and its frequency due to flood at the nakdong river basin korea on growth and yield in peanut plant

Lewandowski M., 1983:
Effect of inversed illumination phases on circadian variations of magnesium ii and potassium ion levels in the cingulate gyrus of the limbic system and loco motor activity in mice

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Effect of inversion of 1 or both uterine horns on farrowing in sow

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Effect of inversion on the arrangement of the endoplasmic reticulum and the polarity of statocytes in roots of Lepidium sativum

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Effect of inverted body position on intraocular pressure

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Effect of iodic hypo cholesterolemic preparations and acth on incorporation of labeled cholesterol into rat adrenals

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Effect of iodide and hypertonic salt solutions on diencephalic ependyma and subependymal cells of columba livia

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Effect of iodide on the adenylate cyclase system of the mouse thyroid in vivo

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Effect of iodide upon the thyrotropin releasing hormone induced release of thyrotropin in eu thyroid hypo thyroid and hyper thyroid individuals

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Effect of iodination of a village water supply on goiter size and thyroid function

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Effect of iodination of the purple membrane on the photo cycle of bacterio rhod opsin

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Effect of iodination on the hemolytic property and the fatty acids of newcastle disease virus

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Effect of iodination on the pK of Schiff base deprotonation and M 412 production in purple membrane

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Effect of iodination on the purple membrane structure

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Effect of iodination site on binding of radiolabeled ligand by insulin antibodies and insulin autoantibodies

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Effect of iodine 125 labeled 5 iodo 2' deoxy uridine labeling on murine tumor cells

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Effect of iodine 125 on the induction of mammary gland tumors in rats

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Effect of iodine 131 on the anemia of hyper thyroidism

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Effect of iodine 131 therapy on serum calcitonin levels in patients with graves disease

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Effect of iodine administration on thyroid function in diabetic patients

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Effect of iodine and thio cyanate on their accumulation in the saliva of sheep

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Effect of iodine deficit during intrauterine and postnatal life on liver and brain dna synthesis in rats

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Effect of iodine enrichment in vitro on the adenylate cyclase cyclic amp system in thyroid glands from normal subjects and patients with graves disease

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Effect of iodine iodine poly vinyl pyrrolidone complex on brucella strains

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Effect of iodine restriction on the thyroid iodine 131 uptake test

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Effect of ionic composition of the medium on the cytochrome oxidase ec of the brains of rats of different ages

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Effect of iron deficiency anemia and its treatment on sulfadimidine absorption

Evans T.C.; Mackler B., 1985:
Effect of iron deficiency on energy conservation in rat liver and skeletal muscle submitochondrial particles

Agarwala, S.C.; Mehrotra, S.C.; Sharma, C.P.; Bisht, S.S., 1977:
Effect of iron deficiency on growth chlorophyll oxygen uptake tissue iron and activity of certain enzymes in 3 varieties of chick pea

Tojo H., 1982:
Effect of iron deficiency on growth of fetus in pregnant rats

Omran S.A.; Essawy F.M.; Soliman M.M.; E.B.hery N.M.; E.R.ziky E.H., 1982:
Effect of iron deficiency on leukocyte functions in hepatosplenic schistosomiasis

Ackrell B.A.C.; Maguire J.J.; Dallman P.R.; Kearney E.B., 1984:
Effect of iron deficiency on succinate ubiquinone oxidoreductase and nadh ubiquinone oxidoreductase in skeletal muscle mitochondria

Bradley W.P.; Alderson P.O.; Weiss J.F., 1979:
Effect of iron deficiency on the bio distribution and tumor uptake of gallium 67 citrate in animals concise communication

Zakrzhevskii, D.A.; Ladygina, O.N.; Ladygin, V.G., 1987:
Effect of iron deficiency on the spectral properties and number of photosystem reaction centers in pea chloroplasts

Chu, S.H.W.; Welch, K.J.; Murray, E.S.; Hegsted, D.M., 1976:
Effect of iron deficiency on the susceptibility to streptococcus pneumoniae infection in the rat

Gidding S.S.; Stockmann J.A.IIi, 1988:
Effect of iron deficiency on tissue oxygen delivery in cyanotic congenital heart disease

Smolyar V.I., 1984:
Effect of iron deficient diets on osseous tissue formation

Gavrilenko V.F.; Vasil'eva A.V.; Zhigalova T.V., 1981:
Effect of iron deficit on electron transport and the functional activity of chloroplast conjugated systems

Williams, P.; Brown, M.R.; Lambert, P.A., 1984:
Effect of iron deprivation on the production of siderophores and outer membrane proteins in Klebsiella aerogenes

Craig G.G., 1979:
Effect of iron fluoride and iron fluoride on the dissolution rate of bovine enamel

Koutras A.K.; Vigorita V.J.; Quiroz E., 1986:
Effect of iron fortified formula on secretory immunoglobulin a of gastrointestinal tract in early infancy

Kunimoto M.; Inoue K.; Nojima S., 1981:
Effect of iron ii and ascorbate induced lipid per oxidation on liposomal membranes

Anderson T.R.; Toverud S.U., 1982:
Effect of iron ii and ascorbic acid on acid phosphatases from rat bone

Macdonald, M.J., 1978:
Effect of iron ii and manganese ii on 3 mercapto picolinate inhibition of cytosolic and mitochondrial phosphoenol pyruvate carboxy kinases ec of 5 species

Sode A., 1983:
Effect of iron ii hydroxide on algae and oxygen consumption by sediment in a danish stream

Imataka H.; Suzuki K.; Tamaoki B I., 1985:
Effect of iron ii induced lipid peroxidation upon microsomal steroidogenic enzyme activities of porcine adrenal cortex

Lopez P.L.; Sayaboc V.S.; Deanon A.S., 1979:
Effect of iron ii sulfate on high ipil ipil leucaena leucocephala leaf meal fed layers

Rao Y.R.; Sethunathan N., 1979:
Effect of iron ii sulfate on parathion degradation in flooded soil

Shewale J.G.; Brew K., 1982:
Effect of iron iii binding on the micro environments of individual amino groups in human serum transferrin as determined by differential kinetic labeling

Watanabe K.; Kyogoku N.; Matsuda T.; Nakamura R., 1985:
Effect of iron iii chloride on heat denaturation of beta lactoglobulin a in acid media

Biber, T.U.L.; Mullen, T.L.; Desimone, J.A., 1980:
Effect of iron iii chloride on ion transport in isolated frog rana pipiens skin

van Asbeck, B.S.; Marx, J.J.; Struyvenberg, A.; van Kats, J.H.; Verhoef, J., 1984:
Effect of iron (III) in the presence of various ligands on the phagocytic and metabolic activity of human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Bhattacharyya S.N.; Mandal P.C., 1983:
Effect of iron iii on the radio sensitivity of uracil

Augustin M.A.; Chong C.L., 1988:
Effect of iron iii palmitate on the oxidation of palm oil

Watanabe Y.; Yokoi I.; Mori A., 1987:
Effect of iron ion on activities of sodium potassium atpase and magnesium atpase in rat cerebral cortex

Pedziwilk F.; Skupin J.; Trojanowska K.; Nowakowska K., 1979:
Effect of iron ions and 5 6 di methyl benzimidazole on biosynthesis of corrinoids by propionibacterium shermanii 1 on cheese whey medium

Chalamet, A.; Bardin, R., 1977:
Effect of iron ions on the reduction of nitrous acid in hydromorphic soils

J.Z.H.; Korcak R.F.; Faust M., 1985:
Effect of iron level and solution culture ph on severity of chlorosis and elemental content of apple seedlings

Sigel, S.P.; Payne, S.M., 1982:
Effect of iron limitation on growth, siderophore production, and expression of outer membrane proteins of Vibrio cholerae

Van-Wyk, C.P.; Linder-Horowitz, M.; Munro, H.N., 1971:
Effect of iron loading on non heme iron compounds in different liver cell populations

Lory, S., 1986:
Effect of iron on accumulation of exotoxin a specific messenger rna in pseudomonas aeruginosa

Sharma, M.B.; Sharma, S.; Sharma, B.K., 1988:
Effect of iron on adhesion of urinary Escherichia coli

Hoban D.J.; Van Den Berg L., 1979:
Effect of iron on conversion of acetic acid to methane during methanogenic fermentations

Song Y M.; Lee C S.; Lee K S., 1986:
Effect of iron on degeneration of synaptosome caused by 6 hydroxydopamine

Shvydko, N.S.; Ivanova, N.P.; Rushonik, S.I.; Popov, D.K.; Basalaeva, L.N.; Vorozhtsova, L.N., 1978:
Effect of iron on kinetics of plutonium 239 binding with blood components and its accumulation in rat tissues

Kayode G.O., 1984:
Effect of iron on maize yields in forest and savanna zones of nigeria

Ward C.G.; Mitchell M.; Streitfeld M.M., 1983:
Effect of iron on mixed infection of bacteroides fragilis and escherichia coli in mice

Mevissen Verhage E.A.E.; Marcelis J.H.; Harmsen Van Amerongen W.C.M.; D.V.s N.M.; Verhoef J., 1985:
Effect of iron on neonatal gut flora during the 1st 3 months of life

Mevissen Verhage E.A.E.; Marcelis J.H.; Harmsen Van Amerongen W.C.M.; D.V.s N.M.; Berkel J.; Verhoef J., 1985:
Effect of iron on neonatal gut flora during the 1st week of life

Moawad, M.A., 1971:
Effect of iron on protein metabolism in plants

Jarritt, P.H., 1976:
Effect of iron on sedimentation velocity and gel filtration behavior of transferrins from several vertebrates

Magnusson, K.E.; Kihlstrom, E.; Norqvist, A.; Davies, J.; Normark, S., 1979:
Effect of iron on surface charge and hydrophobicity of Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Szczodrak, J.; Ilczuk, Z., 1985:
Effect of iron on the activity of aconitate hydratase and synthesis of citric acid by Aspergillus niger

Jendryczko A.; Drozdz M., 1984:
Effect of iron on the determination of hydroxyproline content in the lung tissue

Sudenko V.I.; Kvasnikov E.I.; Sumnevich V.G., 1981:
Effect of iron on the growth and composition of yeast rhodosporidium diobovatum pigment cells

Mcintosh, M.A.; Earhart, C.F., 1976:
Effect of iron on the relative abundance of 2 large poly peptides of the escherichia coli outer membrane

Aboi K.; Hirth T.; Ericsson J.L.E.; Brunk U., 1983:
Effect of iron on the stability of macrophage lysosomes

Schaefer F.V.; Theil E.C., 1981:
Effect of iron on the synthesis and amount of ferritin in red blood cells during ontogeny

Agboola A.A.; Fube H.N., 1983:
Effect of iron on yield and performance of upland rice cultivar os 6 in southwest nigeria

Mahulikar D.N.; Badhe N.N., 1981:
Effect of iron on yield and uptake of iron manganese and phosphorus by upland paddy grown under different levels of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium in medium black soil

Park H.K.; Park S.B., 1985:
Effect of iron overloading on lipids and vitamin e content of testes and blood plasma and on histological changes of testes in rats

Orlov D.S.; Lopukhina O.V.; Il'ina L.S., 1984:
Effect of iron oxides and hydroxides on soil color based on soils in turgai plateau ussr

Delgado R.; Onishchenko V.G.; Agafonov O.A., 1982:
Effect of iron oxides on the relationship between water pressure and moisture content of clay minerals

Tiwari K.N.; Kumar A., 1985:
Effect of iron pyrites organic materials and micronutrients on yield of rice and wheat and on amelioration of sodic soil

Hartikka P.; Dahlbom M.; Westermarck H., 1983:
Effect of iron saccharate injections of finnish horses

Zimelman, A.P.; Zimmerman, H.J.; McLean, R.; Weintraub, L.R., 1977:
Effect of iron saturation of transferrin on hepatic iron uptake: an in vitro study

Baltimore R.S.; Pearson H.A.; Shedd D.G., 1982:
Effect of iron saturation on the bacteriostasis of human serum in vivo does not correlate with in vitro saturation

Baker, E.; Gunner, D.; Patterson, S., 1982:
Effect of iron saturation on transferrin uptake by reticulocytes. A morphological study

Rizk, S.; Clydesdale, F., 1983:
Effect of iron sources and ascorbic acid on the chemical profile of iron in a soy protein isolate

Ghosal A.K.; Jatkar P.R.; Dwaraknath P.K.; Purohit S.K., 1980:
Effect of iron supplementation on productivity and canary coloration in nali sheep

Rybo E.; Bengtsson C.; Hallberg L.; Oden A., 1985:
Effect of iron supplementation to women with iron deficiency

Lira P.; Barrena N.; Foradori A.; Grebe G., 1986:
Effect of iron supply on iron deposits in pregnants newborns and puerperae

Sibirnyi, V.A., 1978:
Effect of iron synthetic chelating compounds and carbon source on catechol biosynthesis in klebsiella aerogenes/

Williams M.L.; Cobb A.H., 1985:
Effect of irradiance and light quality on starch synthesis by isolated chloroplasts of codium fragile

Ben Amotz A., 1987:
Effect of irradiance and nutrient deficiency on the chemical composition of dunaliella bardawil ben amotz and avron volvocales chlorophyta

Shmeleva V.L.; Ivanov B.N., 1985:
Effect of irradiance during plant growth on electron transport chain in pea pisum sativum cultivar neistochchimii chloroplasts state of cytochromes

Solarova J.; Pospisilova J., 1987:
Effect of irradiance of leaves during their ontogeny on the number and size of stomata and the epidermal diffusive conductance

Williams L.E.; Phillips D.A., 1980:
Effect of irradiance on development of apparent nitrogen fixation and photosynthesis in soybean glycine max cultivar clark

Fasehun, F.E., 1978:
Effect of irradiance on growth and photosynthesis of populus x euramericana clones

Sheikholeslam, S.N.; Fishbeck, K.A.; Phillips, D.A., 1980:
Effect of irradiance on partitioning of photosynthate to pea root nodules pisum sativum cultivar alaska

Ferron F.; Coudert A.; Zinsou C.; Costes C., 1982:
Effect of irradiance on photosynthetic metabolism in chayote sechium edule

Thinh L V., 1983:
Effect of irradiance on the physiology and ultrastructure of the marine cryptomonad cryptomonas strain lis cryptophyceae

Cunfer, B.M.; Youmans, J., 1979:
Effect of irradiance upon the population of Pseudomonas coronafaciens in leaves and symptom expression of halo blight of rye

Kana, T.M.; Glibert, P.M., 1987:
Effect of irradiances up 2000 mue m 2 s 1 marine synechococcus wh7803 ii. photosynthetic responses and mechanisms

Kana, T.M.; Glibert, P.M., 1987:
Effect of irradiances up to 2000 mue m 2 s 1 on marine synechococcus wh7803 i. growth pigmentation and cell composition

Schachinger L.; Srivastava A.; Schippel C.; Kloter H., 1983:
Effect of irradiated di butyryl cyclic amp on the tonic and phasic activity of human myometrium

Csukás, Z.; Wessely, M.; Slowik, F.; Bertók, L., 1983:
Effect of irradiated haemophilus influenzae endotoxin preparations in mice

Bennett, M.; Sanderson-Hand, A., 1978:
Effect of irradiated mouse spleen cells on severity of graft vs host disease

Pavicic, S.; Hrsak, I.; Milas, L., 1976:
Effect of irradiated tumor bed on the development of distant metastases of fibro sarcoma in mice

Sorokina N.I.; Soldatenkov V.A.; Filippovich I.V., 1985:
Effect of irradiation and chemical differentiation inductors on the survival of mouse thymus lymphocytes

Popov, D.V.; Starodubov, S.M., 1977:
Effect of irradiation and cystamine on secondary induction of the cornea in anura larvae

Gelderblom, D.; Smit, B.J.; Böhm, L., 1984:
Effect of irradiation and endogenous nucleases on rat liver chromatin

Fujimura T.; Yoshii F.; Kaetsu I.; Inoue Y.; Shibata K., 1980:
Effect of irradiation and immobilization on spinach chloroplast activities

Bhusari K.P.; Lulay S.N.; Umalkar G.V., 1982:
Effect of irradiation and incubation with sodium azide on the yield of diosgenin in trigonella foenum graecum

Zhivotova, N.I.; Pushkareva, N.B.; Filippovich, I.V.; Romantsev, E.F., 1975:
Effect of irradiation and some sulfur bearing compounds on cyclic amp phospho di esterase activity of tissue homogenates of experimental animals

Wahid M., 1981:
Effect of irradiation and storage on the cyto kinins of edible mushrooms agaricus bisporus stipe

Golikov, V.Iu.; Lebedev, O.V.; Nikitin, V.V., 1981:
Effect of irradiation geometry on the absorbed dose

Asil'bekova D.T.; Gusakova S.D.; Umarov A.U.; Suleimanova F.N.; Alavutdinov D.N., 1980:
Effect of irradiation of cottonseeds with impulse concentrated light on the composition of cottonseed oil

Lychev V.A.; Poryadkova N.A., 1982:
Effect of irradiation of human lymphocytes at the g 0 and g 1 phases of the mitotic cycle on dna synthesis

Haisa, Y., 1976:
Effect of irradiation of lipid per oxidation in serum part 2 clinical study of cervical uterine cancer cases

Ismail, F.A., 1976:
Effect of irradiation on broad bean vicia faba textural qualities

Aitasalo, K., 1986:
Effect of irradiation on early enzymatic changes in healing mandibular periosteum and bone. A histochemical study on rats

Klenerova, V.; Hynie, S., 1978:
Effect of irradiation on enzyme activities of cyclic amp system in the neuro hypophysis and adeno hypophysis

Hasgekar N.N.; Pendse A.M.; Lalitha V.S., 1986:
Effect of irradiation on ethylnitrosourea induced neural tumors in wistar rat

Schachinger L.; Schippel C.; Altmann E.; Diepold B.; Yang C.; Jaenike M.; Hochhaeuser E., 1985:
Effect of irradiation on immobilized enzymes compared with that on enzymes in solution

Haisa, Y., 1975:
Effect of irradiation on lipid per oxidation in serum part 1 changes in lipid per oxidation in rabbit serum after irradiation

Clarke, C.; Wills, E.D., 1980:
Effect of irradiation on lysosomal enzyme activation in cultured macrophages

Mirakhmedov A.K.; Muradillaev A.; Khan M.Z.; Khamidov D.K.H., 1982:
Effect of irradiation on membrane bound rabbit liver mitochondrial enzymes in embryogenesis

Fomenko, B.S.; Elfimova, I.A.; Kamynin, A.N.; Akoev, I.G., 1977:
Effect of irradiation on mitochondrial membrane potential

Stearns M.P., 1983:
Effect of irradiation on nerve regeneration

Nemalnder A., 1983:
Effect of irradiation on rat renal transplant rejection

Bertok L.; Nagy S.U., 1986:
Effect of irradiation on serum thyroxine level and response of thyroid gland to exogenous tsh in rats

Gerasimo P.; Ducousso R., 1984:
Effect of irradiation on subcellular distribution of radiostrontium in rat liver in vivo and in vitro

Prasad, N.; Prasad, R.; Bushong, S.C.; North, L.B., 1977:
Effect of irradiation on testicular cells of opossum

Ivannik, B.P.; Proskuryakov, S.Y. ; Golubeva, R.V.; Ryabchenko, N.I., 1978:
Effect of irradiation on the activity of alkaline dnase in rat thymocytes/

Zhivotova, N.I.; Filippovich, I.V.; Romantsev, E.F., 1975:
Effect of irradiation on the activity of phospho di esterase of 3 5 cyclic amp in isolated rat thymocytes

Ed-Bedewy, L.A.; Mohsin, S.M.; Abdallah, N.M.; Morsi, M.K.S., 1978:
Effect of irradiation on the chemical constituents of camel meat during cold storage and freezing

Sur K.; Basu R.N., 1985:
Effect of irradiation on the deteriorative senescence of embryo and endosperm of rice oryza sativa seed

Hahn H.J.; Barnstorf K.; Nadrowitz R.; Schmidt W., 1983 :
Effect of irradiation on the development of low dose streptozotocin diabetes in mice

Chan, R.C.; Shukovsky, L.J., 1976:
Effect of irradiation on the eye

D'aoust, A.L., 1978:
Effect of irradiation on the growth of black spruce plants in containers placed in 2 culture enclosures

Roberts W.; Kartha M.; Sagone A.L.Jr, 1979:
Effect of irradiation on the hexose mono phosphate shunt pathway of human lymphocytes

Herr H.W., 1980:
Effect of irradiation on the immuno competence of peripheral blood and regional lymph node lymphocytes in bladder cancer

Sarmah P.C.; Bhattacharyulu Y., 1987:
Effect of irradiation on the infectivity of trypanosoma evansi in mice

Rowley D.B.; Firstenberg Eden R.; Powers E.M.; Shattuck G.E.; Wasserman A.E.; Wierbicki E., 1983:
Effect of irradiation on the inhibition of clostridium botulinum toxin production and the microbial flora in bacon

Aslamova L.I.; Blyum Y.V.; Tsudzevich B.A.; Kucherenko N.E., 1985:
Effect of irradiation on the intensity of synthesis of chromatin proteins in the rat liver with serotonin protection under conditions of impulse translation inhibition by cycloheximide

Villar A.; Villa M.H.S.; Galiana R., 1985:
Effect of irradiation on the lung classic theories and current interpretations

Avtar S.; Tejinder S.; Bains G.S., 1985:
Effect of irradiation on the malting quality of barley

Umanskii, S.R.; Zotova, R.N.; Tokarskaya, V.I., 1975:
Effect of irradiation on the phosphorylation of nuclear proteins of the liver and thymus of rats

Christov K., 1982:
Effect of irradiation on the proliferation kinetics of thyroid follicular cells in infant rats

Aoki S.; Kume T.; Kawashima K., 1983:
Effect of irradiation on the removal of epidermis from onion bulbs

D.P.nte D.J.B.; Roozen J.P.; Pilnik W., 1986:
Effect of irradiation on the stability of minced cod with and without hydrocolloids during frozen storage

Chomette G.; Auriol M.; Vaillant J.M.; Bertrand J.C.; Chenal C., 1981:
Effect of irradiation on the submandibular gland of the rat an enzyme histochemical and ultrastructural study

Dubey, J.P.; Brake, R.J.; Murrell, K.D.; Fayer, R., 1986:
Effect of irradiation on the viability of Toxoplasma gondii cysts in tissues of mice and pigs

Mivechi, N.F.; Li, G.C., 1988:
Effect of irradiation on thermal sensitivity of bone marrow progenitors

Glatt H.J.; V.M.T.; Burger P.C.; Klintworth G.K., 1985:
Effect of irradiation on vascularization of corneas grafted into chorioallantoic membranes

Bruns M.A.; Maxcy R.B., 1979:
Effect of irradiation temperature and drying on survival of highly radiation resistant bacteria in complex menstrua

Ding B.; Jiang W.; Zhou B.; Yang R.; X.Y., 1981:
Effect of irradiation with 500 rad of cobalt 60 gamma rays on the liver nonhistone chromosomal proteins in rats

Morioka T.; Morita E.; Suzuki K., 1982:
Effect of irradiation with a neodymium yttrium aluminum garnet laser on dental deposits and intrinsic stains

Barahona R.J.F., 1984:
Effect of irradiation with carbon dioxide laser on dog periodontal tissues

Goryukhina, T.A.; Misheneva, V.S.; Burova, T.M.; Seits, I.F., 1976:
Effect of irradiation with fast electrons on the udp glucose mechanism of glycogen synthesis in nk ly tumors spleen and liver of tumor bearing mice

Tsunoda K.; Kariya K.; Machida H., 1980:
Effect of irregular disposition of planted hills under broadcasting condition on the growth and yield in rice plants

Jarvis, R.H.; Rogers-Lewis, D.S.; Bray, W.E., 1976:
Effect of irregular set spacing on main crop potatoes

Porzig E., 1985:
Effect of irregular suppression on eating habit of cattle

Kalinowska Zdun M., 1980:
Effect of irrigation against different agronomic factors on the technological value of sugar beets

Bravdo B.; Hepner Y.; Loinger C.; Cohen S.; Tabacman H., 1985:
Effect of irrigation and crop level on growth yield and wine quality of cultivar cabernet sauvignon

Pereira, J.R.; Cordeiro, G.G., 1987:
Effect of irrigation and fertilization on some chemical characteristics of a vertisol

Fayle D.C.F.; Axelsson B., 1985:
Effect of irrigation and fertilization on stem and root thickening at their junction in scotch pine pinus sylvestris

Kolesnikov, V.A.; Azamatov, M.A., 1976:
Effect of irrigation and fertilization on the growth development and fruit bearing of the apple tree in the kabardino balkarian steppe zone ussr

Singh, A., 1977:
Effect of irrigation and fertilizer on the yield and quality of seed cotton gossypium hirsutum in western rajasthan india

Dianati, M., 1977:
Effect of irrigation and fertilizer placement on the nitrogen uptake by wheat under semi arid conditions of karadj iran

Barbieri G., 1982:
Effect of irrigation and harvesting dates on the yield of spring sown sugar beet

Karmanov V.G.; Solov'ev E.V., 1979:
Effect of irrigation and illumination on respiration intensity in plant root systems

Silva M.S.E.; Costa J.A., 1986:
Effect of irrigation and maintenance fertilization in soybeans in recovered fertility soils

Tomar S.S.; Verma O.P., 1985:
Effect of irrigation and mulch on the performance of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar kalyansona planted on different dates

Mahey R.K.; Randhawa G.S.; Gill S.R.S., 1986:
Effect of irrigation and mulching on water conservation growth and yield of turmeric

Singh B.N.; Srivastava S.P., 1986:
Effect of irrigation and nitrogen fertilization on growth and yield of mustard in mid hills of meghalaya india

Hegde D.M., 1986:
Effect of irrigation and nitrogen fertilization on water relations canopy temperature yield nitrogen uptake and water use of onion

Hegde D.M., 1988:
Effect of irrigation and nitrogen fertilization on yield quality nitrogen uptake and water use of watermelon citrullus lanatus

Lehova E.; Doichev K., 1987:
Effect of irrigation and nitrogen fertilizing on the chemical composition of leaves of bearing apples trees established as a free growing thicket

Aggarwal G.C.; Sidhu A.S., 1988:
Effect of irrigation and nitrogen on maize cowpea fodder intercropping at ludhiana india advantages and intercrop competition

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