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Effect of irrigation and nitrogen fertilization on water relations canopy temperature yield nitrogen uptake and water use of onion

Hegde, D.M.

Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 56(12): 858-867


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5022
Accession: 005248995

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In a 2-year experiment, an irrigation at 0.45 or 0.65 bar soil-water potential resulted in higher bulb yield, N uptake and water-use efficiency than an irrigation either at 0.25 or 0.85 bar soil-water potential in 'Pusa Red' onion (Allium cepa Linn.). N fertilization decreased the relative water content, osmotic potential and canopy temperature but increased the bulb yield, N uptake, and water-use efficiency. The optimum level of N was found to be 150 kg/ha.

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