Effect of kinetin on the water exchange and photochemical activity in triticale

Dushkova, P.; Koleva, A.; Stankova, P.

Fiziologiya na Rasteniyata (Sofia) 10(4): 49-55


Accession: 005249545

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The effect of the growth regulator kinetin on 2 different triticale cultivars (the Soviet cv. AD-206 and the Mexican cv. 7291) was studied. Plants were sprayed with 10-5 M kinetin solution at stages IV and VIII of organogenesis. Six days later the following indices were recorded: fractional composition of water, water deficit, water retention ability, electrolyte exosmosis, plastid pigment content and Hill reaction. Under the influence of kinetin the quantity of free water in the leaves of both cultivars increases, but that of bound water is reduced. Treated plants are distinguished by higher content of chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, and carotenoids. Photochemical activity of isolated chloroplasts in cv. AD-206 is enhanced after the 1st treatment and of cv. 7291, after the second one. Kinetin has a more pronounced effect on the Mexican cv. 7291 in respect to the studied indicators of water exchange and plastid pigment content.