Effect of level and source of phosphorus on performance of growing finishing swine

Clawson, A.J.; Southern, L.L.

Nutrition Reports International 31(2): 429-434


ISSN/ISBN: 0029-6635
Accession: 005250364

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Two experiments using 128 crossbred pigs were conducted to assess the efficacy of triple super phosphate (TSP), raw rock phosphate (RRP) and ammonium polyphosphate (APP) relative to defluorinated rock phosphate (DRP) as P sources for growing-finishing swine. In experiment 1, performance of swine was not affected by incremental replacement of DRP phosphorus with APP phosphorus. In experiment 2, P from TSP, RRP and APP was compared with P from DRP at 2 Ca-P levels (0.6% Ca and 0.5% P; 0.8% Ca and 0.6% P). Swine performance was depressed by TSP and RRP at the low P level. At the high P level, TSP allowed performance equal to that of DRP and APP whereas performance of swine consuming RRP remained inferior to performance of swine consuming DRP, TSP and APP.