Effect of longwave uv radiation on the frequency of cyclo phosphamide chromosome aberrations in mouse bone marrow cells

Zhurkov, V.S.; Il'in V.P.; Prokopenko, Y.I.

Tsitologiya i Genetika 16(2): 6-9


Accession: 005251718

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The influence of 1-mo. pretreatment of mice with different regimes of long-wave UV-radiation on spontaneous and cyclophosphamide (CP) induced levels of chromosome aberrations in the bone marrow cells was studied. The level of aberrant cells in the bone marrow of control and CP treated mice was not changed by the suberythematous dose (0.5 of the erythematous dose) of UV-radiation. The pretreatment with 3 erythematous doses of UV-radiation significantly increased spontaneous and CP induced level of chromosome aberrations as compared with that in UV-unexposed mice.