Effect of maize zea mays cultivar pioneer 3780 competition on weed growth and seed production

Jordan, J.L.; Staniforth, D.W.; Jordan, L.S.

Phyton (Buenos Aires) 43(1): 109-116


ISSN/ISBN: 0079-2047
Accession: 005252517

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Polygonum pensylvanicum L., Abutilon theopbrasti Medic., Setaria viridis (L.) Beauv. and S. lutescens (Weigel) Hubb. were grown with and without competition from maize plants. P. pensylvanicum and A. theophrasti heights increased 147% and 14%, respectively, in competition with maize plants. With maize competition, plant weight, stem diameter, inflorescence length and number of inflorescences, fruit or seeds of P. pensylvanicum and A. theophrasti plants decreased up to 99% whereas growth and seed production of the 2 Setaria spp. decreased by 49-97%.