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Effect of management practices on colostral immunoglobulin absorption in newborn baby pigs

Ribeiro, M.F.B.; Santos, J.L.D.; Salcedo, J.H.P.; Faria, J.E.D.; Pereira, J.A.A.

Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia 38(3): 277-284


ISSN/ISBN: 0102-0935
Accession: 005252638

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The aim of this experiment was to study the effect of managment practices on colostrous immuno-globulin (Ig) absorption in newly born baby pigs. The baby pigs submitted to ear notching, weighing, umbilical cord and tail cutting and "needle" teeth clipping, six hours post-partum, showed lower serum immuno-globulin (Ig) concentrations than those undergoing the same practices 24 and 48 hours post-partum. These results suggest that management practices in newly born baby pigs should be done after the first six hours post-partum in order to allow higher serum immuno-glabulin (Ig) absorption.

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