Effect of methionine enkephalin and d 2 methionine 5 proline enkephalinamide on the adenylate cyclase activity of rat brain

Wollemann, M.; Szebeni, A.; Bajusz, S.; Graf, L.

Neurochemical Research 4(5): 627-632


ISSN/ISBN: 0364-3190
Accession: 005253669

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Among opiatelike peptides, stimulatory and inhibitory effects are encountered on adenylate cyclase activity. These actions are dependent not only on the investigated brain region but also on the applied peptide. Met-enkephalin stimulates adenylate cyclase activity in the rat brain stem (D-Met2, Pro5)-enkephalinamide and .beta.-endorphin inhibited it, whereas all 3 peptides inhibited the activity of the cortex. Naloxone antagonized the effects of the applied peptides in the presence of NaCl.