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Effect of modifiers on human lymphocyte culture treated with dipin and fotrin

Zalinyan, G.G.; Batikyan, G.G.; Arutyunyan, R.M.; Egiazaryan, S.V.

Biologicheskii Zhurnal Armenii 33(3): 327-329


Accession: 005254662

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Aminoethylaminopropylthiophosphoric acid [AEAPTPA] and cystaphos (aminoethylthiophosphate) were used as modifiers on peripheral blood lymphocyte culture. They were introduced into the culture at a concentration of 10-4 M in the 28th hour of cultivation. Four hour prior to fixation the culture was treated with the multicentric mutagens dipin and fotrin at various concentrations. For comparison of effects of the 2 modifiers data from treatment of lymphocyte culture with the modifiers were analyzed prior to introduction of mutagens. The cytogenetic action of different dipin and fotrin concentrations modified by cystaphos and AEAPTPA on the portion of aberrant metaphases, metaphases with exchanges, total number of breaks and portion of paired breaks were studied and correlation coefficients were obtained. Compared effects of AEAPTPA and cystaphos on the level of aberrant metaphases revealed a greater effect of AEAPTPA. A considerable part of the observed protective effect was explained by the artefact of cellular selection and demonstrated in the introductory information. Only the total assessment of a series of parameters with application of correlational analysis could determine the effect of modifiers without providing explanations of its mechanisms.

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