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Effect of nitrogen dressing on the protein content of wheat grains 2. amino acid composition of the protein fraction

Pavlova, A.; K"drev, T.

Fiziologiya na Rasteniyata 8(4): 44-50


ISSN/ISBN: 0324-0290
Accession: 005256733

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Meeting the N requirements of wheat plants during the course of their development provides an opportunity to regulate the yield and protein quality of their seeds. N dressings applied in the course of the reproductive phases of wheat plants lead to increased protein content and to changes in the protein fraction composition. The established changes in protein amino acid composition of wheat plants receiving ammonium nitrate dressing at the phase of milk ripeness are due not only to the changed ratio of the 4 different protein fractions resulting from the influence of N, but also to the individual changes in each one of them. This effect depends on the concentration and on the kind of N dressing. Most effective in respect to the biological value of protein (which in this case means preservation or enhancement of the sum of essential amino acids in the relatively increased protein fractions) was the medium of N (2.10-4 M NH4NO3) applied not to the roots but over the plants.

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