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Effect of nitrogen phosphorus potassium boron and zinc on thompson seedless vines trained on head system ii. effect on yield

Mahorkar, V.K.; Patil, V.K.; Devgire, D.V.

PKV Research Journal 10(2): 125-129


Accession: 005256972

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A dose of 180 N per vine significantly increased the yield of Thompson Seedless grapes in terms of number and weight of bunches. Similarly a dose of 80 g P2O5 per vine also significantly increased the yield in terms of weight bunches. The significantly interaction between N .times. P and K .times. B indicated that the combinations of 180 g N+80 g P2O5 and 80 gK2O +2 g B per vine were the best for producing higher yields. N dose at 180 g per vine as well as P dose at 80 g P2O5 per vine significantly increased the weight of berries. There was no individual effect of K, B and Zn application on yield. The significant interaction between N .times. P, N .times. Zn and K .times. Zn pointed out that combinations of 180 g N + 80 g P2O5, 180 g N + 2 g Zn and 80 g K2 O + 2 gZn per vine were the best in giving greater weight to berries.

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