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Effect of parasympathetic stimulation on intraocular pressure, formation of the aqueous humour and outflow facility in rabbits

Stjernschantz, J.

Experimental Eye Research 22(6): 639-645


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-4835
PMID: 1278264
Accession: 005259290

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Nine curarized rabbits were subjected to preganglionic parasympathetic stimulation, the target area being the intracranial portion of the oculomotor nerve. Intraocular pressure [IOP], systemic blood pressure and pupil size were recorded. The eyes were perfused with isotonic saline during stimulation and the rate of formation of aqueous humor and the outflow facility were calculated. In most of the experiments parasympathetic stimulation slightly reduced the IOP, the formation of aqueous humor tended to increase slightly and the facility of outflow of aqueous humor also appeared to increase. The blood pressure was not noticeably affected by stimulation. The effect of parasympathetic (oculomotor nerve) stimulation on aqueous humor dynamics in the rabbit is apparently slight and somewhat inconsistent.

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