Effect of phentolamine on electro encephalogram and impulse activity of cortical neurons

Yasnetsov, V.S.; Pravdivtsev, V.A.; Kozlov, S.N.; Kostyuchenkov, V.N.; Efremenkov, S.V.

Farmakologiya i Toksikologiya (Moscow) 40(6): 688-690


Accession: 005260842

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In tests with vigilant immobilized and also urethane anesthetized rabbits the influence of i.v. injection of phentolamine (3-10 mg/kg) on the EEG waves parameters was studied. Within 45-75 min following introduction of phentolamine there is shortening or elimination of the EEG activation reaction in response to stimulation of the sciatic nerve. The blocking effect of the i.v. administration of phentolamine in noted also by following dynamic changes in the discharge activity of single neurons.