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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5264

Chapter 5264 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Shah, J.L., 1984:
Effect of posture on extradural pressure

Blumenthal I.; Lealman G.T., 1982:
Effect of posture on gastro esophageal reflux in the new born

Mohan, M.; Anandh, B.; Thombre, D.P.; Surange, S.G.; Chakrabarty, A.S., 1987:
Effect of posture on heart rate and cardiac axis of mice

Amis T.C.; Jones H.A.; Hughes J.M.B., 1984:
Effect of posture on inter regional distribution of pulmonary perfusion and ventilation perfusion ratios in man

Solomon, L.R.; Atherton, J.C.; Bobinski, H.; Green, R., 1986:
Effect of posture on plasma immunoreactive atrial natriuretic peptide concentrations in man

Smith, D.F.; Shimizu, M., 1976:
Effect of posture on renal lithium clearance

Hayami A., 1979:
Effect of posture on respiratory sinus arrhythmia in young females

Masuda R.; Ryo K.; Yokoyama K., 1986:
Effect of posture on the respiratory functions in smokers

Yasumoto, K.; Inada, Y., 1987:
Effect of posture on the respiratory functions in surgical patients

Chapman K.R.; Rebuck A.S., 1984:
Effect of posture on thoraco abdominal movements during carbon di oxide re breathing

Baydur A.; Behrakis P.K.; Zin W.A.; Jaeger M.J.; Weiner J.M.; Milic Emili J., 1987:
Effect of posture on ventilation and breathing pattern during room air breathing at rest

Appel, M.; Childs, A.; Healey, E.; Markowitz, S.; Wong, S.; Mead, J., 1986:
Effect of posture on vital capacity

Patil B.C.; Panchal Y.C.; Janardhan K.V., 1987:
Effect of potash levels on photosynthesis and yield of bidi tobacco nicotiana tabacum l

Beck F X.; Doerge A.; Rick R.; Schramm M.; Thurau K., 1987:
Effect of potassium adaptation on the distribution of potassium sodium and chloride across the apical membrane of renal tubular cells

Hara, Y.; Szurszewski, J.H., 1986:
Effect of potassium and acetylcholine on canine intestinal smooth muscle

Heng L.C., 1979:
Effect of potassium and aluminum treatments on growth and nutrient uptake of rubber hevea seedlings and on soils

Lentz, D.E.; Madsen, F.C.; Miller, J.K.; Hansard, S.L., 1976:
Effect of potassium and hypo magnesemia on insulin in the bovine

Wolcott D.L., 1981:
Effect of potassium and lithium ions on protein synthesis in the sea urchin embryo

Bedi, A.S.; Sekhon, G.S., 1977 :
Effect of potassium and magnesium application to soils on the dry matter yield and cation composition of maize

Jiang X R.; Chen W P.; Shi H L.; Zhou L F., 1984:
Effect of potassium and magnesium aspartate on experimental myo cardial ischemia and infarction

Pospisil, M.; Netikova, J.; Pipalova, I.; Mikeska, J., 1980:
Effect of potassium and magnesium salts of aspartic acid on hemopoiesis and recovery from radiation damage in mice

Koev K., 1980:
Effect of potassium and molybdenum fertilizer application on alfalfa fodder yield on dark gray forest soils

Gutser, R.; Vollrath, H.; Kuehbauch, W., 1978:
Effect of potassium and sodium fertilization of a 3 cut meadow on a potassium fixing soil

Koyama N.; Nosoh Y., 1985:
Effect of potassium and sodium ions on the cytoplasmic ph of an alkalophilic bacillus

Tiwari K.N.; Nigam V.; Pathak A.N., 1982:
Effect of potassium and zinc application on dry matter production and nutrient uptake by potato cultivar kufri chandramukhi solanum tuberosum in an alluvial soil of uttar pradesh india

Obiefuna J.C., 1984:
Effect of potassium application during the floral initiation stage of plantains musa aab

Eltun R., 1987:
Effect of potassium application on enzymatic browning and yields of three potato cultivars

Sismiyati, R.; Yazawa, F., 1977:
Effect of potassium application on rice growth under increasing manganese supply

Netikova J.; Pospisil M., 1980:
Effect of potassium aspartate and magnesium aspartate on splenic erythropoiesis in mice

Shida H., 1980:
Effect of potassium based cardioplegic solutions and pharmacologic agents on normo thermic ischemic myo cardium

Tanaka K.; Endo S.; Nagao S., 1980:
Effect of potassium bromate potassium iodate and l ascorbic acid on the consistency of heated dough

Nguyen Van Khuen; Georgieva V.; K"drev T.G., 1983:
Effect of potassium calcium and magnesium deficit and excess on tomato flower formation fruit set yield and quality

Matsumoto N.; Ikeda J.; Sugahara T., 1986:
Effect of potassium chloride added to kitchen salt used for preparing pickled vegetables

Guy E.J., 1986:
Effect of potassium chloride levels on functional and baking properties of sponge doughs and hedonic ratings of their breads

Maly, J.; Schuck, O., 1976:
Effect of potassium chloride on renal uric acid excretion

Suzuki H.; Kondo K.; Saruta T., 1981:
Effect of potassium chloride on the blood pressure in 2 kidney 1 clip goldblatt hypertensive rats

Weimberg, R., 1970:
Effect of potassium chloride on the uptake and storage of phosphate by Saccharomyces mellis

Trolldenier, G., 1985:
Effect of potassium chloride vs. potassium sulfate fertilization at different soil moisture levels on take all of wheat

Kuz'mina O.Yu, 1981:
Effect of potassium concentration and environmental salinity on mytilus edulis electrolyte composition and muscle volume of mussels

Pushkarev V.M.; Tron'ko N.D.; Mikosha A.S., 1987:
Effect of potassium concentration on the biosynthesis of fast labelling proteins in adrenal cortex

Wiley, L.M.; Yamami, S.; Van Muyden, D., 1986:
Effect of potassium concentration, type of protein supplement, and embryo density on mouse preimplantation development in vitro

Haslbachova H.; Kubisova S., 1980:
Effect of potassium content in onion allium cepa nectar upon the pollinating activity of honey bees apis mellifera

Mikhalevskaya O.B.; Narbut S.I.; Voilokov A.V., 1982:
Effect of potassium cyanate on normal and tumor growth in radish inbred lines characterized by formation of spontaneous tumors

Wolswinkel P.; Ammerlaan A.; Kuyvenhoven H., 1983:
Effect of potassium cyanide and p chloro mercuri benzenesulfonic acid on the release of sucrose and carbon 14 labeled 2 amino iso butyric acid by the seed coat of pisum sativum cultivar marzia

Lisovskaya, I.L.; Volkova, R.I.; Pozin, E.Y. ; Markosyan, R.A., 1976:
Effect of potassium cyanide on intact and refractory thrombocytes

Horvath I.; Kiraly K.; Marschalko M., 1979:
Effect of potassium cyanide on the motility of treponema pallidum

Higgins A.J.; Neal M.J., 1982:
Effect of potassium de polarization and preganglionic nerve stimulation on the metabolism of tritium labeled choline in rat isolated sympathetic ganglia

Busselen P., 1982:
Effect of potassium de polarization on sodium dependent calcium efflux from goldfish carassius auratus heart ventricles and guinea pig atria

Stamp P.; Geisler G., 1980:
Effect of potassium deficiency on 3 carbon pathway and 4 carbon pathway cereals

Basha S.K.M.; Rao G.R., 1980:
Effect of potassium deficiency on growth and metabolism of peanut arachis hypogaea cultivar tmv 2 plants

Mitsui H.; Nakagawa S., 1985:
Effect of potassium deficiency on lipid classes of murine liver and changes in fatty acid composition by melittin mediated release

Cleveland, C.E.; Swank, R.T., 1978:
Effect of potassium deficiency on mouse kidney lysosomal enzymes

Nagarajah S., 1979:
Effect of potassium deficiency on stomatal and cuticular resistance in tea camellia sinensis

Zheng, G.J.; Ding, Y.Y.; Xu, Y.; Qian, S.Z., 1984:
Effect of potassium deficiency on the magnesium metabolism of rats

Hartt, C.E., 1969:
Effect of potassium deficiency upon translocation of carbon 14 in attached blades and entire plants of sugarcane m

Hartt, C.E., 1970:
Effect of potassium deficiency upon translocation of carbon 14 in detached blades of sugarcane m

Vaamonde C.A.; Oster J.R.; Alpert H.C.; Rodriguez G.R., 1985:
Effect of potassium depletion of acidosis induced changes in plasma potassium concentration

Sandvig, K.; Sundan, A.; Olsnes, S., 1985:
Effect of potassium depletion of cells on their sensitivity to diphtheria toxin and pseudomonas toxin

Madshus, I.H.; Tønnessen, T.I.; Olsnes, S.; Sandvig, K., 1987:
Effect of potassium depletion of Hep 2 cells on intracellular pH and on chloride uptake by anion antiport

Brinker K.R.; Bulger R.E.; Dobyan D.C.; Stacey T.R.; Southern P.M.; Henrich W.L.; Cronin R.E., 1981:
Effect of potassium depletion on gentamicin nephro toxicity

Mehta S.C.; Mittal S.B.; Singh A.P., 1986:
Effect of potassium depletion on potassium calcium exchange equilibria in soils

Kjeldsen K.; Norgaard A.; Clausen T., 1984:
Effect of potassium depletion on tritium labeled ouabain binding and sodium potassium contents in mammalian skeletal muscle

Leclercq Meyer V.; Marchand J.; Malaisse W.J., 1983:
Effect of potassium deprivation and ouabain upon glucagon release

Kalafatic M., 1987:
Effect of potassium dichromate upon regeneration of hypostome and foot of hydra hydra vulgaris

Yanev S.; Janku I.; Stoytchev Ts; Havlik I.; Krebs V., 1982:
Effect of potassium ethyl xanthogenate and 2 3 di mercapto propanesulfonate sodium on the pento barbital pharmaco kinetics and metabolism in male mice

Tsenova, M., 1977:
Effect of potassium ferri cyanide on the photo phosphorylating activity of isolated chloroplasts

Van Buren J.P.; Peck N.H., 1982:
Effect of potassium fertilization and addition of salts on the texture of canned snap bean pods

Picha D.H.; Hall C.B., 1982:
Effect of potassium fertilization and season on fresh market tomato lycopersicon esculentum quality characters

Burkart, N.; Amberger, A., 1978:
Effect of potassium fertilization on potassium availability in potassium fixing soils over the vegetative period

Giroux M.; Van Lierop W., 1982:
Effect of potassium fertilization on potato solanum tuberosum yield and its relation to soil analysis

Rhue R.D.; Hensel D.R.; Kidder G., 1986:
Effect of potassium fertilization on yield and leaf nutrient concentrations of potatoes grown on a sandy soil

Milcheva M.; Nikolova M.; Rankov V.; Dimitrov S.; Yubel E., 1988:
Effect of potassium fertilizer forms on chemical composition and quality of production in various crops

Fomin P.I.; Kuz'mich M.A.; Ryabizina T.E., 1982:
Effect of potassium fertilizer forms on sown meadows

Dautkulov, A.D.; Zheksembieva, R.O., 1977:
Effect of potassium fertilizer on some physiological indices of alfalfa

Timm C.A.; Goos R.J.; Johnson B.E.; Sobolik F.J.; Stack R.W., 1986:
Effect of potassium fertilizers on malting barley hordeum vulgare infected with common root rot

Vil'gel'm M.A., 1986:
Effect of potassium fertilizers on protein and carbohydrate complex formation in rice grain

Durynina E.P.; Belousova N.A., 1985:
Effect of potassium fertilizers on the survival of helminthosporium sativum in the soil

Miele, A.; Weaver, R.J.; Johnson, J., 1978:
Effect of potassium gibberellate on fruit set and development of thompson seedless and zinfandel grapes/

Tsujitani, M.; Okabe, E.; Ito, H., 1986:
Effect of potassium gluconate on potassium transport of rat erythrocytes

Kuprash L.P.; Zapadnyuk V.I.; Yurzhenko N.N., 1979:
Effect of potassium glutaminate on experimental arrhythmias in rabbits

Gould, L.; Reddy, C.V.; Becker, W.H.; Oh, K.C.; Kim, S.G., 1980:
Effect of potassium infusion on the human conduction system

Hasan, S.S., 1975:
Effect of potassium iodide and hypertonic salt solutions on hypothalamic neuro secretory neurons of passer domesticus

Turakulov-Ya-Kh ; Salakhova, N.S.; Tashkhodzhaeva, T.P.; Mirmakhmudova, S.I.; Mullagalieva, N.M.; Karimova-Sh, F., 1978:
Effect of potassium iodide and per chlorate on the thyroid hormone secretion process

Goreva V.A., 1984:
Effect of potassium iodide and potassium bromide on rainbow trout

Sawamura R.; Sakurai E.; Tachikawa M.; Hasegawa A., 1988:
Effect of potassium iodide concentration on measurement of combined available chlorine

Pora, E.A.; Stanciu, C., 1976:
Effect of potassium ion and calcium ion ratio on the amplitude of muscular potentials

Christ-Adler, M.; Bentrup, F.W., 1976:
Effect of potassium ion and chloride ion gradients upon apex regeneration in acetabularia mediterranea

Grassl S.M.; Heinz E.; Kinne R., 1983:
Effect of potassium ion and hydrogen ion on sodium citrate co transport in renal brush border vesicles

Torimitsu K.; Hayashi M.; Ohta E.; Sakata M., 1985:
Effect of potassium ion and hydrogen ion stress and role of calcium ion in the regulation of intracellular potassium ion concentration in mung bean vigna mungo roots

Kimmich, G.A.; Randles, J., 1973:
Effect of potassium ion and potassium ion gradients on accumulation of sugars by isolated intestinal epithelial cells

Birkle D.L.; Bazan N.G., 1984:
Effect of potassium ion depolarization on the synthesis of prostaglandins and hydroxyeicosatetra 5 8 11 14 enoic acids in the rat retina evidence for esterification of 12 hydroxyeicosatetra 5 8 11 14 enoic acid in lipids

Ratner, A.; Jacoby, B., 1976:
Effect of potassium ion its counter anion and ph on sodium efflux from barley root tips

Chaloub R.M.; L., 1980:
Effect of potassium ion on phosphorylation of the sarcoplasmic reticulum atpase by either ortho phosphate or atp

Jeschke, W.D., 1972:
Effect of potassium ion on sodium ion fluxes and transport in barley roots potassium ion stimulated sodium ion efflux in the root cortex

Stout M.A.; Diecke F.P.J., 1981:
Effect of potassium ions on calcium 45 fluxes in myelinated nerve

Taranenko, V.M.; Davydov, O.M.; Synyts'kyi, S.V., 1976:
Effect of potassium ions on electrical and contractile activity of the cestode ligula intestinalis muscle cells

Shuba M.F.; Taranenko V.M.; Kochemasova N.G., 1980:
Effect of potassium ions on electrogenesis and contraction of the ureter smooth muscle

Nefelova M.V.; Ermakova G.N.; Egorov N.S., 1980:
Effect of potassium ions on growth of bacillus polymyxa 153 and biosynthesis of polymyxin b

Grisar, T.; Frere, J.M.; Franck, G., 1979:
Effect of potassium ions on kinetic properties of the sodium potassium atpase ec of bulk isolated glial cells perikarya and synaptosomes from rabbit brain cortex

Oniani N.T.; Saganelidze G.N.; Tevdoradze V.B., 1983:
Effect of potassium ions on periodic changes of membrane potential at early stages of frog rana ridibunda embryo cleavage

Vil'de, L.A., 1975:
Effect of potassium ions on responses of the resistance and capacitance vessels of the skeletal muscles and intestine

Akoev G.N.; Andrianov Y.N.; Sherman N.O., 1984:
Effect of potassium ions on the impulse activity of the lorenzini ampullae in skates

Orlov R.S.; Aivar Y.P., 1979:
Effect of potassium ions upon the contractile activity of smooth muscles of renal arteries

Boussac A.; Picaud M.; Etienne A L., 1986:
Effect of potassium iridic chloride on the electron donation by manganese to photosystem ii particles

Kim H.T.; Kim C.S., 1984:
Effect of potassium levels on growth and yield of tomato in water culture

Bean, G.H.; Setayesh, M.R.; Lowenstein, L.M., 1983:
Effect of potassium loading on choline pathways in renal cells

Morris, D.J.; Douglis, F.; Deconti, G., 1978:
Effect of potassium loading on metabolism of aldo sterone in rats

Ema, M.; Itami, T.; Kanoh, S., 1985:
Effect of potassium metabisulfite on pregnant rats and their offspring ii. studies on the fetal toxicity of food additives

Fattah, Q.A.; Husain, Z.; Bano, A., 1978:
Effect of potassium naphthenate on amylase and hexo kinase activity of maize grains

Ansari R.; Khanzada A.N.; Naqvi S.M.; Azmi A.R., 1979:
Effect of potassium naphthenate on rice oryza sativa

Hossain S.N.; Fattah Q.A., 1987:
Effect of potassium naphthenate on the morphology and composition of sweet potato ipomoea batatas l

Fattah, Q.A.; Pasha, M.K.; Mallik, A.U., 1975:
Effect of potassium naphthenate on the yield of ir 8 rice

N.L.Y.; Jiao R S., 1986:
Effect of potassium nitrate of nocardia mediterranei u 32

Devi P.; Nizam J., 1986:
Effect of potassium nitrate on an algal culture

Hulyayev, B.I.; Slukhai, S.I.; Lykholat, D.A.; Petrenko, N.I., 1978:
Effect of potassium nutrition level of the photosynthesis respiration and diffusion resistance of corn leaves

Besford, R.T., 1978:
Effect of potassium nutrition of 3 tomato varieties on incidence of blossom end rot

O'toole J.C.; Treharne K.; Turnipseed M.; Crookston K.; Ozbun J., 1980:
Effect of potassium nutrition on leaf anatomy and net photosynthesis of phaseolus vulgaris cultivar redkote

Sugiyama N.; Okada K., 1988:
Effect of potassium nutrition on response of spinach to water deficit

Kulikow Y.K., 1982:
Effect of potassium nutrition on the content of free amino acids and protein in potato tubers with different nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer doses

Ohhashi T.; Azuma T.; Roddie I.C., 1983:
Effect of potassium on adrenergic nerve endings in bovine mesenteric lymphatics

Tannen, R.L.; Kunin, A.S., 1976:
Effect of potassium on ammoniagenesis by renal mitochondria

Nakazato A.; Sakuranaka T.; Takeda M., 1988:
Effect of potassium on cell wall components of industrial yeasts

Pichette, C.; Tam, S.C.; Chen, C.B.; Goldstein, M.; Stinebaugh, B.; Halperin, M., 1982:
Effect of potassium on distal nephron hydrogen ion secretion in the dog

Vadivel, E.; Shanmugavelu, K.G., 1976:
Effect of potassium on fruit bud initiation and differentiation of banana cultivar robusta with special reference to changes in nucleic acids protein and ascorbic acid

Khanna Chopra R.; Chaturverdi G.S.; Aggarwal P.K.; Sinha S.K., 1980:
Effect of potassium on growth and nitrate reductase during water stress and recovery in maize zea mays cultivar ganga 5

Nguyen Duong H.; Voss U.; Brecht K., 1980:
Effect of potassium on isolated bovine facial and human saphenous veins

Ohhashi T.; Azuma T., 1982:
Effect of potassium on membrane potential and tension development in bovine mesenteric lymphatics

Thomas R.J.; Hungria M., 1988:
Effect of potassium on nitrogen fixation nitrogen transport and nitrogen harvest index of bean

Koch, K.; Mengel, K., 1977:
Effect of potassium on nitrogen utilization by spring wheat during grain protein formation

Brown E.M.; Adragna N.; Gardner D.G., 1981:
Effect of potassium on parathyroid hormone secretion from dispersed bovine parathyroid cells

Patrick, J.W., 1987:
Effect of potassium on photosynthate unloading from seed coats of phaseolus vulgaris l. specificity and membrane location

Valenzuela B.J.; Alache C.J.; Olave V.J., 1986:
Effect of potassium on production and quality of grapefruit at esmeralda i region of chile

Cardinal, J.; Duchesneau, D., 1978:
Effect of potassium on proximal tubular function

Lal B.; Singh K.B., 1983:
Effect of potassium on quality of potato solanum tuberosum

Sastrasinh S.; Tannen R.L., 1983:
Effect of potassium on renal ammonia production

Shrotri, C.K.; Tewari, M.N.; Ram, C., 1978:
Effect of potassium on rna and rnase in red gram cajanus cajan

Banerjee, S.P.; Wong, S.M.E., 1972:
Effect of potassium on sodium dependent adp atp exchange activity in kidney microsomes

Wolswinkel P.; Ammerlaan A., 1985:
Effect of potassium on sucrose and amino acid release from the seed coat of developing seeds of pisum sativum cultivar marzia

Siegel, B.Z.; Siegel, S.M., 1976:
Effect of potassium on thallium toxicity in cucumber seedlings further evidence for potassium thallium ion antagonism

Gabella, G., 1978:
Effect of potassium on the mechanical activity of tenia coli uterus and portal vein of the guinea pig/

Koyama N.; Wakabayashi K.; Nosoh Y., 1987:
Effect of potassium on the membrane functions of an alkalophilic bacillus

Vizi E.S.; Torok T.; Magyar K., 1984:
Effect of potassium on the release of tritium labeled noradrenaline from rabbit and human pulmonary artery

Mengel K.; Arneke W W., 1982:
Effect of potassium on the water potential the pressure potential the osmotic potential and cell elongation in leaves of phaseolus vulgaris

Mengel, K.; Viro, M.; Hehl, G., 1976:
Effect of potassium on uptake and incorporation of ammonium nitrogen of rice plants

Wagner, M.E.; Heinemann, H.O., 1977:
Effect of potassium on utilization of 1 carbon 14 palmitic acid in renal cortex of the rat

Kotsyuruba A.V.; Kokunin V.A., 1979:
Effect of potassium orotate and guanine on calcium uptake in the small intestine of chicks with different vitamin d 3 supply

Kuznetsova L.V.; Avakumov V.M., 1981:
Effect of potassium orotate and sodium ump on the development of experimental adrenaline myo cardio dystrophy

Kotsyuruba, A.V.; Kokunin, V.A.; Vendt, V.P.; Tkachuk, O.M., 1978:
Effect of potassium orotate on metabolism in chicks with different provision of vitamin d 3

Kuzdenbaeva R.S.; Shaikhiev U.Sh; Utegenov B.A.; Rystina S.A., 1982:
Effect of potassium orotate on the metabolism of some vitamins in patients with fractures of long tubular bones

Sareen, V.K.; Sharma, K.C.; Singh, S.; Bhatia, I.S., 1978:
Effect of potassium oxalate feeding on certain metabolic processes in buffalo bubalus bubalis calves

Murai M.; Kobayashi C., 1981:
Effect of potassium per manganate on the pulp tissue in rat molar

Baris S.; Dincer S., 1986:
Effect of potassium permanganate as an oxidizing agent in the production of lignite based fertilizers

Asou H.; Kanamatsu T.; Takagi Y.; Kawashima H.; Oishi K.; Hirano S., 1981 :
Effect of potassium rich medium on the activities of pyruvate dehydrogenase complex on brain slices of developing rats

Ushakov V.B.; Vasil'eva V.V., 1980:
Effect of potassium selection of parental gametes on viability and body weight of progeny in the rainbow trout salmo irideus

Shvets, V.N.; Ogorodnikova, A.N., 1977:
Effect of potassium sodium and calcium chlorides and sulfates on metabolism of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Pellegrino D.I.aldi A.; Corazza J.P., 1985:
Effect of potassium sodium and calcium on calcium binding sites of synaptic vesicles from rat pineal nerves influence of ph of incubation and fixation media

Flores L.M.; Palomar L.S.; Roh P.A.; Bullerman L.B., 1988:
Effect of potassium sorbate and other treatments on the microbial content and keeping quality of a restaurant type mexican hot sauce

Kitagawa H.; Tani T., 1984:
Effect of potassium sorbate and thiabendazole mixture on the control of green and blue molds of citrus fruit

Kemp J.D.; Langlois B.E.; Fox J.D., 1983:
Effect of potassium sorbate and vacuum packaging on the quality and micro flora of dry cured intact and boneless hams

Buera P.; Chirife J.; Resnik S.L.; Lozano R.D., 1986:
Effect of potassium sorbate on color changes in a glucose glycine system of high water activity

Tompkin, R.B.; Christiansen, L.N.; Shaparis, A.B.; Bolin, H., 1974:
Effect of potassium sorbate on salmonellae staphylococcus aureus clostridium perfringens clostridium botulinum in cooked uncured sausage

Lee S.H.; Han S.K., 1986:
Effect of potassium sorbate on shelf life and psychrotrophs flora of fresh poultry meat

Statham J.A.; Bremner H.A., 1983:
Effect of potassium sorbate on spoilage of blue grenadier macruronus novaezelandiae as assessed by microbiology and sensory profiles

Robach, M.C., 1978:
Effect of potassium sorbate on the growth of pseudomonas fluorescens

Ivey, F.J.; Shaver, K.J.; Christiansen, L.N.; Tompkin, R.B., 1978:
Effect of potassium sorbate on toxinogenesis by clostridium botulinum in bacon

D.L.G.ardia M.D.; Fournier J.M.; Benlloch M., 1984:
Effect of potassium status of potassium rubidium uptake and transport in sunflower helianthus annuus cultivar halcon

Gambale V., 1980:
Effect of potassium sulfate on cultivation of candida yeast in vinasse

Mansour N.M.; E.G.beely M.; Shaltout A., 1986:
Effect of potassium sulfate on fruit characters of peach trees

Stanev V.; Van Khuen N.; Georgieva V., 1983:
Effect of potassium supply on tomato photosynthetic rate and biological productivity

Claassen N.; Jungk A., 1984:
Effect of potassium uptake rate root growth and root hairs on potassium uptake efficiency of several plant species

Jafri S.M.H., 1987:
Effect of potassium with nitrogen and phosphorus on sugarcane in plant ratoon cropping sequence in an alluvial soil

Franco J., 1980 :
Effect of potato cyst nematode globodera rostochiensis on photosynthesis of potato plants

Wang H.; Huang W., 1982:
Effect of potato extract on nitrogenase activity of rhizobium sp grown in laboratory culture media

Bajko K.; Szalaj W.; Jablonowska K.; Gabryelewicz A., 1980:
Effect of potato inhibitor of proteolytic enzymes on rat pancreas morphology 2

Asenov R., 1986:
Effect of potato leaf roll virus on the yield in relation to the reproductions of the planting material

Worowski, K.; Glowiński, S., 1976:
Effect of potato protease inhibitor on the clotting system and fibrinolysis in the dog

Boiteau G.; Singh R.P., 1982:
Effect of potato solanum tuberosum foliage infected with potato leaf roll virus on fecundity and longevity of the colorado potato beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata coleoptera chrysomelidae

Grasmick M.E.; Slack S.A., 1986:
Effect of potato spindle tuber viroid on sexual reproduction and viroid transmission in true potato solanum tuberosum seed

Dluezewski M.; Dluzewski P.; Gromadka M., 1987:
Effect of potato starch modification on image of starch granules in the electron microscope

Chernikov, S.L., 1977:
Effect of potato virus infection on tuber o di phenol oxidase

Mondy, N.I.; Koch, R.L., 1978:
Effect of potato virus x on enzymatic darkening and lipid content of potatoes

Chandra, S.; Mondy, N.I., 1981:
Effect of potato virus X on the mineral content of potato tubers

Sievert, R.C., 1978:
Effect of potato virus y and tobacco mosaic virus on field grown burley tobacco

Sievert, R.C., 1978:
Effect of potato virus y on cultivars and hybrids of burley tobacco

Latorre B.A.; Flores V.; Marholz G., 1984:
Effect of potato virus y on growth yield and chemical composition of flue cured tobacco in chile

Kishtah A.A.; Eskarous J.K.; Habib H.M.; Ismail M.H., 1983:
Effect of potato virus y on the ultrastructure and some physiological processes of solanum nigrum

Santana M.A.; Chasserot Bolaz S.; Beck B.; Pogson C.I., 1985:
Effect of potent antiglucocorticoids on dexamethasone induced enzymes in cultured hepatoma and rat liver cells

Rohrer S.D.; Atkinson J.P., 1980:
Effect of potential agonists and phagocytic stimuli on the cyclic gmp concentrations in several macrophage populations

Appel K.E.; Peter H.; Bolt H.M., 1981:
Effect of potential antidotes on the acute toxicity of acrylonitrile

Augsten K.; Peschke T.; Wohlrabe K., 1979:
Effect of potential cytostatic and immune modulating chemicals on the plasma membrane of red blood cells as revealed by osmotic hemolysis cell electrophoresis and scanning electron microscopy

Cefalo, R.C.; Simkivich, J.W.; Abel, F.; Hellegers, A.E.; Chez, R.A., 1977:
Effect of potential placental surface area reduction on fetal growth

Pechatnikov V.A.; Rizvanov F.F.; Pletnev V.V., 1983:
Effect of potential sensitive fluorescent dye on sarcoplasmic reticulum membrane permeability

Moran, J.W.; Smith, T.L.; Witter, L.D., 1976:
Effect of potential water pollutants and enzyme inhibitors on an automated rapid test for Escherichia coli

Keys J.E.; Smith L.W., 1981:
Effect of poultry excreta and ground ear corn on growth intake and digestion of corn stover silage diets by yearling dairy heifers

Tosev A.; Enev E.; Stoyanova M.; Ivanova I., 1984:
Effect of poultry litter preserved with pentacil 80 on processes in forestomach of calves for fattening and on some blood components

Cheshmedzhiev, B.V.; Zhelev, K.; Stanchev, K.; Tanev, G., 1981:
Effect of poultry manure bedding upon the quality of animal products 2. an experiment with dairy cows

Ben J.R.; Vieira S.A.; Scherer E.; Bartz H., 1981:
Effect of poultry manure fertilization on black beans phaseolus vulgaris

Albregts E.E.; Howard C.M., 1981:
Effect of poultry manure on strawberry fragaria ananassa fruiting response soil nutrient changes and leaching

Singh J.N.; Bhatia B.S., 1984:
Effect of poultry meat tenderizers trisodium polyphosphate sodium chloride and papain on the microbial status of poultry meat

Connolly J.C.; Gilmore O.J.A., 1979:
Effect of povidone iodine on polymorphonuclear leukocyte chemo taxis

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Effect of powders and decoctions from some plants of the flora of mongolia on wound healing in mice

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Effect of powdery mildew infection on phylloplane micro fungi of pea pisum sativum

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Effect of powdery mildew infection on share of free and bound water in barley

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Effect of powdery mildew on net photosynthesis dark respiration and kernel composition of pecan carya illinoensis

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Effect of power plant entrainment on the population dynamics of the bay anchovy anchoa mitchilli

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Effect of power to harm on retaliative aggression among males and females

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Effect of powerful laser radiation on electron transport and coupled processes in pea pisum sativum chloroplasts

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Effect of powerful laser radiation on gallbladder stones

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Effect of powerful ultrashort laser impulses on the permeability of the outer membrane of hela cells

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Effect of ppsb prothrombin proconvertin stuart factor antihemophilic factor b on the coagulation and hemostasis of patients with hemophilia b

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Effect of practice and temporal location of knowledge of results on the motor performance of older adults

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Effect of practice schedule on two hand pursuit tracking performance

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Effect of practolol on the mitochondrial energy sources

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Effect of pralidoxime applied locally into the midbrain reticular formation on the hippocampal theta rhythm induced by acetylcholinesterase inhibition

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Effect of praseodymium nitrate on hepatocytes and Kupffer cells in the rat

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Effect of praseodymium on drug metabolism in rat liver smooth and rough endoplasmic reticulum

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Effect of prazepam on experimental hypertensive models

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Effect of praziquantel and nitroxynil on immature forms of taenia solium in hamsters

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Effect of praziquantel in vitro on different developmental stages of Schistosoma japonicum

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Effect of praziquantel on ATP uptake and metabolism of Schistosoma japonicum

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Effect of praziquantel on intraocular cysticercosis: a case report

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Effect of praziquantel on Schistosoma japonicum cercariae

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Effect of praziquantel on the free living stages of Schistosoma mansoni

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Effect of praziquantel on ultrastructure of Schistosoma japonicum cercariae and schistosomula within mouse skin

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Effect of prazosin and 'intracranial hypertension' on cochlear blood flow

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Effect of prazosin and oxprenolol on plasma renin activity and blood pressure in patients with essential hypertension

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Effect of prazosin and propranolol on lipoproteins of hypertensive patients

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Effect of prazosin and yohimbine on systolic blood pressure and on renal norepinephrine content in deoxycorticosterone acetate salt rats

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Effect of prazosin on norepinephrine concentration and turnover in rat brain and heart

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Effect of prazosin on the cardiopulmonary response to dopamine in awake lambs: comparison with phentolamine and tolazoline

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Effect of prazosin on the efflux of tritiated norepinephrine and metabolites from the intima and adventitia of the rabbit ear artery

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Effect of prazosin on the pressor activity of angiotensin ii amine in the rat

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Effect of prazosin on vasospasms in white fingers

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Effect of prazosin on veins inhibition of norepinephrine veno constriction in dog fore limb

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Effect of prazosin phentolamine and yohimbine on noradrenergic transmission in the rat right ventricle in vitro

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Effect of prazosin treatment on the cardiac sarcolemmal ATPase in failing heart due to mitral insufficiency in dogs

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Effect of pre administered fats and fatty acids on the intestinal absorption of tryptophan in the rat

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Effect of pre and post treatment of ascorbic acid on wheat triticum aestivum cultivar sonalika and maize zea mays cultivar ganga seeds exposed to gamma radiation

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Effect of pre and transplanting time soil applications of dimethoate and disulfoton granules on the residues of these insecticides in on brinjal fruits

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Effect of pre anesthetic medications on serum lipid levels

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Effect of pre bloom oil applications on pear fruit set and the possible mode of action

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Effect of pre bloom sprays and soil drenches of paclobutrazol on growth yield and fruit composition of roumi red grapes

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Effect of pre calving liveweight gain of angus heifers calving at two years of age on their subsequent milk yield and calf growth rate

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Effect of pre chlorination on coagulation of algae

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Effect of pre conditioning on bone breaking strength

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Effect of pre cooking in potato granule production by a freeze thaw process

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Effect of pre cooling at 5 celsius or 1 celsius on shoot growth flowering and carbohydrate metabolism in tulip bulbs

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Effect of pre cure freezing and thawing on the micro flora fat characteristics and palatability of dry cured ham

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Effect of pre dosing with y 12141 9 chloro 5 oxo 7 1h tetrazol 5 yl 5h 1 benzopyrano 2 3 b pyridine sodium salt penta hydrate on its anti allergic activity studies on anti allergic agents 4

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Effect of pre emergence application of igran on some growth aspects and metabolic responses of the seedings of wheat and radish

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Effect of pre exposure to kepone on hepatic mixed function oxidases in the female rat

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Effect of pre exposure to kepone on the biliary excretion of imipramine and sulfobromophthalein

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Effect of pre fermentation and post fermentation addition of acids on the composition and quality of the wines produced

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Effect of pre filtration and enzyme treatment on membrane filtration of foods

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Effect of pre force storage conditions on early flowering of rhododendron

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Effect of pre freeze treatment on the fertilizing capacity of frozen chicken semen

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Effect of pre fry drying of oil uptake and distribution in potato crisp manufacture

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Effect of pre harvest and post harvest applications of morphactin on the post harvest behavior of okra abelmoschus esculentus cultivar pusa sawni

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Effect of pre harvest anti transpirant sprays on the size and quality of delicious apples at harvest

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Effect of pre harvest application of growth regulators on the maturity bunch and finger characteristics of banana musa cavendishii cultivar basria fruits

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Effect of pre harvest calcium nitrate spray on peach prunus persica on the storage life of fruits

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Effect of pre harvest calcium nitrate sprays on the ambient storage of flordasun peach fruits

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Effect of pre harvest gibberellic acid sprays on ellendale mandarin fruit

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Effect of pre harvest spray of ethephon on apple cultivars golden delicious and royal delicious in eastern hills india

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Effect of pre harvest spraying of gramoxone and salt on post harvest qualities of paddy

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Effect of pre harvest sprays of growth regulators on growth and chlorophyll pigment of pear pyrus communis l. cultivar victoria

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Effect of pre harvest sprays of some growth retardants on the quality of banati grapes during cold storage

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Effect of pre heat temperature and urea addition on the seasonal variation in the heat stability of skim milk powder

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Effect of pre heating intact algal cells on pigments revealed by absorption and fluorescence spectra

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Effect of pre heating on reactions of the violaxanthin cycle induced by red light

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Effect of pre hepatic and post hepatic blood flow obstruction on the arterial and portal drainage of the liver in guinea pigs

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Effect of pre illumination on chloroplast membrane structure according to the measurements of functional activity and sensitivity to extracting agents

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Effect of pre implantation treatment on bone forming potential of decalcified allogeneic and xenogeneic bone matrix implants

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Effect of pre incubated phosphates manure and pyrites on the phosphorus transformation in a sodic soil

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Effect of pre incubated phosphates of varying water solubility and manure on the mineral composition of wheat leaves

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Effect of pre incubation cleaning of duck eggs on their hatchability

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Effect of pre incubation of human peripheral blood lymphocytes on their transformation intensity during phyto hem agglutinin stimulation

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Effect of pre incubation of protoplasts on poly ethylene glycol induced fusion of plant cells

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Effect of pre incubation treatments on the ratio of nitrous oxide nitrogen evolution

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Effect of pre incubation warming on the hatchability of hens eggs from normal and semi dwarf parental genotype

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Effect of pre incubation with different concentrations of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone on subsequent luteinizing hormone release caused by supramaximally active amounts of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone role of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone induced protein synthesis

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Effect of pre injection of crassostrea virginica with bacteria on subsequent chemo tactic response by its hemocytes

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Effect of pre injection of cystamine on certain carbohydrate metabolism enzymes of erythrocytes during radiation sickness

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Effect of pre inoculation treatments with some heavy metal salts and amino acids on brown spot helminthosporium oryzae disease in rice seedlings

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Effect of pre irradiation colchicine treatment on mutation spectrum of phaseolus aureus

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Effect of pre irradiation of pepper seeds with cobalt 60 gamma rays

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Effect of pre irradiation on free radicals concentration changes in tissues of albino rats under acute hypoxia and hyperoxia

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Effect of pre irradiation rna synthesis inhibition on resistance to uv light with resistant and sensitive strains of escherichia coli b r

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Effect of pre irradiation tissue target temperature on selective vascular damage induced by 577 nanometer tunable dye laser pulses

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Effect of pre medicants intra venous anesthetic agents and local anesthetics on phagocytosis in vitro

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Effect of pre medication on etomidate anesthesia

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Effect of pre medication on the prolactin level

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Effect of pre milking udder preparation of dairy cows on milk quality

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Effect of pre natal administration of aluminum and parathyroid hormone on fetal development in the rat

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Effect of pre natal administration of hadacidin a cancer chemo therapeutic agent on the development of hamster fetuses

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Effect of pre natal and post natal essential fatty acid deficiency on brain development and myelination

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Effect of pre natal and post natal lead exposure on neo natal synaptogenesis in rat cerebral cortex

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Effect of pre natal and post natal protein calorie under nutrition on rna content in rat motor neurons

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Effect of pre natal androgen treatment on maternal behavior in the female rat

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Effect of pre natal hydrocortisone treatment on the reactivity of adult rats to emotional stress

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Effect of pre natal hypoxia on elaboration of simple and complex conditioned reflexes and on their stability

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Effect of pre natal over nutrition on renal development in the rat

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Effect of pre natal protein deprivation and subsequent rehabilitation on adipose tissue development in rats

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Effect of pre natal runting on the post natal development of skeletal muscles in swine and rats

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Effect of pre natal treatment with ethynyl estradiol on the mouse uterus and ovary

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Effect of pre natally and post natally induced hypoxia on blood volume of new born lambs

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Effect of pre natally induced and post natally maintained ketosis on beta hydroxy butyrate dehydrogenase ec and hexo kinase ec levels in the developing rat brain

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Effect of pre operative ejection fraction on survival and hemodynamic improvement following aortic valve replacement

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Effect of pre operative gamma therapy on the cardio vascular system in cancer patients

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Effect of pre operative hand scrubbing and influence of pin holes appearing in surgical rubber gloves during operation

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Effect of pre operative intra lesional bcg and post operative 5 fluoro uracil chemo therapy in 3 adeno carcinoma lines in rats

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Effect of pre operative povidone iodine vaginal pessaries on vault infections after hysterectomy

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Effect of pre ovulatory over ripening of egg cells on early embryogenesis in rats

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Effect of pre partum blockade of micro tubule formation on ultrastructural differentiation of the mammary epithelium in holstein heifers

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Effect of pre partum exercise on feed intake and milk production of multi parous cows

Morrow L.S.; Murphy H.J., 1980:
Effect of pre plant incorporated applications of s ethyldipropyl thio carbamate cycloate and vernolate followed by preemergence application of dinoseb on yield crop injury and weed control potatoes solanum tuberosum cultivar katahdin

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Effect of pre planting application of trace elements to cotton plants under soil salinization conditions

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Effect of pre planting fertilizer source and rate of post emergence nitrogen on the yield and growth of dwarf wheat in the kufra oasis libya

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Effect of pre planting irrigations on distribution of soil nitrate nitrogen and total soluble salts in lettuce beds

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Effect of pre planting reserve fertilizer application on grapevine growth and fruit bearing

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Effect of pre press treatments of vegetation on the quality of the extracted leaf protein

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Effect of pre process holding on the quality of canned maine usa sardines

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Effect of pre processing iced storage on deteriorative changes in lipids of silver pomfret stored at negative 18c

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Effect of pre processing temperature on evaluation of bacterial flora of raw milk

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Effect of pre puberal medial preoptic area lesions on male rat sexual behavior

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Effect of pre rigor pressurization on bovine lysosomal enzyme activity

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Effect of pre rigor pressurization on post mortem bovine muscle lactate dehydrogenase activity and glycogen degradation

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Effect of pre rigor pressurization on the activity of calcium activated factor

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Effect of pre ripe harvest and artificial drying on the milling and baking quality of soft red winter wheat triticum aestivum

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Effect of pre seeding cultivation of mechanically damaged soybean seeds

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Effect of pre seeding laser irradiation on lens seeds

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Effect of pre slaughter factors on serum creatine phospho kinase and lactate dehydrogenase enzyme activities in pigs

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Effect of pre slaughter handling on the quality and microbiology of venison from farmed young red deer

Monin G.; Royant P., 1980:
Effect of pre slaughter maintenance of young bulls on the frequency of dark cutting beef

Suzuki T.; Kamoi I.; Kihara S.; Obara T., 1981:
Effect of pre slaughter temperature treatment on post mortem velocity of glycolysis and electron microscopic observation of meat tissue in quail coturnix coturnix japonica pectoralis muscle

Suzuki T.; Kamoi I.; Kihara S.; Obara T., 1981:
Effect of pre slaughter temperature treatments on post mortem meat quality of quail pectoralis muscle

Vadane Kovacs M.; Szucs E.; Csiba A., 1984:
Effect of pre slaughter treatment on dry cutting characteristics of muscles of fattening bulls

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Effect of pre soaking of seeds in salt solutions on the yield of wheat and barley irrigated with highly saline waters

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Effect of pre soaking of seeds with salt and hormone solutions and different quality waters on wheat

Lal K., 1981:
Effect of pre soaking paddy seeds in chemical and growth regulators on catalase activity and respiration

Padole V.R., 1979:
Effect of pre soaking seed treatment of wheat seed with chemicals and hormones on yield and uptake of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium

Balki A.S.; Padole V.R., 1982:
Effect of pre soaking seed treatments with plant hormones on wheat under conditions of soil salinity

Chhipa, B.R.; Lal, P., 1976:
Effect of pre soaking treatments and potassium levels on germination and fodder yield of bajra grown on salt affected soils

Aujla T.S.; Singh B.; Sandhu B.S., 1986:
Effect of pre sowing and post sowing irrigation treatments to wheat following rice in punjab india

Uppal H.S.; Cheema S.S., 1985:
Effect of pre sowing and post sowing irrigations on nitrogen phosphorus and potassium uptake and barley grain quality

Sharma S.N., 1985:
Effect of pre sowing and post sowing soil moisture tension regimes on the response of wheat to nitrogen

Genkel' P.A.; Blekhman G.I., 1982:
Effect of pre sowing drought hardening on rnase activity in wheat leaves during dehydration and re hydration

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Effect of pre sowing exposure of seeds to gamma radiation on the drought resistance behavior of barley m plants hordeum vulgare m

Stepanenko O.G.; Regir P.I., 1982:
Effect of pre sowing gamma irradiation of calendula officinalis seeds on plant development inflorescence productivity and carotenoid content

Frolova N.P.; Frolov Y.M.; Taskaev A.I., 1984:
Effect of pre sowing gamma irradiation of rhaponticum carthamoides seeds on the growth development and productivity of epigeal phytomass komi assr russian sfsr ussr

Biyashev G.Z.; Amanzholova L.E., 1979:
Effect of pre sowing gamma irradiation of seeds on growth and yield of di ploid and poly ploid sugar beet under different conditions of vertical zonality

Sulimtseva E.P.; Abdrakov B.K., 1983:
Effect of pre sowing gamma irradiation of soybean seeds on grain chemical composition of the progeny

Stepanenko O.G., 1981:
Effect of pre sowing gamma irradiation of valerian valeriana officinalis on growth correlations

Abdrakhmanov O.K.; Baimurzaeva A.N.; Isambaev A.I., 1980:
Effect of pre sowing gamma irradiation on growth productivity and fodder value of spanish licorice glycyrrhiza glabra

Khudadatov A.I.; Gasanov N.A., 1980:
Effect of pre sowing gamma irradiation on wheat yield and its quality

Tsvetanova K., 1987:
Effect of pre sowing helium laser irradiation of seeds on sunflower development and yield

E.H.ttab A.H.; Shaban S.A., 1982:
Effect of pre sowing herbicides on weeds in sugar beet fields

Enu Kwesi L.; Nwalozie M.; Anyanwu D.I., 1986:
Effect of pre sowing hydration dehydration on germination vegetative growth and fruit yield of abelmoschus esculentus grown under two soil moisture regimes

Angelov K., 1987:
Effect of pre sowing kernel irradiation with helium neon laser on certain morphological characters of maize

Dekov D.; Terziev Z., 1985:
Effect of pre sowing laser irradiation of the seeds on fodder barley productivity

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Effect of pre sowing moist chilling treatments on seedbed emergence of sitka spruce seed infected by geniculodendron pyriforme

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Effect of pre sowing seed irradiation on cucumber plant productivity

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Effect of pre sowing seed soaking in gibberellic acid on growth of wheat triticum aestivum l under different saline conditions

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Effect of pre sowing seed soaking on emergence dry matter production and uptake of phosphorus by wheat triticum aestivum

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Effect of pre sowing seed treatment foliar nutrition and planting pattern on productivity and water use in chickpea under rainfed conditions cicer arietinum

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Effect of pre sowing seed treatment on mustard brassica juncea ssp juncea production

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Effect of pre sowing seed treatments on the growth and yield of black gram vigna mungo

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Effect of pre sowing soaking treatments on germination of soybean under moisture stress glycine max cultivar bragg

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Effect of pre sowing trace element treatment on free proline content in leaves of rye grass over wintering plants

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Effect of pre sowing treatment of sodium chloride on the incidence of green ear disease of pennisetum typhoides cultivar hb 3

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Effect of pre sowing treatment of wheat seeds with solutions of mineral fertilizers on the protein content in the sprout apical cone and on morphogenesis

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Effect of pre sowing treatment on yield and quality of potato tubers

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Effect of pre sowing treatment with growth regulators on growth and yield of tomato lycopersicon esculentum

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Effect of pre sowing treatments and temperatures on seed germination of acacia cyanophylla

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Effect of pre sowing treatments on seed and seedling vigor in papaya

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Effect of pre storage chemical fortification of seeds on shelf life of redgram cajanus cajan cultivar co.4 blackgram vigna mungo cultivar co.5 and green gram vigna radiata cultivar co.4 seeds

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Effect of pre storage on freeze tolerance of compressed bakers yeast in frozen dough

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Effect of pre surgical and post surgical active bcg immuno therapies on murine eakr lympho sarcoma

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Effect of pre thaw and post thaw cell to cell contact and trypsin on survival of freeze thaw damaged mammalian cells

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Effect of pre treatment and deep freezing conditions on renewal of a suspension culture of daucus carota cells

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Effect of pre treatment and different rates of re hydration on photosynthesis photosynthates leakage and total chlorophyll content in a moss isopterygium distichaceum

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Effect of pre treatment of chloroquine on the hypnotic and anti convulsive activity of methaqualone

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Effect of pre treatment of grain with pyridoxine on the growth of 5 cultivars of barley hordeum vulgare

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Effect of pre treatment of long term ovariectomized rats with anti lhrh on the response of the pituitary gland in vitro to the analog of lhrh 6 tert butyl d serine des 10 glycine lhrh ethylamide buserelin

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Effect of pre treatment of rat spermatozoa with high concentrations of sodium chloride on sperm capacitation and fertilization of eggs in vitro

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Effect of pre treatment of rats with carbon tetra chloride on tolerance development

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Effect of pre treatment of samples on the size of phyto plankton colonies

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Effect of pre treatment of stock plant with growth suppressing chemicals on the rooting of hibiscus cannabinus cuttings

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Effect of pre treatment on lead distribution in liver and body of rat in acute lead poisoning/

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Effect of pre treatment on loss of nitrogen 15 labeled fertilizer nitrogen from waterlogged soil during incubation

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Effect of pre treatment temperature on response of photosynthesis rate in maize zea mays to current temperature

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Effect of pre treatment under various cationic conditions on acetyl choline content and choline transport in rat whole brain synaptosomes

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Effect of pre treatment with 1 4 di morpholino 7 phenyl pyrido 3 4 d pyridazine ds 511 hydro chlorothiazide and furosemide on cephaloridine induced or gentamicin induced nephro toxicity in the rat

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Effect of pre treatment with 5 bromo uracil in an uv sensitive strain of neurospora crassa

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Effect of pre treatment with antibiotics on ether anesthesia

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Effect of pre treatment with antibiotics on survival mutability and electrophoretic spectrum of readily soluble proteins in gamma irradiated chlorella population

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Effect of pre treatment with bcg on the course of a listeria monocytogenes infection in normal and congenitally athymic nude mice

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Effect of pre treatment with butylated hydroxy toluene on binding of carbon 14 labeled butylated hydroxy toluene to lung microsomes

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Effect of pre treatment with cimetidine on the bio availability and disposition of atenolol and metoprolol

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Effect of pre treatment with cyclo phosphamide and pre transplantation irradiation on syngeneic tumor growth in mice

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Effect of pre treatment with di sodium cromoglycate and vasicinone on sensitivity of guinea pigs to histamine and sympathomimetic amines a correlation with anti anaphylactic activity

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Effect of pre treatment with disulfiram on the toxicity and anti tumor activity of 1 2 hydroxyethyl 3 2 chloroethyl 3 nitroso urea in sprague dawley rats

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Effect of pre treatment with homologous interferon priming on the production of human immune interferon

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Effect of pre treatment with immune serum on murine sarcoma virus moloney tumor induction and growth

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Effect of pre treatment with methoprene or diflubenzuron on the response of spodoptera littoralis boisd. susceptible and fenitrothion resistant strain to insecticides

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Effect of pre treatment with metoclopramide on the action of metergoline on prolactin plasma levels

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Effect of pre treatment with other di alkyl nitrosamines on excision from hepatic dna o 6 methyl guanine produced by di methyl nitrosamine

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Effect of pre treatment with pheno barbital or skf 525 a proadifen hydro chloride on the toxicity and anti tumor activity of lomustine

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Effect of pre treatment with retinyl acetate on distribution and metabolism of tritium labeled 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene in female rats

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Effect of pre treatment with steroids on the toxicity of thiodemeton and carbaryl to sitophilus oryzae

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Effect of pre treatment with succinic acid 2 2 di methyl hydrazide on the results of chemical defoliation of nursery apple trees and on their frost resistance and growth

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Effect of pre treatment with thiabendazole on the pattern of electrically induced convulsions in psychiatric patients

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Effect of pre treatments of potato solanum tuberosum apices on survival after deep freezing

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Effect of pre trial and post trial tyramine and guanethidine injections on an appetitive task in rats

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Effect of pre washing of dormant grapevine cuttings on characteristics of oxidative and amino acid metabolism in plants cultivated in water

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Effect of pre weaning and post weaning anti helminthic drenching on live weight gain and wool weight in romney ewe hoggets

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Effect of pre weaning and post weaning protein energy malnutrition on intestinal sucrase and maltase in rats

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Effect of pre weaning under nutrition on cadmium induced metallo thionein levels in liver and cadmium distribution in different tissues

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Effect of pre wetting of particle board in laboratory decay tests

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Effect of prebloom shoot treatment on yield and fruit characteristics of cardinal and ribier table grapes

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Effect of preceding atrial atrial and his atrial intervals on the atrio ventricular nodal conduction time in rabbit heart

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Effect of preceding crop and soil cultivation on grain yield in winter wheat cultivar solaris

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Effect of preceding crop on correlation between protein fractions in hard spring wheat grain

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Effect of preceding crops and levels of nitrogen on forage yield of chinese cabbage brassica pekinensis

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Effect of preceding crops on growth nitrogen concentration and uptake in wheat

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Effect of preceding crops on the nitrogen need of succeeding wheat triticum aestivum crop

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Effect of preceding crops on the nitrogen requirement of pearl millet and phosphorus requirement of chickpea

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Effect of preceding crops on the spread of weeds and nematodes in cotton gossypium barbadense cultivar giza 69

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Effect of preceding dry period on subsequent lactation yield in gir cows

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Effect of preceding grain legumes on dryland pearl millet in northwest india

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Effect of preceding legume or cereal on barley grain and nitrogen yield

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Effect of preceding physostigmine administration on neuro muscular transmission disturbances in rats caused by dichlorvos and phospholine

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Effect of preceding season cultural practices on mustard brassica juncea under semi arid rainfed conditions of northwest india

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Effect of precipitating antibodies to pancreatic kallikrein on contact activation of arginine esterase in human and rabbit blood

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Effect of precipitation and evapo transpiration of a septic tank sand filter disposal system

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Effect of precipitation and moisture regimen on the development and distribution of macromycetes in broad leaved spruce forests near moscow ussr part 3

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Effect of precipitation of alkaline earth carbonates and magnesium hydroxide on sodium calcium magnesium exchange in wyoming usa bentonite

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Effect of precipitation on fluctuation of meloidogyne spp on rhizosphere of tree tomato cyphomandra betacea

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Effect of precipitation quantity on grain protein content of winter wheat mutants

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Effect of precipitation temperature and ph on the continuous pilot scale precipitation of acid casein curd

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Effect of precipitation temperature and ph on the mechanical strength of batch precipitated acid casein curd

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Effect of precipitation temperature ph and agitation on the acid reactivity of aluminum hydroxy carbonate gel

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Effect of precision sowing on grade output of 1 0 pinus radiata seedlings edendale nursery new zealand

Balneaves J.M., 1983:
Effect of precision sowing on growth on pinus radiata seedlings at edendale nursery

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Effect of precocene 2 on second instar larvae of the leaf curling peach aphid brachycaudus schwartzi cb. homoptera aphididae

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Effect of precocene and benzyl 1 3 benzodioxole derivatives on sex attractancy in the mediterranean fruit fly ceratitis capitata diptera tephritidae

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Effect of precocene ii on acid phosphatase activity in the large milkweed bug oncopeltus fasciatus hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae

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Effect of precursors of the 1, 2, and 3 series prostaglandins on renin release and renal blood flow in the dog

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Effect of predation on the population dynamics of a

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Effect of predator exposure upon early pregnancy in mice

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Effect of predator prey density on the prey consumption and daily rate of egg production of the predatory mite amblyseius finlandicus oudemans acarina phytoseidae

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Effect of predators on a fish population from the saratov reservoir russian sfsr ussr

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Effect of predators on the population of common frog tadpoles rana temporaria

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Effect of predators on tubificidae groupings and their production in lakes

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Effect of predecessors and fertilizers on functional activity in winter wheat roots relative to formation of grain yield and quality

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Effect of predecortication drying temperature on cowpea paste characteristics and functionality in preparation of akara

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Effect of predisposing temperatures on the histo pathology of the rice blast fungus pyricularia oryzae 1. effect of blast fungus isolates on penetration of rice varieties at different predisposing temperature regimes

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Effect of predisposing temperatures on the histo pathology of the rice blast fungus pyricularia oryzae 2. effect of 4 predisposing temperature regimes on symptom development

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Effect of predisposition temperature on subsequent hyphal growth and colony development of erysiphe graminis hordei on barley leaves

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Effect of prednisolone and cocaine on changes in red cell volume by group antibodies

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Effect of prednisolone hyperbaric oxygenation and their combination of glucose blood content and glycogen content in organs of white rats

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Effect of prednisolone on the activities of the intra cellular enzymes of collagen biosynthesis in rat liver and skin

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Effect of prednisolone on the development of amphibian rana arvalis larvae and the antagonism of litoralon and prednisolone

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Effect of prednisolone on the immune response of guinea pigs experimentally infected with Trichinella

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Effect of prednisolone on the intensity of nucleic acid synthesis by granulation tissue fibroblasts

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Effect of prednisolone on the intestinal lesion caused by metagonimus yokogawai

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Effect of prednisolone on the toxicity of Bordetella pertussis for mice

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Effect of prednisone therapy on serum levels of thyroxine triiodothyronine reverse triiodothyronine triiodothyronine binding capacity basal tsh level and tsh response to thyreoliberin in children

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Effect of preemergence and rope wick applications of glyphosate on rhubarb rheum rhaponticum cultivar victoria red

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Effect of preemergence application of chlorbromuron on the anatomy of pea roots

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Effect of preemergence application of some herbicides on nodulation nitrogen fixation and growth of soybean glycine max cultivar clark

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Effect of preemergence herbicides on weed control and yield of fcv tobacco

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Effect of preexisting borderline personality disorder on clinical and electro encephalogram sleep correlates of depression

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Effect of preexisting inflammation on carrageenan induced paw edema in rats

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Effect of preformed complexes from immuno globulin g antibodies and sheep red cells on immuno competent cell population formation

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Effect of preformed immune complexes on the level of splenocyte chemiluminescence

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Effect of preganglionic and or postganglionic nerve division on hydrocortisone induced small intensely fluorescent cells in the rat superior cervical ganglion

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Effect of preganglionic and postganglionic nerve divisions on normal post natal and hydrocortisone induced development of small intensely fluorescent cells in the rat superior cervical ganglion

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Effect of preganglionic application of vinblastine impregnated silastic cuffs on acetyl cholin esterase butyro cholin esterase and acetyl choline contents of cat superior cervical ganglion

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Effect of pregastric food stimuli on meal size and inter meal interval in the rat

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Effect of pregermination treatments and sowing systems in producing seedlings of enterolobium contortisiliquum in the greenhouse

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Effect of pregestational sialoadenectomy of nursing mothers on eyelid opening of pups

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Effect of pregnancy and hormonal changes on the activity of rheumatoid arthritis

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Effect of pregnancy and its related hormones on the in vitro proliferative activity of mouse spleen cells

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Effect of pregnancy and lactation on gastrointestinal motility in rats

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Effect of pregnancy and lactation on growth of linear measurements in ayrshire cattle

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Effect of pregnancy and lactation on the development of experimental heart lesions

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Effect of pregnancy and pregnancy induced hypertension on active sodium transport in the erythrocyte

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Effect of pregnancy and thyroidectomy on the rat spleen

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Effect of pregnancy anemia on cellular growth in the human placenta

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Effect of pregnancy hormones on herpesvirus and other dna viruses

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Effect of pregnancy on bile flow and biliary lipids in the hamster

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Effect of pregnancy on cadmium treated rats

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Effect of pregnancy on cellular inflammation

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Effect of pregnancy on development of seizures

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Effect of pregnancy on diabetic retinopathy

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Effect of pregnancy on ethanol concentrations at onset of loss of righting reflex in rats

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Effect of pregnancy on gallbladder contractility in the guinea pig

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Effect of pregnancy on gastric motility in vivo and in vitro in the guinea pig

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Effect of pregnancy on hepatic microsomal drug metabolism in rabbits and rats

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Effect of pregnancy on intestinal transit comparison of results using radioactive and nonradioactive test meals

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Effect of pregnancy on liver tumor associated with oral contraceptives

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Effect of pregnancy on moderate renal failure in reflux nephropathy

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Effect of pregnancy on panic attacks

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Effect of pregnancy on ritodrine pharmacokinetics

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Effect of pregnancy on stimulation of alphavirus immunity in mice

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Effect of pregnancy on surgically induced endometriosis in cynomolgus monkeys

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Effect of pregnancy on the activity of hematopoietic stem cells

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Effect of pregnancy on the collagen content of the oviduct in the lizard

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Effect of pregnancy on the course of hodgkins disease

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Effect of pregnancy on the electroencephalogram of epileptic women

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Effect of pregnancy on the lamina dura

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Effect of pregnancy on the metabolism of noradrenaline in reproductive organs of the rabbit

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Effect of pregnancy on the natural course of preexistent glomerular disease

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Effect of pregnancy on the uptake of lipo protein tri glyceride fatty acids by isolated adipocytes in the rat

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Effect of pregnancy on tissue distribution of salicylate in rats

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Effect of pregnancy or estrogens on circulating levels of thyroxine binding proteins

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Effect of pregnancy stage on growth regulatory properties of female serum in vitro

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Effect of pregnancy upon malignant melanoma

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Effect of pregnancy zone protein on leukocyte migration inhibition lymphocyte transformation and rosette formation by lymphocytes

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Effect of pregnant mare serum gonadotropin antiserum on hormone profiles of cows in superovulation

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Effect of pregnant mare serum gonadotropin injection on follicular development in adult rats

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Effect of pregnant mare serum gonadotropin on follicular atresia in the immature rat ovary

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Effect of pregnant mare serum gonadotropin on the reproductive performance of totally confined ewes bred at synchronized estrus

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Effect of pregnant mare's gonadotropin on estradiol 17 beta levels in uromastix hardwicki

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Effect of pregnant mares serum gonadotropin treatment on the reproductive organs of the anestrous ewes

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Effect of pregnant mares serum on super ovulation in rabbits

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Effect of pregnenolone 16 alpha carbonitrile on bilirubin binding and sulfobromophthalein binding to hepatic y and z proteins in the rat

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Effect of pregnenolone 16 alpha carbonitrile on rat liver

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Effect of pregnenolone 16 alpha carbonitrile on the activity of the thyroid gland and of the anterior lobe of the hypophysis of rats

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Effect of pregnenolone 16 alpha carbonitrile on the metabolism of di methyl nitrosamine and binding to rat liver macro molecules

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Effect of pregnenolone carbonitrile promethazine and antipyrine pretreatment on antipyrine pretreatment on antipyrine metabolite formation in rats

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Effect of preharvest desiccants on moisture content of rice grain in humid wet weather conditions

Spotts R.A., 1985:
Effect of preharvest pear pyrus communis fruit maturity on decay resistance

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Effect of preheating on the permeability of neonatal rat stratum corneum to alkanols

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Effect of preinfectional treatment of homogenates from rice leaves on resistance of rice plants to several pyricularia spp

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Effect of preinfestation of the soil by a vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus glomus intraradices on fusarium crown and root rot of tomatoes

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Effect of preirradiation of seeds with gamma rays on lipid content of chloroplast membranes and peroxidation rate in pea plants

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Effect of preliminary adaptation to altitude hypoxia on the content of catecholamines in the hypothalamus adrenal glands and heart during intense physical activity

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Effect of preliminary adaptation to mild and heavy physical stress on cardiac electrical stability and contractility in experimental myocardial infarction

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Effect of preliminary administration of dextran sulfate on the development of acute radiation affection

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Effect of preliminary administration of pisatin to pea leaf tissues on the subsequent infection by erysiphe pisi

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Effect of preliminary exercise on the pumping and contractile functions of the cardiac muscle in patients with acquired heart diseases

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Effect of preliminary heat treatment on enzymatic activity of soils

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Effect of preliminary injection of allogeneic cells on transplantation immunity mice in given cyclo phosphamide

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Effect of preliminary injection of homologous lung antigen on fixation of fungal antigen in rabbit organs

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Effect of preliminary mechanical and antidromic influences on orthodromic activity in c fibers from cat cutaneous mechano receptors

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Effect of preliminary neuro sensitization of female rats on the content of dense substances in cerebral cortex neurons in the progeny

Konokotina, G.F., 1978:
Effect of preliminary neuro sensitization of rats on post natal development of the cerebral cortex in progeny

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Effect of preliminary physical loading on the radiosensitivity of hemopoietic cells in rats

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Effect of preliminary stimulation on repetitive firings of the rabbit papillary muscle fibers

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Effect of preliminary transplantation of autologous bone marrow on the development of experimental lipidosis of the aorta in rabbits

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Effect of preload on ischemic and non ischemic left ventricular regional function

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Effect of preload on rat aortic smooth muscle sensitivity to vasoactive agents

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Effect of preload on the dissociation constant of phentolamine in isolated rabbit thoracic aorta

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Effect of premature and delayed birth on the development of udp glucuronosyl transferase ec activities towards bilirubin morphine and testosterone in the rat

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Effect of premature decreases in water temperature before spawning on the state of gonads in the vendace

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Effect of premature loss of deciduous molars on the development of mal occlusion in permanent dentition

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Effect of premature loss of primary maxillary incisors on speech

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Effect of premature termination of translation on messenger rna stability depends on the site of ribosome release

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Effect of premature transfer to sea water on growth and morphology of the pituitary thyroid pancreas and interrenal in juvenile coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch

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Effect of prematurity on performance on the denver developmental screening test

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Effect of prematurity on the developmental progression from fetal to adult thymidine kinase in human serum

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Effect of premedication with diazepam, morphine or nalbuphine on gastrointestinal motility after surgery

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Effect of premercurial resetting of intrarenal vascular resistance on mercuric chloride induced acute renal failure

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Effect of prenalterol a beta 1 adrenoceptor agonist on renin secretion rate in the anesthetized dog

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Effect of prenalterol on contractility, relaxation, and filling phase in coronary artery disease patients with previous myocardial infarction

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Effect of prenatal alcohol exposure on neonatal sleep wake behavior and adult alcohol consumption in the aa and ana rat lines

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Effect of prenatal alcohol exposure on sexual maturation of female rat offspring

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Effect of prenatal and neonatal exposure to lead on gonadotropin receptors and steroidogenesis in rat ovaries

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Effect of prenatal and neonatal exposure to lead on the affinity and number of estradiol receptors in the uterus

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Effect of prenatal and postnatal alcohol consumption on gaba levels of various brain regions in the rat offspring

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Effect of prenatal androgenization on lamb performance, carcass composition and reproductive function

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Effect of prenatal androgenization on the reproductive system of adult female rats

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Effect of prenatal ethanol exposure on response to abrupt reward reduction

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Effect of prenatal exposure to alcohol on the distribution and time of origin of corticospinal neurons in the rat

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Effect of prenatal exposure to aromatase inhibitor testosterone or antiandrogen on the development of feminine sexual behavior in ferrets of both sexes

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Effect of prenatal exposure to ethanol on adult ethanol preference and response to zimelidine in rats

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Effect of prenatal exposure to ethanol on development of the thymus

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Effect of prenatal exposure to ethanol on the development of cerebral cortex: I. Neuronal generation

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Effect of prenatal exposure to kerosene aerosols on swiss mice and wistar rats

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Effect of prenatal imipramine exposure on development of the postnatal rat heart and brain

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Effect of prenatal insulin and glucagon injection on the glycogen content of rat placenta and fetal liver

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Effect of prenatal propranolol exposure on development of the postnatal rat heart

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Effect of prenatal reserpine exposure on developmental of the postnatal rat heart

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Effect of preoperative antiplatelet drugs on vascular prostacyclin synthesis

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Effect of preoperative channel transurethral prostatectomy on complications of iodine 125 implantation in carcinoma of prostate

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Effect of preoperative fusidic acid on the normal eyelid and conjunctival bacterial flora

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Effect of preopsonization on phagocytosis of Haemophilus influenzae

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Effect of preoptic administration of angiotensin on lateral hypothalamic unit activity

F.Q.; F.J.; Wang S.; L.L., 1982:
Effect of preoptic area and area hypothalamus lateralis on pain unit discharge in lateral habenular nuclei

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Effect of preoptic hypothalamus stimulation on the activity of some fibers of the optic tract in rabbits

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Effect of preoptic lesions on behavioral thermo regulation of green sunfish lepomis cyanellus and of goldfish carassius auratus

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Effect of preoptic region implants of dilute estradiol on the maternal behavior of ovariectomized, nulliparous rats

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Effect of preparation 6 on digestive tract micro flora

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Effect of preparation and cooking on the nutritive value of local kidney bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar giza 3

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Effect of preparation and storage environment on life span of shelled peanut arachis hypogaea seed

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Effect of preparation conditions of the water soluble nuclear fraction on activation of the tissue specific uncoupler of oxidative phosphorylation of rat liver mitochondria

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Effect of preparation experimenter contact and a maintained reduction alternative on a broad spectrum program for eliminating smoking

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Effect of preparation k and its active components on some aspects of the microsporum lanosum fungus metabolism

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Effect of preparation k on morphology and biological properties of bacteria

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Effect of preparation l 1 on brain bio electric activity

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Effect of preparation of the small intestine on micro flora and post operative wound infection

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Effect of preparation on properties of a soluble glyco protein fraction of milk fat globule membrane

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Effect of preparation parameters on leakage in liquid surfactant membrane systems

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Effect of preparations for parenteral nutrition on blood plasma amino acids in oncological patients operated on the gastro intestinal tract

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Effect of preparations mainly acting in the region of the peripheral m cholino reactive systems on bone marrow eosinophils

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Effect of preparations that change the binding of brain monoamines on the tropic function of the hypophysis

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Effect of preparatory techniques on the gross morphology of Mycoplasma hominis

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Effect of prepartum energy, body condition, and sodium bicarbonate on health and blood metabolites of holstein cows in early lactation

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Effect of prepartum energy, body condition, and sodium bicarbonate on production of cows in early lactation

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Effect of preplant wheel traffic on soil compaction water use and growth of spring wheat triticum aestivum

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Effect of preprocessing treatments on the firmness and quality characteristics of whole and sliced strawberries after freezing and thermal processing

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Effect of prepubertal vs. postpubertal castration on sexual and aggressive behavior in male horses

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Effect of preschool experience and family environment on childrens cognitive and social development

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Effect of presence of a companion on speed of escape from electric shock

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Effect of presence of large entodiniomorphid protozoa on the rumen bacterial flora fauna composition of small entodinia and in vitro cellulolysis and xylanolysis

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Effect of presentation time and Gestalt principles of proximity, similarity, and closure on perceptual accuracy

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Effect of presentation yield of a tropical grass legume pasture on grazing time and milk yield of friesian cows

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Effect of presenting a message in written form on young childrens ability to evaluate its communication adequacy

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Effect of preservation at low temperature 4 celsius on polymorphonuclear neutrophil integrity as determined by biochemical analysis

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Effect of preservation conditions on the nutritive value of fodder

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Effect of preservation media on proliferation and collagen biosynthesis of periodontal ligament fibroblasts

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Effect of preservation on the weight of marine benthic invertebrates

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Effect of preservation on wet weight biomass of chironomid larvae

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Effect of preservation temperature on the quality of de frosted surimi

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Effect of preservatives and conditions of storage on the potency of allergy extracts

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Effect of preservatives and pasteurization on microorganisms isolated from nigerian bottled palm wine

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Effect of preslaughter fasting on the characteristics of pig livers

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Effect of presowing fungicide treatment and seed inoculation on the characteristics of the symbiotic activity of soybean sowings

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Effect of presowing seed treatment with terpene compounds on vegetable productivity and ascorbic acid content

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Effect of presowing stimulation of barley seeds with laser light on the incidence of fungal diseases in plants

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Effect of pressmud and zinc on the yield and uptake of zinc and nitrogen by corn

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Effect of pressure and intimal damage on iodine 131 albumin carbon 14 and sucrose spaces in aorta

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Effect of pressure and its duration on micro circulation and healing of skin flaps experimental study in rabbits

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Effect of pressure and stirring on in vitro aortic trans mural iodine 125 labeled albumin transport

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Effect of pressure and timing of contraction on human diaphragm fatigue

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Effect of pressure applied to the upper thoracic placebo vs. lumbar areas osteopathic manipulative treatment for inhibition of lumbar myalgia during labor

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Effect of pressure heat treatments on cathepsin b 1 activity

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Effect of pressure loading volume loading and surgery on left ventricular chamber and myocardial stiffness in congenital heart disease with a reevaluation of normal pediatric values

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Effect of pressure on 2 cyclo dextrin promoted ester hydrolyses

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Effect of pressure on biomass production from n butane

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Effect of pressure on oxidative metabolism of drugs by mouse hepatic microsomes

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Effect of pressure on sedimentation velocity patterns part 2 myosin at ph 8.3

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Effect of pressure on slight compressible liquid column during rate zonal and isopycnic density gradient centrifugation 1. isothermal average compressibility of water and sucrose and cesium chloride solutions at any pressure up to 1000 atmospheres regarding 1 atmosphere

Morozkin, A.D., 1981:
Effect of pressure on slight compressible liquid column during rate zonal and isopycnic density gradient centrifugation 2. procedure of calculation of density distribution within liquid column in centrifugal field

Morozkin, A.D., 1981:
Effect of pressure on slight compressible liquid column during rate zonal and isopycnic density gradient centrifugation 3. applications of the procedure of calculation of density distribution in centrifugal field

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Effect of pressure on smelt water explosions

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Effect of pressure on the absorption spectra of phycobili protein and porphyridium cruentum

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Effect of pressure on the salting and ripening process of anchovies engraulis anchoita

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Effect of pressure on the sol gel transition of carrageenans

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Effect of pressure on the solubility of minerals in water and sea water

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Effect of pressure on thermal insulation in humans wearing wet suits

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Effect of pressure on tritiated gaba release by synaptosomes isolated from cerebral cortex

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Effect of pressure or absence of the opposite sex on egg production and semen quality of breeder turkeys

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Effect of pressure upon the fluorescence of various flavodoxins

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Effect of pressurization of pre rigor beef muscles on protein quality

Swarup, A., 1987:
Effect of presubmergence and green manuring sesbania aculeata on nutrition and yield of wetland rice oryza sativa l. on a sodic soil

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Effect of presynaptic inhibition on axonal potentials terminal potentials focal synaptic potentials and excitatory postsynaptic potentials in cat spinal cord

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Effect of presynaptic neuro toxins from bee and cobra venom on spontaneous transmitter release from the motor nerve terminals of mice

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Effect of pretest temperature on aerosol penetration and clearance in donkeys

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Effect of prethymectomy plasma exchange on postoperative respiratory function in myasthenia gravis

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Effect of pretransplant graft irradiation on canine intestinal transplantation

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Effect of pretreatment and reaction products on hydrolysis of wheat straw by trichoderma harzianum c 1r 1 enzymes

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Effect of pretreatment of grain with pyridoxine on the test weight carbohydrate and protein contents of five varieties of barley

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Effect of pretreatment of long term ovariectomized rats with a competitive lhrh antagonist on fsh release in vitro

Van Rees G.P.; Van Dieten J.A.M.J., 1985:
Effect of pretreatment of long term ovariectomized rats with an lhrh antagonist on luteinizing hormone release in vitro by lhrh elevated potassium or n 6 monobutyryl cyclic amp plus theophylline

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Effect of pretreatment of lwc basestock on coated paper properties

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Effect of pretreatment on the germination of onion allium cepa l. seeds

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Effect of pretreatment with cadmium cysteine or metallothionein on accumulation of cadmium challenged with either complex

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Effect of pretreatment with carbimazole on early outcome following radio iodine iodine 131 therapy

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Effect of pretreatment with donor specific blood transfusion in renal transplantation

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Effect of pretreatment with ranitidine on the hypnotic action of single doses of midazolam, temazepam and zopiclone. A clinical study

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Effect of pretreatment with small doses of metals on acute cadmium intoxication in mice

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Effect of pretreatment with the calcium antagonist nimodipine on local cerebral blood flow and histopathology after middle cerebral artery occlusion

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Effect of pretreatment with verapamil on isoproterenol induced myocardial necrosis

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Effect of prevention of afferentation of the development of the chick optic lobe

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Effect of prevention of inorganic sulfate depletion on the pharmacokinetics of acetaminophen in rats

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Effect of preventive use of myophedrine on suppression of myo cardial lipid per oxidation in transitory coronary insufficiency

Cunha S.P.D.; Cunha A.M.P.D.; Duarte G.; Mauad M.B.N.; Ferreira D.L.B., 1984:
Effect of previous chemical disinfection of abdominal skin in patients submitted to cesarean section in dehiscence of surgical wound in presence of infectious and fever process

Drewitt E.G., 1979:
Effect of previous cropping on irrigation and nitrogen responses in spring sown wheat karamu cultivar

Zatko J.; Haban L., 1980:
Effect of previous crops and basic treatment of soil on triticale bocolo grain crops

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Effect of previous diet on feed intake and body weight gain of broiler and Leghorn chicks

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Effect of previous diet on iron absorption from an intrinsically labeled soy flour test meal

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Effect of previous history of illumination on p 700 redox conversion in bean leaves

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Effect of previous nerve injury on the regeneration of free autogenous muscle grafts

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Effect of previous nitrate deprivation on nitrogen 15 labeled nitrate absorption and assimilation by wheat triticum aestivum cultivar capitole seedlings

Nguyen K.Dong, 1986:
Effect of previous or concomitant pulmonary pathology on postoperative complications in lung cancer patients

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Effect of previous treatment with light and darkness in the cuticular loss of potassium by leaves

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Effect of previous volume history on airway closure

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Effect of preweaning and postweaning nutrition on dietary induced obesity in b6d2f 2 mice

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Effect of preweaning and postweaning protein energy malnutrition on pancreatic amylase in rats

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Effect of prey and temperature on the development and biology of cheyletus malaccensis acari cheyletidae

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Effect of prey availability on foraging and production efficiencies of larval metasyrphus corollae diptera syrphidae

Morgan W.L.; Ritz D.A., 1984:
Effect of prey density and hunger state on capture of krill nyctiphanes australis by australian salmon arripis trutta

Bryant D.M., 1979:
Effect of prey density and site character on estuary usage by over wintering waders charadrii

Jeffords M.R.; Case L.J., 1987:
Effect of prey density on diurnal activity and ovarian development in calosoma calidum coleoptera carabidae implications for biological control of the gypsy moth lymantria dispar lepidoptera lymantriidae in the midwest usa

Yufera M.; Rodriguez A., 1985:
Effect of prey density on feeding rates during larval rearing of palaemon serratus crustacea palaemonidae

Andren C., 1982 :
Effect of prey density on reproduction foraging and other activities in the adder vipera berus

Hamerstrom F., 1979:
Effect of prey on predator voles and harriers

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Effect of prey on the biology of amblyseius gossipi and agistemus exsertus acari phytoseiidae stigmaeidae

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Effect of prey size on the energy budget of a predatory gastropod thais haemastoma canaliculata

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Effect of prey species on the biology of amblyseius gossipi acari mesostigmata phytoseiidae

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Effect of prey type and quantity on the reproduction development and survival of pacific damsel bug nabis kinbergii reuter hemiptera nabidae

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Effect of primary alcohols on percutaneous absorption

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Effect of primary amines on interferon action

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Effect of primary and secondary radicals on chain breaks in ribosomal rna in escherichia coli ribosomes

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Effect of primary and secondary roots on grain yield per plant and 1000 kernel weight in some winter wheat genotypes

Tomasovic S., 1981 :
Effect of primary and secondary roots on the number of sterile culms per plant and on the tallness of primary culm at some winter wheat genotypes triticum aestivum ssp vulgare

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Effect of primary capsulotomy with extracapsular surgery on the incidence of pseudophakic cystoid macular edema

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Effect of primary films on the settlement of larvae of a bryozoan bugula neritina

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Effect of primary ion beam parameters on the secondary ion emission of biomolecules from liquid matrices

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Effect of primary plastics of bilateral cleft lips on external nose shape and position

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Effect of primary renal disease and risk factors on kidney graft survival

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Effect of primary tillage systems on pests and weeds in maize and beans under dry farming conditions in durango mexico

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Effect of primary treatment modality on the metastatic pattern of mammary carcinoma

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Effect of prime type on lexical decision time

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Effect of primextra on weed control and sugarcane growth

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Effect of primidone in somatic and germ cells of mice

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Effect of priming doses of chemically modified antigen on helper activity

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Effect of primrose oil on serum lipids and blood pressure in hyperlipidemic subjects

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Effect of primycin on excitation contraction coupling in frog rana esculenta skeletal muscle

Gesztelyi, I.; Konya, L.; Kover, A., 1980:
Effect of primycin on some electric properties of frog rana esculenta skeletal muscle

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Effect of primycin on the inner membrane permeability of rat liver mitochondria

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Effect of primycin on the intra cellular monovalent ion and water contents of rat hepatocytes as revealed by energy dispersive x ray micro analysis and interference microscopy

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Effect of prior 3rd party blood transfusions on canine renal allo graft survival

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Effect of prior acid exposure on physiological responses of juvenile rainbow trout salmo gairdneri to acute handling stress

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Effect of prior administration of aminophylline caffeine or propranolol on the anti tumor activity of 6 mercapto purine or 6 mercapto purine riboside

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Effect of prior antibiotic therapy on concentrations of bacteria in cerebro spinal fluid

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Effect of prior cold or heat stress on the formation of prodigiosin in serratia marcescens

Flaherty, C.F.; Lombardi, B.R., 1977:
Effect of prior differential taste experience on retention of taste quality

Craft, D.H., 1983:
Effect of prior exercise on cognitive performance tasks by hyperactive and normal young boys

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