Section 6
Chapter 5,264

Effect of potassium gluconate on potassium transport of rat erythrocytes

Tsujitani, M.; Okabe, E.; Ito, H.

Japanese Journal of Pharmacology 40(1): 135-141


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-5198
PMID: 2937946
DOI: 10.1254/jjp.40.135
Accession: 005263107

Effect of potassium gluconate (K-GL) on K+ uptake of rat erythrocytes was investigated. K-GL produced a significant increase in active K+ transport of Na+-rich erythrocytes, while Na+,K+-ATPase activity of hemoglobin-free ghosts without a glycolytic system was unaffected. When the experiment was carried out in intact erythrocytes, K-GL increased the lactate production and ATP content, and it promoted the methemoglobin reduction rate. In Na+-rich erythrocytes, the glycolysis inhibitors which produced a marked reduction in lactate content abolished the K-GL-induced increase in K+ and ATP content without affecting the KCl-induced increase. These results suggest that K-GL enhances K+ transport of erythrocytes through acceleration of glycolytic process.

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