Section 6
Chapter 5,264

Effect of potato spindle tuber viroid on sexual reproduction and viroid transmission in true potato solanum tuberosum seed

Grasmick, M.E.; Slack, S.A.

Canadian Journal of Botany 64(2): 336-340


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4026
Accession: 005263218

The effect of potato spindle tuber viroid infection on pollen viability, fruit-set, botanical seed set, seed weight, and seed germination in potatoes was determined. Pollen collected from the infected cultivar 'Monona' was less viable than pollen collected from healthy plants. Pollen collected from infected plants reduced seed set significantly but did not reduce fruit development or seed set in all cultivars tested. For some cultivars, infected maternal plants increased the frequency of fruit development and seed weight compared with healthy controls. True potato seed from viroid-infected 'Katahdin' .times. 'Superior' crosses germinated at a higher rate than did seed from comparable uninfected parents. Progeny from viroid-infected parents that exhibited potato spindle tuber viroidlike symptoms did not always test positive for potato spindle tuber viroid by bioassay or polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis tests. Efficiency of potato spindle tuber viroid detection by bioassay was highest for seedlings 2 weeks after inhibition. Potato spindle tuber viroid was detected in 100% of the progeny tested after true potato seed was stored at 4.degree. C for 12 years. Test on selfed true potato seed from the viroid-infected cultivar 'Monona' demonstrated a transmission rate of 100% after subinoculation of initial bioassay plants.

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