Effect of powerful laser radiation on electron transport and coupled processes in pea pisum sativum chloroplasts

Khitrov, Y.A.; Kaurov, B.S.; Gavrilov, A.G.; Rubin, L.B.

Fiziologiya Rastenii 26(4): 808-814


ISSN/ISBN: 0038-5719
Accession: 005263250

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Electron transport and coupled processes of phosphorylation and proton uptake were studied in pea chloroplasts as a function of ruby laser pulse irradiation. Along with the uncoupling of electron transport and phosphorylation, the radiation induced a decrease in the rate of electron flow through the path dependent on the operation of photosystem I and photosystem II. Cooling of the chloroplast suspension deluted in 50% glycerol down to amorphous temperature (-70 to -110.degree.) has practically no effect on lesions induced by laser irradiation. This is discussed in terms of impact phenomena associated with the lesion.