Effect of pre and post treatment of ascorbic acid on wheat triticum aestivum cultivar sonalika and maize zea mays cultivar ganga seeds exposed to gamma radiation

Tewary, B.K.; Mookerjee, A.

Indian Journal of Plant Physiology 25(3): 258-265


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5502
Accession: 005263312

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Seeds treated with and grown in the presence of ascorbic acid (AA) showed reduced germination, seedling height and chlorophyll content. The LD50 of AA was 0.7 M and 1.0 M for wheat and maize, respectively. Pre-irradiation treatment of the seeds with ascorbic acid showed relativley increased germination, seedling height and chlorophyll content compared to that of AA treatment after irradiation. The protection rendered by the pre-treatment of AA may be due to AA acting as a free radical scavenger and thus protecting seeds from radiation induced damages.